I WON the Lottery – 1 in 456,976 “Law of Attraction” Love Story?

I can’t tell you how excited I am. I’m still amazed at what has happened to me.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would be possible to happen to me.

*** But First, Let Me Apologize ***

Since I met the “LOVE” of my life Karmyn also known as naked Melons I haven’t been getting very much sleep.

Here's Karmyn after making my Savory Veggie Stew and making it look pretty.

Here's Karmyn after making my Savory Veggie Stew and making it look pretty. Realize she hadn't gotten very much sleep for over a week in this picture.

We’ve been very busy getting to know each other and revel in amazement at how perfect we are for each other on level after level after level.

So because of my preoccupation with naked Melons and her most amazingly beautiful angel of a 2-year-old son Andrew (a.k.a. No-No Boy) I haven’t exactly been getting very much work done.

Here's Karmyn's son whom we've nicknamed No-No Boy. No-No is his name for his mother's milk.

Here's Karmyn's son whom we've nicknamed No-No Boy. No-No is his name for his mother's milk.

That’s all going to change very soon as Miss Melons is going to be doing a lot of work with me. Of course, that was just one of the things I “Ordered” in a mate via the Cosmic Ordering Service.

So let me give you a Reader’s Digest version. In the near future, I’ll be posting many more details of this mind-blowing fairy-tale.

Karmyn has written up a detailed account of how we got together. But today I’ll say it from my perspective in a stream of consciousness kind of way.

On August 11, 2008 I sent out a blog post to my Superbeing Secrets email subscribers. Within that post I made reference to wanting to find the woman of my dreams and I had a link to a page on my site which gave a very detailed and specific description of what I wanted out of a woman.

To give you an idea I entitled this page “For Beautiful Women Only.” It was a very politically incorrect kind of page.

I wrote exactly what I wanted in a woman and didn’t pull any punches. Either you like me the way I am or you move on. Needless to say I think this post might have pissed off many of my subscribers who didn’t quite meet my qualifications.

I even got a woman who wrote me saying she was interested in me before reading that post but after reading it she definitely didn’t like me and wanted to have nothing to do with my me or to be on my email list.

Normally, I don’t let this kind of stuff influence my decisions. My emails very often upset people with closed minds or with vastly different value systems than I have.


I don’t try to please everyone. That’s just boring.

I think you want to know the real me, not the fake me that is perfect and ultimately quite boring.

After an hour or two I decided I didn’t want to mix my relationships with my Internet Business. This was just a bit too personal for me to keep up on my website.

So I deleted the post.

But that was how I activated the “Law of Attraction” in finding Karmyn. I placed a Cosmic Order with the Universe simply by writing down in great detail “exactly what I wanted in a woman.”

“What About the Lottery?”

Well that is a long story that has happened across the span of three decades of my life. I won’t go into the exact details in public. But I had my mathematician friend calculate the odds of this happening.

It was a 1 in 456,976 chance for this series of events to occur over the last 23 years.

=> The Back Order Theory

When it comes to the “Law of Attraction” I’m sure you’ve realized that things don’t always happen instantly.

Some things can take years to develop. But it seems to me that there are powers above, our higher selves maybe, that control when the gifts are delivered.

Sometimes there are very good reasons for a delay. In my case, with Karmyn, she actually placed an order for me about 14 months ago.

But for very mysterious reasons we had at least 5 near misses. In fact, we both had to leave the country (even though we both live near each other in New Jersey) before it was the right time to meet.

In fact, Karmyn had already planned to move permanently to Costa Rica, but her plans changed (she decided to come back to the US) and by the mysterious ways of the Universe she ended up meeting me in person on her sons 2nd birthday party on April 25, 2008.

We’ve basically been together ever since.

Personally I think this experience with Karmyn goes way beyond the Law of Attraction. I REALLY believe that this was an ARRANGED MARRIAGE.

Normally I’d scoff at the idea of an arranged marriage. Never would I believe my parents would have the wisdom to pick the right person for me.

But it wasn’t my parents who decided on Karmyn for me, I think it was my and or our spiritual guides.

Yes indeed I definitely have a spiritual guide, someone who loves me more than I love myself. Someone who was carefully watched and protected me all of my life.

I realized this about 2 or 3 months ago when I actually met my guide.

You see the thing is when I got Karmyn I got so much more than I even asked for.

With her was thrown in bonus after bonus that I didn’t even consciously ask for but that I really needed.

What’s so great being with her is that I can learn from her and also that she can learn from me. That hasn’t always been the case in my previous relationships.

We’re both very open to learning and growth and Karmyn is filling in some missing pieces of the puzzle for me. Especially when it comes to a prosperity consciousness.

I was pretty good with that, but I still hadn’t gotten all the way there.

Actually, I think it’s working both ways. I also have shown her several ideas that she was able to put to use in her life.

Let me tell you about some of the bonuses that I didn’t even mention in my Cosmic Order placed on my blog.

I tend to be a bit disorganized in my home life. Just a month or so ago, I hired a woman to start cleaning out my apartment and organizing it.

But with Karmyn here, I no longer need her services. Karmyn has been Feng Shuiing my apartment to increase the energy and prosperity flow.

That’s another reason I’ve been unable to email. We’ve been doing a lot of work at making improvements.

I mean it’s really uncanny. In so many ways we think almost exactly alike. She even likes to be in exercise type of clothing so that she can work out at a minute’s notice.

That’s just the way I like to do be. Always ready to exercise.

To me she’s a gift from HEAVEN. Literally everything I could possibly want in a woman.

She’s a low fat raw vegan, she loves to exercise and is in the same business as me. In other words, she has her own raw food and fitness email list.

Very soon, I’ll be posting some pics of Karmyn and her son. He’s just gorgeous and has the most heart melting smile you can possibly imagine. So does Karmyn by the way.

One of the things I was looking for in a woman was no more drama. I need to be at peace in my home and not having one battle after another.

naked Melons is just that woman. I call her a CLEAR. Not because I follow Scientology but because that term is really a great description for more spiritually advanced souls.

They’ve risen above their egos and can see the world from the clear and powerful light of SOUL.

Spiritually she’s very clear. She instinctively operates on many of the “Freedom Principles” I always talk about in Harry Browne’s classic book, “How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World.”

One of the main things I wanted in a partner was someone who could be my business partner. And she fits the bill perfectly.

Get ready for some incredibly exciting changes to be coming your way. We are going to be doing some stuff that no one else is really doing in this field.

It will controversial to many but it’s going to get us some BIG TIME publicity.

I think you’re going to like the sexy changes that are coming up soon.

So to make a long story short I’m just going to leave it here and in a day or two I’ll post the much more detailed version of the story that Karmyn has been writing up on my blog.

I think you’ll be amazed when you see all of the details and the mysterious near misses we had before meeting each other. I mean it’s uncanny really.

Never in my life have I had a friend male or female that so closely matched my needs as Karmyn does.

Karmyn never actually saw my posting about my ideal woman before we met (though a friend of hers told her about it on Costa Rica and they spent an hour trying to find it on my blog) but when she finally read it she said it was an exact description of her.

As if it was written for her only.

I knew that for the right woman what I wrote wouldn’t piss her off because of my political incorrectness. Instead it would turn her on.

*** Let’s Celebrate Together ***

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