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  1. Hello Roger

    Thank you for your e-mails and blogs, incredible value! I have after a longer period converted to about 90% raw. Occasionally I eat some rice or pasta to sedate myself. I find everything you said about going raw very true. Increased energy and well being. I go jogging and afterwards never have aching calves or anything as before, whether I do stretching or not. I do however have some problems: 1. I cannot sleep properly, okay I am going trough some major changes and challenges in my life all on my own, so I am stressed out anyway. But even so I do not get in my opinion decent sleep and rest. i would like to ask you what could I eat as an evening raw meal that would facilitate my sleep?
    I fall asleep about 1 am and at 3 or 4 I am already awake! If I don’t manage to sleep further a little in the morning i feel tired and irritable during the day.
    2. Icreased energy is causing me to go into some kind of overdrive,I noticed that my body temp is slightly higher than before, that must my metabolic rate speeding up. Soo it is even more difficult to get to sleep as the body temperature has to drop to be able to sleep well.
    I would like to do ‘more’, socialize more, but most of the people are sooo tired that I often end up alone in the evening at home having to drik alcohol to sedate myself somehow, as I cannot find a way of utilizing my energy in some way in the evening(don’t suggest sex ๐Ÿ™‚ as at the moment I have no partner, experiencing difficulty there because my energy seems to somehow burn intimate relationships before they even start. I find most of the men so slow taking initiative it is almost as my vibrations are so fast and crazy that the conflict arises before anything even happens. I don’t understand myself really what is going on.). I am working however on moving into an environment more appropriate with my desires, but it is taking time and it is stressful.
    Sooo my shopping basket is full of fruit and veg and wine and beer! Can you help with some advice? I’d apreciate it!
    Thank you!

  2. I live in Minnesota, bananas do not grow here. Please explain why I would eat a tropical food in the dead of
    winter. I just can’t wrap my head around that. Would it not be better to eat a locally grown diet, with in reason.For this part of the country that might be apples, pears, cabbage carrots, beets,kale squash. not much fruit in winter.

    From RH:

    The answer is very simple Judith. We are tropical creatures requiring tropical raw foods to survive. Do animals in the zoo in Minnesota eat only foods grown locally?

    Of course, you’d try to feed them as much as possible the foods they could get in their natural habitat. And since humans can’t survive in Minnesota without clothing and would not only freeze to death but starve to death with raw foods available in the wintertime in Minnesota — then Minnesota simply is not a natural source of foods or environment for us.

    Eat your species specific diet which consists of tropical foods and you’ll thrive.

  3. I love raw foods and would love to go raw. But I am normally skinny and have a very fast metabolism and I am currently I few kilos under my normal weight. I just don’t know how I could keep weight on if I go raw, and especially how to keep on the weight on a raw food diet if I was travelling and unable to obtain specialty foods or make my own smoothies. I currently eat at least 50% raw with plenty of raw vegetables and raw nuts and seeds and I eat a LOT of raw vegetables but they never seem to help me put on weight. I am not sure if I should put on a few kilos first before trying to go totally raw. Is it possible for people with a fast metabolism to go raw without becoming very skinny and do I just need to learn more about raw nutrition to learn how to keep the weight on?

  4. I would suggest seeing a counselor about the crazy “fastness”. Your energy seems healthy, unlike the rest of us who have sedated our energy so we can drudge along in modern society and office jobs. Some activities to take up could be biking. I found biking to work helps my day. Also here are some others: gardening (wears you out, but feels good to be outside), dancing to a music video inside your house (be a teenager again for 10 minutes), or something else that is physical can help. Also, waking up early sometimes helps. People are supposed to wake and rest with the sun, so try keeping off all your lights and lay in bed when it’s dark- it’s tempting to do something else, but if you try moving around your house when it’s dark, you may all of a sudden get tired, because light is not hitting your retinas and telling your brain to be awake. Those are my thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Good comment on Ms Minnesota Roger! Ask any person in the US or Canada (here), or anywhere… where they get their sheep-skin lined Converse Runners and they’ll likely tell you, the USA… More likely – China – a million gallons of gas away… But we never concern ourselves about this do we? You can eat Raw locally any time of the year if you plan ahead. Buy bulk apples, dehydrate, sun-dry tomatoes, nuts and seeds… during the summer months so these “survival foods” are available for winter. AND, for those who think you get skinny eating RAW, think again. It is pure nutrition which for most people, requires less of – to satisfy. For those who have less meat on their bones, coconut butter, mixed into a batter made of hemp seeds, Agave, cocoa, blueberries…
    will give you enough fat after a month of eating recipes as such to rip any pair of pants you wear in half. Actually, eating raw will regulate your weight if you also exercise, but…. you CAN & will gain weight eating Raw. Try eating more fat including Avocados towards the latter summer months to bulk up for a lower-Cal winter. Most mountaineers, northern natives, my friends in Sweden… do this naturally in preparation for colder winter months to help keep warm. So technically, as much as I agree on the Tropical concept, one who is stuck in the middle of nowhere – and I should know – can eat Local Raw every day of the week. Fore-planning, Invention, and experimentation is the key. The World-wide Shift for RAW is coming, so stay tuned… These discussions about how to feed ourselves (?!) and HOW TO power our iPods with clean alternative energy (?!) are coming to an end. Living and sustaining, means abandoning and giving up the FORCED UPON ideas and systems we all so blindly have accepted, yet, can sense we DO NOT NEED, and worse, CAN NOT LIVE WITH. Make Raw your mission. Tell everyone you know, and by example, wear the happiness & comfort RAW WILL GIVE YOU !

  6. And lastly, 50% Raw is better than 100% meat & potatoes. So you people worried about the conversion, it happens when it’s suppose to happen. Eat potato chips and have your pop on the weekends with your pizza. But I can tell you from example being a former lazy junk food eater, and former self-inflicted Crohn’s disease person, and now, an all-Vegan, 90% Raw Food eater, it’s perfectly OK once in a while to junk down. Because… next morning, after the beer & the chips have settled, a Raw Green Smoothie will flush all of this crap out of your system in minutes. Just remember, if you seriously want to maximize your happiness, energy, strength, eye-sight, memory, skin, sex & sex-appeal… then you have the answer. One more time: MAKE RAW YOUR MISSION and tell the world !!

  7. Hi, I did go raw for about 6 months. I never had felt better in my life. But friends and family said it was all in my head, so I went off it to prove them wrong like an idiot. And I haven’t been able to go back and stay. This has been going on 3 yrs. now. I ran across your site and love the emails. Wish I could get your savory stews but maybe sometime when I can get the funds they look like they might help. Any advice on how I can get back to raw and stay there I can go for a couple weeks then I start craving things I don’t even eat when I cook? Thanks, Kathy

  8. I love the idea of going raw but am a little scared. I am 49 and experiencing the onset of menopause. Last year I did raw juices for 30 days and this bought on a bout of bleeding that lasted 33 days…something I had never experienced before. I attribute it to raw food being cool in its nature and causing my spleen to be deficient. Is there any trick or method to combating this as I am now worried about doing this again….Cheers Doris

  9. Hi Roger,

    I want to start on raw food but I don’t want to lose weight. I need to improve my appetite and gain healthy weight. Any tips on how to start without losing weight?

    Thank you.


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