The “Stick to Your Ribs” Dinner Fruit

For the last two nights I’ve been enjoying eating a fruit I only ate once before in the United States. They grow in Florida and I believe you can get them at some stores in the United States. Certainly some health food stores like “Integral Yoga” in NYC sell them.

This filling fruit is sweet yet savory at the same time. Eat one of them (and we have the smaller variety right now) and you’ll feel like you ate a cow. It’s extremely filling and perfect for dinnertime.

Usually at dinnertime I don’t want to eat sweet fruit anymore. I’m ready for something savory, delicious and filling like my Savory Veggie Stews.

Well even tonight I still made three mouthwatering Savory Veggie Stews but afterwards I had myself a freakin awesome MAMMEE.

It is just so hearty. The closest thing I could describe it’s flavor to be like is a sweet potato. Yet it’s way better when you get a good one.

And here in Panama they’re cheap at 50 cents each. Can you believe how cheap that is?

For some people just one of those is going to fill you up. I still wanted a bit more. But about 2 of them are my limit.

They’re just as good as the mammee’s I got from Orotina in Costa Rica.

If you’re struggling to stay raw at dinnertime I suggest you get your hands on some good mammee’s.

** How to Get Mammee’s in Your Area **

1. You can likely order them and have them shipped to you from Florida or some other place they grow them. You can check out Taylor’s Tropicals for a bunch of great, organic tropical fruit from Southern, Florida. I’ve ordered Egg Fruit from him in the past. He’d likely know some farmer’s that grow mammee.

2. Also consider asking your health food store and fruit and vegetable stand to order mammee for you. I suspect that if you have a good relationship with the owner that he or she might do it for you. And if many people start requesting it, it might become a more popular fruit.

We were asking for it down here in Panama because at first we didn’t see any. (They had mammee when we made our previous visit in November, but nothing for the month of February.) So we arranged with one of the fruiterias to place order some especially for us. But the funny thing was the next day, after making that arrangement, Karmyn found mammee’s at two different places. And yet she hadn’t seen any here in a month.

I wonder how much intention or the law of attraction had to do with that?

Anyways, I give a big two thumbs up to the mammee as something filling, savory, delicious and low fat to eat for dinner.

In the coming days I’ll tell you more about Panama. That is if I sense you are interested in knowing more.

So send me a quick email if you want to know more and get an idea of how to spend your winters here and or maybe even retire here if you like it.

Karmyn is going to be doing a bunch of videos pointing out all sorts of cool things here in Panama. I look forward to sharing some of them with you.

Talk to you soon,

Roger Haeske

The 42-Year Old Teanajer


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  1. I concur with everything you say about Boquete. I have spent the last 5 yrs. living there for 6 months each winter.I remind me of Banff but much more beautiful..It should have been called Arco Iris instead due to its spectacular rainbows.I am very familar with almost all the fruits grown there and where to locate them. I believed memme too sweet to be eaten in quantity. I have a very good Latino friend who knows about and/ or grows any fruit you can grow in Panama.He grows the best gunabana in all of Panama. He is definitely someone you should know.The arbol tomate are just delicious.One of my favourites is the cashew fruit.There are numerous scenic hiking and workout trails all around Boquete.It is truly a Paradise.I would sure like to set up meeting with you when I return to Boquete about the first of November.I just may end up retiring there permanently this time. How to you like the rainy season? Are you still able to get enough sunshine?I am certain we can exchange ideas and knowledge.

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