Why Reading Books Can Delay Success

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“Why Reading Books Can Delay Success”

In a recent Magic Idea (Where To Find the Solutions To All Of Your Problems) I told you that bookstores and libraries where a fantastic problem solving and success resource.

And while books, articles, emails, audio and video educational programs are great… they are not the fastest way to success within your chosen field or problem area.

In fact, they could delay your success for many years for at least two important reasons.

1. You may be reading the wrong books.

Case Study – I know this guy who read all sorts of raw food books and had even read MANY self-help and spiritual books as well. But he just couldn’t manage to stay 100% raw even though he wanted to.

Turns out the books were actually confusing to him. He didn’t know which one to follow. The advice was contradictory in many of these raw food books.

For five long years he made at least 30 attempts to go 100% raw but just couldn’t do it longer than 3-months at a time.

It wasn’t until he found a mentor that he succeeded at going 100% raw. And when he found that right mentor it only took him a week to go 100% raw and stay that way.

That mentor cleared away years of bad ideas and nutritional myths he had read about in raw food and general books on nutrition. As long as those false beliefs were there, he’d never have been able to go 100% raw.

It was the bad ideas he picked up in the wrong books and speaking to the wrong people (people who had gone raw but were no longer raw) that kept him from being able to stay 100% raw.

2. How can you tell from a book what your specific problem or appropriate next action to take actually is?

Case Study – This young man just graduating from college knew he wanted to help improve the world. He was so grateful for how his life had improved that he wanted to share his success with others.

He wanted to help people discover that they were powerful SPIRITUAL beings with unlimited potential and that they were always loved. He searched far and wide for a job that made him happy and gave him fulfillment. Yet in none of those jobs could he find his real calling.

Work for him was a miserable chore. Something he had to do but not something he wanted to do.

He read lots of books on marketing and spent a lot of money on expensive audio marketing programs and success audios. But finding his ideal job or career was not happening.

In fact, it took him 14 years until he was finally able to make a full time living doing what he loved to do.

But there was one thing he could have done that would have brought him to success in 3 years or less. Something that could have shortcutted him to his dream at least 400% faster and saved him 11 years over just reading books and studying audio training programs.

All he needed was the right mentor or coach.

There’s nothing that can take you to success faster in life than getting an experienced coach or mentor. And if you haven’t guessed both of these case studies were actually stories from my own life.

Yes I made it to success in business without a mentor. But I wasted a lot of valuable time by not having an experienced mentor to guide me in the right steps.

My mentor ended up being books and life experience. Books are great but they can’t do for you what a real live human can do for you.

I could have been living my dream life up to eleven years earlier and be a lot further on my life path and mission had I done so.

The problem with books is that you can’t ask them a question. You can’t always be sure if what you’re focusing on is the most important thing… or heck if it’s just a delusion or a stupid idea.

A qualified coach or mentor can totally shortcut the path to success for you.

It’s like going on a straight super highway as opposed to a curvy mountain road. Which road do you think will get you there faster?

I had the same exact thing happen to me in my spiritual studies. Once I joined a spiritual group and went to regular meetings and was around others who were experiencing what I wanted to experience, only then did I start making rapid spiritual progress in my life.

Of course, you can and should read books and study info-programs while you have a mentor. It would be a good idea to study the books and programs that your mentor recommends and in the order he/she recommends.

Here’s a cool way to get a mentor in business for phree:


SCORE’s 12,400 volunteer counselors have more than 600 business skills. Volunteers are working or retired business owners, executives and corporate leaders who share their wisdom and lessons learned in business.

You can get their help online or in person (in the USA). And remember it’s 100% phree.

My only other piece of advice is to choose your mentor wisely. And it’s ok, if for some reason the first one you chose was not quite right for you. Get the mentor that is in closest alignment with your particular direction in life.

Get someone who’s been successful in the exact field you are going into.

I hope this Magic Idea helps you to shave years of time off your path to success in whatever field you are trying to succeed in. Whether it’s fitness, diet, business, magic tricks, spiritual growth or whatever.

To Your Swift Success,

Roger Haeske
The 43-Year Old Teenager

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  1. Hi Roger,

    Do you actually meet with people for one on one coaching? I am in some very tight spots at the moment but have many large goals that most people consider impossible 🙂 especially coming from my particular circumstances and background. Nevertheless, I have perfect faith that I will make it to superbeing status in this lifetime and remain eternal! Even a phone conference would be a huge catalyst at this time. I live in the California bay area and am willing to travel eventually if need be. Thank you for all your efforts, courage, research and advice. I look forward to a meeting one day:)

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