Medical Conspiracy & Candida Interview Update

“Or, What Your Doctor is HIDING Can Kill You”

NOTE: I recorded the interview with Dr. Jennifer Daniels last week and simply need to do some minor editing. I should have it for you to listen to in a day or two.

In the meantime below I’ve included a STUNNING preview of what you’ll uncover.


Don’t listen to this interview if you still have ANY faith in the allopathic medical system.

It will make you furious and shatter your illusions once and for all. The level of depravity “INTENTIONALLY built into the medical system” will shock you beyond belief.

As far as I’m concerned these are crimes against humanity equal to what Hitler, Lenin or Stalin committed.

I lost my mother because of these criminals and I’m sure you may have suffered directly or indirectly at the hands of the Medical Mafia at one or more times in your life.

Heck, I was able to see that with the 351 emails I received last week with people sharing their candida stories with me.

You’re going to learn why the best students and the brightest minds are not usually the people who make it to being doctors.

You’ll learn the specific mechanisms used to pressure medical students into conformity and criminality.

You’ll hear Dr. Daniels’ story about how she was asked to fudge the numbers on a research study she was doing. And why when she complained about this practice to the dean or superior of this professor and that he let it continue anyway.

Yes lying is encouraged!!!

You’ll hear an example of extreme malpractice that made the patient blind in both eyes and how it was covered up.

Why resident physicians are not allowed to interfere even though they know what the doctor is doing will kill the patient.

Turns out in any research study Dr. Daniels was involved in she was either asked to falsify the data or that her numbers where later changed to suit the desired outcome.

You’ll learn why she was forced to resign from her residency and give up a medical career and what weird circumstance allowed her to complete her residency and become a doctor.

You’ll hear examples of medical corruption that cost people their lives.

And you’ll learn why in her early days of medical practice she’d have about 5 patients die per year who shouldn’t have died. In other words people 70 and under who really should have lived.

You’ll learn why it doesn’t matter if a patient die’s. So long as the doctor followed the exact procedures (which actually caused the death) then he won’t be charged with malpractice.

You’ll discover who actually writes virtually ALL of the medical school training material. This shouldn’t shock you too much. But it’s an absolute conflict of interest.

It’s the doctors who break from the procedures (which almost always involve giving more and more drugs) that will lose their medical license. Even if what they did helped to extend the life of their patient or kept them alive.

Once Dr. Daniels started using more natural (non-drug) healing methods exactly zero of her patients died who shouldn’t have died. She went from about 5 deaths a year to zero per year.

She admits that she was killing her patients. Of course, she was trained to do so in medical school. She killed them because she followed the exact procedures she learned in medical school.

Why the medical profession admits to their medical students that 50% of what they teach every certain amount of years (I think 3 or 4 years) is actually wrong.

Then in part 2 you’ll hear Dr. Daniels incredible story of how she discovered a cheap miracle cure that eradicates candida easily and a whole slew of other diseases as well.

The only drawback would be if you have multiple issues to deal with at the same time. Then naturally it will take a bit longer because your body is in charge of what it will heal first.

But I’ve discovered that she’s literally a miracle worker. If you’ve got an unresolved health issue, you want to go to Dr. Jennifer Daniels for help FIRST.

** Update on Karmyn and her Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) **

We got more input from Dr. Daniels about what steps Karmyn should be taking to properly deal with the IBS.

Realize that we have not been able to follow all of the steps at this time. Yet since I told you she’s had an IBS flairup, she’s not had one since.

There’s no question that her IBS is dramatically improved. But as Dr. Daniels explained it will take some time for the stomach and intestinal tract to rebuild itself.

Yesterday Karmyn had all sorts of foods that would normally set her IBS off, put her in tremendous pain and make her look 8 months pregnant.

And you know what? Not a single symptom at all. She had no pain and inflammation at all.

It turns out that not only does this Miracle Candida Cure work for IBS but also for Crone’s Disease and ulcerative colitis as well.

The same miracle cure is also the basis for dealing with these bowel issues. The only difference is in the method of application and the steps required in the process.

In fact, just about any autoimmune disease is no match for this miracle cure. Even such difficult to deal with illnesses such as Lyme Disease.

So stay tuned as I’ll hope to get that interview out to you either tomorrow or Wednesday. Actually I’m doing a talk tomorrow and so it will likely be coming to you on Wednesday.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Infinite Potential,

Roger Haeske The Youth Restorer

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