Drunken Master Pays me a Visit

Last night the Drunken Master, a Kung Fu legend, paid me a visit and INSPIRED me with his sublime talents.

I was amazed at the Master’s almost magical powers. He seemed to defy gravity — seemingly lighter than air. And his fighting abilities increased exponentially whenever he got BLITZED out of his mind. 🙂

Ok then, so who is the Drunken Master?

None other than the famous martial artist / movie star Jackie Chan. What happened was that he came into my living room by the way of this strange box with a glass screen in my living room.

It was via an entertaining movie of his called "The Legend of the Drunken Master."

There were some early scenes in which Wong Fei-hung (Jackie Chan’s character) jumped into and out of a train window repeatedly. But the way he maneuvered his body was just incredible.

He’d jump up to the window and then somehow reverse his body instantaneously so that his feet would go through the train window first. He did similar stunts going in and out of the train.

If you’ve seen Jackie Chan films before, I’m sure you’ve seen many similarly spectacular stunts. But he really looked like he had some kind of anti-gravity juice in him.

You’ve got to have darn good body control and super strength and agility to be able to do these kinds of gravity defying stunts.

There were several other scenes as well were he just appeared to be flying. He’d jump sideways towards the wall and propel himself from the wall through an open window that was high above the ground.

Just tremendous body control like a gymnast. I’m pretty sure these scenes weren’t special effects, just Jackie’s great stuntman like abilities.

What I didn’t realize is that Drunken Boxing wasn’t just a style of Kung Fu it was also necessary to drink alcohol and be drunk to gain those powers. So instead of eating spinach like Popeye he drank a lot of alcohol and kicked some butt.

It was pretty silly actually. There’s no way anyone could fight better while being totally plastered, except they might not be able to feel any pain.

== So what’s the moral of the story? ==

There is a good lesson in this. We can do better at many things in life if we’re relaxed and don’t feel inhibited.
How could you be a good fighter for instance if you fight stiff like a robot? You’ve got to flow and move like the wind.

But instead of drinking alcohol to lose your inhibitions you can do it naturally by opening up your IMAGINATION to your unlimited higher self. When you transcend the restrictive bonds of your mind and body the overwhelming joy of your true self gives you a natural high.

This is a healthy and natural way to lose your inhibitions.

In any case, I found the athletic feats and the fighting quite entertaining in this movie. I’m a martial arts movie fan. I love Bruce Lee and the Ultimate Fighting Championships as well.

Listen: Instead of gulping down Budweisers you can do 1 to 5-minute Mini Workouts as your magic bullet to super powers. I talked about these in the last email I sent which you can read here:


These workouts are even better than eating spinach to make you strong – though I do recommend eating raw spinach often.

Now, pay attention… no food is going to put muscle on you if you don’t exercise. Eating tons of meat won’t make your muscles bigger or get you into great shape.

== The key of course is doing some kind of daily and vigorous exercise. ==

With Mini-Workouts it’s easy to get motivated to exercise because they can be so short.

Today I did 4 different kinds of Mini-Workouts.

I started with:

1. Push-Up Blaster: Total time: 2:30

2. 15-Second Blubber Blaster Intervals: Total Time 2:26

3. Jumping Intervals: Total Time: 1:58

4. Youth Restorer: Total Time: About 6 minutes

Total Combined Time: About 13 minutes

That’s a complete blubber blasting, muscle building and stamina increasing workout for the entire day.

Now – and this is important – the key is to do these exercises not to torture yourself but to challenge yourself.

Whenever I do these interval exercises, I make sure not to push myself too much. Sure I’m breathing hard and heavy but I know my limits. I want to have enough motivation to continue doing them on a regular basis.

But as you get better you can increase the length and intensity of your Mini-Workouts. Today for instance was the first day in a long time that I did the Youth Restorer Exercise.

So I only did three sets. Each set was around 30 seconds long. Or to be more precise my first set was around 37 seconds, 2nd was 30 seconds and the last set was 31 seconds.

That 6-minute time above I gave was just an estimate because the rest of the 6 minutes or so was simply recovery time between intervals.

Are you starting to see how little time it takes to get fit?

Mini-Workouts can unleash the Master inside of you without getting drunk.


Roger Haeske
The Rejuvenator

P.S. You can get more info on The Youth Restorer here:

P.P.S. Unfortunately the Youth Restorer Exercise isn’t currently available on any of my websites. So since I spoke about it here today, I’m going give you full access to it, when you download your copy of my best selling Lightning Speed Fitness Program but only until about 11pm this Monday, March 16, 2009.


P.P.P.S. I’ve also added a new video to the LSFP which shows you how to do a 60-second blubber melting workout as well. Do this workout from 3 to 5 times a day and watch how quickly your gooey body butter start rolling down your legs into slippery puddles on the floor by your feet.

You can get it here:

P.P.P.P.S. What is the fastest way to be able to do 100 push-ups in a row… Guaranteed? All in less than 7 minutes a day.

The Push-Up Blaster:



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  1. Bob,

    No I don’t necessarily do a different routine every day. Or some parts of my program are quite similar every day.

    But I do tend to have a decent amount of variety.


  2. Bob,

    Everything is in digital format. There are PDF files which can be printed. Videos viewable on the site and or downloadable in wmv file format and audios in mp3 format.


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