Raw Food Diet Gurus Dropping Likes Flies

Have you noticed a bunch of Raw Food Diet Gurus falling off the “raw” wagon lately?

Several former long time 100% raw foodists and even raw families are now back to eating cooked food.

What a shame.

So who’s gone back to cooked food?

Apparently, Victoria Boutenko and most of her raw family including Valya and Sergei have admitted to eating cooked food on a regular basis.

Then there’s Paul Nison and his wife (and baby getting the cooked through her milk) they’ve now readily admitted to eating cooked food. They’re eating cooked grains, etc. On the other side they’re not vegans anymore either, they’re eating raw goats milk and cheese.

Then I heard the Raw Model – Anthony Anderson was questioning the feasibility of doing a Raw Vegan Diet. Personally I have no idea if he’s eating cooked food or not or what. I just heard from a friend of mine he was having some struggles.

I really don’t have time to follow all of the gossip and multitude of forum posts. People are just telling me these things and so I find out about it.

Also it would not shock me to find out if other prominent people in the Raw Food Movement are secretly eating cooked food. I do know some very famous raw food “gurus” are into doing drugs.

I have friends who’ve witnessed them taking those drugs. I’m talking some of the most famous raw food teachers in the world.

I don’t know about you, but I have no desire to take my health advice from someone who does drugs or still eats cooked food.

I like to get my advice from people who are actually doing what I want to accomplish. People who are living examples of radiant health and aren’t struggling to be so.

Take for example when I used to go to Raw Food Support Group meetings in NYC starting way back around 1999. Most of the raw meeting leaders were not 100% raw.

After going to many meetings, I realized the advice from the leaders who were 100% raw foodists was radically different than the advice from the people who were still eating cooked food regularly.

The advice from the partially raw leaders would only get people to be like them, partially raw. These people just didn’t have what I call “The 100% Raw Food Diet Mindset” and it showed in their results.

Their “belief system” simply didn’t allow them to be 100% raw.

You can’t learn how to be 100% raw from people who aren’t doing it themselves. When I set up my own support group meetings in NYC around 2003 I strived to only have meeting leaders who were 100% raw and following an Optimal Raw Food Diet.

Our group was fantastic because not only were the meeting leaders 100% raw, we also had several other regular meeting attendees who were 100% raw and who supported the new people.

It was so easy for the other regular members to become 100% raw because they were constantly being exposed to the 100% raw mindset. After a while it just rubs off on you and going raw seems much easier than you initially thought it would be.

Imagine if everyone around you only ate raw food. Don’t you think at that point it would be rather easy to follow the crowd and go 100% raw yourself?

** Eating Cooked Food is Worse for Your Health Than Smoking **

I’m sorry, but you can’t eat cooked food and achieve ultimate health. It’s just not possible.

I mean — can you smoke cigarettes and say you have the best health you can possibly have?

Well if you can’t do that then it’s the same or worse with cooked food.

Cooked food is actually way more damaging than cigarette smoke because you’re actually eating it and not just breathing.

Also in terms of actual volume of toxins you’re taking in way more with cooked food versus cigarettes.

All you have to do is look at all of the diseases that people get who are not even smokers. Heck even non-smokers can get lung cancer.

And I’ve found that most diseases are actually caused by eating cooked foods or ingesting other toxins.

If you eat raw you can forget experiencing at least 98% of the diseases and health issues that someone who’s eating cooked food will experience during the course of their lifetimes.

So I hope these gurus aren’t tricking themselves into believing this is not a big deal.

** Did Their Version of the Raw Food Diet Fail Them? **

Bottom line, if these gurus have had to go back to cooked food it means their version of the Raw Food Diet was failing them. Some aspect of their former raw diets was causing them to go back to cooked food.

Now I don’t pretend to know any personal or inside details of why these people haven’t been able to stay 100% raw. So what I’m saying below is from what I can deduce from their public teachings on their websites and or the talks I’ve seen them give.

** Five Reasons They Likely Demoted Themselves to Cooked Foodists Status **

1. The “High Fat” or Atkins Version of the Raw Food Diet simply doesn’t work:

I’ve repeatedly written about the dangers of the Hollywood Raw (High Fat) Version of the Raw Food Diet. For more info you may want to read some of these articles.

“The Atkins Version of The Raw Food Diet”


More Proof A High Fat Diet (Even Raw Fats) Can Cause Diabetes And Other Blood Sugar Metabolism Diseases


How Do You Eat A Raw Food Diet If You’re Diabetic Or Pre-Diabetic?


2. Their raw food doesn’t taste good enough to them and therefore they still crave cooked food:

I’ve found through doing a survey of my readers and through my own personal and coaching experiences that the main reason people don’t stay raw is because they prefer the taste of cooked food.

Well that problem is now solved. It should be ancient history as of this summer.

The ultimate solution to dinnertime cooked food cravings is the revolution that’s sweeping the Raw Food Movement — “Savory Veggie Stews – The Idiot-Proof Recipe System.”


A. Because they are incredibly delicious, satisfying and hearty.

B. Because they are low fat and therefore “don’t make you feel sick” after you eat them like virtually every other typical raw food dinner recipe you find out there.

C. Because you can easily make them in under 7-minutes with ingredients you can find in any supermarket.

D. Because they provide more of the one food that most raw foodists under eat. And that is mineral, vitamin, antioxidant, fiber and phytonutrient rich GREEN VEGETABLES.

Eventually if you’re not eating a ton of greens on the Raw Food Diet, your health may start to fail. I’ve seen this happen to many a raw foodist. Luckily for me I’ve been eating a ton of greens the whole time I’ve been 100% raw these last 8.5 years.

Savory Veggie Stews makes your raw vegetables taste like really savory and hearty cooked food but without any health and happiness destroying side effects.


3. Under eating calories or calories are not important theory:

From what I’ve seen Victoria Boutenko is significantly undereating. You can’t make your lunch with a banana blended with some kale and think you’ve gotten enough calories.

One of the other biggest reasons new raw foodists fail is because they aren’t getting enough calories.

Paul Nison used to say otherwise. He used to claim (I have no idea if he still believes that theory) that “calories are not important.” If that were true then why eat any calories at all?

Just become a breatharian if calories are unimportant.

What an illogical sham that theory is.

In my early attempts at going 100% raw I was way undereating but I didn’t know it. This caused me to lose a lot of weight, and of course, I also felt weak all of the time.

I literally felt I was only running on 80% of my cooked food day levels of energy. So of course, since I didn’t know I was undereating (like 98% of new raw foodists) I went back to cooked food and immediately got my energy levels back and gained back the weight I lost.

Back then I thought it was because I wasn’t eating complex carbohydrates. But the real reason turned out that I wasn’t getting enough calories.

So until you figure out how to become a breatharian or to live on Divine Cosmic Energy (which I do believe is possible and being done by a few people on this planet) you’re going to have to get enough calories — PERIOD.

4. Afraid of eating fruit:

Unfortunately the most popular Raw Food Diet books and gurus out there have demonized fruit.

They’ve demonized the most important and crucial food in the natural human diet. So how the heck can anyone stay raw just eating a load of fat and super low calorie green vegetables all day long?

I’ve written about this many times before in blog posts and articles on my other websites. Here’s one that goes into this concept quite thoroughly.

“Why She Never Eats Bananas, and Why I Do”


I also have a “shocking” report on this fruit controversy issue that you get as bonus for becoming a member at my raw coaching and support website — http://HowToGoRaw.com.

This detailed 20-page report (with extensive information from Dr. Douglas Graham) debunks the following false statements that have been floating around in Raw Food circles for years:

“Today’s fruit is too hybridized so we shouldn’t eat it”

“Today’s fruit contains too much sugar so we should avoid it”

“If you’re trying to lose weight you should not eat fruit”

“It’s not possible to live on a fruit-based diet”

“Fruit eaters have problems with their teeth because of the sugar in fruit”

“If you have candida you shouldn’t eat fruit”

“Fruit contributes to hypoglycemia and blood sugar problems.”

You can get your copy of this Shocking Fruit Report at:


5. They believe in a bunch of raw food myths:

I’ve already debunked many of those myths in what I wrote in this post and the resources I’ve linked to.

If you want to get way more in-depth information including audio recordings I made then take a look at my Raw Food Diet Mistakes Category of this blog:



Just one more thing, I’m making a sincere and open invitation to Victoria Boutenko and her former “100% Raw Family” to come and eat with our RAW family and even stay with us for a week to see how we stay raw.

I’ve met Victoria before a few times in 2002 when she was doing talks in Northern, New Jersey and New York City and I really liked her and her family. She just seemed to have a spiritual focus about her and her message. And her husband Igor and her kids were just great.

In fact, she’s the one who turned me onto the importance of eating low-fat raw to beat candida. And I can’t thank her enough for that.

Of course, she got her information about that from Professor Rozalind Graham. I had heard this information originally from Dr. Douglas Graham (her husband), but I thought I knew better.

Later I paid the price with a systemic candida albicans overgrowth because I was eating raw fat like crazy in monstrous nut and seed pates every night.

And by the way — that’s just another Raw Food Diet myth. The myth I believed at the time was that “as long as it’s raw it’s healthy.”

Anyways, Karmyn and I would love to show Victoria and her family how to make quick, delicious and hearty Savory Veggie Stews. I think they’ll enjoy this for dinnertime instead of only relying on Green Smoothies to get their greens in.

We’ll also show Victoria the quick but very effective exercises from the Lightning Speed Fitness Program — http://LightningSpeedFitness.com to help her actually enjoy and stick to an exercise program.

All you need is from 1 to 5 minutes of doing these powerful “Mini-Workouts” to start shedding the body butter faster than a cat shedding fur in the summertime.

You can learn more about them here:


Ok, I’ve said my piece. I hope these ideas and resources will help you gain the 100% Raw Food Diet Mindset and therefore make it simple as pie to thrive on your natural diet the 100% and Optimal Raw Food Diet.

Talk to ya later,

Roger Haeske
The 42-Year-Old Teenager


Raw Food Diet Gurus Dropping Likes Flies — 53 Comments

  1. Thank you Roger. There are so many descrepancies in the raw food world, it’s very confusing for a “newbie” like myself. I have been raw for a week now, and had to leave work today because I felt so ill and dizzy. I think I might need more calories and FRUIT!

  2. Victoria said she taught the children how to cook recently, as they had not learned that. I know Sergei enjoys some cooked vegtables, on occasion. However, I didn’t hear the family is eating cooked food. Perhaps we should hear from the Boutenkos themselves?

  3. I can understand, and have empathy for, an individual struggling to stay raw. Social pressures can make staying raw tricky at times and it is exponentially more difficult when the person is intent on avoiding sweet fruit.

    What I do not understand is how someone like Paul Nison or Victoria, who have been raw for so long and have seen what a change the diet can help facilitate, actually believes that adding cooked foods back into their diet can in anyway improve their health!

    Ultimately, I think this stems from an ignorance of human nutrition, along with our anatomy and physiology) and a focus for so long on the “as long as it’s raw” fallacy. Instead of trying to understand the human body and what it needs nutrition-wise, too many people get caught up in the “raw” aspect.

    Which is why (as you said, Roger) so many people eat SEVERAL avocados a day and think that’s totally fine and healthy.

    This is all rather sad and I hope that both Paul and Victoria are able to find peace with what they decide to eat. I also hope that their followers are able to grasp the flaws that this implies in the plans they are following and head on over here to the fruity side. 🙂


  4. Dear Roger: I think that it is unfortunate that you are now bashing other “raw foodists” who are eating some cooked foods. My husband and I have been about 95% raw since January, and we are comfortable with the cooked food we eat once in a while. I think the important thing in this whole scenario is to come to a place of comfort and well being for you as an individual, and to not kick yourself for eating cooked food once in a while. Unfortunately it seems that some of the raw foodists are become fanatical about having everyone be 100% raw, in fact it seems that is almost becoming a religion to many of them. Having come out of a lifetime in an extremely controlling religion, we are both rather turned off by the attitudes we are beginning to see amongst the raw foodists we are following. We have learned a lot from every one of them, and will continue to do so, but none of us should be putting others down for their choices. We can offer people the tools they need to be healthy, but the ultimate choice is theirs to do it or not. Being a good example of health and fitness is a much better way to help people see the light than trying to force them into something they will be miserable doing.

  5. Ma,

    Please realize I’m not criticizing them for their choices. I’m simply saying I wouldn’t want to follow their advice if I were trying to go 100% raw.

    The other aspect is that if they’re eating cooked food and pretending to be 100% raw to their followers then that is not a good thing. I’m glad that Paul Nison and Victoria Boutenko have finally admitted to eating cooked food regularly. Because otherwise everything they used to teach is now in question.

    As for the importance of being 100% raw.

    Why does everyone justify poisoning themselves. It’s not about perfectionism or religion it’s about the best health, happiness and peak performance. Does a rabbit become a perfectionist because he only eats grass?

    Come on this is your life here. Don’t fool around with trying to still eat cooked food. So long as you do that you never get over the addiction to that life, health and happiness destroying poison.

    The reality of the matter is life is WAY better when you eat 100% raw. There’s just no comparison. So why eat cooked food if it’s going to make your life worse?

    You can never be your best while still eating cooked foods. PERIOD!



    • Wow, you come off as a narcissist and sound like you may have an eating disorder like Orthorexia. I happened upon this doing some research on the raw food movement. Quite distressing how you preach to others, it’s almost cult-like.

      It’s a pity people like you are out there…you can be helping others, but all I see is anger and judgement. I feel sorry you live in such fear. Perhaps that may be the source of health issues in some scared of what they consume in such an obsessive manner.

      Seek help.

      • Obviously you did not fully read this through (including the comments) nor do you understand the perspective of a raw foodist and or you are just a cooked foodist troll trying to justify your own dietary addictions.

        If you wish to continue eating cooked food be my guest. I’m not preaching to you. I address only the people who actually want ideal health and to live the greatest life they can possibly achieve. In my experience, that’s next to impossible while still eating the majority of your food cooked. The very process of cooking itself highly damages the food and turns it into a slow poison for the human body.

        It’s very easy for people who eat a poor diet (most people) to accuse others of Orthorexia. Would you accuse a rabbit of having orthorexia for eating only grass? The problem is the assumption that you seem to believe that humans should be eating a whole host of foods and that we are omnivores. But all of physiological evidence points against that actually.

        Realize that there is a way to go 100% raw, be totally nourished and have your taste buds fully satisfied. And if you’re diet is making you healthier, happier, more energetic, younger looking and more in tune with your real self and true goals in life then it cannot possibly be an eating disorder.

        I would classify what some teach in the raw food community bordering on orthrexia because they are constantly eliminating food choices for one silly reason after another. But alas what I teach gives people way more raw food options than any other raw food teacher I’m aware of by including Savory Raw Carbs.

        After eating raw for over 14 years and running into my own problems and eventually solving them your rant is highly misinformed but entertaining nonetheless.

        Now run along and go haunt someone else’s blog.


  6. Hi Roger,
    It’s admirable what you are trying to achieve in helping out people and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. However, I’d just be a little bit more careful about allienating those that you mention and your target audience! Eating cooked food does have it’s place, I’ve written a follow up post here.


    Please keep up your enthusiasm, but perhaps give a little slack to those who are not on as much an optimal diet as well! Kind regards 🙂 Stuart Porter.

  7. Stuart,

    It’s not about alienating but pointing the way to a higher and better life.

    Quite frankly what the average person eats is of no concern to me.

    I fully recognize that people have problems with their addiction to cooked food. That’s part of the reason I do what I do.

    Because people really need the help.

    And for me it’s not really a matter of right and wrong. You can continue to eat cooked food, that’s fine with me.

    I just eat 100% raw because I feel way better and my life is way better.

    No matter how much I tried to get the best of both worlds – cooked and raw I just couldn’t.

    Cooked food destroys. The only need for it is if you simply couldn’t get any or enough raw food.

    In those circumstances I fully understand eating cooked food.

    Also our raw leaders “need to be raw” otherwise they’re not raw leaders anymore.

    It’s as simple as that. No judgment, no right and wrong. Simply pointing out that if you want to obtain optimum health via raw eating that you need to be 100% raw and you need to follow people who are actually doing it.

    Again, I understand and empathize with people who are struggling. Took me five years of back and forth before I figured out how to stay raw.

    And that as I see it is one of my jobs. To point them to the best option for their lives and that in my opinion is 100% raw.

    Roger Haeske
    The 42-Year-Old Teenager

  8. Dear Roger,
    I could not agree with you more that life is about liviing the best way possible in the best health possible. Eating 100% OPTIMAL raw is the most significant thing a person can do. Was it not Victoria in her book “12 Steps To Raw” who said that there is a much larger improvement between 99% raw and 100% raw than between 80% and 99%? After being 100% raw for nearly ten years I can attest to that! It is like pregnancy. You can’t be 99.95 pregnant. Only 100% “completes the cycle” and gets the proper reaction: LIFE! I also am grateful for your SVS’s (Savory Veggie Stews!) I used to all them dinner smoothies and your information helpled me put the finishing touches on my own ten-year100% raw food diet. Again, I cannot agree more with your staunch commitiment to 100% not high raw or partially raw. This diet must be foillowed to the max to alow a person to experience genuine wellness FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THEIR LIFE. Those who put off going 100% raw are just wasting valuable time enjoying life and freedom from short term and long term dis-ease. It is amazing! If anyone wants to see what another ten year raw foodist looks like, please visit my website at http://www.thefirstsupper.com and get with the 100% raw food program as Roger says!

  9. This reminds me of something Tony Robbins said about how we all have needs for variety (in fact, we have a whole bunch of seemingly contradictory needs).

    I wonder if they got bored, and were craving something new (even though it is sort of old-new, lol).

    I wonder if they had some health issues they didn’t want to talk about, and are experimenting with cooked food as a way of addressing them.

    Maybe they wondered if they were missing out on something, as there are tons of people who have had significant health improvements on diets that include cooked foods, animal foods, etc.

  10. Oh, and by the way…sometimes going 100% raw is destructive. That was my experience. I didn’t know I was full of heavy metals, and three weeks into an excellent Wigmore program, feeling pretty great, my body went into a major dehydration…I’m a nurse, and I would have put anyone else into the hospital if I saw them in my condition, skin tented, profoundly weak, unable to hold onto any water at all. After conferring with my doc, tried salt (didn’t work) and a cooked meal (which did work), and finished the remaining three weeks with some cooked food several times a week. Once home, testing showed nasty heavy metals after a chelation challenge. After 3 weeks of raw, my body had released more toxins than my body could handle, and all it could do was flush them out with every drop of water it could squeeze out of me, and I literally couldn’t drink enough to stay hydrated. All those toxic metals flooding out into the bloodstream probably damaged my kidneys on their way out. I still don’t hydrate normally, to this day, years later.

    So despite the miracles I saw during my assorted times at raw food retreats (this had been my third and by far the longest) – people reversing arthritis, cancer, diabetes, Crohn’s, herpes/shingles in the eyes, etc. and people who just glowed with health from the diet, – I KNOW it isn’t safe for everyone on the planet. I’m more inclined to be sympathetic to the few fellow retreaters who didn’t feel well after the initial detox phase was over. More sympathetic to other heavy metal sufferers who avoided 100% raw diets…people I had met back when I didn’t know it was one of my issues, as well.

    I’d never recommend anyone go raw without taking something like Metalloclear, Wairora’s NCD, Biochelat, cilantro, chlorella and other natural chelating agents. Most people don’t know their toxicity level, or whether their bodies have the right enzymes to cope with detox of chemicals…until it is too late.

    But your culinary efforts are appreciated! It can be difficult to stay high-raw, and tasty new recipes are always welcome.

  11. Laure,

    While it’s possible for the body to detoxify more than it can handle, even heavy metal poisoning is not a reason not to go raw. And in most cases the body intelligence knows just how much to detox at one time.

    I know a guy who detoxified in a much more intense way than one can possibly experience on the Wigmore program, he water fasted for over a month and he was pretty skinny to start with.

    The reason he fasted so long was to get rid of heavy metals in his system. He was also raw and didn’t report the problems you experienced.

    He’d have one day with heavy detox and the next day he felt fine. He went through this up and down pattern daily almost like clockwork. His body didn’t release all of the toxins at once.

    But certainly one has to use common sense when going raw or trying an even more intense purification program. For most people going raw is not enough to get rid of heavy metal poisoning anyway.

    I know someone who was 100% raw for 11 years and only started detoxing some drugs from her system when she went on a water fast. These drugs were in her body before she went raw, over 11 years before.

    Of course some people have done so many drugs and are so incredibly toxic that they have to take a slower route on the detox.

    But quite frankly the poisonous heavy metals are still in your body. So you’ll want to do whatever you can to get rid of them as quickly and as safely as possible.

    In any case, I’m not a fan or supporter of the Wigmore protocal in the first place. We aren’t natural grass eaters nor do I think eating rotting or fermented food is the best choice for health.

    Most people going to such programs have a problem sticking to them when they go home.

    And I’m very good friends with a person who lived with Anne Wigmore. Eventually he couldn’t take the sight of another sprout.

    Roger Haeske
    The 42-Year-Old Teenager

  12. Roger,
    Thank you for having the courage to speak up about leading raw foodists going back to cooked food. It seems other “gurus” are too afraid to disagree or perhaps they are doing the same. I was also interested in the fact that some do drugs, which would explain why they look so bad and act so weird, in my opinion. When I was contemplating going raw over 2 years ago, I asked my husband if I could go raw and not become a freak since that was all I had seen of the raw world via the internet. I am 2 years 100% raw and have abundant energy, less wrinkles, new hair growth, etc (I’m 45)
    Thank you for backing up what I have seen in my own life to be the very best way of eating. I love your savory stews and look forward to more! (I do prefer them written out than in video, I am not inept in the kitchen)

  13. Hi,
    I listened to the same interview from Victoria. She said she ate steamed kale about once a month. She also taught her two youngest to cook steamed veggies and a simple porridge in case they needed something to cook at some time in their lives. Something cooked that was healthier than pizza. Both the kids said they felt better being 100 percent raw and went back to that way.
    It is not like they are out eating chips, noodles , cheese….Even your friend Fred eats some steamed veggies.

  14. Laure: Question: Would you say that your diet previous to trying to go raw was typical, normal, abusive, in other words did you eat a healh-promoting diet or health-suporting diet (based on what you now know about food?) I am curious since when I first started going raw over ten years ago, I purposely did it rather slowly since from bodybuilding I knew that the safest way to do anything is to do it progressively over time. Lookng back, do you, Laure, see that you lifetime eating habits were more toward the positive or the negative?

  15. I have eaten about six cooked food mini meals in the last ten years since goint 100% raw just to test it. Each time my physical performance suffered. I got weaker, I did not sleep well, my skin did not feel or look as good, and I felt heavy with some discomfort in my stomach (gas. bloating, cramps). I would eat some cooked food like pasta, whole grains or steamed veggies. The rice or whole grains were the worst. The steamed veggies were not as bad but still took away energy to perfom tasks- especially lift weight or do cardio. And both certainly hurt my flexibility. I tried to eat cooked more than a half dozen times in the past ten years of my experiment and so far it has always been negative.

  16. Chris,

    Thanks for sharing your comments and experiences. You’re looking great on raw.

    And basically this is what most people will end up looking like if they eat Optimal raw and get some exercise.

    They’re going to look great. I know because I’ve seen so many people like this. It’s just how you look and it has fantastic benefits for the skin.

    Most people would not believe how smooth and supple my skin is at my age. But it’s no big deal if you eat all raw fruits, veggies and limited quantities of raw fatty foods.

    And thanks for sharing your Savory Veggie Stews testimonial.

    Three cheers to your raw success,


  17. Roger, Thanks for your response and kind words. And you are very welcome for the SVS testiimonial. It is very practical and delicious for raw foodists.

    I am shocked by Paul Nison, John Fields and Dr. Stanley Bass. I also have not seen, read or heard the SPECIFIC health problems that these people “seemed to be having” on a raw vegan diet that prompted them to add goat dairy and cooked grains.


  18. Ma’s comments reminds me of someone who has a hard time pointing fingers because they know they are into the devilish foods as well.

    Good for you in exposing these frauds. Yeah I know they are nice people lol but still frauds.

  19. Richard,

    I don’t agree that these people are frauds. First of all they’ve publicly admitted eating cooked foods. That’s much better than the “gurus”who pretend to be 100% raw and yet really aren’t.

    They’ve simply changed their perspective and or belief systems.

    Looks like they just ran into troubles and didn’t know what to do about it. I believe Victoria for instance was quite sincere when writing her initial books and practiced what she wrote about.

    In fact, it seemed in 2002 that she was making gourmet raw / fatty foods for the raw newbies (during her promotion of the “12 Steps to Raw” book) but neither she or her family ate those foods anymore because it made them sick.

    At least that’s what she told us and what we saw them actually doing while in NJ. My friend Joel spent the day going to Museums with Sergei and Valya back then and they didn’t even eat anything.

    They fasted that day.

    But I’d say they might want to stop with all of the calorie restriction. Hard to stay on any diet if you feel hungry all of the time.

    Sometimes you can actually eat more and end up losing weight. This happened to someone I know who lost at least 100 pounds on a raw food diet.

    She was afraid of eating bananas because she mistakenly thought they were fatty. When I proved to her they were low fat, she started eating them and increasing her calories.

    She reported back to me that as she increased her calories she started losing more weight. She dropped off her plateau and of course, wasn’t hungry anymore.


  20. Chris, my diet varied according to the stress levels in my life, but I’ve been an avid follower of alternative healing and nutrition for years. My doc usually sent me to the retreat when stresses got too high and my symptoms showed up. I had a history of multiple surgeries for trauma that probably set me up for later health problems, too. Anyway, it didn’t take much to throw me out of kilter, and finally I had found a doc who offered sensible nutrition advice that went along with a lot of the research I’d been doing. So I often went through periods of eating half raw, and being mindful of eating organic, sustainable, local as much as possible (very easy now, by the way). Anyway, when I got my labs back from the chelation challenge, I realized that I’ve been displaying heavy metal poisoning symptoms for years, but hadn’t recognized the odder ones. It seems that one week at a time of 100% raw is fine, as I’d done that twice with only the usual lethargy that goes along with the body doing detox work. And eating half raw or 3/4 raw always makes me feel pretty good. I can’t do higher cooked than that or I feel awful. But the stress level before the time my doc suggested I do 6 weeks of all raw had been huge, so my diet had also suffered. So I had my first week of the expected lethargy, more or less, then felt fantastic….then went dangerously downhill as I entered week 4, including weird metallic taste sensations as well as the more serious symptoms of dehydration.

    So I’ve got a series of IV chelations under my belt, and now I work to include a variety of other activities, foods and supplement/chelators in my life. The body will detox on raw, but apparently many bodies just don’t know how to safely handle certain toxins like heavy metals as they are released for disposal. I rely on pacing my detox and the use of safe chelating substances. And pacing means some cooked food.

    really appreciate the healing benefits of various different programs, including the ones with cooked foods. If they get great results and people are happy on them, more power to them. For me, I know that I feel the best with lots of raw. But I am extremely respectful of the dangers of toxins as they exit the body. I know now that not everyone is born with and/or still has the enzymes needed to handle these sorts of toxins well. I suspect I might be one of those people…and as long as I have excess fat on my body, I need to be wary of the fact that my body probably has something nasty stored there, lol! So once I finish clearing that out, 100% raw might be in my future…I just can’t recommend it to anyone and everyone as the safest thing for anyone and everyone.

  21. I first want to say that I thoroughly enjoy the emails from Roger. I like this discussion about the gurus falling. I saw it happen in the late 90’s with my friends when we first went raw. They ate too much fats, complex fatty raw recipes and only sprouts or lettuce for greens. They all ended up with candida and then went back to eating cooked food and even incorporating animals and their byproducts. It really hit people the wrong way since these people were out there in the front lines promoting the raw diet and getting paid to do so.

    I stayed raw for a few years only, not because I felt healthier on cooked vegan, because I’m an artist and chef and firstly, a big fan of converting people to a vegan diet for the animals. I do it through food. I love to make fake meat, cashew cheese and down home country style vegan vittles, the kind my grandma would make, except I make them vegan and even raw. I go back to raw for a year stretch here and there just to get the skin, hair, eyes and body in great shape. All to watch it slowly fall apart again on my cooked food! Haha, so true.

    It’s vanity that really keeps me going back to raw, but it’s the animals and their welfare that keeps me cookin’ food for the masses so they can sink their zombie chops into a juicy, meat-like burger that nobody got hurt over. It’s a weening process for sure! And we all need help along the way to becoming the optimal beings we can be.

    My point is, as long as we stay off the animals backs, tits, hooves, etc…we can raise our frequency, change our outcome, and then eventually all become the 100% optimal raw food, sun eating avatars that we were meant to be!

    Thank You Roger for Sticking to It!

  22. Thanks Roger, I needed the raw drop out issued addressed. I used to follow Frederic closely, but got confused when his ‘Raw Secrets’ was so dogmatic, but some of his free recipes were too ‘rich’. Why be 100%? Some people have need to reverse health problems, and other 100 percent(ers) give them needed support. I no longer hold Kevin Gianni in high esteem, since he & AnnMarie announced they’re not 100%
    Victoria herself warned in a newsletter 2 years ago, once 100%, if you get off the wagon, it will be much harder to get back on. I think Victoria also got into a dilemma when she tried to preach the virtues of spirituality. I am an orthodox Christian, and it seems so juvenile to hear people usurp / water down age-old dogma. Sorry, but one more bit of gossip from my son who visited her in Oregon: Victoria + Igor separated a time back. Maybe she resorted to cooked food instead of alcohol to ease the pain. Later, I saw her July 2009, and was surprised to see how heavy she was.
    Thank you Roger & Karmyn & Andrew for being inspirational with truth — and going to so much extra work to offer us the videos.
    Marie, 73 years

  23. “All you need is from 1 to 5 minutes of doing these powerful “Mini-Workouts” to start shedding the body butter faster than a cat shedding fur in the summertime.”

    hilarious! well i cannot wait. i’m scraping together some dough and getting on board with your lifetime membership, Roger. I’m glad that I am on the newsletter/email list because they are constant motivation and reminders. I’ve been feeling sick recently after certain meals and I know what this means–my body has had enough. I have allowed fear and worry to manifest, so I just kept on with the same old habits with eating lately, instead of planning healthy meals, I have been going for the cheap junk to get me through, week after week. NO MAS!!!

  24. Roger,

    I hear what you’re saying and I agree. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the Boutenkos as their book, Raw Family, was one of the first books I acquired by raw fooders. Paul Nison was the third or fourth book I purchased. Needless, to say, I wrote a disappointed comment on his video on youtube, which was promptly removed. You see,I’m a 23 year vegan with 2.5 years as a raw fooder. I recently removed myself from Matt Monarch’s list because I received an email from him promoting Royal Jelly. Royal Jelly is a product with superior nutritional benefits that no true vegan in their right mind would touch. We understand the exploitation involved. So, that said, why would I follow someone who is not a raw vegan when this is the diet I’m following?

  25. I didn’t realize eating steamed vegetables qualified as the bad kind of cooked food. i had heard it was still considered raw but only a slight notch down, maybe somewhere in between. after reading this article i guess that isn’t true?

  26. Rich,

    I don’t believe Roger was saying that if you want to eat some steamed veggies it’s wrong. The point that he is making, and I received it loud and clear, is that many of these people who have become raw food gurus, such as David Wolfe, Stephen Arlin, R.C. Dini, The Boutenko’s, and Paul Nison are role models for newbies to the raw food world. Victoria Boutenko basically tells you how to “stay raw” in her book, Raw Family, het she’s now eating steamed kale. It wouldn’t be so bad if she had said all along that she occasionally eats steamed veggies but this has never happened. Now, add to this issue Paul Nisson suddenly claiming he’s no longer a raw food vegan and is not only eating foods that are non vegan but occasionally eating cooked foods. Yes, the vids are on youtube. Well, the long and short of it is who are you going to listen to? If you’re a newbie and just starting out will you follow Victoria Boutenko, who tells you how to stay raw but is eating steamed foods on occassion? Will you follow David Wolfe, who not only plagiariazed his first book from a book written by A.T. Hovanessian, called Raw Eating. Or will you find another author to follow? The question is who do you trust to lead you on this journey to rawdom? I believe that’s what we’re all asking now.

  27. Roger you should be a politician.

    “Looks like they just ran into troubles and didn’t know what to do about it.”

    Your pretty naive to think they don’t know what to do about it.

    How can a health expert think bananas are bad?

    Give me a break us readers a break we are not that stupid.

  28. Richard,

    Actually I do believe what I said.

    Firstly I don’t think Victoria was ever saying that eating bananas is bad. I think she’s just struggling to find the answers at the moment for her particular situation.

    Though Paul Nison certainly shunned most fruit eating.

    That is their opinion and not necessarily something in which they’re intentionally trying to mislead people.

    Yes I personally think eating bananas is healthy. I think some raw food teachers have been caught up in the fruit fear craze and because of that fear they’re finding it hard to stay raw.

    Heck, it’s the most important food in my raw food diet.

    How can you expect to fuel yourself if you aren’t eating fruit?

    The only other raw choice would be fatty food sources and for the most part they don’t make you feel good and alive like juicy and fresh fruit.

    And then fruit just gives such a natural high. To exclude or greatly reduce fruit intake is the path to failing on the Raw Diet.

    And a raw diet without fruit simply isn’t a natural diet.


  29. Raw gurus who fall off the wagon are as bad as world leaders or billion dollar athlete role models doing bad things. Sure we are all human but to be a big opinion leader requires that you walk the walk. To match the talk.

    I am very upset since myself and all my clients who go on a proper raw diet, starting with a transitional diet that we go out of our way to offer all the way up to a cleaner raw diet, all exhibit vastly improved health, huge healing, and off-the-chart physical performance, skin, energy, you name it. And I have been raw for ten years WITH NO PROBLEMS other than detox reactions for the first two years folowed by super mild reactions (If I were cooked I would not even be aware of) over the next few years.

    These so-called raw leaders are no longer leaders in my book. How can Paul N, for example drink goats milk when casein is the number one carcinogen known to man. This is not opinion, people.

    Now I have to work even HARDER to get newbies back on track who are just looking for an excuse to eat cooked food, or worse.

    I have already built a Raw Food and Fitness Center in Glen Cove with my own money and sweat and blood and I am going to continue teaching what I know to be true from both research and over 30 years experience.

    PS- Does anyone know EXACTL Y why Paul had his blood tested? He was not defficient in B12 he said on his video The Raw Health Show on YouTube, he was “defficient” in calcium. I know for a fact that if you are lighter then you will have less “bone mass” but you also have less useless fat on your body. Was Paul experiencing fractures? Why did he want to test his bone density in the first place.

    I have clients and friends who have been 99-100% raw for eight years or more and they fall on the ice every year. They never have purple bruises and they never break anything. But sozens of their younger and same age cooked friends are breaking their wrists and ankles and ribs. My good friend Natural Bonnie fell off a four foot stoop at her house several ltimes (has a railing now!) on the hard concrete below and nothing happened. So why is Paul getting hooked into the medical trip. Maybe BONIVA offered to pay him a huge sum of money? LOL!

  30. Roger and Fred are the only two raw food leaders that I know who eat properly.

    Fruit is the champagne of foods in terms of taste and nutrition. Followd closely by dark green leaves.

    Here is a sure-fire way to be CERTAIN beyond the shaddow of a doubt that you are foillowing the PERFECT DIET without having to “follow anyone” or read any books on raw or go to any seminars or classes. (Uness you want to see first hand how to make this food of course)

    Here it is: Get on a PROPER, PROGRESSIVE EXERCISE PLAN that is quantifiable wekk in week out, day in day out. And stick to it (other than short “active restr” layoffs) for YEARS and DECADES!!!!!!!

    That is the BEST WAY to know if your diet is the best.

    If you are getting stronger, leaner, and more fit, and ESPECIALLY Increasing your mucle mass (which is the hardest thing to do even cooked — THEN and nly then is your food program the right one. Remember– FOR YEARS and DECADES.

  31. Chris,

    I love the comments you addressed toward Paul. The idea that he is calcium deficient is amusing to me. Did he forget to eat his broccoli or his spinach. Oh wait, he forget to make, and drink his glass of sesame milk which can provide him with three to four times the calcium in a glass of ordinary, health-destroying cows milk.

    As for b12, well take a gosh darn b12 supplement. As a vegan that’s what I did for years before I went raw. I still take one every once in awhile but I do eat plenty of vegan foods that contain b12 so I’ve never been deficient. I just don’t get these people and their justifications for not being 100% raw and/or 100% vegan.

    I think I’ve mentioned that this is where i have problems with Matt Monarch. The newsletters he was sending out were toting the value of animal products and I did have a major issue with this. Also, for someone who claims to be so “pure” he sure does promote a lot of supplements, don’t ya think? Yeah, they all do it because its’ the only way they can make money.

    Heck, when I got a email from Mike Adams, who’s not even raw, but claims to be, and has joined up with Kevin Gianni to bring you the latest cutting edge news and I get a link to a video with Mike Adams promoting some longevity oil, that contains fish guts from what i gained from the ingredients, then why would I want to follow either of these guys? Oh, and Kevin, who has a nice personality, can’t even complete full sentences. And he wants me to pay for his “information”? I think not.

    What is vitally important for all of us is to acknowledge that “it’s hip” to be raw these days. People are coming out of the close and praising the nutritional savvy and sage wisdome of these new age, raw, health gurus. Unfortunately, not all of them are raw, and, if they’re not vegan they don’t get my vote of confidence because I’m a raw foodist vegan and I don’t compromise.

    I understand that it can be tough for some to be 100% but don’t extol the virtues of a 100% raw diet, write a bunch of ebooks, or books, and then fall off the proverbial wagon. Ouch, did that hurt?

  32. I went to the firstsupper site – Chris, awesome looking food, beautifully photographed.

    What you said about looking at results after years and decades makes sense. Not helpful in the moment, lol, but wise.

    Some of the authors that were my earliest raw or raw-ish “mentors” were people like Bragg, LaLanne and Walker, and they lived long and active lives.

    I wonder who will be the next set of aging (well), really raw mentors?

  33. Wow thanks a lot Laure. It’s been a labor of love and I am glad that you like it. I also have a brick and mortar raw wellness center in Glen Cove, Long Island New York. I invite anyone who to come visit. Like Roger I just want to show how well raw vegan works.

  34. Roger,

    Here are my additional thoughts on this matter. Whenever I have a friend who is interested in raw foods I tell him or her to go vegan first. Why? Well, you probably know the answer. People go raw for all of the wrong reasons. The number one “wrong” choice for going raw is… losing weight. There’s a raw foodist, who’s name I shall not mention, that has a list of things he tried before he started losing weight on rawfoods. Hmm, some of the items consisted of going to a gym for a day, going vegan for two days, and the list goes on. Now that guy is traveling all over the country and sharing his story about all the weight he lost and how much healthier he is. Cool. However, if he had gone vegan first then when he falls off the wagon, and he will fall, atleast he would still be a vegan who consumes a healthier diet than the typical SAD human. Unfortunately, when this human falls he will go back to the SAD diet or start “adding” cooked items from his old SAD lifestyle. That is sad because when this happens he will fall from grace quickly! Oh, and he’s not an author so the only income he’s generating is probably from the speaking circuit.

    Oh, and Roger, thanks to you for being a positive influence to all of your fellow vegan raw fooders. I’m not a natural hygienist but the recipes that you’ve created through trial and error looked scrumptious and I will be ordering your whole ebook package very soon!

  35. Hi Roger
    this article made me think a lot. paradise lost …
    the only term you use I really don´t like are “calories”. They are used in a strange comercial way for confusing people and are far from being scientific and reliable. I know that you mean something more valueable and specific. Why not define it more precise or create a new word …
    Thank you for your endless energy and creativity

  36. Kevin Gianni also admits of eating cooked food and so does his wife.

    All of the non 811 or non LFRV gurus are quacks.

    Dr Douglas Graham is the only shining light out there who has been doing this for 30 long years. He walks the talk to the T. None of the other so called chocolate gurus are anywhere close to his level of health and fitness.

    Yes, Fredric and Roger can also be counted among the ‘walk the talk’ guys, but they learnt the right way to go raw from the Grahams! They can’t deny that!

  37. Yes, Dr. Doug Graham is the cutting edge! The 801010 Book just won best raw book for 2009 in a contest of thousands of raw voters. Raw fruits and vegetables, low fat vegan, is being more and more accepted as the only healthy way to eat.

    I painfully listened today to an interview of David Wolfe by Patrick Timpone. Wolfe went from one electric device–boom–to another superfood, to mushrooms—all THE things that would “cure” you—boom—Just send him the money—he has it all. In an hour call he mentions hundreds, literally, of supplements, electrical devices, water systems, etc. that EVERYONE needs to purchase to “exist”. There is no end to his search!!!!! Stay away from this person, and all “raw” leaders like him!!!!! I’ve read all of them, and tried their potions, and superfoods. Only raw organic fruits and vegetables will allow the body-mind to heal.

    Susan Walker, 63

  38. I find this a very interesting conversation. I applaud those who have the will to stay on a 100% raw food diet. My opinion is that is it just another form of fanaticism. After living in Africa, I learned about going back to nature. There are plenty of bio-available nutrients in steamed foods such as broccoli or brown rice. Why mock those who have gone off a 100% raw diet to a diet that may be a bit more balanced?


    RH: Let me reply to some of your comments. First of all you don’t need willpower to stay 100% raw. If you’re doing it with willpower you won’t be able to stay raw. Eventually you’re desire for cooked food will kick in. I’d suggest you check out http://SavoryVeggieStews.com to make it easier for you.

    As for steamed foods. Sure there are some nutrients. But this is after all a RAW Food Diet we’re talking about here. Steaming is cooking and can never be as healthy as eating raw foods. Steaming adds high levels of toxins to a food. It’s not just about nutrients but about toxins. Get rid of the toxins and you start healing.

    And I don’t mock people who have gone back to eating some steamed foods. I just feel sorry for them. For they’re going back to the culture of death because they haven’t yet found a comfortable way to stay raw.

    My beef is with Raw Food Gurus who aren’t raw or who have gone back to cooked food. And quite frankly they can eat how they like I make no personal judgment as to how they eat. I don’t mock them for their choices.

    But I have to take a stand and show people there is a better way to live and steaming food is not even close to ideal. I teach people to be 100% raw and don’t like it when they’re being misled by so many so called “gurus” out there who don’t know what they’re talking about.

  39. Doug Graham is faaaar from pure.

    His disciples, “DurianRider” and “FreeLee” mentioned in one of their videos that when Graham visited them in Australia, he bought and ate cooked tahini.

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