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The Magic Ideas Newsletter: The 5-Minute Self-Help Miracle!
Guaranteed  self-improvement  in  five minutes flat…

Simpleology 101
This program can change your life overnight, like it changed mine. Once I started using some of the simple and easy to use principles in this program I dramatically increased my productivity. But it’s much more than that.

The best part is that this program is completely free. And you learn it with a multi-media approach including videos, audios and text to help the principles sink into your subconscious mind.


The Power Formula
Discover the Three Minute, 3-Step Formula for Success, that Any Seven Year Old Can Do. Learn about John Harricharan’s Power Pause Formula. You get lots of great gifts from me.

Unleash your infinite potential and hidden powers for health, happiness and success.


Orison S. Marden
Learn from the brilliant father of self-help in the United States. I’ve got a free special report that has up until recently been lost to history. Orison is a truly inspiring writer. Read this and get lifted up immediately.

Imagination Rules The World. Learn how to activate the Law of Attraction in your life. It’s the same principle as taught in “The Secret.” You can learn it all for free at my site.


Self-Mastery — 3 Comments

  1. Roger,
    I have been trying to find the exact info for the 30 secs. sexy butt and legs, but everytime I try to get to your blog on it, it redirects. WHy is that?
    I have all your other material and do not remember seeing that in there. Can you let me know if I do have it, or where I can find the exact movements?
    Thank you

  2. Hi this sounds interesting. Do you have programs and or what does it cost for your help. I am 57, spiritual, neck,lower back and slight knee pain, weight around the belly but looking for life altering me this year. How can you help.

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