Beat the Heat with Homo-Ice Coolant

Man are we having a HEAT WAVE here in NJ and in the North East.

Luckily for me I have a built in Homo-Ice Coolant System.

What do I mean?

Well let me tell what I did yesterday in the 97 degree (36 Celsius) heat. I did 8 sets of the Youth Restorer Exercise outside in blistering heat.

Yet it wasn’t that bad for me actually.

In fact, I walked to the location about 20 minutes away where I did the Youth Restorers and brought no water with me nor had any there.

The Youth Restorer exercise is super-intense as a result I got my pulse up to close to it’s maximum 8 times.

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Then I walked back home another 20 minutes and as I was walking home I was extremely surprised to notice that I was barely sweating at all after doing the Youth Restorers and having been out in the sun for 57-minutes.

I could only feel a little sweat on my forehead and that was about it.

I was outside with my shirt off the whole time and could barely feel the heat from the sun on my skin.

What’s my secret to generating my very own Homo-Ice Cooling System?

It has everything to do with what I don’t eat.

I don’t eat super hard to digest foods that most people eat like hamburgers, French fries and ice cream. Digestion creates a lot of heat and wastes energy.

You want your body to run smoothly with little friction from digestion.

Instead I eat foods that actually drop the physical temperature of the body down a few degrees and makes it easy to beat the summertime heat.

I’m talking about raw fruits and vegetables.

I found that as soon as I went 100% raw it felt about 7 degrees cooler to me in the summertime than it used to when I ate cooked foods.

The funny thing is that in the wintertime I’m even more adapted to cold weather than in my cooked food days. I have a much bigger temperature range that I’m comfortable in as a result of eating the natural diet for humans.

One summer I didn’t use my air conditioner at all. And this past winter we stayed in the warmest town in Panama (that’s right Central America near the equator) with no air-conditioning.

And we were there in the middle of their summer in the dry season and its super humid there. Much more so than here in NJ.

If you want to save a $200 to $300 per year or more on your electric bills (due to running your air-conditioner constantly and breathing that stuffy and cooked air) or if you want a super athletic advantage for hot weather days then maybe you should consider eating a the Optimal Raw Food Diet the way I do.

It’ll make the heat WAY easier to tolerate and give you many Super-Hero-like advantages.

In fact, I love to get outside in the hot weather and soak up the healing energy from the sun because my body craves sunlight.

Stay Cool and Get Super Hero Powers,

Roger Haeske
Superbeing Trainer and Youth Restorer

P.S. You can learn more about the Youth Restorer exercise here on this old blog post:

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