Grows Blubber Rapidly: Ain’t Calories

There’s a surprising thing I learned long ago that makes people put on the whale blubber rapidly even while watching their calories.

Yes indeed there’s another factor besides eating excess calories that can make you overweight or even obese.

The funny thing is some people in certain circles would make you believe this is the only cause of weight gain.

But I can assure you that if you overeat calories for most people (unless you have absorption problems) you are going to put on poundage.

Ok, I’ll get back to that in a minute.

The powerful reason besides calories you may be gaining weight is excess toxins in your diet.

This is why an Optimal Raw Food Diet – is so incredibly effective at helping people drop flab.

You see, raw fruits are the absolute lowest toxin foods in the human diet. Then next on the list would be raw vegetables.

When you cook any food, even raw fruit you are playing chemistry and creating thousands of toxic molecules that did not exist in the raw food. These are called Maillard Molecules and have been studied scientifically.

This is why so many people going raw find they are getting skinny even though they feel like they’re eating a ton of calories.

It’s just a super low toxin way of eating if done correctly.

Here’s how to go raw the right way:

So imagine, not only do most people eat cooked food, but they eat high toxin foods even before they are cooked.

This constant influx of toxins overwhelms your body’s resources. Eventually it just doesn’t have the energy and resources to get rid of all of these toxins and artificial chemicals added to today’s foods.

So instead of flushing them out through your urine and stools the body stores these toxins in non-vital organs and fat cells.

Your body is doing the best job it can to protect you from this overload of toxins and it knows that the fat cells is a “relatively” safe place to store these toxins until such time it has the energy to get rid of them completely.

So is there any science behind this theory?

I believe there is and certainly there’s experience as well.

Back in the 1980’s they did a study on rats. Two groups of rats were fed the exact same amount of calories.

One group was fed their rat chow and the other group was fed a junk food diet.

Of course, even though they were eating the same calories the junk food group of rats gained about 20% more weight than the rat chow fed rats. (I’m going by memory, my numbers are likely off a bit.)

Then I’ve also been talking to a doctor who came up with a weight reduction program for severely obese people. I’m talking people 300 pounds and above.

This doctor discovered that these obese people could consistently drop 5 Lbs or pownds a week or more while not having to cut calories. And they dropped blubber like this for more than a month at a time until they got near their goal weight.

There’s no way you could drop flab that quickly if you based fat loss 100% on calories alone. And after a month or more you’re not losing only water weight either… tis the blubber that’s goin bye bye.

Mind you, you can get fat even on a really pure Raw Food Diet. I know someone who gained 40 pounds while eating like this. I suppose he’s trying to prove that you can be a Sumo wrestler even on a diet consisting of mostly fruits and greens.

Of course, this individual eats a ton of fruit and therefore getting WAY more calories than he needs per day.

So realize calories are not the only factor which could be putting the extra whale blubber on you.

Lower the toxins in your diet by increasing the raw fruits and vegetables you consume and you’ll quickly see yourself in the mirror looking thinner and thinner.

** Try This to Drop the Flab **

Why don’t you simply change your breakfast meal to just eating juicy fruits? Instead of eating super toxic cereals, toast, butter, milk, bacon, eggs and even pasteurized orange juice, instead have a breakfast of grapes.

Or make yourself a smoothie or two like I do.

Start doing that daily and you should notice that you’re not only getting thinner but you might also notice that you have more energy and that you feel happier.

If you aren’t already eating raw then give it a shot and let me know of your results.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Infinite Potential,

Roger Haeske
The Youth Restorer

P.S. Exercise of course is a crucial component of staying thin and making you happy. The Lightning Speed Fitness Program has a series of blubber melting, 1 to 5 minute Mini-Workouts that you can do just about anywhere. Drop your gym membership today and learn how to turn your body into the ultimate portable gym.

P.P.S. A HUGE and satisfying Savory Veggie Stew is only about 192 calories. Why not start your dinner with one or two of our hearty and delicious raw stews. Not only will you be decreasing your calories dramatically, you’ll also be eating a low toxin food that helps you chop off ye marbled fat pronto.

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