“How I REVERSED Sunburn AFTER I Got Burned

and Eliminated Muscle Soreness from Grueling Workouts”

I was on a great wild dolphin boat tour in Maui with Karmyn and Andrew and I noticed that my chest was starting to get sunburned.

The problem for me with sunburn is that I have a hard time knowing if I’m going to get it or not because it gets much worse later on.

At first I only get a little redness but that should be a warning sign for me to cover up.

Even though I had been tanning all summer long in New Jersey and even though I got even tanner in Hawaii, I was not prepared for a 3-plus hour onslaught of 97 degrees and absolutely clear skies in tropical Maui.

I first noticed the damage on my chest after about 2.5 hours into the trip. So I put my short sleeved shirt back on.

But that didn’t protect my face, upper legs and arms. The most exposure to the sun was my face, then my shoulders and upper legs.

I was turning bright red after the trip and if I didn’t do this intervention would have had a severe case of sunburn and the associated peeling.

But I knew from experience that I could reverse sunburn because I had done it at least two times before.

You see back in my cooked food days I was experimenting with this supplement that was the only supplement that I could actually FEEL something was happening immediately after taking it.

I think back then it was called Microhydrin or something similar.

Today it goes by MegaH or MegaHydrate which also serves to increase cellular hydration while having the same antioxidant powers.

Here’s what happened to me.

I used to take MegaHydrate every day. Back then I was teaching tennis outdoors in the summertime every day. And normally I’d develop a great tan.

But it wasn’t happening that year and I soon figured out why.

It was because the MegaHydrate that was so powerful of an antioxidant that I just couldn’t get tan. I got barely darker than in the wintertime.

So for this reason I stopped taking it. However, over the years I made many future experiments with this supplement.

** The First Time I Reversed Sunburn **

Anyways, the first time I reversed sunburn was when I was outside watching the US Open Tennis Tournament for a whole day.

The sun was so strong that I got a burn even though I was wearing a shirt and a tank top underneath the white shirt.

But the burn was only in one area. It was in two oval spots just below my shoulders. The area in which the tank top had no coverage over my skin.

So after coming home (probably 3 or more hours later) I decided to take a couple of MegaHydrate capsules and see what would happen.

I was shocked the next day to see the burn was completely gone. No more having to deal with the peeling and pain associated with sunburn.

But on this wild dolphin trip I didn’t have any pills with me. In fact, I forgot to bring them and had to somehow get them in Maui.

After searching several health food stores I finally found it. It’s not something you’ll find in most health food stores so I was very grateful.

I quickly took two capsules and drank plenty of water. Then in the evening I took two more capsules.

If I hadn’t done this I was facing some heavy duty burns, peeling and the pain of sunburn.

But the next day the redness in my upper legs was 80% gone. Same for the other areas of the body.

So I continued taking about 2 to 4 tablets that next day.

The following day all of the redness was gone.

The only thing I suffered was a very slight, about quarter of a centimeter peeling on the tip of my nose. And even that only lasted one day.

I also had very slight peeling at the top of my forehead only near the hairline. That has stopped peeling as well.

Overall the burn was completely reversed. It’s about 6 days later now and I’m absolutely fine.

You can learn more about the many benefits of MegaHydrate here:


** Eliminates Muscle Soreness **

I found another incredible benefit of taking MegaHydrate. If I took a pill before a hard workout I would never get any muscle soreness.

It allowed me to do a grueling workout and not have any lactic acid buildup, which causes muscle soreness.

In effect, I was able to workout more because of taking the MegaHydrate.

However, what I found out is that I was not able to reverse muscle soreness if I took it after a workout. It had to be pre-workout for to be able to eliminate muscle soreness.

I’ve also heard testimonials of people taking it after having been stung by a scorpion and or being bitten by a rattlesnake and then not needing to go to the doctor.

From what I understand the reason this is the most powerful antioxidant – way more powerful than green tea or grape seed extract – is that it’s made with tiny hydrogen ions.

Hydrogen being the smallest element allows each pill to pack way more in the way of antioxidant power. Also because it’s so small it quickly penetrates most of your body. I’m talking in mere seconds.

When I was in my cooked food days, I used to take one of these pills and feel the effects right away.

Now that I’m already feeling great on a Raw Food Diet I can barely notice the difference though I can still feel a slight upliftment. It’s like I feel cleaner and brighter inside.

You see the MegaHydrate supposedly unsticks your red blood cells and since I’m eating the Optimal Raw Food Diet, I don’t have bad blood to begin with. So there’s less for me to feel than in my cooked food days.

But I know it’s working as I still won’t get sore after a workout in which I normally would and I can beat sunburn after I already got it.

This is some powerful stuff.


But the thing is that I no longer take this on a regular basis. I only use it for emergencies.

The last time I took this supplement regularly, I also noticed that I needed less sleep than normal.

I was sleeping a half hour to an hour less per day on average.

I thought that was a good thing. But eventually this lack of sleep caught up to me and negatively affected my health.

So I do not recommend taking this supplement on a regular or daily basis. But be free to experiment on your own. Maybe it will work for you on a long-term basis.

I do however recommend you keep some around the house for when you accidentally get over exposed to the sun or if you get poisoned.

Actually, there are many other benefits to taking MegaHydrate including relieving migraines. You can see some testimonials at this page and see how it has helped other people.


I saw some testimonials many years ago in which Microhydrin helped people deal with higher altitudes and even asthma at higher elevations.

Taking either the MegaHydrate or MegaH may not be a problem if you only take one pill per day.

But personally I wouldn’t do so because it prevents me from getting a dark tan, which I like to have.

The funny thing is that after taking the MegaHydrate in Maui, I noticed that my tan was starting to fade. Not just my sunburn but my overall tan was not as dark.

It was actually lighter than before I went on that dolphin tour.

Even though MegaHydrate is powerful I’ve proven too myself that taking most supplements end up worsening health in the long run.

However, I’ve been taking a sublingual B12 supplement for the last few years or so with no problem whatsoever and an improvement in my health.

I would say that at least 95% of the supplements I’ve tried are either a waste of time and money or actually worsened my health.

If you need to take supplements always look to get “pharmaceutical grade” as they have been proven to be absorbed by the body at a much higher level than non pharmaceutical grade supplements.

You know when your taking those cheap multivitamins (even expensive ones) you take a pee and the color is really yellow. That’s proof that your supplement is not being absorbed by the body.

Instead your pissing and pooping most of it right out.

This doesn’t happen when taking pharmaceutical grade supplements.

They’re also lower in toxins. Some supplements can contain lead and other contaminants but not so from what I understand for the higher quality and standard level of pharmaceutical grade.

I don’t normally endorse supplements. But in emergencies MegaHydrate or MegaH are really helpful to have around.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Infinite Potential,

Roger Haeske
The 42-Year-Old Teenager

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