When Eating Gobs O’Fat Is Where It’s At

Even though Hawaii is part of the United States they didn’t let us bring back any fresh fruit on the plane.

We expected to be able to eat the fruit on the plane. But they had some kind of agricultural check right at the Maui airport and not when coming into our destination on the mainland.

So we had to go without fruit on the 5 plus hour flight.

What we did have was a bunch of nuts. We had really raw cashews, macadamia nuts and raw pistachios.

Now one thing you can do when traveling by plane is to eat nothing. Just drink water.

Basically it’s a short fast and works quite well for travel.

But this time I decided to have a raw fat party.

Now you may know that I’m not at all in favor of a high-fat Raw Food Diet. I often call this version of the raw diet either Atkin’s Raw or Hollywood Raw.

But if you have to eat high fat raw then here’s the best and safest way to do so.

Don’t eat anything but fat.

Before the flight I had my Papa No-No… what little Andrew calls my banana, blueberry and cherry smoothies.

Plus we finished off some bananas and oranges at the airport.

I waited for a couple of hours before I ate again and chose the raw cashews for my meal.

I ate a whole bunch of them. They were incredibly delicious.

And then towards the end of the flight I had some macadamia nuts from Hawaii. Suprisingly enough they didn’t taste very good.

I usually get them better quality and lower price in New Jersey than when I got them at the Down to Earth health food store in Maui.

Did I tell you that it’s more expensive to get fruit in Maui than it is in New York City?

Yeah, Maui is quite expensive unless you have a Costco membership.

But getting back to the main point.

If you want to eat a lot of fat the safest way to do so is to eat fat ONLY.

Yes, you heard me right…

If you just eat a bunch of cashews and or a bunch of macadamia nuts, then you should be ok.

Especially if it’s just for the day.

But when you start mixing in your fats with dates or other sweeteners or fruit like most of these raw bars then you’re asking for blood sugar problems.

But if you just eat a lot of fat or say avocados by themselves it really isn’t so bad. Especially if you do it only for a day or two.

But say you take those avocados and make a guacamole. Well then you’re not eating only fat anymore.

You’re eating avocado, tomatoes, celery, cilantro, lime juice etc.

The problem with this is twofold.

One is that you’re doing bad food combining because fatty foods take four hours or longer to digest whereas tomatoes and celery etc, may take less than an hour.

These foods if they take over their normal time to digest start to ferment in your body.

When you make the guacamole, it now takes four hours or maybe a lot longer for your tomato to be digested. In the high heat your body produces you’re going to get fermentation and or gas.

But what you also get is a little blood sugar problem.

When I used to have candida (which is related to blood sugar issues) I could notice minute problems caused by improper eating.

My candida used to get aggravated simply by eating a guacamole in which I used tomatoes. Even if I only used cucumbers it used to aggravate me.

The least aggravation came from only adding celery to the guacamole. I later tested my blood sugar levels and found that even tomato would raise it up fairly high and that cucumber was not as bad and celery barely gave it a rise.

Yet I could eat tomatoes or cucumber by themselves and it didn’t aggravate my candida. But add in the fat from the guacamole and it triggered my candida to get worse.

Or I could eat the tomatoes, cucumbers and celery and that also would not aggravate my candida. But add in the fatty avocado and whip bang, the problems began.

Yet I was able to eat avocados by themselves with no candida aggravation.

So you see the problem of mixing fatty foods with other foods.

And guess what?

Virtually all raw food diet recipe books contain tons of recipes that mix, fatty foods with sweet fruit and non sweet fruits and vegetables.

This is a food combining nightmare as I explained above and it causes an extended high blood sugar level.

Now if you don’t have candida, you can easily get away with eating the occasional guacamole or high fat raw dish.

Even I eat them from time to time these days.

I just don’t make it a daily event for month after month. That would ruin my health and bring back the dreaded candida.

Luckily I don’t miss these high-fat meals because I have my Savory Veggie Stews (which have no added fat of any kind and quite frankly taste worse when you add the fat) to fall back on every night.

And by the way, they’re still on an over 50% discount.

You see I’m writing this email in our hotel in Portland, Oregon. When I get back to New Jersey, I’ll be adding in the last bonus to the Savory Veggie Stews program and then the price will be going back to the full-normal-price.

Git yerself over here before the big moolah jump:


So remember, if you want to eat the super high fat Atkins raw the way I did today, then you simply need to eat only fatty foods for the rest of the day.

Fergit the fancy shmancy Hollywood Raw recipes and just eat fat. Eat fat till you’re sick and tired of it and you should still be relatively ok.

That’s because you didn’t create bad food combining or blood sugar issues by including fruits and vegetables with your fatty foods.

Then for God sakes, the next morning eat a fruit or maybe a whole dang watermelon.

But if it where me it wouldn’t be a watermelon. I’d be sipping my all time favorite smoothie which you can get the full recipe for as part of the bonuses for Savory Veggie Stews.

Check them out while they’re HOT – http://SavoryVeggieStews.com

Cheers from Portland,

Roger Haeske,
The 42-Year-Old Teanajer

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