Freedom Fighter Passed Away

US Freedom Fighter Aaron Russo Passed Away

A courageous man and true patriot died yesterday. Aaron Russo died of cancer yesterday at the age of 64. I met him at the prescreeing of his controversial documentary, America Freedom To Fascism, in New York City. This man had a lot of guts, creativity and determination.

Here’s the direct link to watch the documentary free on Google Video.

Don’t be fooled, this video was viewed over 2 million times on Google. But they took it down and started the counter all over again. Many people around the world have seen this illusion busting documentary.

Aaron has done an incredible service for the cause of freedom all around the world, starting with the United States. He was a powerful force for freedom and millions of people are mourning his loss.

He’ll be sorely missed. I highly recommend you watch this recent interview with Aaron as it will open your eyes like nothing else will. In the video Aaron discusses his relationship with Nicolas Rockefeller and how he was told about 9/11 eleven months before it happened.

Then read this well researched and documented book, “The Creature From Jekyll Island,” and if hasn’t happened already, all your illusions about reality will be shattered.

Only when you know what’s truly going on can you be in a position to do something about it.

If you live in the United States and you believe that our country is supposed to be a Democracy, that we are a capitalist country and that there’s freedom of the press, then watching that interview with Aaron, watching his documentary “Freedom To Fascism,” and reading “The Creature From Jekyll Island,” by G.Edward Griffin will tear your reality apart.

It’s not about being good Democrats or Republicans. Both parties are controlled by the International Bankers. Wake up and realize that we’re no longer the “Land of the Free.” Realize that the international corporations of the world control the major media outlets and that yes there truly is evil out there.

The elite want to imprison you, control you and kill off at least half of the world population if not more. They want to implant an RFID chip inside of you so they can decide whether you have money or not by the switch of a flip.

They have all the money they need, what they want next is total control of the planet.

Think I’m full of nonsense, just take the time to educate yourself and you’ll see you’ve been living in the Matrix. Unless of course, you already know about this stuff.

You can see it all happening right before your eyes. First with the European Union. Next is the North American Union. There was just a big meeting up in Canada, they call it the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. They actually closed off 16 square miles in Canada so no protestors could be anywhere near to protest this nonsense.

Here’s the US Governments website about the North American Union.

They even had the boldness to make a whole conference about it and put it on Cspan. You can watch all three hours and 24 minutes of it here.


They make it sound like it’s to your advantage, but don’t be fooled it’s designed to control you. If you want freedom, you don’t want a North American Union or a World Government.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and FREEDOM, Roger Haeske


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  1. Roger, I salute you for continuing to bring forth information and resources that truly empowers the reader.

    You’re a living example of true patriot – somebody who doesn’t stand by idilly, accepting and adoring everything the government says and does … somebody who has the boldness to lash out at passed-down, questionable ideals and somebody who understands why “critical thinking,” inner-world awarness, and self-derived historical research are keys for bringing forth a no-limit, unbridled, prosperous future for ourselves and our families.

    Thank yo for all you do – you’re the best !

  2. Hi Barry,

    Thanks for your comments. I could say the exact same thing about you my friend.

    If there’s one thing I learned from Aaron Russo, it was to be brave and put up the good fight. Aaron was a modern day Paul Revere.

    By making that documentary he put himself in the limelight and was a prime target for the largest and most dangerous mafia in the world. A mafia that controls the United States military and has nuclear and all other manner of weapons at their disposal. Of course, there are many other brave people out there like Alex Jones and the people who made this very interesting movie

    I don’t know if we’d all have this bravery if we would be imprisoned after saying these things. But it’s not long to go before even in the “Land of the FREE,” we’ll be put into jail or killed or have all of our money taken away for dissenting against the tyranny of the New World Order.

    Keep up the fight and as always I thank you for your support.

    In Freedom, Roger

  3. I found it interesting that you post this about Russo and “Freedom to Fascism” stuff right after your entry about imagination. Hmmm… perhaps we could use our imaginations to put an end to this “total control” garbage. I’m not being facetious. Or arguing with you. I’ve seen that documentary and it is pretty scary what’s out there. I’ve seen it in local government interjecting more and more little by little into controling our lives. And you’re right about them making it look like it’s for our own good and implying that we don’t have enough brains to decide for ourselves. However, I’m an eternal optimist and don’t like to put my focus on “the bad stuff.” I appreciate you bringing this Russo and related info to light but I hope more and more people don’t put their focus there but rather on imagining (Ha!) something better.

  4. Hi Diana,

    Thanks for your comment. Have you ever heard of the saying, “Trust in God and tie up your camel”?

    That’s how I feel about this. I believe we have to a certain extent a certain amount of control over our reality. But then again, there are plenty of other people on this physical world doing the same thing.

    On the spiritual level it doesn’t matter, no one can interfere with another. But I believe things are a bit different in the physical reality.

    I also don’t believe that positive thinking is enough. Basically this condition of surfdom and slavery has been a part of almost all of human history.

    There have always been the few who have been in control. We had a brief freedom here in the United States, but we’ve lost it and action needs to be taken. There may have been other countries or periods in history where there was true freedom, but for the most part the history of the world has been the few rich stealing from and controlling the masses.

    I don’t think positive thinking only is enough. While we are out there positive thinking other people in other countries are already starving to death and being killed because of the actions of these bankers.

    If you think Hitler was bad, these people are far worse. I think you’d know what I mean, if you fully read the book, “The Creature From Jekyll Island.”

    Something must be done. Positive thinking hasn’t stopped them from taking down the World Trade Center or causing most of the other major terrorist strikes around the globe.

    So while we must do the best to mold our reality’s with our thoughts and imagination, we also need to take immediate action.

    Action is a necessary part of manifesting here on the physical plane. The founding fathers of the United States didn’t just visualize our free and great nation, they were willing to risk their lives in the creation of the United States.

    All of them signed their death warrant by signing the Declaration of Independence. If we didn’t win the war, they would have been killed or imprisoned. Its going to take that kind of courage to win back our precious freedom.

    When you realize that even the Great Depression was purposely caused by these central bankers, then you’ll realize just another way in which their actions have affected and damaged millions of lives.

    And it’s not just happening in Africa and in South America, we are all being robbed, right now at this very moment, by the hidden tax of inflation.

    So while I’m all for postive thinking and I think that has a powerful effect on reality, I’m all for action as well.


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  6. It was not my intent to imply that positive thinking is all we need to do. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a person of action. However you had just posted a blog about imagination and that’s I was relating to. I guess I just assume that action is a given thing. I don’t really know anyone who just sits around thinking positive all day and viusalizing and expecting things to just drop out of the sky. Nobody’s really that naive are they? I am a student of Abraham-Hicks among others and they are constantly telling people to focus on what they DO want not constantly fight against what they don’t want.

    However I will say this I DO believe it is possible change a vibration of collective consciousness through thoughts/prayer/positive thinking. I wish I could give some specific webisite or resource. But here’s what I know especially from such ones as Gregg Braden who studies this kind of stuff from a scientific perspective (for the benefit of all the left brained folks out there) My friend went to one of his seminars where they conducted an experiement that showed how the positive thoughts of everyone in the room focusing on something made it change. Wish I could relate this as my friend did but it was quite remarkable. I also know in one of his books on prayer that when an entire community took part in this day of prayer that the crime rate in that city actually dropped for a time afterwards. You may also want to look at the amazing studies of Masaru Emoto (Messages in Water, True Power of Water)and how he found that just writing positive words on the bottom of a dish of water changed it’s structure. He took beautiful pictures of this crystaline structure.

    That’s all I wanted to share. Thanks

  7. I think you have some good points in your post above. There’s much that I agree with you on. On the Coast To Coast radio show with Art Bell and George Noory, they’ve also demonstrated several times the power of group prayer or visualization. I’ve no doubt there is some power in that.

    So then why if this is all true have we still not been able to stop the move towards a one world government?

    Part of the problem is making enough people fully aware of what is going on and how they are being deceived. Let’s say we can get 10 million people to visualize a free and prosperous humanity.

    First we’d have to coordinate all of those people towards doing that. That takes communication, education and coordination.

    Maybe if we had 10 million people visualizing the proper thing at the same time every day for 10 minutes, maybe it would have some influence.

    But I believe that even if you had 50 million Americans visualizing an alternative to the corrupt Federal Reserve System, it wouldn’t do much of anything to change it.

    Voting, contacting their congressmen, acting with their pocketbooks. Our biggest vote is in how we spend our money.

    There are many other things that can be done. And there are people already doing these things. We simply need more of those people and we need people to be brave.

    It’s no doubt if you are too influential, you will be imprisioned or killed. This has been the history of how they work.

    So I believe it’s going to take a coordinated and organized effort to rid ourselves of this evil in the world. And yes we need to recognize it as such and not worry about focusing on the so-called negative.

    Sometimes we also just need to be realistic. Unfortunately the Abraham Hicks teachings don’t quite agree with what you are saying. At least what I have read from them.

    Check out their book “A New Beginning II” and you’ll see how they have whole sections understating the importance of action.

    From page 50:

    Here are a few of your greatest misconceptions:
    “I make things happen through effort and strain.”
    “Pain and hard work are the ingredients of the greatest accomplishments.”
    “The more time I spend pitting my body against the struggle, the more effective and triumphant I will be.”
    “Physical action is what makes things happen….”

    Working under those assumptions, you are not only tremendously handicapped, and limited, you are usually soon defeated and tired. After years of working, but not succeeding, most stop trying and resign themselves to a tired body and lost dreams.”


    They go on and on about the unimportance of action throughout that book. I have three of their books and can’t speak as to what they’ve written in their other books and audios. But I know from what I’ve read that they never talk about getting yourself an education or taking action of any kind. As if you didn’t need to do that. In 99% of the cases you do.

    There is no way to succeed in life here on Earth without physical action. Of course, the kind of action you take makes all the difference in the world.

    Remember the old saying, “Practice makes perfect?” But that is just not true. A better way to say it would be, “Perfect practice makes perfect.”

    If you practice the wrong things, you can practice as much as you want and not achieve your goal.

    I believe in the adage, “Work smarter, not harder.” But work is still involved. Even if I simply hire others to do the work for me.

    How do those Abraham Hicks books get published. There’s plenty of hard work that has to go into doing that.

    I like some of what they teach, but in some things they are clearly wrong in my opinion. Especially their ideas about health and positive thinking. It’s as if nutrition has nothing to do with it and I know that is simply wrong.

    I know plenty of very unhealthy Christian Scientists. That’s what they believe in and yet in terms of health results I see much better results from the Raw Food Community.

    Please realize Diana, that when I’m responding it’s not to you only. Things you or others post are on the minds of many of my readers. So when I reply to your post, it’s not necessarily going to be a perfect answer for you and I can’t know all the things you know and believe. I’m just making a more general statement.

    Thanks for your contributions, Roger


  8. I have been following your information after I bought your lightning speed program.
    Roger it is interesting to see how your commenting on the subversive control that is upon us, is making up more of your postings of late.

    I am remembering that I have only been following for a few months; you may have had the theme in your writing for awhile.

    I find that space between action and belief a hard one, there are many teachers who speak of action being the last thing to take place.

    Many of the old masters speak of the belief and power of intention to be the most important ingredient of the process

    IE .Jesus believe and all things shall come unto you, Lao Tzu there is a point when all things undone become done.
    I have paraphrased the original lines but I am sure you know the thinking that is tied to the words.

    What is the action you take when presented “truths” like you have pointed out.

    Can we exist in a world that has a controlling force that we acknowledge and skirt around? .It is obvious that truths we are subjected to are only what we are supposed to believe in.

    Does this mean at some stage when the hammer comes down, and if you do not toe the line of the powers that be you become an out law.

    You make a point of the blue pill or the red pill; many people are taking the blue pill and are not even remotely interested in the red pill option. This number far outweighs the number of aware people that are willing to be counted.

    Where do we all come together as a concentrated force to counter the loss of freedoms that are being eroded away and the mind control manipulation we are exposed to.

    When ever you are exposed to a Truth it is always at a cost, we are intrinsically set up to run away from danger, pain, discomfort.
    When we turn around our own life, is it the example we show that changes other people, or the energy of our intent?
    To get to this is the place of like mind, maybe the hundredth monkey syndrome will kick in

    I have seen the apathy that people live with because of the frog in the pot scenario, it is only when it gets to hot that they start jumping.

    That is part of the problem, what make some people hop is not the fact that they are being boiled, because they like it warm, you only get reaction when the heat it is turned up too quick.

    Maybe, heart attack from bad diet, interest rate hike, fuel price rises, a luxury item being a loaf of bread.

    It brings me to the age old question of what is the meaning of it all. Where do we end up. If the proponents of conspiracy manipulation are correct what does it matter, if you are an aware person you would have jumped out of the slow boil cooking pot, energetically and physically, a long time before.

    Does it need an energy change powerful enough to send out a collective wish for a change of consciousness? As we all know all states of being are in a constant state of flux, the ying and yang of the forces of the universe have irrevocable laws

    If the role of action is to prevent what we have had many years of opportunity to make changes to, by observing the lessons learned from history. Why are we still continuing to show some part of human idiocy, that propels us like lemmings off a cliff.

    To sit amongst it and find our way through, is the end result for our own edification only, or by following the line of thinking, that, through universal consciousness that Jung and others speak of, understanding would be activated and there by instigating the action of change

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