Our Barefoot Mountain Climbing Adventure at God’s House

We climbed the Cathedral Rock Trail in God’s House (Sedona, Arizona) totally barefoot.

Well I just had to share this with you.

Firstly, what is God’s House?

Well I can describe it to you with this quote that I think I read from a writer at New Yorker Magazine.

“God built the Grand Canyon but he lives in Sedona.”

I did something today I NEVER expected that I would be doing. I climbed the rocky and steep trail up Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona barefoot. And so did Karmyn, Andrew and Rainbow.

I’m so proud of myself and my family for having done this. For I have not been Mr. barefoot for most of my life.

In fact, yesterday I climbed up Cathedral Rock with Andrew and Rainbow but Andrew and I had hiking boots on. But Rainbow went barefoot.

Her feet are so strong that she can sprint on rocks. Same with Andrew.

So we figured we’d try going a very small part of the way barefoot. To both Karmyn and my astonishment it was not that painful. So we went all the way up to the top barefoot even though we had brought some shoes in case we couldn’t. And we came all the way back down barefoot. I’m sure once Karmyn and my feet get used to it we will find that hiking barefoot is far superior to using hiking boots.

Coming down my feet started hurting more than on the way up. But I still did it all the way.

We were barefoot hiking for 3 hours and 15 minutes. And were the only humans that we encountered that went up barefoot. And there were a lot of people climbing the trail that we passed. We did see two dogs going up barefoot.

I tell you it made for a fantastic conversation starter to hike up there barefoot as a lot of people wanted to know more about the family that hikes barefoot.

It was a majestic experience and the beauty of Cathedral Rock and Sedona is incredible. My video camera does not even come close to doing it justice. It just doesn’t capture the colors and beauty that you actually see with the naked eye when here.

So why go hike barefoot and why is it important to you?

1. Because of the incredible healing effects of Grounding or Earthing. If you want to have better sleep, reduce inflammation, heal chronic injuries, gain protection from excessive electromagnetic frequencies and just have better health and happiness overall then you’re going to want to start grounding as soon as possible.

And try to get in a minimum of 20 minutes per day. Yesterday I got close to 4-hours of Grounding due to the long hike and other Grounding opportunities and I slept like a baby as a result. Yes if you have insomnia it might indeed help you to fall asleep much easier.

To me that’s felling two mangoes with one stone. I’m always looking for opportunities throughout my day to Ground. As my feet get stronger I’ll be able to do way more things barefoot.

In fact, I’m totally shocked I was even able to do this. Maybe the fact that there are strong vortex points at Cathedral Rock made it easier for me to take the pain of walking barefoot. Of course, had I been walking barefoot all of my life this would not have been a problem but over the years I have developed wussie feet which leads me into the next reason for hiking barefoot.

2. Because wearing shoes is the equivalent of wearing a cast. It makes your feet really weak. So I’m trying to undo 48 years or so of wearing casts on my feet. For the last year or so I’ve been barefoot more often than not. And so I’ve been gradually strengthening my feet.

I have intentionally walked on rocks and more painful stuff at the beach to try and gradually harden my feet up. But only for like 10 to 15 minutes at a time and certainly not every day. But this was my most intense trial yet.

It’s the following day and my feet are still sore. So I don’t think I’ll do that hike again barefoot today. But I think by tomorrow my feet will be totally pain free and I’ll also have a lot tougher feet so I can do that same climb again even easier.

We’re all very much looking forward to more barefoot hiking in the years to come.

By the way I think you’ll find this interesting.

My 5 year old daughter Rainbow used to hate hiking when she used her hiking boots. It was like she constantly wanted me to carry her. She’d walk a minute or two and then want me to carry her. And carry her I did for much of our previous hikes.

But once we took the boots off of her and just let her go barefoot she was EXTREMELY happy, willing and eager to go on long hikes without me having to pick her up at all. She went all the way up the Cathedral Rock Trail by herself two times. It’s a short hike (takes me about a half hour with my shoes) with a steep 600 foot elevation change. There are a number of times where you’re climbing rock and using your hands too.

Rainbow just never liked wearing shoes (or clothes for that matter) and so she was very uncomfortable with when we put the hiking boots on her.

Do you know how much money I can save if I don’t have to buy the kids and myself shoes anymore?

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 49-Year Old Teanajer
“World leader in 100% Raw Food Diet, Anti-Aging and No-Equipment Fitness Training”

P.S. If you’d like to take your health to an even higher level than Grounding can achieve or then I recommend you try experimenting with a Raw Food Diet. Raw Food is like an extension of Grounding or getting attuned to Nature.

And the easiest way to go raw is to love what you eat. Once you discover the wide variety of Savory Raw Carbs foods and the Anticraver Secret Recipe I think you’ll see that your cooked food cravings are a thing of the past.

In fact I just got this email in the other day with yet another Anticraver testimonial.

Hey Roger,

Just writing to let you know that I’ve started making some variations of the “Anticraver” recipes, with (blank) being the main ingredient. The (blank) really are an “anti-craver”, I didn’t know how filling they could be if you eat them in large quantities! Next thing I’m gonna try out is making the savory flat bread.

Mike Price

Introducing Savory Raw Carbs

He thinks I’m healthy only because I’m vegan

I got this email in yesterday from one of my subscribers.

My response to follow…

Hi,Roj.    I think u do successfully mainly because u are vegan not because u are raw foodist.  The same for your father,at first to reject animal foods, then slowly reduce cooked food.    This is my humble opinion.


Thanks TKZ for sending in your comment as it’s vitally important people understand my answer. I’ve been wanting to talk about this for a long time and your comment provided the perfect opportunity for me to do so.

Now for the truth of the matter.

Sometime in the early 1990’s I tried becoming a vegetarian after reading an amazing chapter in a Peter Burwash book called Total Tennis. In that chapter Peter described how his fitness went through the roof and the only change he made was going vegetarian.

I mean he had specific athletic tests done in some kind of University environment that he did the previous year to test his level of fitness. And he had been doing that test for many years but when he switched to a vegetarian diet his fitness numbers improved dramatically. Yet he had made no changes to the way he was training.

So of course, that chapter really inspired me to try going vegetarian.

However, that is NOT what happened to me.

I did not notice any particular changes or improvements at all. Sometime later I decided to go from just being a vegetarian to taking a bigger step by becoming vegan. I believe I was vegetarian / vegan for well over a year.

And between both changes in diet I noticed barely any changes to my health, fitness or state of mind. Although my lungs did clear out quite a bit when I went vegan.

Keep in mind during the early 1990’s I was going through depression. So while I was eating a cooked vegetarian and then cooked vegan diet I still suffered through depression and panic attacks.

In fact, it got to a point where I realized I was starting to feel a little worse than in my meat eating days. So I eventually switched back to eating meat… hard as it was after all of the vegetarian books I read. I had to block out certain important facts from my mind.

But then in the fall of 1996 I read “Fit For Life” and I then decided to experiment with adding more raw foods to my diet.

Talk about getting an instant wallop.

This is the change I had been looking for.

On the very first day that I switched to eating 50% of my diet as raw that was the day that my 6.5 years of living hell (depression) went away. The only time I ever experienced depression again was when I experimented with eating a mostly cooked food diet. Each time I did that the depression came back right away.

Going vegan did not do it. Going vegan actually made my depression slightly worse not better.

I mean I had many other benefits that I absolutely did not get by going cooked vegetarian or vegan.

Some of The Benefits of Going 100% Raw that I Personally Experienced…

1. My depression went away and I experienced a physical euphoria (happiness from the cellular level)

2. My skin got much tighter and younger looking.

3. My lungs totally cleared up (cooked vegan did not go all the way as my lungs were still clogged) and I was for the first time since childhood able to take really deep breaths.

4. The infections I used to frequently get in my gums never happened again.

5. My receding gum line stopped receding.

6. My arthritis went away completely.

7. I felt much happier and more spiritually connected.

8. I started wanting to be out in Nature much more often.

9. I realized that I was much calmer and less likely to get angry.

10. Got much fewer colds and when I did the symptoms were way easier to handle than in my cooked food days

11. I became virtually immune from infections. When I got 12 stitches I did not take the antibiotics the doctor recommended and I did not get an infection.

12. I was able to handle hot weather a lot better. Felt like it was 7 degrees cooler to me than before. Yet my winter ability to handle cold weather stayed about the same as in my cooked food days. (Though it did initially take some time for my body to adjust to being raw in the winter. When I first tried going 100% raw I was freezing. But I had made many mistakes and some of it is just a matter of the body adjusting and getting used to new fuels.)

13. It helped me to be true to myself and follow my dreams and do what I love for a living.

I’m sure there are other benefits that I don’t recall at the moment.

And still to this day I experience these same benefits. I mean just getting rid of the depression alone was a life saver. As long as I had depression my life was going nowhere fast. I was stuck in low paying jobs and often getting close to getting fired or actually getting fired. And that was mostly because of my depression.

So to answer TKZ… his humble opinion in this case couldn’t have been more wrong.

Sorry because I have to be blunt.

This is too important for my readers to know.

Too many people do not recognize that they’re destroying their health with cooked foods. This even goes for vegans and vegetarians. The cooking process itself does an incredible amount of damage to food.

Is it any wonder I’m so passionate about a properly done Raw Food Diet?

Eating raw is like attuning yourself with Nature.

Instead of fighting Nature why not join it?

The fact of the matter is there is a HUGE difference between any diet that is cooked versus a nutritionally complete version of the Raw Food Diet that I teach. I would even venture to say that people who are eating a raw type of diet yet include raw animal foods like the Instinctos, are still doing much better health wise than cooked vegans and vegetarians.

Going raw makes you feel like Superman in comparison to any cooked food diet.

And by the way, technically I’m not a full out vegan as I do use raw honey.

The great news is that it’s WAY easier these days to succeed with a Raw Food Diet than it was when I first started doing it 20 years or so ago.

And a BIG reason for that is the advent of the myth busting Savory Raw Carbs.

This is the missing link to feel satisfied (easily beats cooked food cravings) and to avoid the eventual nutrient depletion that many people end up experiencing when going raw for more than a year. And they get it because they overly restrict their diets.

Savory Raw Carbs gives you at least 25 different food options that most raw foodists would never normally eat because of old school Natural Hygiene and other raw food brainwashing. But you can eat these foods raw no problem and they’re high calorie carbs plus savory.

And as part of our “Sedona SURPRISE Sale” I’m going to give you a coupon to take $20.00 off the regular price of our brand new Savory Raw Carbs.

1. Copy this Coupon Code: SEDONA

2. Then go to…

3. Paste the coupon code in the appropriate box on the checkout page.

Coupon Expires on Thursday, 10/13/16 at 11:59pm Eastern Time.

If you want to have radiant health and feel that experience of happiness for no particular reason then I recommend you start adding as much raw food to your diet as quickly as possible.

Don’t waste another day of your life experiencing the aging, uglifying and disease producing misery of cooked food.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The Raj of Raw and Sultan of Savory – 15 Years 100% Raw
“World leader in 100% Raw Food Diet training”

Trump’s Too Plump

I’m 6′ 3″ tall and fairly muscular and I weigh about 165 pounds.

USA Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is also 6′ 3″ not very muscular and yet he weighs 236 pounds. Yup he’s at least 70 pounds heavier than I am and less muscular to boot.

Quite frankly he’s obese… yet because he’s tall and how he dresses he hides his obesity fairly well.

But it makes me wonder…

How are you supposed to manage a country when you can’t even manage your own weight?

In fact, both the Trumpster and Hillary are nowhere close to the lean category.

I want my presidential candidates to be paragons of health. And to be in reasonably good shape.

Because if their bodies aren’t fit than how can their brain’s possibly be?

For the Donald I suggest to stop putting so much focus on making billions and instead spend 20 minutes just 3 times per week doing the Youth Restorer Exercise. It will not only make him much leaner it will make him biologically younger.

Plus “The Raj of Raw and Sultan of Savory” suggests…

To really accelerate away from obese status he should start his dinner with a large, filling and raw Savory Veggie Stew that’s less than 150 calories. That will blunt his voracious appetite so he won’t have much room to take in anymore of that caca he calls food that he likely eats at his hotel restaurants.

Actually he probably has his own personal Cooked Poison Chef. It would be super easy to train his chef to make Savory Veggie Stews in less than 10 minutes.

I mean he used to be a rather handsome man in his younger days. But eating cooked food totally puffs out people’s faces and makes them look like old blobs instead of people.

Not to mention that in most cases it tends to pack on the extra pounds because of the crazy levels of toxins and chemicals in cooked food.

Plus by going raw he’d automatically tune into his higher self and start making a lot better decisions for his life and for the country should he become el Presidente.

And you know what?

I’ll even extend “The Donald” and “Hillary Clinton” a special discount on Savory Veggie Stews – The Cooked Foods Craving Crusher.

But they need to get in on the fun before midnight tonight when the price goes back to full.

Oh well, I don’t think they really need a sale considering they’re both at the very least multi-millionaires. Just wondering how Bill and Hillary have become part of the super rich by “earning” hundreds of millions by being a “public servants”?

Oh yah they earn hundreds of thousands of dollars for speaking for an hour or so to corporations. Then from what I hear they award those corporations all sorts of political favors.

And no I’m not a supporter of the Totalitarian Trumpster either. But I’d be much more inclined to support him if he started exercising a little bit while eating raw food and Savory Veggie Stews.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The Raj of Raw and Sultan of Savory – 15 Years 100% Raw
“World leader in 100% Raw Food Diet training”

Trump Tapes – Hillary is Fake – Deceitful Debate

Well just a few minutes from now they’re going to put on “The Most Ridiculous Show on Earth”.

The fake presidential debate here in the United States.

That’s what the presidential race in the United States has become and these debates really show it.

I mean how can Hillary Clinton have ever even been nominated to be the Democratic Party candidate? The only way possible is with the total complicity of the media.

She should have been in jail for over a 300 year sentence by now if the powers that be weren’t protecting her.

Just watch the original Clinton Chronicles and you’ll see how incredibly corrupt not only Bill Clinton is but also his wife. I mean what is revealed there is shocking. Like extensive evidence that the Clintons smuggled in plane loads of cocaine to Arkansas when he was governer. Not to mention the many “mysterious” murders of the very people who were trying to out them. They had complete control of the legal system in Arkansas so nobody was able to challenge them.

In truth hardly anybody really likes Hillary here in the US. I could care less what the fake polls are saying. Yes polls can be easily faked.

She has almost no support.

I can tell because I’ve been driving around a lot lately. I’ve driven all the way through California, into Oregon, all the way through Nevada, through much of Arizona as well.

And hardly anywhere do you see bumper stickers or signs for Hillary Clinton.

You do see a number for Trump but very few for Clinton. Even in towns that are liberal strongholds.

The fact, Hillary is as corrupt as they come and many Americans have awoken to that fact.

But that doesn’t mean the Trumpster is that much better.

I mean anyone who is not only a billionaire but had his own Network TV show is definitely an insider. We certainly know he likes women and seems to pursue them aggresively even though he’s married.

No matter how many people snub him and make it seem like he’s the candidate that is going to beat the Globalists you really have to wonder.

I have a feeling his candidacy was planned by the Cabal all along.

It’s very likely all part of the game to fool us ignorant peasants once again.

Even if he “wins” which we know the whole thing is fake. Talk about how many dead people vote these days in the United States. And the fact that electronic voting machines have already been legally proven to be easily rigged for any particular candidate and you have a system that is rife with corruption.

As for me I’ll stay away from supporting either of these two fake “candidates” and do something a lot better with my evening.

Right after I send this out I’m going to make a Beefy Bone Builder Stew with an exciting new ingredient. Normally I make them with collard greens.

Well, we were at an awesome Farmer’s Market in Flagstaff, Arizona today and I asked how much are the collard greens. But the farmer told me they’re not collard greens actually, they’re brussel sprout greens. But they look EXACTLY like collard greens.

Well I sampled a bit of it and it tasted really good. It actually had some sweetness to it.

We also bought arugula from two different farmers and both tasted amazing. But the best may have been this absolutely incredible purple kale. It was actually sweet and we ate it in the car raw as if we were rabbits.

And of course I will be using all of the above farm fresh veggies in my many Savory Veggie Stews this week.

If you’d like to try the mouth watering Beefy Bone Builder Stew or even the famous Pizza Stew then just join the Savory Veggie Stews family below.

You know I may put on the debate for a while.

For Donald Trump is certainly entertaining. And at least he seems genuine even if I don’t agree with many of his positions.

Then I also want to see which Hillary body double shows up and if she’ll have some kind of Parkinson’s attack during the debate.

Most everyone knows she’s really sick and it’s being hidden. And that she’s had to have this big guy and come over to her and tell her to keep talking several times when she was making a speech. Or the weird head bobbing incident which she blamed on the Chai tea.

The Cabal seem to want her in power at all costs. But we’re onto your silly bankster gangster tricks.

And I want to see again if we can catch Hillary cheating as it was now plainly obvious she did in the first debate. I love how they say it’s all impartial when she and Lester Holt were very likely working together to try and bring down the Trumpster in the last debate. And who was that little man who sneakily went in and took her notes for her after the debate?

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 49-Year Old Teanajer – 15 Years 100% Raw
“World leader in 100% Raw Food Diet training”
The only high carb, 100% Raw system that doesn’t lead to nutrient deficiencies or feeling deprived.
Your Raw Food Diet Mentor – The Savory Raw King

Sedona Surprise Sale

Well you may have missed it (I buried it in long emails) but we’ve just recently moved to Sedona, Arizona.

I must say it is absolutely gorgeous up here. And the spiritual vibes are quite wonderful too. Not to mention the super clean air.

Anyways, we’re super excited and wanted to celebrate with you in a BIG WAY.

So I’ve decided to run a fun sale that’s full of surprises while sharing with you pictures and videos of things of all the cool things we’re seeing and doing in Sedona.

Now since it’s a SURPRISE SALE I’m going to be doing this sale in a different way than I have recently.

I’ll be promoting one program at a time (not all of them at once) as I feel inspired to do. How long the sale lasts I don’t know. I may pull it at any time and switch to putting a different program on sale.

So if you’ve got your heart set on getting a specific program then you should as soon as you can as I may pull the sale at any moment.

And to make it fun let’s start with a Fire Sale on my all time best selling Raw Food Diet program the breakthrough Savory Veggie Stews. The price goes up automatically after 11:59pm Eastern or New York City Time (GMT-4). But I’ll start that price increase tomorrow and not tonight as I’m sending this out just a couple of hours before midnight as it is.

If you’ve been struggling with cooked food cravings at dinnertime then Savory Veggie Stews may be what you’re looking for. Not to mention that you’ll likely double your intake of nutrient rich greens like thousands of our other customers have once you add SVS to start your dinner meals.

After about a decade of making Savory Veggie Stews I still make them almost every night to start my dinner meal.

Get it here before someone else does…

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 49-Year Old Teanajer – 15 Years 100% Raw

“World leader in 100% Raw Food Diet training” The only high carb, 100% Raw system that doesn’t lead to nutrient deficiencies or feeling deprived.

Your Raw Food Diet Mentor – The Savory Raw King

Part 2: Creepiest thing that’s ever happened to me

Warning: This may be the most shocking information you read in your entire life.

Your whole world will change if this is your first exposure to this subject. What you think of reality may shift after reading this.

But first…

If you did not read the first email then please go back to your inbox and read this email I sent late last night. And please send me your answers too if you wish. Or at least answer the questions from MEMORY for yourself. Then come back and read this email.

Well I’ve decided to change these into blog posts. Now you can also read last nights email on this blog if you didn’t receive it. As apparently many of my subscribers did not get this email.

Original Email: “This is the creepiest thing that’s ever happened to me”

If you read this post now before reading the original email it will spoil your answers.


I got about 100 responses to my 7 question survey. And wow where those answers enlightening and very interesting to me.

Not a single person answered exactly as I answered all of the questions. But there were a few people who were close.

And remember, as illogical as it may seem, there may not actually be a right or wrong answer. And you’ll see why further down on in this email. So don’t get upset if my answers differ from yours or if your husband remembers differently than you.

Now keep in mind I fully realize this was NOT a scientific survey. Maybe the way I worded the questions could have been better.

I also have a feeling that some people actually confused East and West when it came to the New Zealand location answers. But I can’t know for sure.

In addition to that I also understand that memories can be very fuzzy. That there are many things that influence memory.

But there are certain things in life you’re not going to forget very easily.

For instance your own name or the names of your children. Unless of course you’re getting to that age where senility or Alzheimer’s often creeps in.

Now let me tell you about something in life that I’m not going to easily forget. It’s my first undeniable experience with this phenomena. I’m going to go into great detail to show you that it’s highly unlikely that this is due to me having a false memory. For one thing, I’m not the only one who had this memory.

Way back in my college days or shortly after graduating college my best friend in college gave me an autobiography about the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was a bodybuilding champion.

The book is currently called “Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder”.

And I say currently because I do not remember the exact title of the book and it appears my book has a weird ability to change itself.

In any case, he told me he just love this book. And then he showed me some of the pictures.

There were many great pictures but one stood out to a young man of college age. I think my friend Mike sort of giggled when he showed it to me. It was a picture of Arnold standing and having a young woman with a bikini on his shoulders. Except for one thing… she was only wearing the bottom of her bikini.

Yes she was topless and had rather large breasts and a typical early 1970’s hairstyle.

I read Arnold’s autobiography several times over the years. And I often thumbed through the pictures and would look forward to finding the only picture of a topless woman in the entire book. I must have seen that specific picture at least 10 or 15 times. So it was burned into my memory.

Then when I was still living in Hawaii about 4 years ago I decided to look in my Arnold autobiography book again. I looked for that picture of the topless woman and it was gone.

This totally puzzled me.

I thought to myself that maybe my friend Tito ripped it out of the book when he was living with me several years back in South River, New Jersey. I thought for sure the picture and the page must have been taken out of the book. The only problem was there were no page numbers in the picture section of the book. The book only seemed to number the pages with at least some text on it.

So I figured that picture must be in the current version of the book and I ordered it from Amazon.

Now the interesting thing I realized was that the new version of the book was almost exactly like the old version. Except they changed the cover of the book and of course the dates of when which version was printed at the front of the book.

But otherwise it was the same.

Even down to having the exact same number of pages as my version of the book.

So I got the book and went immediately looking for that picture. And to my astonishment it was not in the newer version of the book either. So then to make sure there weren’t any mistakes I turned the page in the new book and then turned the same page in the old book.

All of the pictures matched. As I turned each page in both versions of the book the pictures were exactly the same ones. There were no missing pages.

Also keep in mind I owned no other book by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Nor did I take out other books by him from the library. So it couldn’t have been in another book.

Now just a few days ago I contacted my old college buddy on Facebook.

I asked him if he remembered that book and he said yes.

Then I asked him if he remembered the picture of the topless woman on Arnold’s shoulders and he said “of course.”

So that was my first “solid” personal proof that my physical reality had changed from what it used to be. Somehow a picture from my book was deleted and also from the newest version of the same book.

And my friend Mike also has the same memory of that picture being in that book.

Immediately I was thinking we were in a new timeline here on Earth or someone traveled in time and messed up with our timeline somehow.

Now let’s go to my second concrete remembrance of a very weird change in my physical world.

When we were back in San Carlos, Mexico I used to go almost every single day to a very small beach that was just a 30 second walk from our apartment.

Well one day less than two weeks ago I went to the beach with Andrew and I immediately noticed there was something wrong or out of place. I asked Andrew and he felt the same thing.

Now keep in mind I have seen many incredible changes at that beach over the course of the months. I know you should expect changes because of what the ocean can do.

I mean we saw huge piles of fairly big stones brought into the sand area by the ocean. And then a weak later the Sea of Cortez would suck those stones right back into the ocean like it were nothing.

But this change was of a different nature.

There are more permanent or larger stones that the waves wash over and erode daily. These are stones you can take a few steps on. And we would step on those stones often.

Well to the left side of the beach there used to be a small clear area that didn’t have any of those kinds of stones.

And I know those stones were not there because when I’d take the kids swimming I wanted them to swim in that area. The reason being the waves were so powerful in the summertime that I didn’t want them to get smashed on these stones. They didn’t know enough to avoid swimming in those places because they really didn’t understand the power of waves. But I would diligently remind them to get back to swimming in this particular area. Because often the waves would start bringing them over futher to the left where there were more stones closer to the shore.

So as I said one day maybe about two weeks ago I walk out there with Andrew and I feel uncomfortable with what I see.

All of a sudden there is a big rock formation in the part of the beach where I used to have the kids swim specifically because it didn’t have rocks. Keep in mind this is a small beach area that we knew intimately. It was maybe just 60 feet across for the entire beach area. I used to feed seagulls there constantly. (Yes I’m going to go back and check my old videos and see if we caught that area of the beach on video.)

And this rock formation was not one of the many smaller loose rocks. It was not one of the rocks that were very hard for me to pick up with one hand because they were pretty big.

No this was an in the ground rock formation that looked like it had been there for thousands of years and was being gradually eroded by the constant onslaught of the waves.

And no the beach sand didn’t suddenly get a lot lower and reveal this new rock that was there “under the sand” all of the time. The level of the sand was relatively the same as always. And I had the other rock formations in the center for comparison.

The rock formation itself stood out of the water about maybe a foot to a foot and a half. And it was maybe 2 or 3 feet wide.

You could not see the base of the rock formation as it was burried under the sand. And I did not bother to dig and investigate further. By this time I had already come to accept that I was experiencing changes in my timeline.

Now certainly a group of men could have come in and planted that new rock formation there. I’m sure it would have taken at least 4 men to lift up that rock formation.

But why would anyone do that in Mexico? There’s just not a single reason for anyone to do such a thing.

And as I said the rock formation looked like it had been there for many years already. Not like someone just added it in there by hand the night before.

So to me this was another example of a change in my timeline.

This is already getting extremely long but it’s important so I’m going to keep going. I won’t go into detail about other weird time line changes.

But I can tell you that I often would remember hearing that a celebrity had died in the news only to find out later on that he or she was still alive. This was a common occurrence for me.

Well then sometime last week I ran into an article about this thing called “The Mandela Effect.”

Turns out the experiences I’d been having had been named.

And I realized that MANY more people were having similar experiences like me. And that there were MANY changes that have been happening to my/our timeline.

It was named the Mandela Effect because there are many people who remembered Nelson Mandela having died in prison in either the 1980’s or 1990’s. I also recall that he died and was surprised to later on find out that he was alive. At the time I just accepted it thinking that maybe my memory was off. Because if he’s alive then that’s proof he didn’t die… right? And it wasn’t like I was intricately following the details of Mandela’s life.

In fact, I read a comment from someone who not only remembered that Mandela died long ago but that his wife Winnie ended up later on becoming the president of South Africa.

And you know what?

That jives with my memories too. I thought it strange at the time that she would become president of South Africa because Nelson was one of their top leaders in the movement for freedom. And she was his wife but not him, so why would she become the president or leader of South Africa? At least that is what I thought at the time many, many years ago.

[As for Mandela I have since found out that Nelson Mandela may have been secretly working for the Cabal or Illuminati (the bad guys – Banksters – still in control of many western countries including the USA) but no time to get into the details of that here.]

Now down to my choice of questions.

The questions I chose for you to answer were only a small fraction of those visible changes in the timeline. But they either stood out to me or I had read about so many people believing one thing only to find it was now different that I included it as well. And I also tried to include some older examples so older people who may not be in touch with current popular culture would also be able to answer some of the questions. Therefore, if you’re in your twenties some of my questions you might not have a memory of either.

So let’s now go over my survey questions and I’ll give you my answers and why I believe in those particular answers.


1. Fill in the blank please to this popular TV show from HBO that is no longer running. I believe they also made a movie about that show. Even if you never saw the show but have heard it discussed elsewhere enough times to remember the name of the show. Please fill in the missing word.

“Sex ___ the City”


This one is the Mandela Effect that initially creeped me out the most.

My very strong memory of this is “Sex IN the City”.

For me I have ZERO doubt that that is the absolute correct answer. I saw the show several times back when I was still watching TV. And that show was discussed often in the media and other places so I have a very strong memory of the name of that show.

And for this particular answer I estimate than more than 50% of the people who responded agreed with me. Since I’m not using polling software to do this survey I’m just estimating the numbers. I could go back and tally them all manually. But for sure “Sex in the City” was the most frequent choice of answer followed by the current correct version of “Sex AND the City.”

There were a few other answers that I never heard of. This could just be from bad memory, mistake upon entering the answer or possibly even a different timeline. But as I said greater than 50% of the answers were “Sex IN the City.”

All you have to do is go look on Youtube now at the introduction to Sex in the City and you may be astonished to see that it now says “Sex AND the City.” I also looked it up in and the name there if you want to buy it is “Sex AND the City.”

2. The precise spelling of the name of a famous female TV chef from the 1960’s and 1970’s. I’ll give you the start of her last name. That is the only thing I’m interested in is the spelling of her last name.

Julia Chi__


I thought this was shocking because not two or three weeks ago Karmyn was watching an old Julia Childs episode on Youtube. And when I asked her a couple of days ago what her name was she told me Julia Child. And I almost totally freeked out. I know for sure it’s Childs but then again maybe its Childs to me and in her memory and or timeline it’s the singular Child.

The thing is that Karmyn loves Julia Childs and is quite familiar with her so I was puzzled at how she could get the name wrong. And I could swear we spoke about Julia Childs in the past and she never used the name Child back then. That is why I was so shocked at her answer.

As for the answer to this question. Many people did not know her name.

But I still got quite a few responses and it was split about 50/50 between Julia ChilD and Julia ChilDS. One person wrote Julia Chiles. If you’re not that familiar with her an answer like that is to be expected. And there were some other answers that were far from her name.

3. Fill in the first name of this famous motorcycle jumping daredevil.

Ev__ Knievel


Well my answer is EvIL Knievel. I can’t believe they’re now spelling his name EvEL. That seems ridiculous to me.

I was a big Evil Knievel fan back in the 1970’s. I along with my brother had his very popular wind up motorcyle toy that we used to do our own jumps with. And I even read his biography a long time ago.

So his name is definitely spelled EVIL (in my timeline and memory) and not EVEL even if it is pronounced in the same way with the different spelling in this timeline. When all of your life you’ve seen the spelling as EVIL and all of a sudden it’s EVEL that really sticks out like a sore thumb.

I believe with this answer to a little more than 50% of the answers were for EvIL and maybe 45% or so for EvEL. Again if you only knew him by the sound of his name you could easily have written down Evil when even in your own timeline or reality his name was spelled EvEL. So this is a hard one to be accurate about.

4. Where is New Zealand in relation to Australia?

This is multiple choice. One of these answers is the closest to being correct. Don’t worry about it being exactly correct.

A. Northwest of Australia
B. Southwest of Australia
C. Northeast of Australia
D. Southeast of Australia

And if you live in New Zealand I’d be especially interested to know your answer. Please tell me if you live in New Zealand and or ever visited New Zealand recently or have relatives or friends living there.


Now this one is interesting. I had maybe a few weeks or so ago looked at a map and saw that New Zealand was located Southeast of Australia. And I didn’t think anything of it. Except in the back of my head I remembered looking at it and realizing it was Northeast of Australia.

But I just put that memory out of my mind since no way did I think that our map and geography could be changing.

But about 10 years ago I remember looking at the map of New Zealand and as best I can recall it was Northeast of Australia.

As for your answers maybe 65% of the answers are of the current reality which is Southeast of Australia or D. And the second most popular answer after that was my answer of Northeast Australia.

Yet there were also a number of people who choose either of the western choices. And that kind of surprised me. But I gave those choices because in previous looking up this particular Mandela Effect issue there were some people who claimed New Zealand was either Northwest or Southwest of Australia.

Also in my memories Australia used to be much more isolated (maybe a thousand miles further south) and much further away from New Guinea, Indonesia and Malasia.

Yet again, I had recently seen the map of Australia and it being quite close to other countries and did not think anything of it. Maybe my previous memories were wrong. Or maybe they were correct but in a different timeline.

5. Where is the island of Sicily located? Remember this is approximate.

A. Right next to the tip of the boot, just a few kilometers away from mainland Italy. It’s almost touching the toe end of the boot of Italy.

B. Much further away and south of Italy or just somewhere further away from Italy.

And if you live in Italy or Sicily I’d be especially interested to know your answer. Please tell me if you live in Italy or Sicily and or ever visited Italy or Sicily recently or have relatives or friends living there.


This was another absolute mind blower for me.

For Italy is maybe the most distinct shaped country in the world with it’s boot shape. So there’s no way I’m going to forget that boot shape. Heck all throughout my childhood I had a globe that was my piggy bank.

But when last week I took a look at the current map of Italy I was totally freaking out. What the Hell was this GIGANTIC Sicily doing almost touching Italy.

In my memories Italy was always by itself. There was no island right next to it and maring the image of the boot. Italy was by itself with some smaller islands in the general area. Having that big island right next to it totally changes how it looks and that is why this was a complete shock to my system.

Now as for your answers.

I think out of all of the questions this one got the most answers for the current reality location of Sicily. But I was happy to see that about 25% or so of the people who responded thought Sicily was further south and or just much further away from Italy.

One person responded specifically that he thought it was closer to Greece. And I must say that could very well be correct.

I was never sure of the exact location of Sicily in my old reality but I can sure as heck tell you it was NOT right next to the tip of the boot of Italy.

6. Do you remember the Reverend Billy Graham having already died or do you believe he is still living?


I remember many years ago that Billy Graham retired and that his son took over for him. It was a big to do in the media. I also “seem” to recall that he died. But I’m not certain on this one.

The reason I included this Mandela Effect is because so many people seem to remember very seeing Billy Graham’s funeral and giving detailed accounts of what they remember seeing at his funeral. It was a national event and there were like 4 USA presidents there. Supposedly Slick Willy (Bill Clinton) gave a speech at his funeral. And yet the Reverend Billy Graham is still alive today at 97 years of age.

With this particular question that answer that was most frequently given maybe 70% of the time was that he had died. Of course about 30% thought he was still living or did not hear of his death so they figured he was still alive.

And there were a number of people who had no idea who he was. Saying it was an American thing. Though I do believe his popularity is well beyond just the United States.

7. This is a very popular quote from a famous movie called “Field of Dreams” with Kevin Costner.

Please fill in the blank.

“If you build it _____ will come.”


Now this quote from “Field of Dreams” is something I was very familiar with. I had seen the movie in the theaters I believe. And before I ever saw the movie we had discussed it quite a bit in the spiritual group I belonged to at the time.

The quote “If you build it THEY will come” was something I heard frequently.

Well when I just recently found out about this Mandela Effect and looked up the movie the quote was changed to HE instead of THEY. I saw an actual clip of the movie and indeed it was saying “If you build it HE will come.”

Man did I do a double take.

No way is it supposed to be HE in my recollection.

Well you guys almost all agreed with me. This particular answer was by far the one with the most people agreeing with the alternate timeline. Somewhere around 90% of you filled in the blank with THEY. Interestingly there were only three or four people who choose HE or what is in the current timeline.

This made me curious.

Maybe there was mention of both “If you build it THEY will come” and “If you build it HE will come” in the movie. And if that were true then it would be hard to qualify this as a Mandela Effect because then you’d have to talk about a specific section of the movie and not just the whole movie.

So guess what this forced me to do?

I had to go and watch the entire movie to find out. And I must say this movie seemed very different to me than what I saw many years ago. But I’m not sure because I don’t have the best recollection of entire movies.

But I can certainly say that throughout the whole movie they used at least 15 times “If you build it HE will come” and never was “If you build it THEY will come used.”

So all 90% of you who answered “If you build it THEY will come” must be wondering why.

There could be a number of explanations.

But the obvious one to me is that the movie itself has changed. I have read that other people who are aware of this Mandela Effect also rewatched the movie and realized certain parts of the movie changed. And I’d think it would have to if it went from “THEY” to “HE”.

Because the main quote from the movie is “If you build it _____ will come.”


Now I am aware that many people claim the Mandela Effect is not real or that it’s a Psyop.

And I think there may be a number of examples that are used for the Mandela Effect which are not true Mandela Effects or shifts in the timeline.

But my previous experiences of my book changing and the beach changing overnight are things that can’t be so easily explained by a Psyop.

I do believe that humans have the technology to actually change our timeline. Just look at what CERN is doing. Or maybe even other Black Ops or Secret Space Programs that are using very advanced technology.

Another possibility is simply a change in our collective consciousness or maybe it’s both going on at the same time.

All I know is things are getting really weird.

Like the fact that the actor that played Superman has gone from Christopher Reeves to Christopher Reeve. Since I was a big superman fan I was not going to forget that his last name had an S in it.

Just look him up now and you’ll see he’s now Reeve in the singular.

Another one that has people perplexed is the Berenstein or the now Berenstain Bears. I never new much about them so I can comment.

But many, many people remember them as being Berenstein and they have good reasons for remembering the names like that. And there are so many more name changes and people who supposedly died and who are now alive again. Another is Kirk Douglass who I thought died around 20 or more years ago.

This truly has to be the craziest thing I have ever experienced on this physical plane.

What do you think?

Please post your comments below and let me know. I’d love to get a further discussion on this topic going.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 49-Year Old Teanajer
“World leader in 100% Raw Food Diet training”
The only high carb, 100% Raw system that doesn’t lead to nutrient deficiencies or feeling deprived.
Your Raw Food Diet Mentor – The Savory Raw King

This is the creepiest thing that’s ever happened to me

(This is originally an email I sent out to my list of subscribers.)

And it’s possible this may creep you out as well.

But first…

Can you do me a favor and answer some questions for me? These questions have little to do with health and fitness but this may be one of the most important emails I ever send you.

For some of you this email may be the weirdest thing BY FAR that has ever happened to you in your entire life.

For others, you may end up thinking I’m crazy.

But I don’t want to get into the full details in this first email. First I need to get your answers to 7 quick questions.

Then in the followup email I tell you exactly what is going on.  Along with giving you the results of this short questionnaire.

[NOTE: Of course, your specific answers will be kept confidential. For example, I won’t say John Doe answered question number one like this.]

Please answer these questions from memory only. Do not look up the answers online because this has to do specifically with your own memories. Doesn’t matter what your wife or neighbor remembers. Just your memories. Of course you can have your wife, husband, friend, etc. answer these questions separately from you and send them into me also.

If you don’t have any memories for a particular question then don’t answer it. Or if your memories of it are weak you can give me your initial impression and just say that you’re not so sure on that question.

I have a reason for asking these questions about popular culture and or the world at large.

Some of you will already know what I’m up to but others on my list will be shocked and possibly terrified to know what is going on on our planet right now. This is something I’ve never written of before publicly.

In fact, you may even feel like you’re a character in any sci-fi flick once I send you the second email. Or you’ll think that I and the many others like me have lost our marbles.

So here are the questions: And remember just use your memory to answer them.

1. Fill in the blank please to this popular TV show from HBO that is no longer running. I believe they also made a movie about that show. Even if you never saw the show but have heard it discussed elsewhere enough times to remember the name of the show. Please fill in the missing word.

“Sex ___ the City”

2. The precise spelling of the name of a famous female TV chef from the 1960’s and 1970’s. I’ll give you the start of her last name. That is the only thing I’m interested in is the spelling of her last name.

Julia Chi__

3. Fill in the first name of this famous motorcycle jumping daredevil.

Ev__ Knievel

4. Where is New Zealand in relation to Australia?

This is multiple choice. One of these answers is the closest to being correct. Don’t worry about it being exactly correct.

A. Northwest of Australia
B. Southwest of Australia
C. Northeast of Australia
D. Southeast of Australia

And if you live in New Zealand I’d be especially interested to know your answer. Please tell me if you live in New Zealand and or ever visited New Zealand recently or have relatives or friends living there.

5. Where is the island of Sicily located? Remember this is approximate.

A. Right next to the tip of the boot, just a few kilometers away from mainland Italy. It’s almost touching the toe end of the boot of Italy.

B. Much further away and south of Italy or just somewhere further away from Italy.

And if you live in Italy or Sicily I’d be especially interested to know your answer. Please tell me if you live in Italy or Sicily and or ever visited Italy or Sicily recently or have relatives or friends living there.

6. Do you remember the Reverend Billy Graham having already died or do you believe he is still living?

7. This is a very popular quote from a famous movie called “Field of Dreams” with Kevin Costner.

Please fill in the blank.

“If you build it _____ will come.”


I realize not every one of my readers will be able to answer all or even any of these questions. But if you can please answer the ones you do actually remember and just hit the reply button.

NOTE: There is no right or wrong answer. The key is to simply go from your own memory.

After you send me your answers then you can look up the results.

And thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. I know it’s not my normal topic but you’ll see the reason why this is so important in the second email.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 49-Year Old Teanajer
“World leader in 100% Raw Food Diet training”
The only high carb, 100% Raw system that doesn’t lead to nutrient deficiencies or feeling deprived.
Your Raw Food Diet Mentor – The Savory Raw King

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Think and Go Raw 3.0:

Why 6.5 years of Hell was the BEST thing to happen to me

Hell2Heaven3-650-x-433Life can be strange sometimes.

Sometimes the best experiences or the most useful ones are the most painful by far.

Case in point.

Yesterday we were at our friend the veterinarian’s place (we met him and his family one day a few months ago while at a restaurant that served young coconuts) and we were there to get our cat “broken” so that she could not have little kittens anymore.

Anyways while there and after our appointment we continued speaking with our friend for a long, long time. He told us he thought vaccinations were dangerous because they were injecting a virus into your blood. Of course, there are many other reasons that vaccinations can be dangerous and deadly because they are literally loaded with poisons. And we told him our children were never vaccinated and they don’t get sick like most other children. He was quite surprised and I didn’t get it if his son was vaccinated or not.

But I also noticed his 4 year old son eating one piece of pure junk food after another. I was absolutely stunned.

He made a whole meal of pure shit. I’m talking sugary marshmallow like candies, nacho chips, crackers, soda and you name it.

Nowhere did I see him eating any real food. None of that do I even consider as edible.

Also our vet friend’s wife works with him and she is pregnant. And earlier on when we arrived she was constantly complaining about how incredibly hot she felt. (Yes certainly pregnancy itself can affect this.)

Personally I felt just slightly on the warm side but was perfectly comfortable. But for her it felt like she was taking a visit to Hell.

When later on I saw her eating chips, soda and all sorts of junk food and I told her in Spanish THAT is why she felt so hot. And I went on to explain why as best I could. Her hubby Fernando wants her to eat better and tells her too but she hasn’t made any changes as of yet in that department.

Apparently the people in the town where she comes from don’t have very open minds to nutrition and new things. And they just eat whatever they see people eating on the Turd-Vision box.

And this got me to thinking. Back in the day I thought the only requirement for a food to be eaten is that it’s something that’s served in a restaurant or sold in a supermarket. I mean if it’s sold in a supermarket it must at least be edible right?

And very sadly this is how most people think.

If it’s in the supermarket or advertised on TV they can eat it. They may even think it’s junk food but they still consider it FOOD.

And so I started thinking back to all of the incredible knowledge and experiential insights I have attained about health and nutrition and why was it that I was so “lucky” to know what virtually no one here in Mexico knows.

Why is it that I don’t suffer with the “old age” diseases like arthritis? (In my mid twenties I had arthritis but not anymore.)

Why am I so thin and vibrant looking?

Why do I have so much energy?

Why am I so happy most of the time?

Why do I look so young for my age?

And it occurred to me that the main reason my life went in the way of discovering these things was because I went through 6.5 years of living in Hell early on in my adult life.

That incredible pain my depression (and no I don’t ever want to live through that again) was the prod I needed to change my diet to a mostly Raw Food Diet.

For the very day that I started eating a lot of fruit and or about 50% of my food as raw was the same day that my depression went away.

And just getting rid of the depression was a GREAT BLESSING and major relief. I mean my life completely changed and rapidly improved simply by getting rid of my depression.

But my blessings are so far beyond that it’s amazing.

And I might have never even been looking for information on the Raw Food Diet had I not had to find a solution to my Hell.

Literally my Hell turned me into a Superbeing compared to most other people.

I’m not trying to brag but it’s just so, so obvious when I see other people of how much better off I am and my family is in most ways than they are. Again, I’m not trying to brag but to illustrate a point.

Most of humanity is suffering and asleep on so many levels.

But because I learned about the Raw Food Diet and actually practiced it for 20 years I have discovered MANY amazing things that are simply not known by the average person.

There is so much incredible suffering out there because people continue to believe that as long as it’s sold as food in the supermarket or at “Crap in the Box” that they can eat it.

But who would eat crap that’s disguised as food if they knew it were crap?

If you want to unleash one miracle in your life after another then do your best to align your life as much as possible with Nature.

That’s what I’m about to do myself. To cut up some oranges and spend a half hour outside at the beach and barefoot eating oranges and getting in tune with Nature.

I’m not going to bring soda, beer, potato chips and Dorshitos out to eat at the beach as I see so many sleeping people doing here.

The miracles you discover when you leave the limitations of society behind are forever life changing. You will  jump leaps and bounds past your unconscious neighbors.

Society is intentionally designed to dumb you down and make you weak and sick. “Society” is the big scourge on this planet. All of the major ills we face as humans can be brought back to the evil influence of “society.”

Group think is almost always at a very low level. It’s designed to enslave.

So when you begin the freeing up process by going raw and many other things as well you have to break free from the clutches of what other people think and do.

You have to tell everyone to go FUGK themselves because I’m not eating that effing crap you are trying to shove down my throat anymore. You can kiss your crappy group think up my arse because I’m not digging it.

And maybe when they see your miraculous improvements it will spark in them the idea that maybe they can do it too.

Maybe they’ll wake up and finally realize that just because it’s advertised on the Turd Tube or sold in a supermarket or on the menu at Bugger King that it sure as Hell doesn’t qualify it as friggin food.

Now that I’ve had my fun little rant and force fed you the truth, may I make some suggestions to make your transition to a freeing raw life much easier.

Think and Go Raw 3.0

Savory Veggie Stews

Yummy Greens

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer
Your Raw Food Diet Mentor
The Savory Raw King


[Amazing 30-Sec Workout] Gets you in better shape than 75% of your neighbors

Do the above workout at a steep hill or sand dune near you for 20 to 30 seconds just once per day for 30-days and you’ll easily be in better shape than 75% of Americans. Yes at least 80% of Americans are overweight and only about 25% of Americans exercise just a few times a week. Yet even the ones who do exercise a few times a week are largely doing long, slow and boring aerobic programs which are far inferior to the fitness, fat burning, energy increasing and health building benefits of doing hill sprints.

Do that same workout 3 times a day or for a total of one and a half minutes or just 90 seconds and you’ll easily be in better shape than 85% of Americans.

Now double up on that workout and do it six times a day for a mere three minutes of exercise per day and you’ll be in better shape than 90 to 95% of Americans by doing just three minutes of intense exercise per day.

How much quicker and easier can it be to get in great shape?

Of course, if you’re out of shape you’ll have to start very slowly. Even doing one of these at full intensity may not be possible for you at the moment. But it doesn’t mean you can’t work your way up to doing them.

For instance you can try just walking up the hill or the sand dune at first. Or maybe just walk up part of the hill when your first starting.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer



Andrew Blows Away Taunting Mexican Boys in Feat of Strength & Endurance

“Andrew Blows Away Taunting Mexican Boys in Feat of Strength & Endurance”

My unofficially adopted son Andrew had a major awakening a few evenings ago.

Here’s what happened.

We went out as a family about 45 minutes before sundown to the incredible sand dunes at Playa Algodones here in San Carlos, Mexico.

And I’ve made it a custom to do hill sprints on these sand dunes.

I mean, as soon as I saw these incredible sand dunes I realized I had fitness gold here. Not only was this fantastic for doing hill sprints but I could do the hill sprints bare foot and therefore was getting the healing benefits of Grounding or Earthing at the same time.

That’s a total win win for me.

Well the kids really loved running up and down the sand dunes as well. Karmyn wants to do them too but she’s been having some knee pain lately (possibly due to her oxalate sensitivity) so she’s had to hold off until that heals.

This time out was our third time there and when we arrived there were about five Mexican children who were hanging out at the sand dunes as well.

As far as I could tell they were all thin. Though supposedly the oldest boy was a little on the overweight side. But not really phat at all.

Anyways, we all started doing our sprints and I suppose the Mexican boys were observing us from afar.

Well when I was gone with Karmyn doing some beach clean up and picking up pieces of broken glass on the sand dunes it appears these Mexican boys decided to challenge Andrew. (Yes the beaches here are loaded with pollution and broken glass that we routinely pick up. Unfortunately the culture in Mexico seems to encourage polluting. The average Mexican [certainly not all] has no conception of preserving the beauty of nature.)

In fact, at least one of the boys spoke to him in English saying something like “do you want to race?” and then saying after that “I’m going to beat you.”

Well they all started running up the sand dune but they were so tired out less than half way up that they couldn’t make it all the way up. In fact, Andrew was able to take it easy and beat them by jogging up (even though those kids had a head start up the sand dune).

Those boys were all struggling to get up. Pushing each other on their butts to try to force up their brothers further up the slippery dune. But from what Andrew told me they never even made it to the top. It was way too difficult for them to make it up even just once.

Yet by the time Andrew had raced them he’d already run up and down the sand dunes at least four times in the previous half hour. And he’d already done his full workout earlier in the day which was pretty intense as well.

Then the Mexican kids father tried running up the sand dune and he went like ten steps or so and then just gave up. It was much too difficult for him.

Afterwords I arrived and saw the father filming Andrew at the bottom of the sand dune as Andrew was running up the sand dune on his own. This was after his boys had been thoroughly trounced by Andrew.

I can’t tell you how incredibly happy Andrew was that he could beat these boys up the sand dune. I mean he was just grinning from ear to ear. Never before in his entire life was he so happy that he was a raw foodists. (And I was really happy for Andrew as well.)

The thing is that Andrew doesn’t really know how good he has it. Up until this point he had almost no clue.

And that’s because he lacks the contrast in experience to demonstrate to him how much better off he is by eating raw.

He hasn’t for instance been to gym class to compare himself to other boys and girls his age. And that is because he is home schooled.

So when he so easily beat these boys of which some of them were likely older than Andrew he was amazed.

He finally started grasping the advantage he has by eating a mostly Raw Food Diet. Because when you eat raw one of the first things that happens is you actually clear out your lungs.

In Andrew’s case he really didn’t need to do that because he’s been eating mostly raw his entire life.

But for me when I was in my early twenties I noticed something when I went to play basketball at open gym at Piscataway, High School.

I would be running and or sprinting up and down the court and then spitting up mucus that was stuck in the bottom of my lungs. That’s how I know for sure I had a thick coating of mucus in the bottom of my lungs.

Then in my first month of going 100% raw I was constantly spitting out mucus. To the newbie he might assume that eating raw produces a lot of excess mucus or flem in the body. But he’d be wrong.

In fact, my body finally had enough energy (due to a dramatically lower toxin load) to expel the mucus that had been in my lungs for most of my life. Even at five years old I noticed that I started having problems breathing as well as I used to. Only after being 100% raw did I finally feel the incredible pleasure of taking a full deep breath.

Yes you can and will breathe deeper and better when eating a raw vegan diet. It gives you advantages in so many departments of life. But one of those departments is definitely athletics.

People who eat raw naturally have greater endurance than people who eat cooked food. Yes a change in diet can dramatically improve athleticism. Eating raw “properly” also helps you become resistant to hot weather and it helps keep you super hydrated.

Plus the body is built with stronger building materials and is much less susceptible to being injured.

So many professional athletes are falling apart as they hit 30 years old. That would not be happening if they ate 100% raw the way I teach.

Now getting back to Andrew.

This experience was a total awakening to him. He just never knew (due to a lack of real world comparison) how many advantages in life he had due to eating raw.

His trouncing of the Mexican boys up the sand dune increased his desire to be raw but also increased his desire to continue exercising and to do more of these sand dune hill sprints. I mean he’s finally starting to “get it” for the first time.

It’s not just me telling him and explaining to him. It was with his own experience. And that was a lot more powerful for him.

He simply doesn’t know what he’s been missing.

I mean he’s never gotten seriously sick in his entire life. And now that we have our Flummunity Protocol we just don’t get colds or flues anymore at all.

This is all the fun stuff Andrew has missed out on:

* Never had an ear ache.

* Never had infections.

* Never took antibiotics in his entire life.

* Never was vaccinated.

He simply has no clue the childhood misery he’s been missing.

Even before we discovered Flummunity his colds were nothing compared to what Karmyn and I experienced as children. When you have colds on a Raw Food Diet they’re generally a lot less intense and don’t last that long either.

But also, he hasn’t had deep interaction with kids who eat cooked food. Yes he’s had friends who eat cooked food. But it’s not like he went to school and competed against others his age. He hasn’t spent all day with them day after day and month after month.

He just doesn’t realize how much happier he naturally is than boys and girls who eat cooked food.

Then again, I also did not know from first hand experience how bad it is to take drugs and how it can destroy your life either. Sometimes you just have to trust your parents.

When my parents told me that if I took drugs I could easily become addicted to them and destroy my life I decided then and there never to take drugs in my life. Same with smoking.

I mean, I wanted to be an athlete, so why would I ever start smoking. And I was shocked to see later in high school that some of my fellow athletes started smoking.

What idiots “I thought to myself.”

Anyways, I hope what I’ve written here helps you realize how going raw gives you BIG TIME advantages over the average person. By comparison you’ll be a Superbeing.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer
Your Raw Food Diet Mentor
The Savory Raw King