Works Better Than Coffee To Wake You Up… Completely Natural

There’s a way to feel wide awake and perform at your highest mental and physical level possible without the negative side effects of drinking coffee.

In fact, I’ve had to use it the last three days because I’ve slept much less than I normally would. But on each of these days I’ve been quite productive and that is due to one thing.

Doing Lightning Aerobics.

Lightning Aerobics is a special way of doing aerobics. It’s got some incredible benefits to it, one of which is to make you more wakeful and alert. It’s also a super energizer as I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

Somehow it always seems to give me more energy than I put into it. It’s an energy multiplier and super detoxifier. It’s my secret weapon against fatigue due to a lack of sleep.

Even though I’m pretty tired today, I still did my Lightning Aerobics routine and I recorded it for you to follow along with me. And I’m writing this post to you.

In previous years, this day would have been a complete waste. I’d either take a long nap and feel disoriented or I’d just slog through the day and barely get anything done because I didn’t feel good.

I must also add, that another reason I’m doing well on less sleep than normal is because of being on a Raw Food Diet. In my cooked food days when I hadn’t slept enough, I always felt in a lot of pain. Lack of sleep was very uncomfortable for me.

For some reason missing sleep is much less painful when you’re 100% raw. It’s not something I recommend doing to purposely not sleep, but when it happens, you can better cope with it as a raw foodist than a cooked foodist.

If you want to unleash more of the Superbeing inside of you then I highly recommend you start adding more raw foods to your diet and gradually decrease the cooked foods.

Uploaded Today: Brand New Audio For Lightning Speed Fitness Program Customers

Today I recorded another Lightning Aerobics workout audio. And I’ve already uploaded it to the download page of Lightning Speed Fitness Program.

At the beginning of this audio I also share one of the most powerful anti-aging tips I know of. I’m surprised that more people don’t know this. So many people think they can get away with doing this and still be healthy.

They put too little value into this life secret. Not only does it make you look younger, it makes you stronger, has been scientifically proven to increase muscle size, makes you think more clearly and allows you to detoxify at a much deeper level.

Actually all of these statements above have been proven in countless studies and through my own experimentations.

If you want to get your hands on these life, fitness and health improving secrets then you need to order the Lightning Speed Fitness Program right away.

Hurry –These Audios Only Available Until Monday

After this Monday, November 12, at Midnight: I’ll be removing some of these extra audio bonuses and adding them to an advanced version of the Lightning Speed Fitness Program that will sell for about double the price of the current program.

So if you still haven’t joined the Lightning Speed Fitness Revolution then now’s the time to do so. The workout audio I recorded today is 27-minutes long and I also added in some new exercises into the Lightning Aerobics routine.

There’s over an hour of audios I’ve added to the program in the last two weeks. Audios that will make a difference in your life.

So go on over to and start listening your way to explosive energy and fitness levels.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske

P.S. You’ll be able to download these audios at any time. They’ll motivate you to exercise because you can get fit with me. While you can’t see me doing the exercise you get the benefit of not having to look and yet you can still do the workout.

Audios instruction is great because you can listen in while doing other tasks. You can’t do that when reading or watching televsion. Listening to audios is the great multi-tasking secret. Also you get extreme portability with downloadable mp3 audios. You can listen on your computer or on your mp3 player.

P.P.S. Can you talk and grow rich? Listen to this recent post to find out.

P.P.S. If you missed Frederic Patenaude’s first free webinar for How To Make A Living In The Natural Health Movement, you still have a chance to participate. Make sure to visit this page to sign up for the autoresponder course to get the announcement. From what I heard it will only be available for the next two or three days.



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