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Struggling with Candida Albicans, yeast infection or a UTI?

Find out more about a quick acting & only “7 cents per dose” solution that’s been suppressed by the medical mafia for 100 years.

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We’ve been getting a number of different questions about Dr. Jennifer Daniels – Candida Cleaner and so I’d like to answer some of those questions now.

1. The most frequent question we’re getting is “When will the Candida Cleaner program be ready for sale?”

Some people are in urgent need of the program and want it as soon as possible.

All I can say is that we’re doing our best to get it ready for you as soon as possible. If we’re lucky then maybe sometime this week.

But it’s more likely that early next week is when the program will finally be ready for download.

We’ve been working on it feverishly and making sure to include all of the relevant experiences that Dr. Daniels has had in healing hundreds of candida patients.

Of course, we will have future updates to the program based on customer feedback. And we may add in a Question and Answer teleseminar for customers of the program.

That way no stone will be left unturned.

2. Below is a series of related questions I received in one email.

Do her programs require that someone become a vegetarian or raw foodist?

RH: You definitely do not have to be a raw foodist. Basically we have a Raw Food Diet Menu and a menu for people who are still eating cooked food.


As for becoming a vegetarian, I had to ask Dr. Daniels as I wasn’t sure. So here is her response to me.

Dr. Daniels: The success rate is much less. I have found that if they reduce their meat or animal intake to once a week and take the Miracle Candida Cleaner, the results are much more dramatic.

However, a regular meat eater will get the same initial relief but will relapse.

RH: I might add that the actual Candida Cleaner treatment should take 5-days or less to work after you’ve actually started taking the treatment.

Unless you have multiple health conditions. Then it can take longer.

I suspect you’d only have to be vegetarian until you’ve healed yourself fully. If you later on decide to eat lean cuts of organic meat and do so sparingly I believe you may be just fine.

Problem here is that I’m out of touch with Dr. Daniels for the moment and can’t get the exact details on this part of the answer. I’m just going on what I know from my own experience.

So I might have to get back with you if she tells me my answer was incorrect.

A problem with meat is that it’s usually high in fat and so that is one of the factors you’re trying to avoid.


Can someone who is not completely raw have success with Dr. Daniels’ programs?

RH: I believe I’ve answered that above.


Would it be permissible for you to give me a general idea of what her dietary recommendations would be without divulging the whole program?

RH: Basically a healthy and low fat, vegetarian and preferably organic diet. Dairy products and dehydrated foods are are not recommended either.

Also eating fruit PROPERLY is a big part of being successful with the Candida Cleaner. You don’t have to eat fruit as part of the program, you simply have to eat fruit in the correct manner if you CHOOSE to eat fruit.

And there is no limitation on how much fruit you can eat. This is very different from just about every other candida diet recommendation out there.

Of course, I’ve been recommending a low fat raw diet for years in dealing with candida. But with this program you don’t have to go raw if that’s not in your current plans.

There are some other details that you’ll learn in the 5-step Candida Cleaner Program that I don’t have the time to get into here.


Ok, that’s it for the questions. We’ve also gotten a number of guesses as to what The Candida Cleaner Treatment actually was. Here are some of the guesses.

** Candida Cleaner Guesses **

Hydrogen Peroxide

Urine Therapy

Baking Soda


Olive Leaf Extract


cream of tartar


castor oil

epsom salt

None of those treatments or any other I’ve heard of or tried myself when I had candida like Oil of Oregano, garlic, Tea Tree Oil, caprylic acid, Nature’s Biotics, Primal Defense or Threelac is what her program is all about.

It’s quite unlikely that anyone will guess the cheap “7 cents per dosage” treatment correctly unless it’s one of Dr. Daniels patients.

There’s just very little information currently available about this miracle remedy that has been suppressed by the medical mafia for about 100 years.

But I can tell you this, get yourself a copy of the Merck Manual from 1899 and you can find the treatment in there. Though they don’t give you instructions on how to use it correctly.

Back in 1899 it was listed as a cure for quite a number of diseases but now if you look at the Merck Manual they only tell you that it’s poisonous and basically to stay a million miles away from it.

Luckily I know that many people back in the 1800’s have taken this treatment successfully their whole lives and lived healthily well into their 90’s. I also know that Dr. Daniels herself has been taking this since at least 1993 and she looks just fine to me.

Whether something is a poison or not is based on the dosage.

Even one of our most important nutrients “water” can kill us if we drink too much.

Yes several people have died from drinking too much water. So you need a balanced approach and make sure not to take more than Dr. Daniels recommends as a daily dose for the Candida Cleaner.

We’re very lucky that Dr. Daniels has an inquisitive mind, did a wide variety of reading, happened to be an M.D. and was willing to do experiments on herself to bring this life-changing information to modern times.

Otherwise this quick healing information might have been lost forever.

Alright then, I’ll be getting back to you soon with more information and updates as to when the Miracle Candida Cleaner will be available for download.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Infinite Potential,

Roger Haeske
The Youth Restorer

P.S. Have you (or anyone you know) been struggling with a candida albicans yeast overgrowth for years and years? Have you tried a gazillion different cures and nothing has given you permanent relief?

I bet you’ve never tried “The Candida Cleaner Treatment” that Dr. Jennifer Daniels rediscovered after doing some research in history books from the 1800’s.

This was the most powerful healing modality of the times and yet it was also the cheapest.

You can learn more about it and the medical mafia conspiracy from an insider, “Dr. Jennifer Daniels.” And by the way, she doesn’t believe it’s a conspiracy. Listen to this shocking and controversial interview to find out what she means.


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  1. What is the status on the candida cleaner? Is it available to us? If so, when, where, and how can we obtain it?

  2. Apple Cider Vinegar is great for candida, so is taking juice of 1 lemon with 1/4 tsp baking soda in a glass of water 3 times a day, and 2 TBS of coconut oil. Coconut oil can kill candida on its own too.

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