New Discovery Makes Stomach Stapling Obsolete

I’ve been dying to write about this but haven’t been able to because my laptop was destroyed by a virus last week.

Sometime just before we left for our trip for Oregon I was talking with my girlfriend Karmyn and an idea struck me like lightning.

I’d just discovered a perfectly safe alternative to the highly dangerous gastric bypass surgery. This is the kind of surgery where they shrink the size of your stomach in one way or another.

The only problem with these kinds of surgeries are the side effects.

The most major side effect is DEATH.

I don’t know about you, but I think there might be a better way to looze weight than to take a 1 in 50 chance that you might be stone cold DEAD within a month after the surgery.

A study done by researchers at the University of Washington found that 1 in 50 people die within a month of having gastric bypass surgery. I’ve seen some other numbers stating that it’s only 1 in 350 people dying as a result of stomach stapling.

Would any sane person even take that 1 in 350 risk?

Seems crazy to me when there is a perfectly safe alternative.

Then there are many other side effects that you can experience.

1 person out of 50 will experience a major infection.

1 out of 10 patients will have an incision hernia.

Gastric Bypass surgery can also lead to pneumonia and blood clots which can lead to pulmonary embolism. If the arteries of the lung are blocked due to the clot, you can die.

I don’t want to bore you with a full list of all of the dangerous side effects. The key to realize is that I’ve realized something anyone can do to get way better results for blubber removal and health than gastric bypass surgery and without any of the above side effects.

** The Old Theory **

If you shrink the stomach you won’t be able to eat as much food and you’ll lose lots of wayght.

** My New Theory **

Triple, quadruple or even quintuple the volume of your food “while eating fewer calories” and you’ll lose lots wayght.

All in all you get the exact same result (in terms of the stomach) yet no life-threatening and very expensive surgery is needed.

If you’re obese you’ll feel full on much fewer calories than you’re used to eating.

So how can this be accomplished?

By eating foods that are low in calories, high in nutrients, fiber and water content.

And I have a delicious and easy way to start melting the whale blubber for anyone who’s interested.

Just start eating my Savory Veggie Stews for dinner and which fulfill all of the above requirements.

One large serving of my Savory Veggie Stew contains 13 grams of fiber. That’s almost as much fiber as most American’s eat in a single day.

The average being about 15 grams.

That serving is only 192 calories with no added fat of any kind.

When I served this stew to a friend of ours she was really upset because she was full on less than one bowl. What I mean is she wanted to eat more but couldn’t because she was stuffed.

I gave my father a bowl of Pizza Stew last night. He liked it but was almost full after just one bowl.

The problem with these two is they have what I call “Cooked Food Stomach.” Cooked foodists are not at all used to stretching their stomachs because their food is usually dehydrated by the cooking process and the calories are very densely packed.

But this is an advantage for people trying thinnersize themselves. By comparison Savory Veggie Stews will be very satisfying and yet you’ll end up eating half the calories you’d normally eat.

And that’s only if you’re pigging out like I do. I can and regularly do eat 5 or more servings a night the size of which my father ate.

To get the best results you’ll most likely need to eat at least 2 servings if you’re an adult female and 3 to 6 if you’re a male.

Of course, there are many factors including height and activity levels in determining how much in the way of Savory Veggie Stews you should be eating.

But know this.

When you eat Savory Veggie Stews for dinner every night, you’ll be on the fast track to looking as sleek as a champion race horse or a greyhound.

Overall, eating the Optimal Raw Food Diet along with Savory Veggie Stews will allow you to at the very least — eat TRIPLE the weight and volume that you’re used to eating on the Standard American or Western Diet.

Imagine this:

A Big Mac has 563 calories.

8 oz of spinach is only 52 calories.

You can eat 5 pounds of spinach and still not eat as many calories as one Big Mac.

The great thing about Savory Veggie Stews is that you can make spinach and other greens taste out of this world and over the top delicious and easily do it in under ten minutes.

I know just eating spinach by itself would be pretty boring, but with Savory Veggie Stews, you’ll become addicted to eating your greens.


Check out —

There’s a reason why my Karmita calls me her “Raw Crack Dealer.” It’s because she’s addicted to Savory Veggie Stews moreso than her “old” cooked food favorites.

Here’s a recent testimonial from a very SATISFIED Savory Veggie Stews customer.

Hi Roger!

I absolutely L-O-V-E your Savory Veggie Stews! I have been making the basic recipe for the past couple of weeks and have thus consumed more raw veggies than I ever have in my entire life!

Although I’ve been a vegetarian for 28 years, and dabbled with the raw foods diet for a couple of those years, I confess that I still never really liked veggies very much. I would drink fresh veggie juice but never cared much for salads.

Well, I am amazed at how much I am now enjoying the fresh taste, smell and feel of beautiful red peppers, cucumbers and other luscious fresh produce. One pepper or cucumber used to last several days, and now I am going thru them daily!

I’m not yet 100% raw, but getting much closer, since I added the savory veggie stews!

My hubby is starting to eat them with me also. (He’s about 95% vegetarian, has been for 25 years.) Thank you so much for sharing this valuable info! It was well worth the price!! I’ve been sending your link to all my veggie friends, including a couple of leaders in the raw foods movement.

Monica Leal —————-

If you need to shed some poundage, why not consider my safe and better alternative to stomach stapling.

Give Savory Veggie Stews a try –

And if you want to take your health to the next level, you can go beyond just dinnertime raw foods and learn how to thrive on most healthy and only natural diet on the planet – The Optimal Raw Food Diet.

I can help you to make going raw as simple and easy as possible at my raw coaching website –

Would you please forward this email to any obese friends you know who are considering endangering their lives with gastric bypass surgery?

You could end up saving their lives and make them a lot healthier, happier and thinner.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Infinite Potential,

Roger Haeske
The 42-Year-Old Teanajer


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  1. God bless you! Life saving info for some people.My friend died of stomach cancer not long after gastric bypass.The closed off part of stomach rots and gets infected or worse sometimes.Other bypass friend has anemia now and getting transfusions to stay alive.

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