Scorching Rawdventure Across Beautiful USA

We finally did it, we moved to the great West Coast of the USA.

We’ve left my long time home of Central, NJ for greener pastures.

Southern Oregon is incredibly beautiful. There’s such a calming NATURE vibration. Something you don’t get in the suburban and urban parts of NJ.

Though there are some really gorgeous natural places to live even in NJ.

But after Karmyn, Andrew and I visited my father last year in Oregon, Karmyn really loved it here and so we decided to move. Mind you, I love it here as well.

Everywhere we go we see such incredible beauty and feel at peace.

We had a long, hard and hot journey to get here across the gorgeous United States. Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and Oregon where my favorites in terms of scenery on Route 80 and the route we took.

We also took route 140 in Nevada and Oregon and that was an incredible sight with the desert, mountains, cliffs and blue skies.

We even saw a desert with sand dunes. In the truck I drove with our Manny Eduardo (Karmyn and Andrew flew ahead of us) and about an hour or two before we saw the sand dune desert Eduardo was telling me how he always fantasized about seeing a real desert with miles of sand.

And soon enough after, that’s pretty much what we saw in Nevada on rte 95 I believe. The last half of the trip across the United States was visually stunning. I felt I was visually EATING up the scenery. Getting full on something I was deprived of, the visual beauty of nature.

It was a difficult journey and one filled with adventure, mechanical problems and spiritual growth.

And surprisingly to me it was really easy for us to stay raw.

I ate completely different raw foods than I normally do on this trip. I think on the whole trip of about 5.5 days I ate only 5 to 7 bananas.

Normally, I have my banana smoothies for breakfast and lunch and then I’d have my Savory Veggie Stews and possibly an avocado or two on some evenings.

But because we were traveling I simply wasn’t able to eat my normal raw fare.

I did however eat a lot of a food I normally don’t eat. But it’s a super cooling food and that’s exactly what we needed in an old 1996 used U-Haul truck (now my R-Haul) that didn’t have a working air conditioner.

Not only was the AC not working but the floorboards on the passenger side would get really hot under our feet.

And the box top was so windy that we often couldn’t even keep the windows fully open. It gets incredibly windy in a U-Haul even at a slow 65 mph. And sometimes we were in super windy areas.

So I was naturally drawn to eating juicy fruit and especially to grapefruit.

Early on in my raw food days I discovered through reading and personal experimentation that eating grapefruit and other citrus fruit can keep you super-cool.

On our trip we brought a whole bunch of dates and other fruit. We also would stop in supermarkets along the way and pick up whatever fruits interested us.

I made several meals of bing cherries. But the highlight of the cherries was the Rainer cherries. They are so delicious. Worth the extra money as a raw treat every now and then.

I must say, that I also ate a LOT less food than normal. Somehow sitting in that truck all day long didn’t exactly stimulate my appetite. I think it’s a combination of inactivity and the fact that we were sitting in a bent position all day long that shut down our stomach juices.

You know what, I also think that the hot weather also repelled my appetite. I know when it’s really hot I usually eat less.

Overall, I’m sure I ate at least 1/3 less calories on this trip than I normally do.

The last day I probably ate half of my normal daily caloric intake while we drove about 16 hours.

My body just wasn’t asking for food.

But it’s good to realize how easy it was to stay 100% raw. Even though I wasn’t using my Vitamix Blender at all. A tool I normally use about 5 times a day.

We were eating lots of mono meals. I also ate a lot of apples. Not something I’m usually interested in. But I loved the Magnetic Miracle Juice — I got from the apples.

I used apples and celery as a natural toothbrush, especially after eating dates. The celery worked fantastic for cleaning my teeth.

But I must say my intake of greens was limited to an average of about 4 stalks of celery per day.

This is about an 85% decrease or more in the greens I normally eat in a day.

Savory Veggie Stews – taste so hearty and delicious that I just want to eat a ton of greens when I have the chance to make them.

I think this is a good thing as MANY a raw foodists has failed at staying 100% raw over the long term due to not getting in enough in the way of mineral rich foods.

So if you’re not eating at least a large head of romaine lettuce per day or a large bag of spinach or a full head of celery (if not more) then you are almost certainly not getting enough greens in your raw diet.

Savory Veggie Stews makes you WANT to eat your raw vegetables every night. It’s not a chore eating greens anymore and it’s actually much easier than making a salad. And after a while eating salads all the time can get perty boring if you know what I mean.

Even though I was dead tired and not that hungry last night, I still made two batches of Savory Veggie Stews.

Eduardo told me he wanted to eat 5-gallons in the way of greens last night. Of course, he meant in the form of Savory Veggie Stews.

Fill up on them tonight…

Alrighty then, I’ve got WAY more to share with you about our trip in future emails.

I’ve even discovered a powerful system to wake me up when I was sick and tired of driving and feeling really uncomfortable and wanting to quit.

It completely energized me. I started using it after 2 days of driving. And it’s actually a lot of fun.

I did a whole workout in the truck (working almost every muscle in my body) and came up with probably over 20 different exercises you can do while driving or being a passenger.

It’s simply an extension of a system (that I’ve never released to the public) I came up with a couple of years ago. But now it’s WAY better because of the new exercises I discovered.

This was really useful as it extended our ability to drive much longer. I mean I was ready to go an extra 3 hours because I felt alive and energized. The body just suffers when it doesn’t get enough oxygen and movement.

Being so sedentary (driving for 10 hours a day) is not normal or healthy for the body. But I found a great way to beat it.

I’ll be telling you more about my Lazy Fitness System (and how to get it dirt-cheap) in the coming days. It’s also a fantastic way to get a workout in even while working at your desk.

If you’re lazy but you want the health, happiness, youth restoring, fitness, intelligence increasing and beauty benefits of exercise, you’ll want to do Lazy Fitness too.

Talk to you later,

Roger Haeske
The 43-Year Old Teenager

P.S. The second day after I started using my Lazy Fitness system in the R-Haul truck my abs were really sore. Yes you can get a great workout, even your biceps, forearms, fingers, abs, legs, shoulders, hands, butt, feet, neck and more while you’re driving your car or truck.

If that isn’t a time saver I don’t know what is. You can get in a hard, energizing and invigorating workout while you’re driving to work.

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