Doctor Rips Into Me Over My Last Email

NOTE: This email was originally sent on August 11, 2009 and was a response to this blog post which was originally an email as well. 

“Which Vaccine Killed 20-Million People”

Doctor Rips Into Me Over My Last Email

Hi Joe

First things first… I’ll get to the doctor story below — this important ACTION ITEM.

This is urgent as the US Government and other governments around the world are planning to make the toxic Swine Flu Vaccination mandatory by this September.

There’s a very simple and powerful thing you can do to help stop this crime against all of humanity.

Here’s an email from Susan Wolfrey, one of my subscribers who’s taking strong action against the Swine Flu Vaccine which they are trying to make mandatory. I think she’s one of the main organizers of the “Fax to Stop the Vax” public awareness campaign.

Please take some action as she recommends. It shouldn’t take you much time at all but what you do can have a huge impact on this forced vaccination crisis.


“Hi Roger,

I know you value your client list—as you should— and don’t want to send anything frivolous to them but given the gravity of the situation we are facing, I wonder if you would be willing to ask your list a small favor. If they would simply be willing to print up 25-50 flyers and drop off at their local health food store that would be a tremendous way for me to reinforce groundtroops in this battle.

Here is the link to the flyer.

That’s all they need to do (if willing) I literally need 100’s of people on this ASAP. I know many people are convinced we are going to descend into civil war. I am desperately trying to avoid that at all costs. I think this plan is pivotal in avoiding that. I want to even approach all soldiers and police officers, not just their heads, to remind them of the oath they took. A great website is .

I need every little bit of help I can get and if your strong team of people were to get involved in even a small way by dropping off flyers that can help me procure more help, that would have a HUGE effect. You have such a pointed and intelligent following, I think they would be grateful that you asked. The NWO doesn’t stand a chance against such a combined force. Well, that’s my intention, at least.

I hope you can hear me.

Peace, Susan”


Ok then Joe…would you please do that? Would you please make some copies of that flyer and distribute them to your local health food store and or give that out to friends and family members.

If you don’t understand why the urgency then you need to read the articles I wrote about in the previous email.

I’ll link to them directly here in case you missed my last email.

“Which Vaccine Killed 20 Million People?”


Then and only then read this…

2. “Flu Is Not The Biggest Danger…”

The order that you read the articles is of importance. The first article is actually an excerpt from a book.

“Doctor Rips Into Me Over My Last Email”

The email I received below from a physician is in response to the last email I sent with the subject line of “Which Vaccine Killed 20 Million People?”. Now keep in mind I received many positive and supportive emails but also a number of negative ones on this controversial subject.

rojer You don’t know what you are talking about. I am a physician and I find your misinformation very offensive. You are talking about a flu epidemic that occured almost 100 years ago. You cannot translate that era of medicine into what happens today. Whats your point? Lets all hate doctors because we don’t know what we are doing? Why don’t you try doing what I do for a day? What is killing us by the billions???? The food industry and their lies. Why don’t you tackle that one???? Vera

Vera thanks for sending the email. Please realize that I don’t hate doctors in any way. I know of course that you have the best intentions in mind for your patients.

There are many doctors for instance who have done their homework and realized that vaccines are highly toxic. So I don’t condemn doctors as a group.

There are many, many doctors who understand health and not just disease. One point of my email was to wake up doctors like you who’ve only been exposed to the heavy brainwashing of the allopathic medical model and that of multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical drug industry.

When you do some more independent research on this you may be shocked to realize that you’ve been poisoning your patients with toxic vaccines.

That’s ok though, you didn’t know any better… you’ve been brainwashed as a part of medical skewl training and the constant bombardment of misinformation from the drug companies that MD’s are constantly exposed to.

Just look for the truth. Check out both or all sides of the story. Maybe you are right. Maybe we all need vaccines. But you know what.


And indeed I do write about how the food industry plays a major role in disease but vaccines are having a MONUMENTAL negative impact on the health of the world. Even more so in this day and age than in 1918.

We all need to wake up and take action NOW!

Do you know for instance what to look for as physical aftereffects of vaccinations? Vaccinations often cause mini-strokes in children as documented by Dr. Andrew Moulden.

Maybe you should look at the work of Dr. Andrew Moulden who’s not only an M.D. but a PhD trained neuro-scientist, a neuro-psychologist and he has a masters degree in child language neuro-development.

Take a look at the 26 minute video at the top of his homepage and tell me what you think after that.

He also has a radio interview you can listen to on that homepage as well which is near the top on the right hand border of the page.

Then consider this…

I would never ever recommend the eating of antifreeze (ethylene glycol), or mercury or aluminum or formaldehyde or borax or msg or latex or of aborted human fetal tissue and human albumin.

That’s not what a natural and healthy diet is all about. I teach people about health and fitness and I can assure you — you won’t be improving your health and fitness through the taking of large quantities of poison.

But heck… maybe that’s just me. Maybe the medical establishment is correct for wanting to inject directly into our bloodstream the 2nd most poisonous element known to man — namely mercury… and freakin antifreeze — can you believe that crap?

Below is a list of just SOME of the toxic ingredients in vaccines.

Toxic Ingredients in Vaccines:

Ethylene Glycol (Antifreeze) Formaldehyde Thimerosal (49% Mercury by weight and still found in vaccines as of 2004) Aluminum Phenol (carbolic acid) Antibiotics – Neomycin, Streptomycin, Polymyxin B Methanol Borax MSG Animal Organ Tissue and Blood Aborted Human Fetal Tissue and Human Albumin Latex Animal Viruses Human Viruses

Now if this stuff is poisonous by just eating — imagine the damage that taking multiple vaccines (which get injected directly into the blood and bypassing the body’s natural defense mechanisms.) in a short period of time to a baby or even an adult.

Here’s a website that lists in detail information on the poisonous substances in vaccines. The site is loaded with references to scientific citations, congressional hearings, articles and stories from parents about the extreme dangers of vaccines.

Great Vaccine Dangers Website:

So Dr. Vera, I applaud you for being a doctor and doing what you can to help heal all of your patients. I’m quite sure you never consciously intended to hurt anyone. That’s not why people tend to become doctors.

I just hope you open your mind and realize that you may be poisoning your patients, yourself and your family without having realized it.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Infinite Potential,

Roger Haeske
The 42-Year-Old Teenager

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