Raw Food Blog Revolution Has Begun

Cool Raw Food Diet Blogs and Websites Listed Below

I’m so excited about all of the new raw food blogs that you guys have created. There are some really interesting ones. It’s great meet some new people who are into the raw food lifestyle via their blogs. I didn’t think many of you would actually start your own blog.

But you did and that is a victory in itself. A positive step towards raw food diet success. Keep on setting daily goals and keep on building one small success after another. As your daily victories mount, your self-confidence in your ability to go raw or to achieve anything, for that matter, increases.

Consider making it a goal to post daily. At first the blog will be mostly for you. Making a quick post can take you five minutes or less. You’ll feel better about yourself in posting. Even if you have really off days but you post, you’ll be creating a pattern of success and focus.

Setbacks are good for they help you learn the right way to do it. So don’t worry if you have a few failures, if you want to succeed in life, you have to be willing to make lots of mistakes.

The daily blogging is a great tool of focus. The greater your focus the higher your desire for going and staying raw.

Many of the submissions also came from people who already have established blogs or websites. I encourage you to check them all out.

I’m posting these submissions in the order I received them at my helpdesk. If you sent an email then don’t expect to be listed here. The submissions needed to be sent to my Customer Support Helpdesk at http://MagicQuestions.com/support

Raw Food Blogs and Websites:

From Annet van Dorsser: She has two blogs to be listed here. I believe she’s Dutch.

This is another of Annet’s blogs and is specifically for people from the Netherlands, Belgium and South-Africa.

This is Erin’s Vegan blog: I believe she’s linked to me in the past as well.


I love the title of this brand new blog by Sofia: I think you’ll enjoy it. Check out the first post on Friday, February 22nd. Best of luck and success in your new career Sofia.

This is Karen’s blog: I was excited to find out that I was her raw food diet mentor.

This is Debbie’s very attractive website:

Esme Stevens has a great raw food blog and site for starters of a raw food diet. Recipes. Diet Plans. Testimonials. Simple and practical information for beginners.


Shannon’s Raw Food Blog: Another new blog

Debbie Marsh’s Raw Food Blog:

Tom Brownsword is a certified computer security professional who has finally decided to take action and start moving towards a healthier lifestyle. Having found Roger Haeske’s blog, he decided today (Monday, February 25, 2008) to start his own blog to document his "journey" towards a raw diet. Will he make it? Keep reading the blog and find out!


Jaynie’s musings on a raw and wonderful life..

Jayne gives my blog and resources a great recommendation in a previous post from February 3rd before I even set this blog resource post up.


There were a couple of other people who had blogs or websites but for technical reasons I’m not able to put them up right now. I might add them in when the problems are resolved.

Also some of you didn’t follow my instructions and simply replied to me via email. Your submissions were not included this time. If however you resubmit to my helpdesk at http://MagicQuestions.com/support then I’ll see about editing this post and adding your blogs in.

I hope you enjoyed these wonderful resources. Each new raw food blog out there will make it easier for the next person to go raw. The more raw food blogs the better. I hope all of my readers who are interested in going raw will set up their own blogs.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske


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