Are You Always Hungry?

Have you tried going on a Raw Food Diet but gave up because you felt hungry all the time? Didn’t it seem like you were eating all day long?

Today you’ll learn exactly what to do so you won’t have this problem ever again. One of my How To Go forum members recently had this question and I showed her the precise steps to take to conquer this feeling of constant hunger.

I know all about this because I used to have the exact same problem. There are two major factors you need to handle to get over this feeling of being hungry all the time.

This all stemmed from her reading a previous post I made on this blog called: A Common Raw Food Diet Myth Tackled

You can read her question below and then my reply.

Subject: Q about Roger’s blog: a common raw food diet myth tackled

Hi Roger,

You had posted a blog about a common raw food diet myth and mentioned making sure we get enough calories from fruit. You stated that you realized your mistake and “increased the number of calories [you were] eating (ate more fruit) and then… no longer had the lack of energy problems…[and that] It took a while to train [your]self to know how much in the way of bananas and other fruit [you] needed to eat in order so that [you] wouldn’t feel hungry and be eating all day long.

” My question is how/what did you do to achieve this? I’ve been trying, but still find myself eating every 2-3 hours and by the end of the day, I’m sick of eating!

Thanks for your time and attention,

Here’s my reply below:

Hi Jenny,

Well the first answer is that if you feel hungry all the time or have to eat again every two or three hours, it’s quite possible that you aren’t eating enough calories, no matter how much you think you are eating.

Simply add more fruit to your meals until you can comfortably go at least 4 hours without eating. I’ll get into more detail on how to do this below.

There’s also other possible reasons why you’re eating so often. One of which is that you’re not getting enough of other nutrients.

What this usually means is that you’re not eating enough in the way of leafy greens. Most raw foodists don’t. I know a guy who was raw for many years. I always thought he under ate dark leafy green vegetables. He thought the mineral content of fruit was adequate.

After being raw many years, he got to a point where he was eating constantly. This caused him all sorts of health problems. Then he started adding much more in the way of leafy greens to his diet. This had the effect of dramatically decreasing his appetite. His caloric consumption dropped and so did his weight.

You see, appetite is not just calories but also nutrients. Cultivated fruit is not enough for balanced nutrition on a raw food diet. We also need vegetables or vegetable like fruits.

Romaine Lettuce
and other mineral rich lettuces that are easily digestible

I eat about 5 cucumbers a day. About half a head of celery and about half a head of romaine and a 10 oz bag of spinach per day. I’m 6 feet 3 inches tall and I’m fairly active. And sometimes I eat more in the way of greens and sometimes a bit less. And it’s not always the same foods.

But this just gives you an idea of my greens intake. Most of my smoothies these days also contain cucumber and celery.

You should start a free account. Put in your details and see what they recommend you should be consuming calorie wise. Then enter what you eat and see how many calories that is. If you’re way off the their target recommendation and you’re still feeling constantly hungry then you probably need to up your intake of calories.

One of the best ways to get more calories is to eat bananas. The reason being is they are more calorically dense than most other fruits. So you get more calories and less water. The extra water content in other fruit might be making you feel full before you’ve actually consumed enough calories.

I didn’t eat much in the way of bananas in my early attempts at going 100% raw. I didn’t know about smoothies and I didn’t even know when a banana was really ripe, so I didn’t eat them that much.

But bananas are a key for my success at going raw. Truthfully, I’d personally have a hard time staying raw if I didn’t have regular access to bananas. For some people who don’t need to eat as much, they aren’t as important. But they hit the spot for me and make me feel full.

These days I can miss a meal if I need to and barely notice it. The other day I went out to a luncheon of Internet Marketers. I ate only half of my normal breakfast and then went to the luncheon. I didn’t eat anything there at all. In fact, I didn’t even have a drink of water.

It was 7 hours between meals and drinking water and I was just fine. I barely noticed anything until I was ready to leave. Once you’re eating raw properly it will be easier to go longer periods of time without eating. Fasting becomes much easier as well.

I hope this gives you some useful ideas, Roger


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