My Unfiltered Opinion of Kangen Water

Recently I sent out an email about my friend El’s miraculous healing experience.

You can read it HERE

“My Friend El’s Speed Healing Secret”

He believed it was as a result of drinking about 11 or 12 glasses of Kangen or ionized water in one evening after he’d torn his calf muscle while running a marathon and had extreme swelling and discomfort.

I was very excited about what he discovered and was lucky enough to stay at his place for about 4 days and be able to drink the Kangen water from his machine as much as I wanted.

Anyways, after drinking the water which was set to a 9.5 in terms of alkalinity, I noticed something very strange.

The water just felt funny inside of me as I drank it. It didn’t feel natural or harmonious to me in any way. It sort of reminded me of distilled water.

I always disliked distilled water for some reason. It just never felt right to me and so I don’t drink it.

Some people claim distilled water is cooked water and I’d have to agree.

I felt the same if not worse with the “very expensive” (I found that out later) Kangen water.

Every day in which I drank plenty of this Kangen water I had a bad aftertaste in my mouth throughout the whole entire day.

It was if I was burping up the food I ate at dinnertime and it lasted all day long.

As soon as I stopped drinking the 9.5 or even the 8.5 pH water setting this uncomfortable sensation went away.

It was quite an unpleasant experience.

Compare that with drinking freshly squeezed orange juice or eating freshly picked blueberries.

Those have incredibly good and harmonic vibrations and the Kangen water had an incredibly bad vibration. It was irritating.

Also I noticed no health benefits or advantages to drinking the water. So why bother?

My friend El said he and others get a high from drinking lots of the 9.5 Kangen water on an empty stomach.

I experienced no such high. Though I was looking forward to feeling it. Maybe I couldn’t feel it because I’m already high most of the time from eating an Optimal Raw Food Diet of raw fruits, vegetables and limited quantities of raw fatty foods like nuts and avocados.

Maybe this is good for people who eat cooked food. But I don’t think so.

My intuition tells me to stay far away from the Kangen water. Stick to nature to water flowing from streams and wells.

And maybe just maybe my friend healed his torn calf muscle because he drank 12 glasses of water. Not that it was some kind of special alkalized water. Just that he drank a load of water at one time. Maybe that assisted his body in the rapid healing of the torn calf muscle.

Then again it could have been the placebo effect.

I should have had that placebo working in my favor, but that didn’t stop me from noticing all of the problems with the Kangen water.

Trust me I’ve tried these kinds of waters before. In the past I added drops to the water to make it ionized.

That caused problems as well.

I’ve read all about these machines and I figured instead trying to prove this scientifically the best way to know for sure would just be to try it.

For me, I don’t think Kangen water will be anything I’ll be drinking again anytime soon.

I’ll stick to the best water on the planet. The naturally structured and distilled water found in fresh and ripe fruits and vegetables.

To a raw foodist like me and or true health enthusiast the Kangen water is going to be a waste of time and money.

If you want to be young, healthy and happy all of the time, the only natural way to do that is to eat your natural diet, an Optimal Raw Food Diet – for several myth busting and free audios.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Infinite Potential,

Roger Haeske
The 43-Year Old Teenager

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My Unfiltered Opinion of Kangen Water — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve wondered about the Kangen water myself. I know quite a few people who are into it in my area. I have drank it for a period in the past, and noticed some difference in my energy levels. I was not sure however, whether it was the property of the water or the simple fact that I was better hydrated because I was drinking more water consistently.
    Acidity is the direct waste byproduct of cellular metabolism, which is removed from the cells and intercellular spaces by water. Dehydration interferes with this process of cellular waste removal.
    I question the wisdom of drinking water that is unnaturally high in alkalinity on a consistent basis. Is this not imbalance in the other direction? Certainly there would be value in the filtering aspect of the machine, removing toxins, such as chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals, but of what consequence would be the drinking of water of an unnatural alkalinity over an extended period of time? Therapeutic doses, or regimens I could see. Has anyone done blood work that reveals the process?
    How does the Kangen water compare to the ERT restructured water? Russian research has revealed that restructured is more available to the body at the cellular level as it reproduces the structure that the cells structure the water to. Victor Schauberger felt that the only water that is healthful to drink is Mature water, water that has gone through the entire water cycle and has emerged from the Earth ready to provide us with its life enhancing qualities. He felt that ‘immature’ water, which includes well water because it has not yet emerged from the Earth is detrimental to our health. David Wolfe believes that well water contains biotic life that causes calcification when put into our bodies. Dr. F. Batmanghelidj discovered that dehydration is one of the primary causes of illness, and that most health issues can be resolved simply with adequate hydration. In his work, Dr. Masaru Emoto has found that water has a crystalline structure, and that valuable water has a beautiful and balanced symmetry, while contaminated water, or non vital water has a misshapen or non existent crystalline structure. Water is crucial to good health, this we know for sure. The structure of the water that is most beneficial for our optimal health…perhaps we are still learning about. For sure, simply removing chlorine, fluoride and microbial life from our water will vastly improve its affect on our health.

  2. Hey Gary, distilled water is cooked water and in my opinion is dead water. It may have most impurities removed from it, but the distillation process also removes the beneficial minerals that we find in natural spring water.

    I also noticed an unnatural feeling when drinking alkaline water for a week. The friend provided the water for me suggested that the “unnatural” feeling was the high pH in the alkaline water detoxifying my body. The funny thing is that I eat primarily a raw vegan diet and do bikram yoga regularly, so I consider my body to be pure to begin with.
    I personally would like to see some scientifically / university backed research on the true health benefits of alkaline water. Though I don’t see this happening as the United States FDA wont approve anything that wont make the pharmaceutical companies any a buck.
    Be well,

  3. I drank the water for 1 day and it was a bad experience. I had a horrible taste in my mouth. I have a slight milk allergy and it felt like I had just drank a large glass of milk. It was a horrable feeling that lasted 2 days. As if something was rotting in me. It felt like a bad energy. Maybe the jug that the water came in had bacteria growing in it. It was foul.


    Basically, you would want to have a reverse osmosis treatment system hooked up to your household water line, maybe some additional filters, then connect the alkaline-system like Kangen up.

    Additionally, you actually do not want to neutralise stomach acidity beyond a certain point as then you cannot digest or even break down any ingested substances, which can contaminate your system further. Reducing overall blood acidity levels is a preferable aim, especially for sufferers of gout etc. Drinking water through an alkaline system (assuming it adds alkaline minerals to the water after – most don’t) would neutralise stomach acid first before blood diffusion occurs.

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