Getting Fat on Low Fat Raw – Here’s Why

There’s a myth in the raw food world that I want to dispel.

And I want to dispel it because I might have had something to do with propagating that myth long ago. Though I’m not nearly the only one.

When I went 100% raw I lost some excess hippo butter and it seemed no matter how much I ate I stayed thin.

Even when I was eating super high fat raw and high calories to boot I was still significantly thinner than in my cooked food days and I wasn’t even overweight as a cooked foodist.

So initially I thought you could eat anything and just about any amount of food on the Raw Food Diet and you’d stay thin.

But not everyone is like that. I had many raw coaching clients who were putting on weight even though they were eating low fat raw.

Not everyone has a propensity to be thin like me and yet if I ate potato chips every day, my weight would balloon up in no time.

The plain fact of the matter is this.

If you eat too many calories, raw or not, many people will start to put on weight.

Though I do agree you’ll add flab even faster on the same amount of calories from cooked junk food.

There’s a lot of talk going on in the raw food community that calories aren’t important.

There’s one group of people who claim calories are not important therefore you don’t need to eat very much in the way of fruit and you’ll be fine on the raw food diet. These people end up under-eating calories and find themselves weak and unable to function while staying raw.

This is a quick road to failure on the Raw Food Diet.

Then there’s another group who think calories don’t matter so long as you stay on a low fat raw diet. That you can eat as MUCH as you want and not gain any weight so long as you keep your fat calories below about 10%.

Well I can tell you from my over 8 years of experience that both groups are incorrect.

When I first started going raw I wasn’t getting enough calories and therefore I couldn’t sustain my energy levels. I was at about 80% of my former cooked food energy levels.

This was not good for someone who had to teach and play tennis for a living.

Lately I’ve been trying to lose a few plounds of phat so that I’d get that really shredded look like a body builder at 3% body fat.

Well, surprise, surprise, I melted excess whale blubber when I cut down on the number of bananas and total calories I ate per day.

And surprisingly, I went down from about 22 to 15 bananas a day and I still felt fine energy wise. Sure I ate other foods but bananas were my staple.

If I dropped too much below 15 bananas I found I started getting weak. And if I was really exercising hard I found I had to up my banana intake to sustain and refuel properly.

In any case cutting down on the bananas made me consistently lose the phat.

Same thing I found with Karmyn.

When I first met her she also believed that she could eat as much fruit as she wanted to and continue to drop the body butter.

However after a certain point she stopped reducin and started gainin.

But when a woman is eating 4,000 calories a day (and isn’t super active) that only makes sense. Yes she ate as much and sometimes more calories than I was eating.

Eventually Karmyn decided cut the calories dramatically and what do you think happened?

She stopped gainin and started loosin and therefore didn’t feel the need for boosin.

So if you’re gainin and complainin then stop strainin.

To a Sleek, Slim and Sexy You,

Roger Haeske

Siempre Joven – Forever Young

P.S. Here’s a great plan for melting the blubberitis off your body. If you’re having trouble with extra piddle around the middle, then switch to more water rich fruits like watermelon, grapes, and oranges etc. during the day.

Then for dinner keep your calories low and yet your tastebuds fully satisfied with a large 192 calorie bowl of Savory Veggie Stew. And you know what, if you’re still hungry or craving more stew, then go ahead and make another bowl.

You’re eating a very low calorie meal (less than 400 calories), you’re getting in more greens than you ever have in your life and you find you’re dropping the flabbage in record time.

Add Savory Veggie Stews to your life today and see the slimin from the beginin.

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