What NATURAL force is soley responsible for the degradation of humanity?


Paradise Diet Part 3, Want to Be Fit, Lose Weight, Gain Muscle, Steroid free? (I believe there are 7 videos in this series.) Here’s the direct link to part one if you want to start at the beginning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5siDLVYOlts

This is a thought provoking video from a friend of mine.

Rama has pointed out a single source for the majority of humanities troubles. And he gives you suggestions so you can get rid of it in your life.

According to Rama this natural force of renewal and destruction has been misused by humanity and it has lead to…

* A lack of beauty

* A lack of harmony

* A lack of happiness

* A lack of health

* A lack of freedom

* A lack of energy to exercise

* A lack of financial abundance

* A lack of being able to do what you love

And while I agree this is a highly destructive force and it has absolutely degraded and diminished humanity. I don’t have any personal plans of completely removing it in all of it’s manifestations.

That would just be impractical I believe and would be the reversal of virtually all of our technology and modern advancements in living.

Let me know what you think of the video in the comments section below.

To your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Infinite Potential,

Roger Haeske
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What NATURAL force is soley responsible for the degradation of humanity? — 8 Comments

  1. Thanks Roger, for posting this video and sending the link. You are certainly right about the thought provoking nature of what Rama has to say. I am “digesting” these thoughts now — not just the Fire=Death message, but the broader message regarding an essential cause of human suffering on Earth — that is, that it’s caused by our voluntary and deliberate separation from the natural world. This really is great food for thought.
    Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for sharing Rick.

    I think you hit the nail on the head in regards to your analysis of Rama’s message.

    Our downfall has been due to separating ourselves from Nature.


  3. Who says Anastasia is fiction. I have read all the books and I really see that Anastasia is alive and lives as a shaman. She lives in a cold place but she is so intune with the divine which is the highest form of health that she stays warm. Shaman abilities are not new. Carlos Castenedus has written many books of the mystry of living on the other side of eternity. LIfe is full of mystery.

  4. Hi Roger,

    Interesting video…The message regarding the use of fire and its role in facilitating our separation from nature is a good and interesting model and in light of this model attempting to do the “best we can” with the compromises that are necessary relative to this model i.e. for most of us to live in this society…i.e. with all its implications…i.e. to do our best to eat more raw food, commune with nature e.g. go for walks, get more exercise etc…and perhaps meditation might be considered another way of helping to compensate for our daily separation from nature (finding peace and quiet moments etc.).


  5. Terri regarding the Anastasia books.

    I don’t believe it’s a work of fiction necessarily because of the incredible claims of what she does. For I believe just about anything is possible for a human being fully aware of his or her own Divinity.

    My first website is superbeing.com and that is what I believe we all are. We have incredible powers that most of us have never even thought of being possible. I myself am in the process of trying to realize as many of these as possible.

    But I think you can easily prove the veracity of this series of books to yourself by ordering some of the products that the author sells through his company.

    For instance, if you read the first book, (that’s all I read, you’ll remember about the Ringing Cedar tree and that anyone who would wear such a piece of wood around their neck would have no illnesses and basically be forever young.

    Well they sell pieces of ringing cedar wood. And guess what, I found it doesn’t do a thing. If this really worked you’d find thousands of people who read that book who don’t age and who have no illnesses whatsoever just because they’re wearing a piece of so called “ringing” cedar wood on their body.

    I guess they realized they went too far in their scam when they were claiming to sell genuine “ringing” cedar wood pendants and too many people started to figure it out.

    I just went back to the same site and they still sell the wood but no longer claim it’s Ringing Cedar but just cedar.

    They claim this: RingingCedarsOfRussia (dot) org is the official representative of
    the RINGING CEDARS OF RUSSIA. And they sell all of the Anastasia books.

    Then if you go to the authors website vladimirmegre (dot) com you see this:

    All of the above material is used by permission of http://www.RingingCedarsofRussia (dot) org

    Copyright http://www.RingingCedarsofRussia (dot) org

    The sites have the same banners and similar layout and so this must be an official representative website of the author.

    There are other reasons I know the book is not true. I’ve forgotten the details now since I read it long ago.

    So please consider if it’s truthful or just a clever way to extract money from innocent and gullible people. Heck they tricked me enough into buying the first book and buying “ringing” cedar wood pendant and some ringing cedar nuts which were also supposed to have incredible healing and anti-aging properties.

    Of course, I wanted to test this out and see if it would work and be helpful for me and my friends and family members. Imagine if I could give this to my grandparents and heal all of their afflictions.

    Sadly that was not to be.

    There certainly is no hard proof of her existence. All I remember seeing was a picture of her. Could have been a picture of anyone.

    She hasn’t performed any of these miracles in public. Though that by itself would not be enough for me to disbelieve the story.

    Decide for yourself. Do some critical thinking, not just dismissing because you don’t think such things are possible “from your level of understanding” but look to any way which you can prove or disprove what they’re really saying in the books.

    Unfortunately I came to the conclusion that this series of books is a scam.

  6. I have recently read that the author of those books (Megre)spent two years in court being exposed for fraud because he made those stories up. I also met a man who emailed those involved in writing the books and wanted to go to this place in Siberia where the trees are. They kept in very close contact until he got thre and – surprise, surprise, they stopped emialing him. Guess they realised he was serious when he said “hallo-I’m in Russia now.”

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