Automated Happiness Injectors

I’ve got a quick and powerful tip that can improve your life TODAY.

Last week I did something different in my fitness routine and I noticed that I felt euphoric all day long because of it.

In fact, I’m feeling high-as-a-kite at right now.

It was like I accidentally figured out how to install automated (24/7) happiness injectors into my blood stream.

I just couldn’t get over how great I felt and it was such a simple little thing.

Here’s what happened…

I decided to increase my workouts from once a day to twice a day. Instead of doing just one Push-Up Blaster Exercise (about 3-minutes long) in the morning I decided to do one in the afternoon as well.

I also did some exercises from my Lightning Speed Fitness Program as part of the overall workout.

I felt such an incredible pump from doing this.

It’s actually a drug or endorphin rush and for some reason when you do vigorous exercises that involve muscle exertion (not just normal aerobics) you get a fabulous pump and high throughout the day.

And the key or engine driving this HIGH is exercises that “build muscle and or muscular endurance.”

You won’t get this from jogging. And jogging takes way too long.

It has to be vigorous exercise that builds muscle at the same time.

It can be muscle building / muscular endurance exercises like the Lightning Speed Exercise for the lower body or Muscle Blaster X for the upper body from the Push-Up Blaster Program.

These are some of the best exercises I know of for getting a quick natural high. And by doing an exercise routine early in the day and one later in the day, you can have that natural high with you ALL DAY LONG.

Just imagine walking around all day long with a big grin on your face. Even if you have problems dealing with stress these kinds of vigorous exercises have been scientifically proven to make you feel better.

They’re natural stress busters and efficiency improvers.

It makes EVERYTHING you do more exciting and interesting. It naturally increases your productivity as well because this increases your energy levels and desire to be productive.

What’s great about the way I do aerobics or Lightning Aerobics – is that you get the heart and lung expanding benefits of aerobics while at the same time incorporating these muscle building exercises.

Of course, you can do many kinds of muscular endurance exercises and get similar results.

Hope you enjoyed this “Automated Happiness Injection” tip.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Infinite Potential,

Roger Haeske The 42-Year Old Teanajer

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One more thing, if you like doing Push-Ups then I think you’ll really enjoy doing Muscle Blaster X. What’s so cool about this particular exercise is that it’s like a game.

It automatically makes you want to do better each time. And it’s one of the key secrits to quickly improving the number of Push-Ups you can do in a row.

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