Broke Man’s Lavish Donation Unlocks GREATEST SECRET

I think you’re REALLY going to enjoy this. It’s a bit long but WELL worth reading.

Pay attention because I’m going to show you how to get a fantastic book by Joe Vitale for phree called, “The Greatest Money Making Secret in History.”

And now on to the story.

The other day I received an email from someone I know who sent in a generous donation to Echo.

I was shocked when I found out that Ray donated ANY money at all. I know Ray personally through some consultations he did with me about a year ago.

At the time when we did the consultations he was already unemployed for about 6 months. He was another “victim” of the financial crisis in the United States.

Then about 5-months ago I was in contact with Ray via email and he told me that he ran out of money and really needed to start generating some income quickly.

So when I got his receipt from Paypal I was shocked to see he had donated. So I called and emailed him to find out if he had a job yet.

Turns out he was still unemployed and things have gotten even worse for him financially. He managed to get an extension to his unemployment but he and his family including children are just barely making it these days.

So for him to donate was a truly selfless thing to do.

He told me he really felt for Echo and just had to do something to help her.

What Ray had unknowingly done was to activate “The Greatest Money Making Secret in History.”

But I tell you this, it’s way more than about money… it’s about ABUNDANCE in ALL areas of your life when you activate this principle.

So I thought why don’t we try an experiment.

Actually, why don’t we try multiple experiments in giving.

I decided that since Ray was so selfless that I’d see if I could help him to get a job or to somehow create another source of income for himself.

I realized that I have a HUGE network of friends via my email list of subscribers and that maybe some people on my email list (maybe you) might have an idea, opportunity or even encouragement for Ray.

So I’m going to briefly tell you a little more about Ray’s background and give you his email address so you can contact him if you have something that can help him.

Here’s his email address: rayjnap (at) earthlink (dot) net

Also I want to do an “Mass Visualization or Prayer Experiment” for Ray as well.

I believe and “know from personal experience” that we are all WAY more powerful than we’ve ever imagined. We’re Superbeings disguised as mere mortals with incredible powers of creation and abundance.

Our very thoughts and imagination REPROGRAM and CREATE reality.

To give you a quick example of the power of “Mass Visualization” I’ll tell you about what I’ve learned from previous such experiments on the radio show.

This show has millions of listeners across the United States, Canada and throughout the world.

They’ve done a number of such Mass Visualization experiments and have had tremendous success with them. One example was when Atlanta was in a  long and severe drought. So the show host (might have been George Noory or possibly Art Bell) asked his listeners to visualize Atlanta getting some much needed rain.

From what I understand the next day, not only did it rain but it rained so hard they actually had flooding. In fact, Art Bell is now a little wary of using these Mass Visualizations because sometimes they’d get TOO MUCH of what they wanted.

But Ray told me he welcomed the positive visualizations, prayer and help from any of my subscribers.

Before we continue, I know that you too may be having severe financial problems or other hardships. But what I’ve found is that when you selflessly give to another that giving often comes back to you ten fold.

For instance, last night I was on the telephone with Ray quite a bit. Not only did we discuss this email but I shared with him some articles and resources that I thought might help him.

In the process of helping Ray I just felt an incredible surge of spiritual power and bliss.  And by the way, the visualization/prayer I’m about to ask you to do, I already did for Ray myself last night and this morning.

In fact, as a direct result of helping Ray I came up with a new visualization technique this morning that I believe is going to totally transform my life.

And the funny thing is that my life is already FANTASTIC as it is. I’m already living the life I’ve dreamed about years ago. But there’s always a higher goal or level in life.

This visualization may just help me to start unleashing my FULL Superbeing potential in ways most people wouldn’t consider possible.

Only time will tell if that comes out to be true. All I can say is that when you give from the inexhaustible treasure house of the INFINITE you open yourself to incredible and often unexpected abundance.

So please can you do this for Ray sometime today.

** Abundance Visualization for Ray Napolitano **

1. Realize that all you need to have is Ray’s name and you can send him abundant and healing energies from anywhere you are on the planet and  he’ll benefit from them instantly. In case, you’d like to know Ray lives in the United States in New Jersey and I think the town is Bloomfield.

2. For this to work you have to feel this abundant or prosperity energy yourself first. And so when you feel this energy, you’ll not only be helping Ray but helping yourself at the same time.

3. Simply imagine and feel yourself being really excited because you’ve just been presented with the best job or career opportunity of your life. Think from a state of satisfaction as if you already have that incredible job or dream business.

Really get into the visualization / prayer and enjoy it. See yourself having an abundant flow of cash that comes to you easily. This way you can buy anything you’d like because you’re now rich.

Remember to think and feel from a state of satisfaction. It doesn’t matter if it’s real only that you feel the energy of abundance and then pass that feeling on to Ray.

4. Once you feel those energies flowing through you, then mentally direct that abundant energy towards Ray Napolitano. Direct it to his higher self and only give him what he needs.

You may have an intuitive sense to direct your energy in a certain way. Just go with the flow and be filled with joy.

5. To make this more real, maybe you can send Ray an encouraging email after you’ve done this visualization. I know he’ll appreciate your efforts and be uplifted from the emails as well.

And if you have a hard time visualizing you could try writing the visualization in the email to him. I’ve found that by creating mental word pictures with lots of nouns of real things (like a one hundred dollar bill) you can start to better visualize for yourself simply by writing it out.

Ok that’s it for the visualization exercise.

I’ll briefly mention some of Ray’s qualifications. He sent me a couple of résumés. I found out that Ray was a very good student. A bright and  caring man.

Ray has been involved in sales and marketing. So maybe if you have an Internet business maybe there’s something Ray could do to help you grow your business.

Also I know Ray really wants to help actors in their careers. He has quite a bit of experience in acting as well. So if you have any acting related opportunities please consider contacting Ray about them.

Ok let me put some of his résumé info below. I’m not including the whole thing because this email is already very long. So if he’s missing some years it’s because I haven’t included them.


2002 – January 2009 Marketing Director, Winchester Gardens, Maplewood, NJ

Responsible for marketing of continuous care retirement apartments to seniors as well as daily operation of the facility’s information center.

Accomplishments include:

* Increased volume of sales from 70% to 95% of existing Assisted Living apartments.

* Established a wait list for Independent Living apartments which currently contains more than 85 names.

* Developed a variety of marketing techniques, which include on-site and off-site product presentations, focus groups, information seminars, open house events, and informal gatherings such as brunches and teas.

* Managed direct mail campaigns.

* Creatively designed original advertisements and determined strategic ad placement.

* Developed and managed a budget based on predetermined guidelines.

* Maintained an average of 98% occupancy for all independent units in the facility for a five year period.

1993-1995 Adjunct Professor of Acting, Bloomfield College Fine Arts Department

* Taught fundamentals of acting

* Career coaching for adult students

1975-1982 Family Playhouse Community Theater 1975-1982

* Built and established a 252 seat community theater

* Served in the capacity of producer and director

* Personally directed over 40 plays

* Developed all marketing and public relation strategies resulting in a profitable and successful theater.


Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ

BA Communications Arts – Cum Laude

Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ

MA Speech and Theater


Things That I Should Have Said ( Guard) West Back Café, NYC;

Born Yesterday ( Paul) Thunderbird Dinner Theater, NJ:

The Shadow Box( Joe) Family Playhouse, NJ;

The Odd Couple(Oscar) Family Playhouse, NJ;

The Claw (lead) Seton Hall University, NJ;

No Exit( Garcin) Seton Hall University, NJ;

The Miracle Worker(James) Half Penny Playhouse, NJ


Firewalk Documentary (Lead) Directed by Paula de Koeningberg


ACTING- William Esper Studio ( 2 year program);

COLD READING -Maggie Flanagan, NYC;

VOICE: Gary Ramsey, Neighborhood Playhouse;



DIRECTING: Built and established a 256 seat community theater.

Directed over 40 productions, including off-Broadway.

Founder and Artistic Director of Thunderbird Dinner Theatre, NJ (160 seat house)


Hospice volunteer, Certified Firewalk Instructor


If you have any ideas, positive words of encouragement, contacts or business propositions for Ray please email him here:

rayjnap (at) earthlink (dot) net

Thank you so much for helping Ray and for helping Echo as well. Let’s make this a better world together.

** How to get “The Greatest Money Making Secret in History,” by Joe Vitale in ebook format.

All you have to do is download it here:

If for some reason you have a problem downloading it there you can go here:

And then right click on GreatestMoneyMakingSecret… to download to your computer and enjoy.

GIVING is one of the Greatest Secrits,

Roger Haeske
The 42-Year Old Teanajer

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