Will you try this exercise for 30-seconds?

Can you do me a small favor and try doing one of the exercises below for 30-seconds?

I’m doing a campaign to get people interested in exercise and I figured the best way to get started was to make exercise as easy and as fun as possible.

Who doesn’t have 30-seconds to spare to do some physical exercise during the day? And even just 30-seconds a day is a world better than no seconds a day.

Would you be willing to commit to exercising at least 30-seconds a day for the next 30 days?

By making exercise a habit, even a very small habit, you’re using a powerful human motivational force. It’s the old foot in the door technique used by salesmen.

Once you start doing your 30-seconds of exercise per day (whether at work, at home or wherever you are) you are creating a positive habit. Soon you may get to the point of really loving your 30-seconds a day so much that you up it to a minute a day.

Then before you know it, you’re gradually adding in more and more exercise and just loving how it makes you feel and how you’re starting to look.

All the while you’re never forcing yourself and before you know it, you become an exercise junkie like I am. You end up doing it because you love it.

Here are some different exercises you can try for 30-seconds.

1. Instead of walking try hopping on one leg for 15 seconds then alternate to the other leg for 15 seconds.

2. While sitting or standing, simply try flexing as many muscles in your body as you can and hold for 30-seconds. If you squeeze really hard you won’t be able to last for 30-seconds without passing out.

So go at it easy or do 3 sets of ten seconds at moderate intensity to get your 30 seconds in.

3. Or maybe you just want to work on your biceps. Either do some bicep curls with weights for 30-seconds. Or you can do the same without weights. Just curl your arm slowly and make your muscles resist against each other.

Actually pit your muscles against each other and visualize like your lifting a very heavy weight. You’d be surprised how powerful this can be.

4. Or maybe you want to work on your derriere. That means rear end, butt or rumpus if you don’t know what I mean.

While sitting in your chair simply squeeze your glut (butt) muscles as hard as you can for 5 seconds. Do this 6 times and you’ve gotten your 30-seconds in of exercise per day.

You can, by the way, do any other exercise that you’d like. The whole point is to reserve at least 30-seconds a day to do some kind of exercise.

Of course, many of you are doing much more than 30-seconds a day. This email is to encourage those people who don’t exercise regularly but would love to improve their appearance and how they feel about themselves.

*** Can you do me one more small favor?

If you did the 30-seconds of exercise can you please leave a comment in this blog post about your experience?

Maybe you’d like to say how it made you feel, what kind of exercise you did, where you were, where other people around when you did the exercise and for how long you did it. Maybe you decided that you wanted to exercise for 2 minutes instead of 30-seconds. Put down whatever comes to mind.

Please take one minute to share with the world what you did. It could encourage others to start exercising as well. But more so, it might just give you extra motivation as well.

I’d encourage you to make a pledge within your comment to exercise for a minimum of 30-seconds a day for the next 30-days. That public pronouncement will give you extra motivation to stick with your commitment.

Just 30 seconds a day of exercise. You know it’s going to be fun. So just do it.


Roger Haeske
The 41-Year-Old Teenager

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Will you try this exercise for 30-seconds? — 27 Comments

  1. The 30 second workouts really wake you up! I have just completed working out my whole body while sitting at my computer! Fabulous! I’m all warmed up now, and will hit the floor to knock out some pushups, and then it will be some deep knee bends, and then I’ll go for a walk. What a wakeup call! I now know how to “energize” myself. Great post, Roger!

  2. Hi Roger,
    I did some of the 30 sec exercises this evening, thanks. I did not do the hopping one as my feet hurt this evening (I went to Senior Dancing today, and stood all evening while painting). I did your other suggestions though, 2, 3 and 4. I’ll try to do these for 30 days now. It’s really good to do exercises while sitting at the computer, and for a very short period several times. Thank you for this suggestion, Roger:-)

  3. Right after reading your email I did a 30-second handstand against the wall. Thanks Roger for giving me an instant, minor high!

  4. Is it n ecessary to stretch before doing these exercises, or for that matter any exercises. I have been reading a lot of pro and con about this. Some say to only stretch after exercising, some say before and after, and others say that by just starting out an exercise slowly and then really get into it, is all that is needed. I would appreciate your comment. Thanks.

  5. Thanks for all your great comments. Just get started and you’ll find it’s a lot of fun.

    Anyone going to commit to do at least 30-seconds a day for 30 days in a row?


    I suppose it depends on the exercise your doing. But I generally don’t stretch before exercising. I might not get into full speed right away but personally I don’t bother with stretching.

    I always liked what Jack LaLanne had to say about stretching. Something like, “Do you see a Lion stretching out before hunting gazelle?”

    If stretching works for you then do it. But some may find it isn’t necessary.


  6. Having recently broken my foot – doing yoga – I find the 30 second exercise to be great. I can sit here with my foot up and squeeze my abs or gluts at the same time and you know what – it feels like it is working…

  7. I hereby commit to exercise 30 seconds a day for 30 days, on this great St. Patrick’s Day! I feel like a million dollars after today’s mini 30 second workouts and my 2 mile walk. I see what you mean about getting addicted to exercise, Roger. The big difference I see now about exercising, is all how you go about it, in your mind that is. If you feel you have to go through a long exercise session, then right away you start finding excuses not to do it. But when you say to yourself, I’ll exercise just for 30 seconds or maybe a minute or two, you think to yourself, hey that’s not much at all, this is doable. I think you’ve given me the inspiration to exercise daily from this day forward, as you’ve given me the mindset to overcome all excuses not to. Thanks again.

  8. Hello Roger, Well i did the whole body muscle tightning.. I did not hold my breath so i did not pass out.. but i flexed every muscle i could at one time for 30 secs.. Thanks.. I will try to do that daily.. Sheila

  9. A big thanks to: Bob, Sanne, Rose, Ruth, Eketahuna, Patricia, Serena and Sheila for giving these really short exercises a try.

    Loved your public commitment Bob.

    I just went out and did an 18 minute workout in the sun. But I often do little Mini-Workouts or short exercises throughout the day as well.

    How hard is it to flex your butt every once in a while when you’re sitting at the computer. And while you’re squeezing your gluts you’ll notice that you have to squeeze your abs pretty hard in order to squeeze your buttocks.

    Right there you’ve got a great butt and ab workout.

    Fitness made simple,


  10. Hi Roger! I always enjoy reading your blog, I did the glut exercise while reading you on the computer. I work out every morning as well, every day !!!!! With eating low fat high fruit and sometimes cooked greens, this seems to work for me. thanks diane

  11. Hi Roger,

    I tried them all. I wanted to get a feel of what muscles were energized and which ones I liked.

    You may want to add this one: Belly Dancing upper and lower stomach muscle contractions. You can do them anywhere and you build up your core without any pain or stress!

  12. extremely motivational!
    gently persuasive!
    and i guess very very effective too,
    well, i am around 55 yrs, well built though need to reduce my weight, i am also heart patient having gone through angioplasty some 8 yrs ago, still i like to do my exercises – i do 20 burpies in a min. and i like to do around 50 burpies, 100 push ups, 150 squats and morn.walk. i think you have a very scientific and innovative system of addressing fitness related aspects.
    i enjoyed reading your article, i felt if i had read it earlier in my life i would not have had this heartproblem.


  13. I did all four exercises for 30 sec each, in addition I also do my daily training (u offered sometime ago, it was the whole body stretched arms and legs push-ups. I do it daily, at least 20 times. In the morning I do 150 times skipping rope. In fact, I have two Black Belts in Kung Fu (One in Wing Chun, Shaolin and Tong Bei; the other in Dae Ho, i.e. the Big Tiger style), though for some reason, I was training no more!
    In fact you and all ur styles convinced me to return to proper training and exercising. Now am only doing the ones I alresdy told u.I will restart my Kung Fu Training classes soon and alone at first, but after I get ur lighting speed Fitness Program,for am definitely sure, that would be the fastest way to return to top fitness to resume strenuous Kung Fu exercises.
    At least, thank u for changing my mind.
    Faithfully urs, Nasr Osman.

  14. Roger,
    I did them all!, I put on some pumping music and I took off!…I think that Fran Draiser did that routine that you mentioned…so thru the years I’ve been doing them, but then came you! This whirlwind of energy…it’s catchy!

  15. This is great! workn’ the bod’, while I’m sitting at the computer! I’d like to work up to when the whole song is done!
    rawmzmartha! ;0

  16. Love the exercises I can do while sitting with my broken foot up. Interesting thing: I was at the orthopedic doctor today and told him I am an 80% raw vegan. He told me that he had just been to a conference where several papers were given concerning patients on vegan diets and their slower rate of recovery from broken bones. He said they believe it is due to insufficient protein. Thoughts? I do eat a lot of legumes, some raw nuts, and whole grains. I wonder if that is enough?

  17. Serena,

    Sorry but I can’t answer your question properly. First of all there are a variety of ways to eat a vegan diet not to mention that there are a variety of ways to eat a raw vegan diet.

    I don’t recommend a cooked vegan diet as healthy.

    Next I’d have to see the study. Many times studies are purposely biased to obtain a predetermined outcome.

    If however, you eat a good raw food diet I’d say you would heal your bones faster and not slower. Just make sure to eat plenty of greens and other mineral rich foods.


  18. Hi Roger,
    This might just be the push I have needed. I really need to exercise, but it seems there is never enough time in the day to do it. Well, at least I fill my time with doing so many other things, I neglect taking care of me. I am coming to realize that if I don’t take care of myself, I won’t be fit to take care of others as I do now. I make the committment to doing the 30 second exercises for 30 days, plus hopefully more, too. Thanks for the inspiration. Motivation is always hard for me, and this is the first step. Debbie

  19. Roger, I’m still going! I was even doing them yesterday, when hubby and I ran errands! I can feel some muscle definition already, because I’ve been excercising, but got into a slump…thanx for getting us all going!

    rawmzmartha! 😉

  20. I did my 30 seconds plus of isometrics while doing my morning walk today, and it felt great. A question comes to mind, Roger, do you ever walk or jog on a treadmill?

  21. Congratulations to everyone who is still going with the 30-seconds a day of exercise.

    Sometimes all you need are tiny motivational steps. And you will find even if you just do all of these or similar exercises for 30 seconds, you’ll notice improvements in your fitness and how you feel.

    That has been shown by all of your generous comments.

    There are so many opportunities to get in little exercise periods throughout the day.

    In the future I’ll be releasing a new fitness program I created which goes into detail of many more ways to get fit in short little bursts and while you’d be doing something else or while you’re working.


  22. Hello Roger,
    I liked the suggestion you made about doing a little of this and a little of that durrng a comercial and all….I do this also! Is there a satalite beaming n my living room?
    rawmzmartha! 😉

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