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“Here’s a REAL Superfood Found in Yer Supermarket”

There’s a lot of lying for profit going on in the raw food world about superfoods.

Most of these superfoods are just a way to drain more money out of your wallet. And many of these so-called superfoods are actually dangerous to your health.

For example the whole Raw Cacao business. Firstly the so-called raw cacao (found out years later that it wasn’t even raw) has no nutrients you can’t easily find in vegetables.

Secondly it’s a stimulant like coffee. And it’s certainly NOT a food.

Then there’s the whole Himalayan Sea Salt craze.

Well guess what, salt in its crystallized form is a poison to humans and plant life. It kills the cells it comes into contact with. Just try putting Himalayan Sea Salt on an open wound.

Doesn’t matter if it’s Himalayan or from some ancient underground ocean in Utah, it’s still crystallized salt that would dehydrate and rip your cells apart even if you mixed it with water which is essentially ocean water. And we know we’re not supposed to drink ocean water.

Also eating salt causes you to retain water. The body stores the excess water to help dilute the poison as much as possible.

But anyways, I’m not going off on a whole list of fake superfoods today. But I might in the near future.

Instead what I want to do is share with you a TRUE, honest to goodness superfood.

One that you can find in your supermarket and is cheap as far as superfoods go.

I did some research on this superfood the other day and found it had the highest nutrient balance score of any food I food I’ve ever reviewed.

It’s absolutely packed to the gill with vitamins and minerals.

It’s loaded with fiber.

It has a better than perfect amino acid score of 119. Heck 30% of the calories come from protein.

Of course, for any food to qualify as a superfood in my book, it must be easily digestible. Which this food is.

And it must not contain so many toxins that you’re worse off by eating it than by not eating it.

And it must actually be a FOOD. Something you could make a meal of.

Garlic for instance certainly couldn’t be classified as Superfood in this system for several of the reasons mentioned above.

And to top it off this real superfood has a 5 to 1 advantage in Omega 3 fatty acids versus Omega 6 fatty acids. In many foods that equation runs super high in favor of Omega 6’s and too much Omega 6 in relation to Omega 3’s can cause lots of health problems like heart disease for instance.

Oh and I forget this important fact. This food is loaded with organic sodium.

That means sodium coming from a plant source and not from a rock or crystal. That means you’re body can actually use this sodium for its sodium needs without burning you up inside and doing cellular damage.

There’s one more thing, this superfood happens to make the most incredible Savory Veggie Stews. It’s our preferred green to use in our raw stews because it makes the best tasting stews, not because it’s a superfood.

Of course, by now you may have guessed this supermarket superfood. It’s Popeye’s secret to super strength – SPINACH.

And you know if you want to build muscle on a raw diet I’d suggest you eat a lot in the way of spinach. Spinach is the ideal raw vegan source of protein. So if you think you need a little boost in protein then just load up on Spinach.

We’ve had many testimonials of people doubling or tripling their intake of nutrient rich spinach and other greens due to discovering the taste miracle of Savory Veggie Stews. Here’s one of the latest.


After several years of ‘messing around’ with raw (good results & bad), your SVS was truly a breakthrough for me. I love my green smoothies & fruit, and even raw veggies & salads. Greens were a problem. I was on a constant quest for the perfect dip or dressing to make munching all those veggies easier. I did not like green soups or blended salads. Too much ‘faux-this & mock-that’ made me sick because of all the fat. I often craved a non-sweet, chewable, satisfying meal. BINGO! You did it! I love the SVS base and have had fun trying different variations. My favorite, so far, is to just sprinkle some frozen organic yellow corn on top with my other crunchies. I’m finally getting my quota of greens. I don’t feel deprived of a ‘real meal’ any more. Thank you!

Mariel Crook


Enjoy your Summer,

Roger Haeske
The 42-Year Old Teenager

P.S. We’ve got a special going on this week in which we’re throwing together some delicious recipe bonuses for anyone who gets a copy of Savory Veggie Stews…


** Savory Stews Summer Solstice Special **

Just make sure to get your copy of Savory Veggie Stews by this Friday June 25 at 9pm Eastern Daylight Time or GMT-4 to lock in your summer recipe bonuses created by the Raw Stew Mistress, my beautiful Karmyn.

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=> List of the Bonus Recipes – $25.00 Value

* Pickle Dilly Stew

Missing dill pickles?  This stew’s for you.  This is a dill seasoned variation of Savory Veggie Stews that has a surprise or two in it that really satisfies the taste buds. No salt added and no fermentation either. You get the pickle flavor without the health problems associated with eating pickles.

* Mama-te Stuffed Tomato Halves

Makes a great final dinner course.  Enjoy the summer tomatoes with a light nut pate that’s lower in fat than the nut pates that are out there. This is a really fun snack or party food.

Reminds me of stuffed eggs only better.

* Savory Veggie GUMBO.

I really enjoyed eating this one.  When my Karmyn first told me she was making a low fat raw version of gumbo I couldn’t believe it. She wanted to make something that reminded her of her Aunt’s gumbo that she enjoyed when she was a little girl.  Could she possibly pull it off?  (She did and it was GOOD).

* Light N Tasty Thai Delight

A tasty and satisfying appetizer or 2nd course recipe.  It’s a great recipe to prepare when you’re craving Thai Food and you want to make something quick and tasty.  Perfect summer recipe.

* Ono’s Rico Rolls

Perfect for those who don’t like spicy foods and a child friendly recipe.  Karmyn wanted to make a simple recipe for our 3 year old, Andrew (who calls himself Ono) to enjoy.  It turns out we enjoyed it too.

* Rico Rolls Lite

Craving Nori rolls without the fat?  Make yourself some Rico Rolls Lite.  Most nori roll recipes out there are made with tons of fat but these are delicious and flavorful without the added fat. Perfect summertime recipe, especially for those who are watching their fat intake.

* Sunshine Mango Romaine Salad

This recipe is a light and filling meal.  Mango season has kicked off in Florida–now is the time to enjoy some sweet, non-heat treated mangos from the Sunshine State.

* Summer Blueberry Peach Cobbler

Now’s the perfect time to enjoy the delicious combination of the sweet peaches with the sweet tart blueberries along with a couple more surprises that really makes this low fat raw cobbler stand out.  This cobbler can be made in less than 5 minutes.

* I Can’t Believe It’s Not Edamame!

Karmyn did it again.  She took something simple and made it into something DELIGHTFUL.  You won’t believe what 2 little ingredients had the power to make something so simple, yet so good.

* Who Needs Bananas? Fruit Salad

This simple three fruit salad is a great alternative for those who want a meal free from bananas.  With this salad you can take advantage of some of the delicious summer fruits.


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