What I Do When I Don’t Feel Like Exercising?

You know sometimes, I just don’t feel like exercising. I may not have slept enough the night before, other times I just don’t feel like it because I was working all day on a major project.

Some days the desire just isn’t there naturally. But I’m going to show you a simple mind-trick to stimulate and grow your desire to exercise until that’s all you can think about.

So what do I do. Well the first thing I do is no matter what I manage to get outside and at least take a brief walk. At least on the sunny days.

And realize that some days, you may not want to do an intense workout. On those days, you want to think exercise but moderate or easy exercise.

Once I get walking I then go to a park and tell myself I’ll do a few chinups. If I feel good while I’m doing them I keep on adding a few more. Then I tell myself I’m only going to do 10 pushups, but instead of 10 I did 40.

What’s the key? Just do something, anything and you’re much better off than if you did nothing.

Here’s another surprising thing, as you start doing these little 30 second to 2 minute exercise sessions, you start feeling like doing more. You get energized and you get yourself out of your funk.

It even makes you want to do more work when you get home. At least that’s what happened to me tonight. As I was doing my very mild workout and as my workout was getting more intense I also visualized myself writing this email.

I didn’t plan to write this email before my walk, it just formulated during the walk. Exercise is not just for getting you in shape, but for clearing your mind and making you happy, fresh and energetic.

Exercise can open your mind to profitable new ideas. So don’t skimp on exercise because it could put you in the poorhouse.

When you’re not feeling like doing the full out exercise routine, but you know you should be doing something, then just relax and do a a super easy exercise. After doing that, you might find you have a desire to do a bit more. After that the desire grows even more.

Because what you focus upon magnifies. So if you get your mind to focus on even doing the easiest exercise at least you’ve done it and your mind is focused on exercising. And because it was so easy and because the body naturally likes to move, you might find yourself wanting to do just a bit more and then a bit later even more.

In fact, I’m not done with my exercise for today by a long shot. I’m getting more energy and desire as I write to you. I’m about to explode with a much higher intensity program and it all started with me taking a planned 10 minute walk.

That walk turned into a 40 minute walk, interspersed with some jogging and a few different kinds of exercises. But now I want to do more. It wouldn’t have happened without the first step.

“A journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step.”

The easiest way to break the coach potato habit is with doing quick 30 second to 1-minute Mini-Workouts. This fact might surprise you but Mini-Workouts actually burn phat faster and get you into better shape than hour-long aerobics sessions.

You can read all about it here:


Now go and get your rear in gear,

Roger Haeske

The 42-Year Old Teanajer

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