How to Rescue the Planet with this Jedi Mind Trick

There is a highly organized group of very wealthy people on this planet that want to rob you of your freedom and of your prosperity. Look at the current financial crisis and the constant doom and gloom news.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped today another 281 points and hasn’t been this low in 12 years.

This financial devastation is no accident as the mainstream media would like you to believe. It has been planned years in advance.

The idea is to destroy the US economy so that everyone is hungry, fearful, desperate and willing to give up their freedoms and the United States Constitution so that a global government can save them from the financial devastation.

Mark my words as this is what THEY (the people behind the plans for the New World Order) are specifically trying to achieve.

Today I’m going to show you a very simple, yet powerful Jedi mind trick which can blast the New World Order to smithereens and unleash your creative powers and that of your friends, family and neighbors.

Your use of this technique can literally save the world from the wicked forces now running most of the governments of the planet and especially the United States and Europe.

I’m sharing this with you because I strongly believe in you, my readers. You are without question well above average in intelligence and common sense. Also you’re a highly spiritually developed bunch of people.

Why do I say and know this? Because most people don’t even read. Most people don’t even know what a Raw Food Diet is, let alone actually practice it at any level.

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Over the years via emails, comments on my blog posts and in person meetings with my readers I’ve found them to be a highly intelligent and spiritually evolved people. Way above the average shmo on the streets.

You have great influence just by your actions in life. Do you know how many people I’ve influenced into trying the Raw Food Diet, without even trying to convince them?

When my friends and family members saw my great results they naturally wanted to know what I was doing and tried it for themselves. But anyway, I’m getting off track here as this is not the main point of this article.

Just know that you are more powerful than you can imagine.

You can not only save yourself but the world.

Let me show you what I mean with some examples.

Recently I noticed that I had been thinking very negatively about the economy and therefore my own prosperity. What I eventually discovered is that I stopped imagining and thinking about being abundant and prosperous.

Along with that thinking, my life started heading in a less than prosperous direction. My income decreased. I wasn’t looking to improve things, only to survive these harsh financial times.

Then one day I realized what I was doing. I was subconsciously focusing on what I didn’t want to happen. I was creating what I didn’t want in my imagination. I was in essence attracting poverty into my life by thinking about it and believing its inevitability.

Something You Can Always Control

There’s something you’ll always have control over and that is your thoughts and imagination. No matter how bad the economy gets you can always create and be productive.

The current economy is a symbol of the past. But you can always create something of value via your thoughts and actions in the present moment. It’s via positive imagination that we’ll crush this attempt at our financial ruin.

Here’s another example from my life.

When I came back from my vacation in Costa Rica I noticed that my work productivity was way down. I was barely getting anything done.

My life was really out of balance. The key I discovered was that I believed my own self-talk and therefore created a self-fulfilling prophecy.

How many people would even bother trying to become productive if they constantly had thoughts in their minds that they are unproductive people? That they are bad at time management.

How can you change something if you’re naturally bad at it?

Just think back to your own life. Aren’t there things you don’t believe you’re good at? Whenever you believe you aren’t good at something, you’ll have corresponding negative thoughts about your ability to succeed in that field or aspect of a field.

Maybe you believed yourself to be bad a math. But then one year you got this really great math teacher and you surprised yourself because of how much better you became at math. That happened to me in Math and English.

Much of success in life is your own self talk and your beliefs about what is possible for you. How can you ever expect to be good at something if you’re constantly telling yourself how bad you are?

Now getting back to my lack of productivity. I finally realized what I was doing to myself. I was again focusing on the problem instead of the solution. I was thinking the wrong thoughts and certainly not using Magic Questions.

I just believed I was going to be unproductive for the foreseeable future. Therefore I was.

So the first thing I did was start by telling myself that I’m a highly productive person and that I really enjoy being productive. This immediately changed my feelings about myself and I started naturally asking myself how I could be more productive.

Then I went back to studying what I feel is the best Time Management System I’ve ever studied or come across:

I decided to use a learning technique that never, ever failed me. I call it the Discourse Method which by the way will be available to you as another component of the Superbeing Superpak of cool goodies that will be coming very soon.

Now I’m daily spending a little time studying time management and more importantly making changes in my thinking and my actions so that I’m much more productive. I’m establishing the HABIT of time management and it all began with a shift in my thinking and how I labeled myself.

I suppose you are starting to see how you can help yourself with this idea. But how can you use this idea to save the world.

What you may not know is that this technique is also a powerful tool for influencing others. Psychologists call it the Labeling Technique.

Luke Skywalker used it to influence his father Darth Vader to come back from the Dark Side of the force in "Return of the Jedi."

Remember Luke saying stuff like this: "I know there’s still good in you father. There’s good in you. I can sense it"? Because of this Darth Vader again became Anakin Skywalker and came back to the Light side of the force, which brought freedom again to the galaxy.

When the properly positioned person(s) does this in our world it will have the same effect. You’ll be able to influence someone working in and for the New World Order to shift to a higher reality, even if you don’t do so directly.

Instead of being possessed with the idea of power and control this person will start to realize that love and freedom makes him much happier. He’ll no longer crave to control and instead start to crave unselfish giving, love and freedom. Love and a higher consciousness will start to become attractive.

And it goes beyond this more obvious example to a more spiritual level. The more you focus on love, giving and expansion the more everyone around you will feel it. Your spiritual vibration will be passed on by osmosis to everyone around you.

It has been statistically proven that you can lower crime in an area by simply having people meditate in that area.

We are all spiritual radio stations both sending and receiving vibrations constantly. When you focus on giving love, helping others and expansion others will catch that feeling as well.

I have a friend who every night is working on improving the planet by this very method. He can see the dark forces through his spiritual vision and he’s working with other highly advanced souls to neutralize this negative energy and replace it with the love of God.

I invite you to join him and me in doing the same thing.

Visualize Peace!

Visualize Prosperity for All!

Visualize Success and Abundance for Yourself!

Forget about outer circumstances because you are the creator of your reality at all moments. Even if you can’t directly control all outer conditions you can always control your thoughts, vibrations and actions and that is extremely important. Knowing and using this will dramatically improve your results in life.

Remember to always focus on what you want, no matter how impossible it might seem to attain.

And while you’re creating and giving love, you’ll be doing your part in saving the world from the dark forces that are prevalent on this planet now. The evil will eventually melt in your light of love.

The more that people do this and the more they educate others the less power these globalists will wield and the less they’ll even desire to carry out there plans.

Send out your waves of love my fellow Superbeings and your waves will be felt around the world.

To the Best You and the Best Planet Possible,

Roger Haeske
The 41-Year-Old Teenager



How to Rescue the Planet with this Jedi Mind Trick — 13 Comments

  1. You’re absolutely right. supra-consciousness glbally starts at home! And especially with raw foods. Rawfoods, the ultimate quality of life for mankind.
    Thankyou for all you do Roger, for you help us all remain guardians of the light.

  2. Yes, indeed.

    We must be riding the same wave length. If anyone has ever caught EarthLastHope videos on YouTube, they are quite good at exposing NWO agenda and has a huge following.

    I just sent him the entire Anastasia Ringing Cedars series of books because I feel it is so imperative that those who are already awake to all of this must now shift the focus to the solution. We must really really really focus on the solution (just as you wonderfully pointed out). Anastasia holds serious solutions and what an exciting and inspiring read. It always puts me in a super mood.

    There is now more than enough info to wake the sleepers. But those of us already awake need to get busy creating the New Reality rather than focusing on the sometimes frustrating task of trying to wake those intent on remaining asleep. We move forward without them they will naturally take notice that we aren’t haranguing them anymore and want to come along. (my theory anyway).

    Here’s a little vid I made about Anastasia if you want an idea.

    BTW, she eats only raw food and can stop bullets with her brain.

    May Peace Reign Sooner than Later, Susan

  3. Hi Roger,

    It is highly dubious that there is some new world order trying to control us. This is just rubbish. It is very easy to blame the personal and national problems on invisible forces. in fact, psychologically we have an in built mechanism to do just this! We try to find a scapegoat, and somehow it is quite enticing and pleasurable to develop some conspiracy theory.

    What next- you gonna tell me that David Icke’s Idea that the british royals and the bush family are actually reptilian? Hey how about the idea that certain Jewish families are also aliens? Well, I am jewish and I am not an alien as far as I am aware..

    The truth is to stop avoiding your own issues and take responsibility for them, instead of blaming some imaginary force.

    For example, Ive written numerous emails to you, Roger, and never once have I received a response..


  4. Larry,

    Keep up the great work on your end.


    While I agree the Anastasia stories are inspiring and that we have similarly incredible potentials. I don’t in any way believe that those stories are true.

    All you have to do is buy some Ringing Cedars wood and give it to anyone who’s sick and if they don’t soon regain perfect health you’ll know for yourself it’s a scam to make some money.

    Hi David,

    Of course, I know many and or most people won’t believe the organized plans for the creation of the New World Order. But these days these elites are even talking about that term very often in the mainstream press.

    For more on this I suggest you listen to this recent audio interview of Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi where you’ll be able to look up the evidence yourself on Google News and other sources.


  5. David,

    This might interest you:

    Here’s some info taken from British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. He’s certainly pushing for a Global Society and is not even afraid to use the term New World Order. Just look up some of his recent speeches dealing with the financial crisis.

    Remember even the first president Bush used the term New World Order in one of his speeches. Yet now that term is being used increasingly by prominent world figures.

    “Are you ready to embrace a new global order? Gaze into the beliefs of Gordon Brown and determine if you see yourself reflecting back. “My message is that we must be: internationalist not protectionist; interventionist not neutral; progressive not reactive; and forward looking not frozen by events. We can seize the moment and in doing so build a truly global society,” stated Brown in November. According to Rueters Brown sees Britain, Europe and the U.S. as key to forging a new world order.

    The main focus on the press for a global new world order is the shared economic crisis being felt worldwide. Panic in markets combine with fear from citizens in many countries. Is this fear or crisis a good enough reason to unite in a new world order? We know Rahm Emanuel doesn’t want us to waste a serious crisis yet most citizens don’t share that view.

    In Brown’s speech before Congress today he stated, “Working together, there is no challenge to which we are not equal, no obstacle that we cannot overcome, no aspiration so high that it cannot be achieved.” He was interrupted many times with standing ovations on both sides of the aisle. To what end are we to believe or trust in two governments pressing for a unification on a global level? Is it finally time the United States and Britain reach an agreement on reunification or should we dare to stay sovereign? It is going to come down to making that very decision.

    Another unifying message is how we must unite to combat global warming. Global warming is an issue which divides due to the very fact experts disagree on whether humanity has a measurable impact on global warming trends. Al Gore and environmentalist classify it as a crisis. Another shared crisis is terrorism. Actually, according to Prime Minister Brown, we jointly face five great challenges. Among those concerns are terrorism when we need to reassert democracy according to Brown (are we a democracy…is Britain?), conflict and rebuilding states after conflict, as well as poverty combined with disease.

    We face then, according to these leaders and experts in governments, at least five immense challenges which give solid reasons it is time for a new global society, a new world order as Brown calls it. Thinks back less than five years ago and anyone mentioning the idea of plans for a new world order were considered conspiracy nuts. Now those openly considering such a unification are world leaders. Are we prepared to give up civil and political liberty to join a global society, a new world order? Consider your grand children’s natural liberty, are you ready to leverage that for the safety of global unification? All concerns spoken of pull at our hearts making us initially feel we should unite. It sounds so very good to our ears after all.

    If the proposed new world order is to be built upon democracy I for one will pass on any unification. Mob rule is a bad way to govern (as we see today in our own country) and the United States is far outnumbered when measured against world population. Thank you Prime Minister Brown, may Barack Obama pass on your plans for your vision of a global society. However, based on the standing ovations today it is more likely Obama and Congress will embrace this disastrous idea.”


  6. Democraty and Capitalism ? Democraty means the minority who did not get what they voted for, these are “quite” a few million people who will have to wait 4 or 5 years before they feel they have half a chance to be represented in a manner that they can vaguely trust.
    As to capitalism, the first word that comes to mind is money, and money means the ones who have it and the ones who don’t, and it engenders envy and greed and jalousy, but also it seems that the more we have and the more responsabilities and unforeseen consequences. Would not a world without money altogether be a better world ? And also a world that goes back to local communities, decentralisation of political systems and everything, education “available to everyone” not obligatory. Learn all about an intelligent agriculture that is caring for the planet and all its creatures, for exemple.
    The only thing is how to survive the crisis that would get us to that paradise, this is obviously what we need to concentrate upon, how to get somewhere like that without the huge crisis that we seem to be facing anyway and that some seem to be capitalising upon. Well, we need plenty of energy to work quite hard for a while if we want to achieve all these good things, that’s how I see it.

  7. Roger, quick question: Have you read the books or are you just basing on what others have said about the books?

    The books say that the wood would help to raise your energy but even Anastasia herself doesn’t wear one. I don’t wear one either. These books are way too deep to write off that simply. Nobody’s making any money off of little wooden necklaces.

    9 books to sell little wooden necklaces???? Maybe someday these books will cross your path in another way.

    May Peace Reign Sooner than Later.

  8. Susan,

    I read the first Anastasia book and was very excited about it at first. But eventually I realized for a number of reasons that this was a fabricated story.

    Certainly the ringing cedar wood by itself is a good enough reason to dismiss the books. I don’t remember the exact claims. But it was stated in the first book something along the line that if you wear this ringing cedar wood close to your body it would keep ANYONE perpetually young and in virtual perfect health.

    And of course, these fools sell this wood. All anyone has to do is get this wood for themselves and see if they stop aging and if all of their diseases or even the slightest physical ailments start to go away. When it doesn’t go away and when nothing happens you’ll realize it’s a scam.

    But there are a number of other claimed facts that are just wrong. So while an entertaining tail I wouldn’t live my life based on what is taught in those books.


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