Comprehensive List of Raw Food Testimonials

Now let me be clear on something. Although your body can heal itself of many disease and ailments when switching to raw foods, I must make an important distinction.

It’s not the food that is taking the action. The food doesn’t heal you. Only your body can heal you. When you eat raw foods you provide your body with its optimal nutrition and at the same time you dramatically lower the toxic load of your diet.

This is really important. By reducing the toxins dramatically it allows your body the energy to heal itself. The reason you were getting sick before was due to an excess of toxins and poor bodily building material.

How can you expect to build the finest mansion if the wood you use to build it with is burned, rotting or water logged? The same holds true with your body. When you give it the finest building materials available: fresh, ripe, raw and organic foods, then and only then can you build the finest, most beautiful and healthy body.

Raw foods are not intelligent once they are eaten, your body does the healing. It takes the nutrients and decides what to do with them.

The reason this is important to state is that so many supplement manufacturers attribute intelligence and action to supplements. Raw foods and supplements don’t actually DO, your body is responsible for the doing.

Now for a long list of Raw Food Testimonial Resources:

This is great for people to convince their sick friends and family members to give the Raw Food Diet a try.

Once they’re convinced that they should try going raw, why don’t you send them over to my Raw Food Coaching Website to make it as easy as possible for them to go raw and stay raw.

Raw Food Diet Testimonial Links:

Note: If you know of other websites I didn’t list with Raw Food Testimonials then please link to them in the comments section of this post. I want this to be a resource with as many raw and live food testimonial links as possible.

My Story: How I Overcame 6.5 Years of Depression, Panic Attacks, etc.

Testimonials From My Coaching Clients and Members

Prostate: My 83 Year Old Grandfather Goes Raw and Heals His Prostate. Working for 5 months already.

Important Note: You can go to this site below and search for loads of Raw Food Diet testimonials. Many diseases are listed, that you may not directly see on this page. This is with a diet that isn’t always 100% raw. Even without going 100% raw, many people have cured the so-called incurable.

Cancer Testimonials

Overcame schizophrenia, depression and Celiac Disease

Articles of people overcoming all sorts of conditions including asthma, ulcerative colitis, diabetes, lupus, breast cancer, migraines, Epstein-Barr, hearing restored, etc.

Multiple sclerosis:

My Success with a low fat raw food diet and a client’s success:

Follow the thread for many testimonials of Dr. Douglass Graham’s Program.

Several testimonials and some from famous raw foodists.

Several Testimonials further down the page.

Matt Goodman overcame MS.

Mathew Grace, also overcame MS.

Weight loss with pictures.

Raw Food Testimonials Message Board: Hundreds of raw food testimonials



Schizophrenia, Depression, Weight Loss

Liver Transplant and off Supposed Lifetime Medications in Six Months:

Grave’s Disease:

General Raw Food Testimonials

This should help inspire some confidence in eating raw.

Note: I’m not claiming that I recommend the raw food protocols that these people have used. The ultimate in healing and results will come if you follow the Optimal Raw Food Diet that I teach and recommend.

In fact, some versions of the raw food diet can do rapid damage to your health. There are many raw food myths out there. You can read about and listen to many of those myths being debunked here:

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske


Comprehensive List of Raw Food Testimonials — 5 Comments

  1. How do you feel about fasting in order to speed up the detoxification process? Does fasting make the transition to 100% raw any easier? Thank you.

  2. I generally endorse supervised water fasting. But I can’t get into any details on the blog.

    I’d have to know much more and spend more time reviewing your particular information. You can get this kind of expert coaching and support at a very reasonable price by becoming a member of


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  5. I have not been able to find anyone else who has my problem… can anyone help? I’ve been taking pain medication for several months now and even though I don’t need it anymore, I haven’t been able to stop because the withdrawals are so bad. If anyone has any experience with this and believes that a raw diet could help me please let me know! Thanks so much, Lee Ann

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