Why “Mini Workouts” Burn Blubber Better

Several years ago when I was still a tennis pro, I was giving a tennis lesson to a new female student.

It was a beautiful sunny day in New Jersey and my student and I (who happened to be quite a bit on the chunky side) started talking about diet and exercise.

She was shocked that I could eat so many bananas and stay thin. It cracks me up how many people ignorantly believe for instance, that bananas are high in fat when in fact only 3% of the calories in a banana come from fat.

Bananas are only fattening if you eat more of them than your body’s need for calories. If you don’t overeat calories, you’ll be just fine.

But this is not my main point.

The other thing she told me was that she had a personal trainer and that she had been working out quite a few months already with this trainer.

* Guess what kind of exercise she was doing?

She was doing long aerobic exercise sessions that lasted at least an hour or more. I was stunned. Here she was doing all of this exercise and unfortunately for her, she was still a real porker. She was barely getting any benefit from these long and boring exercise sessions.

* The Real Key to Superior Fitness Results

The real key to superior results from exercise is not from the length of exercise but from the intensity of it. I’ve done workouts that last only 4 minutes that BLAST off the blubber better than an hour of aerobics ever would.

In fact, there are a number of studies confirming such results. Of course, there’s an easy trick to all of this that’ll kick your blubber melting results into the stratosphere. 

If you don’t include this one little tweak, you won’t get nearly the same beneficial results. You can only learn that tweak here:


* This is Really Cool to Know

Want to know something really cool? This info will by the way, really improve the results of people training for marathons or distance running and cut your training time down in half or more.

Did you know that doing long runs or aerobics for an hour or so does not improve aerobic capacity (ie: the ability to run fast, between 60 to 80% of your maximum heart rate for long periods of time) as much as doing the four minute workout I’m mentioned above?

In the study the people who trained doing moderate intensity aerobics for an hour improved their aerobic capacity by 9.5% but people who did the 4-minute non-aerobic workout improved their aerobic capacity by 14%. That’s about 50% better results.

Interestingly enough, the aerobic trainers didn’t have any significant improvement in their anaerobic (or the ability to run at full speed without rest) fitness levels. While the four minute trainers improved anaerobic capacity by a whopping 28%.

They improved their fitness dramatically on both levels whereas doing long aerobics improved their aerobic abilities even less.

* Could you be wasting your time?

Realize they used varsity college athletes in their study. These athletes were already in excellent shape. Imagine how fast you could improve your fitness levels by doing this kind of program.

Of course, you’d need to start gradually and build your way up. You always want to keep exercise fun, so you’ll do it again the next time.

* Another Interesting Fact:

It turns out that moderate intensity aerobics was much less effective at burning blubber than interval training. What was found was that for every calorie burned during the workout, that interval training actually burned, 9 times more whale blubber, per calorie burned.

The interval training actually burned less calories (during the exercise) and was a much shorter workout. But for each calorie burned, somehow the interval training produced an increased blubber burning effect, by 9 times or 900% over the aerobics.

* The Moral of the Story

If you want to get in great shape and lose the excess baggage the more intense your workout the better your results.

Please keep in mind, that if you have not exercised much recently or at all, you absolutely have to start off slowly. And you should check with your doctor before starting a fitness program.

You can get additional detailed info on why 1 to 5-minute Mini-Workouts burn blubber better here:



Roger Haeske
The 41-Year-Old Teenager

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  2. Roger, your mini workouts leave all the other “gurus” workout programs in the cold! They are realistic, energizing, and can be done in little increments during the day, without interfering with other things that must be done in daily living.

    • Bob,

      Thanks so much for the feedback. I’ve got even more interesting stuff coming in the near future. Glad the “Mini-Workouts” are giving you great results.

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