Another Med Scam: 13K Loose Skin Plastic Surgery Rip-Off

The medical mafia is at it again, they’ve got another way to suck more money out of you by telling you lies.

I’m sick and tired of people going through risky and expensive surgeries that are completely unnecessary. In most cases, there are cheaper and actually better options to surgeries and drugs.

The loose or hanging skin myth is no exception.

Maybe you’ve been successful in melting a lot of whale blubber with whatever method you’ve used to get rid of the flab. Maybe you lost 50 pounds or more and yet you’re still not satisfied because your skin is hanging off of you like a piece of meat.

To you it looks downright disgusting. Imagine what other people are thinking to themselves when they see your loose skin.

Honestly, if that were me I’d want to stay fully covered up when I was in public.

Not good for someone who likes to get a lot of sunshine and wear shorts and tank tops, etc.

All that hard work and with your clothing off, you look worse than before you lost all that whale blubber.

It’s the kind of result that makes you want to go back to eating like a pig and not caring anymore. At least you can get satisfaction from that stuff they like to call food, but more accurately is tasty poison.

Or you can opt for Body Lift surgery that can cost you as much as $13,000 or more.

The belief the money hungry medical establishment wants you to have is that there’s no way to get rid of loose or hanging skin except via plastic surgery. It’s just one of those nasty things associated with melting tons of blubber and or having been pregnant.

They want you to believe there’s nothing you can do about it. They want you to think you’re a powerless and weak minion that needs them to save you.

This is a bunch of crap. They try to make you believe that your skin is hanging, when in fact; it’s not your skin that is hanging or causing that ugly sagging look. There’s a very simple reason for loose or hanging skin.

And the solution is phree. Compare that to wasting $13,000 and exposing yourself to possibly life risking surgery.

But the plastic surgeons don’t want you to know this because it will cost them plenty of $13,000 pay days.

If there’s something you need to understand in life, it’s this. Follow the money and the motivations.

And yes, the same goes for me. I’m trying to make a living as well, but I’m only sharing information with you that I honestly believe or know to work.

My ultimate goal is for you to unleash your infinite potential in all areas of life. That’s what gives me joy. That’s my primary motivation.

Doctors are in business to make money and to pay off their HEFTY medical school loans.

That’s why they tell the teenager suffering from acne that eating chocolate and their diet have nothing to do with getting pimples. But in reality it’s diet that is the MAIN factor that decides whether they have pimples or not.

The medical profession, drug companies and the food industry all work and support each other.

My friend Karen Ranzi used to suffer from cystic acne, but her skin cleared up completely on a RAW FOOD DIET. She never gets acne anymore.

(To learn more about the Raw Food Diet, visit and get my myth-busting audios and info absolutely phree.)

Doctors are always saying this or that is incurable. I’m sick and tired of hearing that B.S. Anyone who’s been around a lot of raw foodists has met people who’ve healed themselves of a wide variety of so called incurable diseases without surgery or drugs.

Beware of the mainstream media. Remember to follow the money and the motivation. They’re feeding you all sorts of information that is a lie. They want you to live in their fantasy world that makes them rich and gives them control over your life.

They even want you to “believe” the government will take care of you.

The US government has claimed on more than one occasion to have lost or misplaced BILLIONS of dollars. They’re the ones responsible for the whole financial meltdown of the world economy and yet many people want the inept government to take care of them.

What a joke!

They want you to believe you can eat anything and then the doctors will heal you with their wonder drugs.

Not all people and doctors are motivated mostly by money. But many are.

Getting back to hanging or loose skin. There’s a real simple solution to it. When you read it, you’ll think, I should have thought of that. I shouldn’t have been suckered in by media /medical establishment misinformation.

Owners of the Lightning Speed Fitness Program can save themselves $13,000 and needless Body Lift surgery, simply by reading and applying tip # 87 from my “Bodyweight Fitness Secrets: FAQ” ebook which is part of the Lightning Speed Fitness Program.

If you want to take charge of your fitness and get rid of ugly hanging skin forever, then I think you’ll want to get yourself a copy of my go anywhere, total fitness program.

You’ll get my body butter melting and cardio improving fitness results with only two types of easy to do exercises… all in about 15-minutes.

You can do these exercises anywhere. No need for a gym or weights.


And you can finally chuck the bulky and expensive exercise equipment taking up space in your living room or basement.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Infinite Potential,

Roger Haeske The 42 Year Old Teanajer

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