Criticism of Me & Savory Veggie Stews

Ever since I first came out with Savory Veggie Stews I’ve been getting criticism from people who’ve never even tried it.

I got criticism in some of the raw food forums and sometimes with emails directly to me asking me to give them Savory Veggie Stews for next to nothing.

Basically there were some people who thought I was charging too much.

In fact, a couple of people thought I should be giving away Savory Veggie Stews for f.r.e.e. and one was so upset he ‘supposedly’ unsubscribed from my emails because I was so greedy to try and make money for something that should be given away for f.r.e.e.

Only later to find out that he was still reading my emails because he emailed me positive comments in response to other emails I had sent out after that one.

I remember even when I was charging only $32 (with lifetime updates mind you – had over ten updates since that time) that there were some people willing to pay $20 for it but not $32.

Seems a little short sighted to me.

You can make an extra 12 buckeroos in less than a half hour by standing on a busy street corner and politely asking people for money.

Personally, I never criticize information publishers for what they’re charging for a product that I haven’t even tried.

I’ve paid up to $1,000 for a single information product (was well worth the money by the way) which had about the same amount of information that I provide in Savory Veggie Stews.

Yet it’s not the number of pages, number of recipes or the length of the videos that is important. It’s how the information can change your life… that’s the only relevant and logical issue when you’re getting a program designed to improve your life.

You don’t buy a book for how many pages are in it unless it’s a blank notebook.

Bottom line — you buy a how to book, video, audio or information program for how it will improve your life.

And I believe Savory Veggie Stews does that in stunning fashion as I’ll explain further below.

In fact, right now I’m eyeing an exclusive copywriting / marketing program that costs $5,000. Never once did it even cross my mind that this guy is charging way too much for his information.

Yet I’m sure the actual physical costs of his program are much less than $50 per program.

But that doesn’t mean in any way he’s ripping people off by charging $5,000 for valuable information that took him 40 years and billions of dollars in experimentation to acquire.

What if that $5,000 I spend can make me an extra $50,000 this year and an extra millyun over the course of my lifetime? Wouldn’t that make the information well worth the investment?

I value good information. Sometimes even just one or two ideas gained from an expensive program are all I needed to make them worth the price.

I gladly pay for information that can change my life forever.

* Information that can make me GOBS of GELT (German for Mullah or Monee).

* Information that can improve my health or improve my fitness.

* Information that helps me look younger and feel happier.

* Information that helps me to uncover my spiritual self and my full potential in life.

I’ve spent many thousands of dollars on such programs over the course of my lifetime and most of the time it was money well spent.

Sure, $5,000 is more than I want to pay. So I’m thinking of ways I can earn enough money to justify getting this program.

Heck, I’m not financially wealthy by any means. I’m not even close to being a millyunaire. I know some people think it’s because I can’t spell. Hardy – har – har.

However, I get to do what I LOVE for a living. I’m my own boss. And I have loads of fr.e.e time to spend time outside, to exercise and to take care of myself and my beautiful new family.

So in that regard I’m already very prosperous. Life is an incredible joy for me.

I’m comfortable but certainly not wealthy.

And you know what, I sure as heck want to be financially RICH.

There I said it… I said what you’re not supposed to say.

I want to be ‘clean’ rich and prosperous.

And I aim to continue gaining that prosperity by giving at least 10 times the value that someone spends for any product or program that I create. I know that the more value I give the more I get.

In fact, it’s a general spiritual truth. I’ve found that I’m happier the more that I give.

And I also by the way give my money to valuable causes and charities. Just did so last week, to promote commercials designed to stop this socialized medicine from being forced upon us by our socialist and freedom robbing politicians.

Do you realize if they pass this, they plan to force everyone to have a health care plan? Even if you don’t want and need it.

I’m sorry but it’s not the role of the federal government to provide Universal health care.

You can see the commercials they’re running on T.V. here.

It’s almost like money is a dirty word in certain circles. I’ve definitely noticed that to a high degree with people in the raw food movement. And I’m sick and tired of it being so.

If you believe money is bad then you’ve simply had negative brainwashing from people who do have money but don’t want you to have it. That’s the dirty little secrit that has been hidden from view.

Why do so many movies, and TV shows bash people with money? Aren’t those T.V shows and movies produced by people with tons of money? So why are they always bashing it?

There’s a hidden educational agenda that most people are simply unaware of by the wealthiest people in the world. People who make Bill Gates and Warren Buffet look like paupers in comparison.

But they hide their wealth so no one knows how much they really have.

Again, I don’t have anything against money only those people who’d try to control the world so that only they can have money. And that’s what’s happening here rapidly with our ever increasingly socialistic country.

If money is so bad then why don’t you try living without any of it? This means you’d have to live somewhere out in nature with nothing that money has built. Everything you have you make for yourself.

Because if you have ready made clothing, it took money to make it. If you have a home or apartment it took money to make it. If you have shoes it took money to make it.

Money is just a storer of value.

I like to help people reach their full potential in life. That’s why I started with my first website in 1999 called And this also applies to earning more monee.

I also want you to be as rich, happy, healthy and fulfilled as possible.

All I can say is that if you’re criticizing someone who’s trying to make money, how can you ever expect to be wealthy. You can’t have what you criticize.

By this irrational criticism, you end up lowering your own ability to earn money so that you can be psychologically consistent with your prior criticisms of wealthy people.

This is the poverty consciousness in manifestation and I don’t want that for you.

I believe we are all Divine spiritual beings. We’ve inherited vast powers and abilities that most people are only using 1% of.

God is rich, powerful and full of LOVE and WISDOM and you can be also if you simply accept and realize your Divine inheritance of BEAUTY.

Why not turn things around and see how you too can become wealthy. There is more wealth on the planet today than there ever was. This is largely due to technology. Most people can do things now that the richest kings and queens couldn’t do even 100 or 200 years ago.

“God wants you to be Rich.” That’s the title of a great book which I highly recommend.

One other thing…

Just because you have more money today does not in any way mean that someone else will have less money.

** Here’s Why I Believe Savory Veggie Stews are a BARGAIN **

Having just the ONE basic Savory Veggie Stew recipe makes it darn easy to stay 100% raw. And to stay low-fat raw at that. It so easy to master and quick to make.

It solves one of the biggest Raw Food Diet problems out there that up until now there was no practical solution for.

“What raw food recipe can I eat for dinnertime that satisfies my rabid cooked food cravings and yet is quick and easy to make and at the same time is low in fat.”

Plus it does something else very important.

It makes you crave your greens instead of cooked food.

So many people on a Raw Food Diet or any diet for that matter –simply don’t eat enough raw greens for optimal health.

In fact, many people end up quitting the Raw Food Diet because their health was failing. And it turns out it was failing because they weren’t eating anywhere near enough in the way of leafy green vegetables.

My wonderful Karmyn used to only eat greens in the form of mono meals. In other words, she’d just eat celery by itself for instance or a meal of romaine lettuce by itself.

As a result, she wasn’t much of a greens eater. She only ate greens every now and then and not in any significant quantities.

They weren’t that appealing to her so she didn’t eat them that often.

Not surprisingly Karmyn found it hard to stay 100% raw for any significant length of time.

But then I introduced her to Savory Veggie Stews and she literally became addicted to them overnight. In fact, she calls me her “raw crack dealer.”

She at the very least TRIPLED her intake of greens (this is the God’s honest truth – no hype or exaggeration) because she loved the taste of Savory Veggie Stews and had to have them every night.

And she’s been 100% raw now for as long as we’ve been together (over 6-months) and she’s found it easy due eating Savory Veggie Stews and eating some of the other uber delicious recipes we’ve included as bonuses with the Savory Veggie Stews program.

So what is your health, happiness and youthful appearance worth to you? How much would you be willing to pay in order make it easy to stay 100% raw?

That’s what Savory Veggie Stews can do for you that I believe no other recipe book out there can provide.

Savory Veggie Stews are unique, distinctive and proprietary.

For less than the price for a meal for two at most raw food restaurants in New York City you can have raw, hearty, delicious and low fat recipes for the rest of your life.

One of my customers says it best:

I love the stew idea & recipes; they are so satisfying – exactly, what I’ve been needing to be healthy & raw.  I started going the gourmet route – soaking/ dehyrdrating /grinding /processing – but still didn’t feel satisfied or right & knew that I wanted to eat more simple foods.  So thanks a lot – “worth the price for a lifetime of good eating.”

Thanks, Lisa Lee

“Worth the price for a lifetime of good eating.”

Yours in health and happiness,

Roger Haeske

The Youth Restorer


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