To Hell with the SNOW

If you’re one of the millions stuck in the 1, 2 or 3 feet of snow I really feel for you.

Heck I know in some areas it’s even worse than that.

Even though I’m living in Panama right now I already endured the coldest year and earliest winter I can remember in my lifetime of living in New Jersey.

We had a huge snowstorm well before Christmas. I believe it was the biggest one ever recorded before Christmas. And the weather was brutally and uncharacteristically cold.

Then of course there’s Washington D.C. with over 32 inches of snow. And it turns out that “already” they’ve broken the record for the most snowfall in a year in Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia. And there’s more snow storms already in the forecast.

It seems all across the country the temperatures have dropped quite a bit and there’s just an endless supply of snow. I mean in November we had temperatures in New Jersey that we often don’t get in February. It was ridiculously cold.

This is great for the ski areas. But it really makes life hard and depressing in the northern latitude areas. Just the lack of light alone, not to mention that you have to wear so many layers of clothing and your toes and fingers still get cold if not numb.

It was friggid and I’m so glad to be out of the land of permafrost.

Personally, I don’t plan on ever having to deal with winter again.

While it’s snowing in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Washington it never gets below 80 degrees here in the daytime where we are in Panama. And this applies all year round.

Anyways, here’s how we plan to miss winter. During the winter months (really about 6 months out of the year) we plan to live in Panama. But after those six months we’ll be back in the United States for 6 months. We plan to move to Southern Oregon because it’s so beautiful there and they have great farmer’s markets.

As for Panama it’s quite modern and the most similar to living in the United States out of the Central American Countries.

For anyone having been to Costa Rica, seeing the El Rey Supermarket in Panama will be shocking in how much better it is than the supermarkets in Costa Rica. They carry almost everything (including the name brands) that you could buy in the United States. And of course the roads and infrastructure in Panama are much better here.

Plus they use the dollar and measure things in pounds. This is good for us American’s who don’t want to have to do multiple calculations to figure out how much a bunch of bananas actually cost you.

In Costa Rica we had to use Colones which last I checked was worth 590 to 1 dollar.  And then we had to figure out how much a kilo is compared to pound.

(By the way I bought bananas yesterday for 5 cents each.)

With all of these calculations going off in your head, if you’re not real good at math it quickly becomes a pain.

In any case, it doesn’t matter. Whether you like Costa Rica or Panama or some other tropical climate, the point is to consider finding a way to spend your winters there so you can breathe in fresh air and get out in the sun. In wintertime you’re normally cooped up inside with all of the windows closed to save on the heating bill.

Why not let the sun do the heating for you? The fresh tropical air and sunshine will do wonders for your health.

I know all of that snow is incredibly hard to deal with, plays havoc with your health and makes for economic hardships as well.

So I asked my buddy Frederic Patenaude if he could make a deal for you on his course, “How to Move to a (an Affordable) Tropical Paradise.”

And you know what, he created a shockingly great deal for you. This is really generous and if you have any interest in spending considerable time in the tropics I think you should take a look.

But you have to take action on this right away as he’s only keeping this open for the first 15 people that get it.

Basically, Frederic has three levels of his course:

1. Basic

2. Deluxe

3. Elite

When you get his Basic Level Course he’s going to upgrade you to the Deluxe Version which will save you a whopping $400. The details are explained here:

Considering how bad the winter weather is and the many thousands of people I have on my email list I suggest you get this right away before those 15 copies are gone. I think they’ll disappear faster than a cheetah on after an antelope.

** Spending Time With Tropical Living Mentors **

I was lucky enough to spend a little more than a week living with Frederic when I visited him in Costa Rica last year. Of course, he gave me all sorts of tips for living down in Central America because he’s been doing so in the wintertime for years.

Then I was lucky enough to meet my beautiful (and very smart) partner Karmyn (much of that was thanks to Frederic as well) who last year lived in Costa Rica for 6-months. By having her in my life and my own previous experience in Costa Rica I’ve been able to get my rear in gear and spend my formerly frigid winters in New Jersey in tropical Panama instead.

Each and every day I can get as much sunshine and fresh air as I want. The windows are wide open all day long. I wasn’t able to do that in NJ and I found the recycled indoor air to be quite toxic and bad for my health.

Now that I’m here I can go to the beach, a waterfall, hot spring with cool river or just go in the river next to my house whenever I want to take a dip.

In any case, I wanted you to know that Karmyn and I will actually be contributing a section of Frederic’s course about living in Panama via the many videos we’ve been and will be shooting.

And because of the upgrade you’ll get in the course, you’ll be able to spend a full day with Frederic in Costa Rica getting all of his inside tips for coming here and even about setting up your own health related online biz.

This is invaluable information for you in making a smooth a transition as possible to living in an affordable tropical paradise like Panama or Costa Rica.

** For Retirees **

If you’re at the age of retirement, I think you should really consider coming here and checking it out. They make it very attractive to retirees here in Panama with tons of discounts and enticements for seniors. It would be pretty easy I believe to gain permanent residency here so long as you have retirement income coming in to you.

We have a friend who’s coming to visit us in March who might just retire here. She’s sick of all the crap going on in our country these days and wants to escape the destruction of the United States into a bankrupt socialist country.

And she knows about socialism because she left Russia for greener pastures in the United States around 1980. But she’s shocked to see the same communist style policies from the Soviet Union are now infiltrating the United States. She just doesn’t feel as safe and secure in the US as she used to. She escaped Russia to avoid socialism but now again it’s happening to our beloved United States.

Our government is basically destroying the country and the economy in any way it can. And I believe it’s an intentional destruction. So it’s good to have another option and for one thing a warmer and cheaper option without all of the intrusiveness of big brother constantly watching you, trying to inject you with dangerous vaccines and trying to control every aspect of your life.

Life here in Panama is much more “tranquilo” or calm. And the people here as in Costa Rica are very friendly and will go out of their way many times to help you out. Much more so than you’d expect in the United States.

So if you want to escape the brutal snow, ice and wind? If you want to stop having to put on 5 layers of clothing, hats, gloves, scarfs and heavy winter jackets, well then now is the BEST time to wiggle your mouse around and klick below to improve the quality of your life 100%.

If you don’t you might have to suffer another winter in that frozen wasteland they call the United States in the wintertime. Heck even Florida has been getting hit with lots of abnormally cold and even freezing temperatures.

The recent lack of sunspot activity is making for a dramatic drop in temperatures around the globe. But it’s just fine down here in Panama and Costa Rica.

It doesn’t ever snow down here and you don’t need snow tires, chains, road salting, turtlenecks, snow shovels or snow plows.

Get Fred’s course now so that you can save 80% by getting the Deluxe Version for the low price of the Basic Version. Remember this is only for the first 15 people.

If you don’t you’ll be missing out on delicious tropical fruits that you can’t get in most areas of the US… and at dirt cheap prices. We get fresh young coconuts “filled with sweet water and coconut meat” for 25 cents each and they open them up for us at no extra charge including chopping them in half so we can scoop the meat out. You’d pay $3.00 or more for the same thing in Florida.

We also get jugo de caña which is fresh squeezed sugar cane juice for 25 cents a glass. We love going to the center of town and drinking that every now and then. Andrew calls it juicy and jugo de caña.

Take a look and get this today before you lose your chance at the phree upgrade:

Otherwise you may have to suffer through another record cold winter.

** Why I Believe It’s Getting So Cold **

As long as the sunspot activity is next to nill (like it has been) we’ll be headed toward more of an ice age. And it doesn’t matter how much carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere.

But that’s a story for another day of how the whole human caused global warming has been found to be an absolute scam. This goes well beyond junk science.

From making up the numbers to cherry picking the warmest spots on the planet so that the data would show that we’re getting warmer. A scam planned for and created as early as the 1960’s for political and power driven purposes I might add. I’ve written about this previously on my blog.

I look forward to seeing and meeting you here in PARADISE.

And just realize this. If you’re an American or Gringo as they call them here, you can expect to meet many other such Americans, Canadians and English speakers. Because we are easy to spot and we tend to congregate and help each other out since we’re in a foreign land.

So in other words, if you end up coming to the community I live in, we are very likely to become friends or at least meet.

Signing off from my warm, affordable and dirt cheap tropical paradise,

Roger Haeske, The 42-Year Old Teanajer


Get the Deluxe “How to Move to a Tropical Paradise” course for the price of the Basic Level Course when you order from my affiliate link below.  At a massive 80% discount I believe those 15 copies of the course are going to get gobbled up rapidamente. You may never get this opportunity again to improve your lifestyle.

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And yes I must admit I will be financially compensated when you buy Frederic’s in-depth multimedia program. In fact, it might make me filthy rich :-). Just wanted to let you know that. And of course, I’ll be forever grateful because you’re helping me to live in my own tropical paradise and help others to come down here as well.

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