The Intentional Destruction of the United States

Many states within the USA like New Hampshire, Washington, Missouri and more are proclaiming their soveriegnty from the unconstitutional and corrupt Federal GovernMINT.

They’re sick and tired of the corruption and no one in Washington listening to the people anymore.

This was a historic and monumental Coast to Coast Am radio show.

Absolutely do not watch these videos if you can’t face the truth or don’t have an open mind. It will get you really mad. But don’t blame me when you’ve lost most of your liberties and your money just a few years from now due to the Intentional plan of the Globalists.

Luckily there is something we can do to crush the Greedy Banker Robber Barons who actually control the United States government. If you think Obama is making the decisions your drinking the mainstream news cool aid. He’s simply a puppet as was George Bush, Bill Clinton and most of your presidents since around 1910 or so.

Time to wake up and check out the facts for yourself. Incredibly, it’s all documented in the main stream press as you’ll find out by watching or really listening to these audios on Youtube. Then do your own research and you can verify this all for yourself. This is fact, not theory.

I’m posting the first video here and linking to all of them below for easy access.















To Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,

Roger Haeske
The 41-Year-Old Teenager




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  1. My big thing is to buy Silver. The control starts and ends with the monetary system. If you think an addiction to cooked food is bad, it is nothing compared to the addiction of fiat currency.

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