Can Cellulite Be Removed Without Surgery?


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One of my subscribers sent me this question. I figured it might be on your mind as well.

Here’s her question.


hello Roger, thank you so much for all the help you give to people who want to have healthier, happier lives. I would like to know if you think it is possible to release cellulite from the body or if once people have a lot of it it’s there for good.

Thank you, Tanya


Yesterday I told you there is a natural solution to get rid of hanging or loose skin. This is something that people get when they start melting the body butter rapidly.

The commonly held belief spread by the medical mafia is that there’s nothing you can do except to have expensive and risky plastic surgery.

Of course, this is another outright lie designed to make the plastic surgeons a lot of extra money.

In my Bodyweight Fitness Secrets: FAQ ebook (FAQ # 87) which you can get here – – I explain the actual cause of loose skin that no-one I’ve talked to has figured out on their own.

Once you realize the cause, you’ll know what you have to do to get rid of it forever.

And you’ll STOP WORRYING about it.

It’s virtually the exact same issue when it comes to getting rid of unsightly cellulite permanently.

I actually had cellulite on my legs at 22 years old and while still in college.

I still remember that day. I didn’t see it myself at first. It was my friend Tito who saw it on my thighs when I was sitting down to eat.

He was laughing and making fun of me as he was telling me I had cellulite.

As someone who took pride in his appearance that was not something I wanted to hear.

Well you can guess the cause. Although compared to anyone’s standards I was a thin person, I had been going crazy eating Breyer’s Chocolate Chip Mint ice cream. I just loved that stuff and I ate it like it was going out of style.

On a daily basis I was eating “at least” half of a large container, I think it was the half gallon size. And to top that off, I wasn’t exercising anymore. I was eating like a pig. The flavor was amazing, but what about my health?

Actually, most of my housemates were also going crazy on the Breyer’s Chocolate Chip Mint ice cream as well. We had ice cream eating orgies every night.

As a result of gorging on the Breyer’s, other junk food and a lack of exercise — I got cellulite at 22 years of age.

I immediately started going jogging again. I don’t remember now if I cut out the ice cream or not. But I think I did.

It wasn’t long before the cellulite was gone. It was easier for me to eradicate because I IMMEDIATELY took steps to handle it.

“There’s a little success secrit I just revealed in the previous sentence that I’ll get into more in a future email.”

I’m 42 now and don’t have any cellulite. And I’ve never had any surgery to get rid of it either.

So what does that tell you about the commonly held belief that the only way to truly get rid of cellulite is through plastic surgery?

It tells you that it’s just another lie, another scam to rip you off.

Or it could be the so-called experts are just plain ignorant.

Want more proof?

Then just look at this testimonial from one of my coaching clients:


By the way, I think you are missing a benefit on your superbeing web site…this might not seem like much to you as a bloke but I’ve been DELIGHTED about it and I’m not even following the 100% diet… LOSS OF CELLULITE. I won’t say any more because it’s a bit embarrasing. but I’ve been amazed that this can be affected without ANY change in the way of exercise, purely by diet. :0)

Please keep the ezines coming!!!



Jonine was talking about eating a partial Raw Food Diet.

Jonine told me she was only eating only a 50% Raw Food Diet – yet she noticed a dramatic decrease in her cellulite.

I’m sure there are hundreds of others who have had the same experience.

Going raw may not solve this problem 100% for everyone. That’s when you need the extra information that I describe in the FAQ # 87 of the Bodyweight Fitness Secrets ebook that you get as a value added bonus to the Lightning Speed Fitness Program.

Now get movin and do some ejercicio,

Roger Haeske
The Youth Restorer

P.S. Get the “Concentration Camp” secret for eliminating loose, sagging or hanging skin, regardless of how quickly you’re droppin the flab. And save up to $13,000 or more by avoiding needless and risky plastic surgery.

You’ll find this info in FAQ # 87 of the Bodyweight Fitness Secrits – FAQ Manual, which is just one of the many life-changing bonuses you’ll enjoy in my best selling Lightning Speed Fitness Program.


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