Running Nakid in the Public Library – Tales of No-No B___

No-No Boy running and smiling on the basketball court.
No-No Boy running and smiling on the basketball court.

The other night I was at the public library with my girlfriend Karmyn (a.k.a. Nakid Mellons) and her 2-year-old son– otherwise known as No-No Boy. Both of them are 100% raw food eaters.

By the way, No-No is Andrew’s word for mother’s milk. He just loves his No-No and still drinks plenty of that baby SUPERDRINK all throughout the day.

Our Internet connection was out for over a week and so we’ve had to use the library to get on the Internet.

As soon as we got to the library Andrew was having loads of fun as usual. He’s really one of the most incredible children I’ve ever seen. He can charm the pants off just about anyone… Male or female young our old.

Plus he’s incredibly alert, aware and intelligent. He learns so quickly. Every single day our babysitter is constantly amazed at what he can do. And she’s had three children of her own and now has grandchildren.

I can’t believe how many people fall in love with him almost the instant they see him. He’s got the most hypnotic smile that puts everyone under his love spell. His skin is tan colored and yet he has blond hair from his father.

He often goes to up to complete strangers and starts to play with them. That is as long as he isn’t tired.

As soon as we get anywhere where there are people he starts making friends. I mean right away.

 Roger, Andrew and Karmyn posing at the basketball court.

I’ve discovered that Andrew’s favorite toy is actually PEOPLE.

One time we were at the park and we left Andrew playing in the sand box. After a while, I noticed things were really quiet, so I went to look and see what Andrew was doing.

He went up to this old, white-haired Russian couple who were sitting on a park bench about 30 feet from the sandbox. He just went right up to them and was sitting between them.

They lifted him up to join them on the bench and soon were hugging him and playing with him.

We went up to them a bit later and they didn’t speak a word of English but they just loved him. Then we let him continue to play with them and give them love.

Andrew also loves to listen to different languages and actually prefers Spanish to English. He knows both.

Andrew’s a total politician. He’s always going up to our neighbors and shaking their hands and saying bye bye when he leaves.


They think he’s already running for mayor of our town with all of the handshaking he does.

Anyways, at the library Andrew quickly found some young friends to play with. They were a bit older than him but Andrew doesn’t care. He gets along with just about everyone.

Eventually the three kids running all over the place and chasing each other throughout the library. Of course, we had to keep on reminding Andrew to keep his voice down.

He loves to scream at a very high pitch. I think he could break crystal with it. But he was surprisingly quite in the library.

Andrew was having so much fun that he peed in his pants twice. Normally Andrew lets us know when he wants to go pi-pi or babu (which is his name for going number 2).

He doesn’t wear diapers and he goes to the bathroom on the toilet and has been doing so for at least 6 months if not longer. He often takes himself to the bathroom.

But I suppose he was having so much fun chasing the other kids that he just ignored the usual protocol and just went in his pants.

Unfortunately, Karmyn only had one pair of underwear and pants to change him into and so as we were getting ready to leave the library Andrew was half nakid with only his shirt on.

That was a hilarious site as he was just laughing enthusiastically and running away from mommy while half nakid in the library. I could see his baby butt and tan legs shaking as he was running away.


The things you can get away with when you’re two years old.

For instance, we went to a raw potluck in Central Park in NYC the other weekend and Andrew was completely nakid for about two hours straight.

Some of the other kids he was playing with were a bit shocked at his lack of clothing.

But they got used to it. Andrew was running around and chasing these girls and boys who were again older than him.

Truth be told Andrew prefers to be clotheless all of the time. He and his mom aren’t much into wearing clothing and they spent six months in Costa Rica and didn’t wear much clothing while there.

One time we were visiting our upstairs neighbors (for the first time with Andrew) and they have a young daughter near to Andrew’s age. As soon as he got in the house he dropped his trousers.

That’s what I call a fast mover. Imagine meeting your blind date and ripping off your pants as soon as you saw him or her for the first time.

That was HILARIOUS and a bit embarrassing at the same time.

Now that we have Andrew back in society, we’ve had to get him used to wearing clothes again. He’s no longer dropping his pants or his shorts whenever he wants.

But he still hates to wear shoes. For the most part and in just about all weather he likes to go shoeless. He’s really resistant to cold weather.

Another interesting thing is how much Andrew loves fruit and vegetables. Imagine a two-year-old loving celery, cucumbers and salad. He also adores dates and raw honey.

He has tantrums in the supermarket if we don’t get him watermelon or apples.

=> Too Much Energy?

One of the so called “problems” with an all raw child is a never ending stream of energy. I have a friend who took his son off of raw food because he had too much energy while eating 100% raw.

Is that really a bad thing? I think NOT.

I guess when you’re not used to your little baby son having that much energy it can be quite a shock to the system.

The great news is that you can have the joy, energy and radiant beauty of a young raw child as well.

All you need to do is to eat your natural diet to achieve this state of raw bliss.

There’s no way Karmyn and I would be able to keep up with Andrew if we didn’t eat 100% raw ourselves.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the No-No Boy tales. I’m sure I’ll have many more to come in the future.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Infinite Potential,

Roger Haeske
The Almost 42-Year-Old Teenager

P.S. Going on a Raw Food Diet is a little like being a baby again. You’d think it should be easy and natural for us to eat our natural diet.

But for 99% of people that simply isn’t the case. To succeed with the Raw Food Diet most people need the loving support of an experienced raw food guide.

Eating 100% raw is easy when you know the tricks of the trade. But it does take some time to deprogram yourself from all of the false ideas holding you back from raw success.

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You don’t need willpower or to struggle at all. You just need to think right and have all of the dietary and psychological tools necessary to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy your natural diet.

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  1. Andrew is gorgeous…I live in Africa,South Africa.

    Here nobody would look twice at a naked little boy!!! Tell Andrew he would love Africa!!!!! He can even pee wherever he wants!!!! This is the bush!!!

    Kind Regards Michelle

  2. Andrew and his mother are beautiful! You really did well to find a girlfriend and a wonderful boy like this who are 100% raw like you.

    I wish I had been raised raw this way. I’d still have hearing in my left ear and wouldn’t have had those 6 opertions on my nose to remove polyps when I was younger. All I had to do was change my diet and I could have avoided the mastoidectomy (where the doctor scrapped the mastoid process in my left ear to remove infection and save my life) (I could have fasted to get rid of the infection is I knew what I know now), the tonsilectomy and the 6 operations for polyp removal.

    Thanks for the inspiring pictures!


  3. Roger,

    You should look into getting one of those little HD flip cams. They are super small and are great for taking short little videos while on the go. I got one recently and take it along with me almost everywhere.

    And if you can’t keep up with him now, what’s going to happen when he really does grow up and get a fast car? 🙂

    Best regards,

  4. Roger,
    Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures. He is such a divine little boy – full of that special light that comes with so many of the children being born these days…the little “god-sparks”. You all look so healthy and radiant. But mostly, you all look so very happy and it does my heart good to see people infused with joy.
    Love, Kristy

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