Can you do me a quick favor? It’s flu related

I was talking to my girlfriend Karmyn the other day and we both came to a fascinating conclusion.

“We’ve both never met anyone or even heard from any our friends or relatives of someone who had died from the flu.

You’d figure with all of these 36,000 deaths from “flu-related causes” that we would have by this point in our lives have known some people or have even heard of people “from friends of ours” who had died from the flu.

So here’s my favor to ask of you. I’d like to get some feedback from you regarding your experiences with the flu.

Can you answer these 3 questions for me in the comments section of this blog post?

1. Do you know anyone who died from the flu or from “flu related causes?”

2. Do you know anyone who was diagnosed with the Swine Flu?

and if you do,

Do you know how it was determined that they had Swine Flu?

3. Do you know anyone who died due to “Swine Flu-related causes?”

Because as of late July the CDC has asked the states to stop actually testing for Swine Flu cases.

You can read the shocking details in this investigation from CBS News. Quite frankly I’m very surprised they went to press with such a story because it’s quite damaging for this whole Swine Flu scare.

According to this story, very few people have actually been diagnosed with Swine Flu and yet president Obama has just yesterday declared a national Swine Flu emergency.

What’s really going on?

Can you answer the above questions for me? I really appreciate it.

Also please leave me your experiences with the flu and or flu shots in the comments below.

By the way you might want to take a quick look at this video and see what happened to this prospective Washington Redskins Cheerleader shortly after taking a flu shot.

Thanks for helping out.

I’ll be following up with more information on this and your feedback will be really helpful.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Infinite Potential,

Roger Haeske
The 42-Year-Old Teenager


Can you do me a quick favor? It’s flu related — 156 Comments

  1. to the three questions you are asking me, I have to say no to all three. I myself have not had a flu in over ten years since I gave up eating flesh and dairy. And now have been raw for over 2 years. I have to admit that every day it gets better and better as I keep learning this new way of life. See ya all later, keep living instead of dying. Patrick

  2. 1. Do you know anyone who died from the flu or from “flu related causes?”


    2. Do you know anyone who was diagnosed with the Swine Flu?


    and if you do,

    Do you know how it was determined that they had Swine Flu?

    they were diagnosed by their general practitioner…I’m unsure of what tests were taken

    3. Do you know anyone who died due to “Swine Flu-related causes?”


    I will say, I have been low fat raw vegan for 3 years…I haven’t had a flu shot…ever. I haven’t contracted the flu since I was 9. I was around my friend when he was contagious with swine flu. I am still perfectly healthy.

  3. I do not know anyone who died from the flu or flu related causes. Although I do know two people who died from pneumonia. I do not know of anyone that has been diagnosed with swine flu or has died from swine flu. I do know of two people who got the flu and were told it was swine flu but without ANY testing. They were both perfectly fine within a week.

  4. 1. Do you know anyone who died from the flu or from “flu related causes?” Not personally

    2. Do you know anyone who was diagnosed with the Swine Flu? Kailee Riggs

    and if you do,

    Do you know how it was determined that they had Swine Flu? No

    3. Do you know anyone who died due to “Swine Flu-related causes?” No

  5. been sick since 1993 due as a result of a “flu shot”…… read Osler’s Web…. very interesting research “they” do with these injections……

    don’t know anyone with swine flu…. plenty who will get the shot….

  6. Great idea, Roger, and thanks for the links!

    1. No
    2. No
    3. No

    I’ve had the flu 2x in my life with symptoms lasting for about a week. I’ve never gotten a flu shot, but my Dad used to get one every year (he grew up getting one). However, he still got sick every year…if not the flu, then at least 1 or 2 colds.

    He didn’t get one last year or this year and yet he has not gotten the flu. In fact, he has not even gotten sick in quite some time since changing his diet and eating more fruit. 🙂

  7. Hey Roger,

    I don’t know anyone who has ever died of the flu. so my answers are NO,No and NO.

    I don’t believe anyone should get the vaccine and it could be very harmful to anyone that does. Just my opinion.

    Be Well ~ Stay Happy,
    Freddy T. Zanshincat

  8. Hi, Roger,

    To answer your questions:

    1. No

    2. No, although a co-worker while on vacation with his family had three of his children treated for flu that they contracted. He said they were told it was Swine flu, but no specific test was done for it.

    3. No

  9. I am a retired physician. Everything (Symptom) that happens very frequently gets labeled as “the flu”. I never use that term because I do not know how to tell for sure when a person has the flu. I do not take the flu shot and did not encourage patients to take it. I did give some flu shots in the past, but in recent years I had my staff send those who wanted the injection to a local clinic. It is an excellent cash cow”.!! It means big bucks for clinics and drug manufacturers.

  10. 1. Do you know anyone who died from the flu or from “flu related causes?” No.

    2. Do you know anyone who was diagnosed with the Swine Flu? Yes, but not personally

    and if you do,

    Do you know how it was determined that they had Swine Flu? Nope!

    3. Do you know anyone who died due to “Swine Flu-related causes?” No.

  11. had a flu shot 11 years ago was sick in bed for 3 days. haven’t been sick or sick with the flu since, had bad reaction to the shot. have never known anyone who died from the flu. don’t put chemicals in my body.

  12. Hi Roger: I have no intentions of ever getting any flu shot. I have not gotten a flu shot in over 40 years. I just don’t trust them. I sent out your e-mail that showed what happened to that beautiful woman after getting the shot. I personally know of one person who was a client of mine die one year after getting a flu shot. At first she became paralyzed and had to go to rehab to learn how to walk again. Even at that she had to use a walker all the time. And was never same. Her health kept getting worst and finally she died a year later. I am into natural healing and I don’t even have a doctor. I have been studying natural cures for over 30 years and have never been disappointed yet. All I can recommend to my friends is to try to keep your immune system as strong as possible all year long. I personally take an immune booster made of medicinal mushrooms. I also like to use Coloidal Silver when I feel anything coming on like a cold, etc. I take two dropper fulls about every three hours. Some come in spray bottles. Just spray it under your tongue and keep it there for a few seconds and then swallow. This will kill the flu germ. Do this for ten days. No longer than that. Even if you feel better, which you will within a day or two, stay on it for 10 days.

  13. Don’t know anyone who has had it, and I have never had it.
    Everyone is talking about health insurance or health bills. I think it is sickness insurance or sickness bills. Healthy people don’t need it.

  14. 1. Do you know anyone who died from the flu or from “flu related causes?”


    2. Do you know anyone who was diagnosed with the Swine Flu?

    One Person…and he said his doctor told him that the potential deadliness of the Swine Flu has been exaggerated.

    and if you do,

    Do you know how it was determined that they had Swine Flu?
    BinaxNow Influenza A & B Test. He said the test is “performed by inserting a LONNNG swab into the nasal passage and DEEP up into the sinus for 10 seconds on each side. It really burns. Not fun. :(”

    3. Do you know anyone who died due to “Swine Flu-related causes?”

    No. I don’t know anyone who has ever died of ANY flu. I’m 40 years old.

  15. nope, don’t know anyone who has been diagnosed or died from swine flu, or died from any flu. the only person i’ve heard that had it was someone mentioned by someone in an arnold (of arnold’s way) video. she met, and touched, a woman who said she was diagnosed. no mention, however, how they determined it was swine flu. to me, the most telling sign that the whole thing is a hoax is that the numbers from the cdc keep changing. the few times i pick up the paper to look at the paid propaganda, in august i believe, 2 million were supposedly infected nationwide, half of them in new york. then in october it says 80,000! maybe the 2 million was too unbelievable, so they downgraded the bullshit…

  16. 1) No
    2) No
    3) No

    Also, I’ve spoken to a few people about the swine flu vaccine, and noone I spoke with was planning on getting it. I am also not planning to get the vaccine and neither is my husband.

  17. 1. yes
    2. yes – in august, symptom picture only. Guy who goes to my university. It got the university in an uproar and officials are being very strict about illness as a result. The guy said that it felt like a moderate regular flu to him and had no idea how the doctors had decided it was H1N1.
    3. yes, same as person #1. Died three weeks ago, diagnosed through symptom picture only. I have not heard the family mention an autopsy and it’s not the sort of thing I’m going to ask them about.

    The girl who died (just turned 12 years old and missed her birthday party due to being ill. The family decided to postpone her party until she got better but instead she died) was severely autistic and that might as well be considered “other health complications” since there is peer-reviewed research that shows autistic children to have an elevated level of inflammatory cytokines compared to non-autistic children and autistic children are more susceptible to auto-immune disorders, asthma, joint inflammation, and many other health conditions that, in my opinion, would make flu a riskier experience just as it is for the elderly.

    As for the jab, I’m definitely not planning on getting it. They were giving away H1N1 vaccines for free on my campus and I still didn’t get one. I wouldn’t get one if someone paid me to. I’m old enough to remember swine flu in the 1970s and all those people who got Guillaine-Barre (sp?) as a result of the vaccine. I figure I’l take my chances on decent rest, fresh raw fruits and vegetables, and some supplemental D since I live so far north.

  18. no to all three.

    I’m in the U.S however, My understanding from the Russian press a few weeks ago was that according to their health minister the only person at that point that they acknowledged had swine flu and died had a host of other health issues as well.

  19. Hi Roger,

    My answer is no to all 3 questions. My mom took a flu shot once and she felt sick for couple months after this. My family will not get any flu shots anymore!
    Thank you so much for your newsletters – very informative and inspiring!


  20. Hi Roger,

    The answer to all questions is NO.
    The flu is certainly an unpleasant illness, but it is largely preventable and rarely fatal. The truth of the popular statistic that 36,000 people die from influenza each year is actually that over 35,000 of those deaths are from pneumonia, usually secondary bacterial pneumonia. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola’s excellent Special Swine flu Update available at “…A separate study conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics for seasonal influenza seasons between 1979 and 2002 reveals that the range of annual influenza deaths were between 257 and 3,006, for an average of 1,348 influenza deaths per year.1 Again, nowhere near the 36,000 mortality mark that has been etched into stone by those who are advocating annual flu shots. Although the loss of even a single life is tragic, I don’t think anyone would look at these numbers and say that a mortality rate of less than 1,350 is cause to label influenza a “deadly disease” that requires mandatory influenza vaccination…”
    ALERT: Special Swine Flu Update
    What OTC Drug May Have Killed More People in 1918 Flu Pandemic than Flu Itself?

    From Roger:

    Thanks for sharing Paul. Yes it’s unfortunate that these statistics are being manipulated. But I believe a large portion of health statistics are indeed manipulated. Always remember to follow the money and or the actual motives of the people who stand to benefit from people taking vaccinations or any drugs.

  21. Hello Roger
    Thanks for taking this up as I do believe the Swine Flue has been blown out of proportion. I do know of one person who was supposed to have had Swine Flue as diagnosed by a Doctor, in Sydney Australia.(Do not know if any tests were carried out though)

    It would be interesting to know the results.
    Keep up the good work

  22. The answer is no-no-no. I hear on the news of all the deaths and don’t know of a single one. I do know one person who has the flu. Not sure if it’s pig or not! But, she is an asthmatic and immune compromised–and is doing fine! Are we being duped? Probably, just like everything else that this government is saying—lies, lies, lies! Ginny

  23. Hi Roger,
    Answers are: No, No, and No.

    I have to agree with Dr. Borden (above) in that the term “flu” is often used loosely in Dr./Patient communications.

    Personally I don’t believe there are all these “diseases” running around that you see touted on TV. Symptoms are indicative of your body telling you there is something that needs attention… something that needs correcting. Unfortunately the Medical Industry in this Country does not specialize in correcting (may also be called curing) the condition a patient exhibits, only masking the symptoms with chemicals foreign to the body.

    I have refused to get the “flu” shot my Doctor wants me to get for several years now… in my opinion that’s why I don’t get the flu. I also quit taking all prescribed medications about 6 months ago and guess what… I feel much better. You own body knows how to cure itself, you just have to give it the right nutrients and those nutrients don’t come in a bottle with RX on it.


  24. 1. No
    2. Yes–not sure how–just got phone message that they had swine flu for about 5 days and were quite ill. If anyone should die, it would be these people who eat junk food and take many prescription meds and have many health issues.
    3. No

    I’m 44 and know a lot of people in many countries. If anyone should know someone who’s died from flu it should be me since I work with sick people. I’ve worked for several years in a doctors office too and never heard of a case. I’ve heard of many adverse effects from flu shots though. No deaths though.

    If you haven’t seen this yet, please watch. Beautiful and accurate presentation by Gary Null:

    Gary Null Speaking Out at the NYS Assembly Hearing | 10-13-2009

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

  25. no no and no to the swine flu questions..i recently had a flu, but wasn’t the swine flu…i fasted for couple days and it was gone. 🙂

  26. 1. no
    2. yes, it was my friends 18 year old daughter and the Dr. said they weren’t testing anymore but the symptoms looked like H1N1 symptoms.
    3. no

  27. My answer is no to the 3 questions.
    All the people i know around me are very well.
    If i get sick one day, I take alot of vitamin C, and i sleep well, next day i am fine.
    Have a nice day.

  28. 1. No
    2. Yes, my sister and her two boys were diagnosed by a doctor. Her boys are 2 and 4. They saw that the swine flu is most dangerous for children, the elderly and those who are overweight. The doctor did no testing and she and her boys were given the flu shot a week prior.
    3. No

    I think if we eat healthy and wash our hands our immune system will be allowed to work properly to keep us healthy. I also believe that the swine flu is a serious over reaction by our government. the 36000 deaths is not flu related only a small fraction is flu related and there were other health issues associated with the deaths as well. It is very rare that people die from the flu. Good luck with your research.

  29. Roger,


    My webmaster down in clearwater Florida reports both his kids have been diagnosed by the hospital as having H1N1

    Daughter with temp of 105

    Wife is sniffling.

    HE is vegetarian and fine. The rest eat McDonalds diets.


  30. The answers are “No” to all three questions.

    It wouldn’t surprise me, though, that the swine flu cases will probably escalate once people start getting the shots. Maybe there could be a coincidence between the vaccine and the flu? I’m sure everyone can come to their own conclusions.

    I do NOT and will not get a flu shot of any kind.

  31. No to all 3. I’ve heard that there is no straight answer about how many people die from the flu. Some health experts say that the flu deaths are lumped together with pneumonia deaths and most of the deaths are from pneumonia and not the flu.

  32. 1. No
    2. Yes – 2 of my colleagues that traveled to high risk country, went to General Hospital for checkup when had fever and slight flu symptoms and got quarantined for 2-3 days. Went back home after that without any problem.
    3. No

  33. No, Yes (No), and No.

    My “yes” for question #2 is in regard to my children’s school who notified us parents that they have had 3 “confirmed cases” of N1H1 flu. Whether those were actually tested for the virus or not, I do not know.

    I do know that the 3 children recovered in less than a week and were back at school, and there have been no incidents reported since.

  34. My reply to all 3 questions is NO
    Flu has been common at the change of weather. Different names have been given at different times.
    Cleanliness and good body resistance helps in avoiding any type of Flu.

  35. No to your three questions. We are against vaccination. My husband works at St Quentin. Some prisoners were in isolation because of the swine flu. He worked there overtime. Practically, nobody wanted to go there. The flu disappeared by itself. How come? The prisoners don’t get good food. In the meantime, they can exercise the way they want.


  36. Hi Roger,

    No to all 3 questions!

    Haven’t had the flu since I was in my teens and felt awful after getting the shot that was mandatory at school. Never have taken it since that time and my daughter has never received it since birth and she’s in great health. Personally I haven’t been sick for 4 years after going RV.

    I believe this ’emergency’ declaration is politics as usual and profit motivated. If there is no emergency then why get a shot that so many are talking about being unsafe and untested? The vaccine industry is worth millions (or billions) and this is their guaranteed payoff – the government is the enforcer.


  37. Dear Roger and Karmyn,

    We personally don’t know of anyone who ever died from the flu or the swine flu or was ever diagnosed with swine flu. We refuse to take any vaccinations at all. It’s all man made for the goal of reducing the world population because people will die from the vaccinations and injecting people with a nanochip to control them. This time it’s only a test to see how people respond and how many are willing to participate. Later on it will be forced on the population, maybe not the swine flu but another, more dangerous, new virus. It’s all predicted in the bible that this will happen. You can read much about the background of these and other things which happened in history (like the world wars etc) on

    Greetings from Germany

  38. Answer is no for all three questions. I will not take the flu shot. In the past if I had taken that shot, I would actually get sick with the flu, so I really do not bother with the vaccines. At one time, I took a TB shot and the next day I came down with a 100 degrees temperature, and I came down with major flu. I was sick for 2 weeks. My body is extremly sensitive to vaccines shots, and this was when I was only a vegan, so now I would hate to imagine what would happen no especially as a raw vegan.

  39. Hi Roger

    Do know of a ferw people who have died from flue related illness, mainly older folks.

    I know probably about 3 people who supposedly had swine flu. None were diagnosed. One guy, my chiropractor, normally gets over a flu in one day.

    This time was different, he had a very high fever with dizziness for a week. He did not get tested as the doctor said waiting for the results takes too long.

    I think he took the tami flu drug and was better the next day. Another person I know had some weird flu like symptoms after traveling overseas and took the tami flu drug (he is a doctor) and he also said it was strange because, the very next day, he felt completely fine.


  40. on swine flu questions:
    For the record am passionately anti-vaccination never had kids or animals done after losing several dogs within hours or days of shots – very dodgy to inject bodies with anything, let alone foreign body stuff, and its totally unnatural – peace and love, Ruthxxxxxxxxxxx

  41. 1. Do you know anyone who died from the flu or from “flu related causes?”

    2. Do you know anyone who was diagnosed with the Swine Flu?
    Yes – wife and 1 year old son.

    and if you do,

    Do you know how it was determined that they had Swine Flu?
    UK diagnosis by doctor on phone – it met all the characteristics of what is called Swine-Flu, with a 10 day period after temperature/illness subsided of just a chesty cough.

    3. Do you know anyone who died due to “Swine Flu-related causes?”

    I have no doubts that they had whatever it is that is called Swine-Flu, I didn’t have anything other than a mild day of feeling slightly under the weather, due I believe to having had Asian Flu back in 1957 (?) which apparently this strain is related to and therefore I had immunity – normally my wife catches nothing even if I do.

    The doctor prescribed Panadol and Tamiflu for our baby, we refused both and he recovered without any interference, apart from reducing very high temperature with water dabbed on his head. A frightening experience, despite our convictions, when everyone is telling you to give your baby things and you watch him with a fever etc.

  42. Yes, one of the elders at our church had a niece, 16 years old, attended a local area high school, who died of swine flu.

    Her case was confirmed with multiple tests in the hospital where she died.

    Is this flu real? Yes. Can it kill, even the young? Yes. Is it the demon threat they say it is? No.

    It is killing, but not in huge numbers.

    My husband has spoken to some of the university students where he works who have contracted and recovered from swine flu (tested and confirmed cases). They said it was not as bad as the regular flu.

    Apparently, according to some of them, the people it kills are the ones who have asthma. None of these university students had asthma, the young high school girl, niece of our church elder, did.

  43. Don’t know anyone who has died from swine flu
    I know a couple of people who apparently had swine flu
    They were told (by doctor I believe) that it could be a form of swine flu
    In all cases person was better and feeling weel within a week or two

  44. Hello, Roger,
    Greetings to you from Florida,
    In answer to your questions, No,no, and no. I believe that diseases are symtoms of violations of natural health laws or principles. I refuse to take shots and drugs of anykind. Choosing rather to when sick with cold or what-have-you, to let the body rest and take water, teas, and sunbaths, etc. to let the body alone for awhile to heal itself from within. I call them God’s natural remedies.
    Yours truly,

  45. Thanks Robert for sharing your experiences as a physician on this.

    Looks like they’ll really have a hard time trying to enforce mandatory vaccinations since there are so many people who know this is a bunch of crock.

    And thanks to everyone else for sharing your experiences with the flu, Swine Flu and Flu shots.


  46. This has been very interesting to read through, Roger. Thanks for initiating this. I too wish that we have more physicians around like Robert, however, good that we can share thoughts in this way. I answer “No” to all three of your questions. All the best for you both in trying to protect humanity.


  47. 1) No
    2) Yes – supposedly hospital confirmed it
    3) Yes – she was a 24 yr old college student but had other health issues (Asthma etc) and died.
    No way I’m taking the shot or anyone in my family and my youngest has Asthma but were not going to give her the vaccine. She’s allergic to eggs (the vehicle they use to grow the vaccine.)

  48. Roger,

    1) No
    2) Personally, no, but I have heard “reports” on the local news.
    3) No.

    I am on the same wavelength with you. I read that article last night too and feel that we are being deceived in the media big time about this. I believe we are being frightened into taking the “flu” shots. That the real danger and thing to fear is the “flu” shot, not any flu virus.

    Best regards,

    Ann Gunn

  49. 1. No
    2. A client said her granddaughter was diagnosed with swine flu, I don’t know how. She was not very sick.
    3. No

    The only flu shot I ever had was in high school (I am 64 yrs. now), and I immediately got the flu afterwards. I have rarely ever had flu-like illness since.

  50. I have never been diagnosed with the flu and have never had a flu shot in my life. I am 52 years old and I don’t plan to start taking flu shots now. I have never known of anyone who has died of the flu or flu related symptoms. My step son and his wife used to take flu shots every year and every winter they would come down with “sinus infections”. They stopped taking the flu shots 3 years ago and have not had a “sinus infection” since.
    I also do not know anyone who has been diagnosed with swine flu.

  51. 1. No
    2. Yes – My friends child was very sick and was moved from a local hospital to another one in another city for further testing. The child had just gotten over a bad cold when this happened. They think the child got it from a relative who traveled by air from a the upper Eastern US to the midwest. Its been four weeks and the child is still in the hospital.
    3. No

  52. No to all except there were two people with swine flu in the office. I assume I know them since we only have about 100 people here but with HIPA I may never know who. I haven’t gotten sick like I used to since I stopped taking the flu shot many moons ago. Here’s to antioxidants and high quality H20. Cheers!

  53. NO, NO, NO.
    Roger, those statistics are big lies. They add or leave a few hundreds of thousands, knowing that no body is going to notice/verify it.


  54. Roger, This is a very wise move you have made. You’ll be able to use this data to help a lot of people, my brother.


    The World Health Organization is making a MASSIVE move to reduce the earth’s population by 95% as quickly as possible. This ‘National Health Scam… I mean Emergency’ is nothing to play with. Sign petitions, and contact your representatives. The best organization I know of that is REALLY doing something about it: Please join us!

  55. No, to all 3 questions.

    I have not had a flu shot since I saw my Dad become really sick after taking one and that was years ago. I figured getting the flu couldn’t be worse that he was…he did fine and never took another one either.

    I just read the CBS report yesterday on Dr Mercola’s site. Nice to know that one source is disclosing the truth…I hope they continue. Our school system will be giving the shots this week 🙁 many parents have said No…but not enough.

  56. I do not know of anyone who has the swine flu, so I also do not know of anyone personally who has died of the swine flu. I never get a flue shot and I do not intend on getting one now.

  57. No…re disgnosis, my understanding is that there is a simple blood test that if positive is truly positive, if negative, there is still a 30% chance you may have the virus…a more in depth blood test costs approx. $650 and takes 96 hours to process…by the time the results are back, you will know whether you have it or not anyway!…and, no.

    An addendum: Like any other virus, treatment is palliative, and there are many strains of flu beyond H1N1. As a retired health professional, my belief is simple self care is far more effective than a vaccination. I have not had a vaccination since I left traditional health care 5 years ago (it was required of me then), and have had no challenges in that area.

  58. 1. Do you know anyone who died from the flu or from “flu related causes?” NO

    2. Do you know anyone who was diagnosed with the Swine Flu? YES I was on tour this last summer with 120 kids in a drum and bugle corp and about 50 of them got sick over a 5 week period. We would take them to a hospital in whatever state we were in, the diagnose was H1N1 but they did not send off for the swine test at any of the hospitals. Basicaly the doctors would say most likely it was swine. By the way there was also about 20 adults along with those kids, and about 4 of them became ill.

    3. Do you know anyone who died due to “Swine Flu-related causes?” NO

  59. 1. no
    2. My bosses wife and son aparently have it.
    3. both are ill but havent died.

    i had some kind of flu this summer, i couldnt get out of bed for 2 days, but i dont know what type of flu it was. i was feeling much better within 5 days

  60. 1. Do you know anyone who died from the flu or from “flu related causes?” Yes, due to not taking care of himself DEVELOPED complications; pneumonia and died in three weeks.

    2. Do you know anyone who was diagnosed with the Swine Flu? Yes.

    and if you do,

    Do you know how it was determined that they had Swine Flu? Seems everything is flu or ‘swine flu’ today and said so by doctors.

    3. Do you know anyone who died due to “Swine Flu-related causes?” No. seems too many folks don’t take care of themselves and just believe what “doctors” tell them and I remember a dr. friend of mine telling me, as he leaned in quietly saying, “if you want to stay healthy, stay away from us.” This is what I have to say. I am very healthy, at 63. No real aches or pains, or serious ‘ailments’. I don’t do any of the flu shots of ANY kind. I may get a cold once every few/five years. Stay in bed. Rest/recover. This is what I have to say: injecting poison into the body doesn’t seem/feel right to me.Having avoided it I am pretty healthy. Eyesight good, hearing good, knees good, complexion good, teeth good, breathing, good. Bladder good. you name it…and I just try to eat healthy, sleep deep, get up early go to bed reasonable time (10pm) and be good to all. This is my formula for good health. Aho.

  61. 1) I don’t know anyone who died from the flu or from flu related causes.

    2) I know 4 people now who’ve been diagnosed with the Swine Flu & another who got really sick with the same symptoms as someone else who was diagnosed. I don’t know how it was determined. No one’s died yet. I was likely exposed to these same people & just myself got over being sick, but with what I don’t know.

  62. No to all three questions.

    I personally will not ever again get another vaccination because ALL vaccinations contain mercury! Our government says it is at ‘safe’ levels. Is there any safe amount of mercury? Maybe this is why so many children are autistic or ADHD. People blindly trust our government not to harm us. Do your homework folks!

  63. I don’t know anyone who died from any kind of flu!

    I had a flu shot four years ago and two weeks later I got the flu so bad that I had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. I never had the flu as bad as that time and I have NEVER taken ANY KIND of flu shot since and don’t intend to and I’ve never had the flu since either.

    Keep your immune system strong by eating properly to get the right vitamins and minerals, exercise and get the proper amount of sleep. This along with proper hand washing and sanitation and you should be okay.

    Also, having a bottle of home grade hydrogen peroxide is one of the best flu fighting items you can have in your home. You can check that out on any internet search engine.

  64. Thanks everybody for your great comments. Keep em coming.

    So far it looks like most people don’t even know anyone who died from the flu.

    Surely no person of average health would ever die from a flu if they simply went 100% raw and got plenty of fresh air, exercise and sunshine.

    A little secret of (yes I do know how to spell secret) the Raw Food Diet is that even if you do get a cold or flu the symptoms are much less dramatic than ever before.

    This is because you simply don’t have the level of filth in your body to feed the germs, viruses etc.

    And supposedly viruses aren’t even alive. So how can they make you sick and have any intelligence.

    The whole germ theory is just a scam. Best protection is a healthy lifestyle and to stay away from medical doctors who want to prescribe you drugs for every little itch.


  65. Hi Roger,
    No to all three questions. I eat 95% raw and never eat after 6 pm. That discipline has served me tremendously with great health and sound sleep. I would love to follow 80-10-10. I am reading dr. Doug Graham’s book and hope to follow his guidelines regarding diet which is high on fruit and less fat and protein.

  66. 1. No 2. Yes, the wife of one of my husband’s co-workers brought home swine flu from work (she is a nurse) and their children both got it (determined by their doctor, however they determined it) 3. No, since #2 are the only people we know of who have been diagnosed with swine flu so far.

  67. I dont know if it is of any interest to you but, I have not had the flu for 22 years. I was diognosed with a large melanoma in my left eye 22 years ago for which I had extensive surgery ( several times)I still have my eye but very little vision. Anyway, when I had the first lot of surgery my proiffesor told me to avoid sneezing &btry not to get a chill or a cold!!! How do I do that??? I asked myself. My flu free time has been due to….each time I feel a slight flu/cold/chill symtem I take a good dose of vitamin C & an equal amount of Vitamin B, usually in the form of a Barrocca. I take 3 a day for 3 days. I make sure I get onto them as soon as possible. It may not be of much help but if it works for me it would be interesting to see if it works for others. It also may be old news about vit C & B but I believe it is in the form of the Berrocca that does the trick. I dont know totally what else they have in them (Too much sugar)but I am delighted with the results.The few people I have told about this have had the same results.
    Keep up your great work.
    60 years old & going strong (for a fatty!!)

  68. Roger, those 36000 people aren’t evenly distributed, and just because you don’t know any of them doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. You don’t strike me as someone who hangs out in assisted living facilities: the people I knew who were finished off by something diagnosed as the flu (not the swine flu) lived there.

    An analogy: I don’t know anyone who has/had AIDS. Should I conclude – as some have – that it doesn’t exist or that it’s overblown? I better not: my mother has had more than ten friends and acquaintances (that she’s told me about) die of things that their AIDS-ravaged immune systems couldn’t fight off. She and I live and work in very different communities; that’s why her experience and mine differ.

    You don’t want a flu shot. Great. You’re an adult.
    You think folks trump up flu scares just for the money. Fine. Again, you’re an adult. But I know people who spent several years of their life treating folks who were seriously ill after catching the flu, and know some who didn’t survive the flu. It concerns me.

    And thanks to this website, I know someone trying to make money by promoting a raw food diet. Maybe he’s just doing it for the money, too.

  69. I have a friend whose grandson (age 1 year I believe) supposedly had swine flu (the doctor just assumed it was without running extensive tests on such a young person). He was given Tamiflu(sp?) for awhile by his mother and he’s okay now (in spite of the Tamiflu?).

    The mother and father of this young boy had already decided not to get the vaccine for their three children. They did a lot of research on it and didn’t feel it was safe. As far as I know, they still are not going to have their children take the vaccine.

    I knew Donald Millar in 1976 back when swine flu first came around. He and a few of us watched him when he was on the taped Johnny Carson Show talking about how CDC was combatting swine flu. Of course, they had to pull the vaccine because people were having such bad reactions. I heard that one woman was paralyzed for quite a while.

  70. I know people who have been diagnosed with H1N1-but it hasn’t been very serious illness. My son had it(9 years old). He slept a lot but was ok after 4 days.
    High fever.
    Never known anybody to die of the flu…ever,
    It is all a big money maker for big pharma…..panic=$$$$$$$$$
    The more panic and hype….the better.
    The big pandemics they have been predicting for years haven’t materialized…so they thought they would invent one.

  71. Yes, I know of someone who died of the flu, though he was a friend of a friend. I believe that my boyfriend had/is still having swine flu, although I haven’t gotten it. He was diagnosed by an herbalist. He didn’t take any antibiotics but used some herbs and over the counter stuff and he’s better now. Back in 1976 when the swine flu first came around apparently more people died from the vaccine than from the actual flu. And no, I don’t personally know anyone who has died from swine flu.

  72. I do know of a flu related death, my 57 year old brother-in-law.
    Flu is flu, whether bird, swine, Asian, whatever name Mediacal people want to tag it. You feel like crap just the same. Some strains are perhaps more contagious then others. The very real issue is how your body responds to fight the invasion of a virus. For everybody it is different and at any particular time in their life it can be different.
    In my brother-in-law’s case (Feb.’09)his body “over reacted”. He developed Sepsis (blood poisoning), which is a whole systematic response to a generally, localized infection. This is more common then most think or is reported in the media. This is what killed Muppet creator, Jim Henson. In fact the survival rate of Sepsis is relatively low and death is very quick.
    Flu is funky but its complications…worse.

  73. No to all three.

    My parents took me to get some vaccines as a kid, and I’ve had terribly dry skin ever since. I’ll never touch a vaccine again.

  74. I don’t know anyone who has died from the flu.
    I do know several people in my neighborhood who have been diagnosed with the swine flu.
    I don’t know how the doctors came to this conclusion.
    I will have to say that I haven’t ever seen so many people sick in my area ever in my lifetime. 1/3 of the students were out of school each day because of flu like symptoms. I will also say that everyone I know who has had the swine flu says it was very severe. One daughter had to be given anti-biotics because of an infection she was developing in her longs. Two others teenage boys who both are very into sports were sick for two weeks straight. One didn’t even know tv existed for 3 days in a row. He said he can’t remember ever being so sick. I’m saying this because I do believe that the h1n1 swine flu is going around and I do believe it spreads much easier than the regular flu. Still, I don’t know anyone who has died from this or had to be admitted to the hospital. I do believe swine flu is much more severe than the regular flu but I still know that the chances of any of my family members dying from this or having serious complications are very small. We are opting out of the vaccine. We believe this is a way the drug manufacturers are out there to make money by selling their vaccines and by healing other sicknesses that may come down the road from too many vaccinations.

  75. Had to make one more comment – if many people BELIEVE they are going to get the flu – no matter the state of their immune system, etc. – the possiblility of them getting it is so much more. That one thing that is left out of the equation – the psychosomatic part – scare enough people about H1N1 and they’ll end up getting it.

  76. Hello Roger!
    My answers have been indicated above, but I want to tell you and this community that I have discussed this fake situation with an old doctor. What surprised me, he told me he has never attended someone with suine flu and he agree that all this story is a commercial conspiration to sell vaccines and make bilions of dollars.
    Let´s pray to put them in jail.
    Best wishes to all friends
    Rogerio F Albuquerque

  77. 1. Do you know anyone who died from the flu or from “flu related causes?”
    2. Do you know anyone who was diagnosed with the Swine Flu?
    and if you do,

    Do you know how it was determined that they had Swine Flu?

    3. Do you know anyone who died due to “Swine Flu-related causes?” NO

  78. 1) No
    2) I don’t, but my bosses son has a friend who was diagnosed with the swine flu. But I don’t know how they tested it.
    3) No

  79. One of my online friends just posted that she attended a funeral of an infant who died from the H1N1 vaccine. She didn’t give more detail than that. 4 people dead from the vaccine in Sweden. I’m sure there are many more that they haven’t been able to connect directly to the vaccine. Very sad state of affairs in the world today. There has been only one reported death that I’m aware of in Canada from the H1N1 flu. You’d think they were dropping like flies in the street but it’s just not the reality of things. Sounds like it will be like the 1976 swine flu. More deaths and chronic illnesses than deaths from the swine flu.

  80. My husband and I are both family physicians. We were instructed by the state health department to report any flu-like illness as H1N1 WITHOUT testing for the specific viral presence!
    In answer to your questions:
    1.In 32 years of medical practice I have never seen a death due to influenza alone. Deaths are normally in the very old, the very young or the immune compromised. Death has always resulted from a comorbidity NOT the viral infection alone.
    2.I am aware of a dozen or so of our friends or family who have been diagnosed with “swine flu”–ALL without ANY lab confirmation. All recovered quickly without patented antivirals–most took megadoses of vitamin D3 at our suggestion!
    3.I do not know of anyone who has died as a result of H1N1 infection.
    In our rural community we have had many presumptive cases of swine flu, but most have been milder than the typical seasonal flu that we have seen in the recent past.
    We do NOT recommend either seasonal or swine flu vaccines to our patients.

  81. I would never get the vaccine…but interestingly enough I know over 12 people that have gotten quite sick since getting the vaccine and another is in the hospital. My friend’s aunt mysteriously died within 10 hours of receiving the vaccine. She was in her 50s. They have not given cause of death but say the vaccine was just a coincidence!

  82. No
    Yes a few, couple of them had swabs done, others it was just suspected because of the symptoms.
    No it seemed to range a mild illness in some to a feeling really ill in bed for a few days illness in others. Nobody I know has been admitted to hospital with it yet.

  83. Hello Roger. As you point out…most diagnoses are made up, partly due to the fact that medicine is mostly a non-absolute science and also due to the marketing of drugs, as originally taught in medical school. All the false data that we have uncovered about the countless manipulations and down-right lies perpetrated on us continue to grow in proportion to the greed of the institution of medicine.

    I’ve been raw now almost eleven years and have become a mono diet eater (or close to it0 of mostly delicious fruits and some greens with very little overt fat, especially in warm weather.

    Colds and flu just don’t exist for me. I do not even remember what a sore throat or nasal congestion feels like. Neither do my friends and clients and my mom who is raw too. Like you said, people just have no idea what it feels like to feel truly alive, vibrant and healthy.

    It’s great to have a medicine cabinet that has nothing in it.

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