Quick Trick Gets You Excited As Hell

Parachuting ExcitementDo you ever feel bored, sad or pessimistic?

Or do you feel stuck and not moving in the direction of your dreams?

I know for me sometimes I’ve felt bored or less than excited about my future.

My kids say it too sometimes.

“I’m bored.”

But there’s a way to make yourself super excited about life almost instantly. All you need to know are two magic words.

Whenever you do what these words command you’ll instantly feel differently.

It will change the pictures in your mind.

It will change your energy too. And that change in your energy flow will light you on fire with enthusiasm.

So what are these two magic words?

Let’s start with the first one.

Well let me phrase it in a fun way.

“To feel great you must CREATE.”

Anytime you’re bored or even fearful it’s because you’re not creating enough. All of your energy is turning inward instead of flowing outward. You’re inflowing energy instead of outflowing.

We are born creators and that is what makes us the happiest.

Watching TV, even reading a book can never compare to the feeling when you are creating something positive.

To have the most exciting life possible you must be creating something every day.

For instance, you can write a story, a book or an article. Just like I’m doing now.

I’m actually practicing this very principle.

Or you can paint, sculpt or draw something.

Or you can create a new recipe.

Or come up with a business idea that’ll make you richer than Rockesmeller.

Or invent something.

Or brainstorm ideas for solving a problem in your life.

The key is to find what you love to do and to actually do it. And do it with gusto and enthusiasm.

And now for the second MAGIC WORD…

What makes creating even more exciting is when you add the concept of GIVING.

If you’re going to GIVE what you create to someone or a group of people it’s all the more exciting. I can tell you that I’m on FIRE with excitement right now as I’m typing this. And I’ve been on fire just relishing the idea of being able to serve you.

It may seem strange to you that I’m excited about writing but I can tell you that right now this is the only thing I want to do.

Because I wanted to give my readers (you) a wonderful gift.

And I feel that gift of light is being expressed through this writing.

I believe I’ve found a super simple success principle that might just make a difference in your life.

All you’ve got to do is ask yourself these Magic Questions.

1. What can I create that will make me excited?

2. What can I give to someone or group of people that will get me excited to give the gift?

Please let me know if this has helped you change a bad day into a good one in the comments section below.

For it only takes a few seconds for your energy to change. Even before you’re actually doing the creation the excitement begins to build up. Then you have the fuel of excitement to make your fantastic creation.

And speaking of excitement.

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I’m talking a powerful and yet NATURAL cold remedy that nothing else anywhere compares to.

I’m dead serious… NEVER get a cold or flu again.

It’s the Flummunity Protocol and it’s been working like a charm for me and my family for over 3 years now.


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Anyways, I hope this Magic Idea helped spark your inner fire of excitement.

When you’re excited about life that’s when life is the most fun.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
“The 48-Year Old Teanajer”
Master of Health, Fitness and Self-Improvement


Emails of Light

Emails Of Light

I was doing my daily spiritual exercise a little while ago when I asked how I could serve Divinity. And guess what was the first thing that came up in my awareness?

“I should write emails of Light.”

So let me start today’s email with a tip about this so called “Light”.

I can send you this Light because I can see and feel it flowing through me right now as I type. And what I’ve found is this.

The more you spend time in the Light, the more wisdom and understanding of yourself and the Universe you get.

And if you infuse yourself day and night with this Light you quickly start to become a powerful Human Angel.

In other words… if you want the greatest gift in life then spend as much time as you can with and in “The Light.”

To me the LIGHT is from God and how God communicates with us.

The LIGHT is also loaded with POWER!

You can experience greater light and Divinity simply by spending time with REAL spiritually minded people. Not necessarily people who push their religious beliefs on you because many of them have little awareness of the Light. If their spiritual knowledge is mostly from books and not personal experience then they’ve not yet had a true connection with Divinity.

I’m talking about spending time with people of genuine spiritual experiences, knowledge and insights. People who know God or Divinity on a somewhat intimate basis.

Of course, you don’t have to be with them in person. You can read their books or writings to absorb their vibrations. This is why I love reading highly charged spiritual books and do so daily.

You can visit their websites too.

And you can read their emails and blog posts. (If they’re still alive in a human body and or someone put up a website for them.)

Just by spending time reading their writings you can absorb their vibrations. And this in turn will lift you up.

This very blog post is being BLASTED with INCREDIBLE LEVELS of LIGHT. There is a BIG change happening on the planet right this moment and it’s coming from the inside out.

I’m very deliberately infusing this writing with the energy of light, love and freedom.

Yes it’s very real not just a light but the LIGHT.

If you tune into it you may even be able to feel or perceive it.

My experiment for the coming week and month is to deliberately infuse all of my emails to you with as much light as possible. And this will even be in emails where I’m selling something.

Of course, I only sell or recommend resources that I believe will improve your life.

And yes I’m going to be deliberately infusing my products including the new, improved and expanded “Think and Go Raw 3″ with this Light.


So see if you can feel a difference.

Let me know if you can feel the Light in this writing by posting in the comments section below. My hope is to help my readers to awaken to their Divinity and unlimited potential simply by reading my emails.

And if you can’t feel it that’s perfectly fine to.

This is just an experiment.

Hopefully one I continue for many years to come.

My mission is to help you (humanity) to improve yourself and for everyone to realize their true connection to Divinity.

Once you truly realize your Divinity and that God rules over the Earth not our corrupt governments then you can gain freedom from these oppressive regimes because you are more powerful than they are.

You can become a law unto yourself.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
“The 48-Year Old Teanajer”
Master of Health, Fitness and Self-Improvement

“How We’re Being Controlled”

Humor me a minute.

I’m going to propose a totally radical concept that you may think is total nonsense.

Or it could be a great revelation.

Just let your imagination run free and think to yourself… what if this where really true?

Maybe just maybe it is true.

I believe there is ONE major reason much if not most of humanity is suffering right now.

We’ve fallen into a GREAT TRAP.

The trap is the belief that we are biological machines limited by physical laws. As if there are no higher laws than these physical laws.

As if God abandoned us on this seeming prison planet.

For instance we believe we can’t fly, therefore we don’t even try.

And we think that our governments are in control of us. That we must be sheep and follow along with the rules meant to enslave us.

For instance, one such new rule is Obamacare in the United States. We are “supposed” to have it even if we don’t want any so called “health insurance”. Yes they tell us we must pay for it even if we don’t want it and if we don’t there’s a big penalty for that.

Now that is just one issue.

Everywhere you look the governments of the world are encroaching more and more on our freedoms.

Of course, everyone now knows that the US government is reading all of our emails and recording our telephone calls and they even have our email account passwords. That info thanks to Edward Snowden and friends.

The point is that we are limited by a million different things here on this physical plane. It is made to seem that we are powerless against totalitarian governments.

For instance, this might get you mad.

Did you hear that in the United States the Senate recently passed a bill to extend the debt ceiling until 2017? And from what I read this time there is no real upper limit to the debt. They can just keep piling it on.

And they voted on this at 3am in the morning. Talk about shady and trying to hide something.

And one of the provisions was to pay for this out of control national debt with about 150 Billion dollars taken from the Social Security fund. In other words stealing from our senior citizens and others who rely on Social Security to pay for the national debt that our government and banking system got us into.

This of course is outrageous behavior by our “leaders” and yet we still feel we can do nothing about it. Like it’s impossible for one person to beat the totally rigged and corrupt system. We just keep voting the other party in only to realize they keep doing the same thing to us anyway.

But maybe our thinking is inside out.

If you look at the outer news these days (especially if you don’t follow the mainstream lies on TV and Cable) things seem extremely bleak. Not just in the United States but all over the world.

Literally, the Global Economy is imploding before our very eyes. What’s happening right now is FAR worse than the Great Depression and it’s on a global scale. Yet the mainstream media does not report on this extensively… that’s because they work in collusion with our governments.

And I know the US government doesn’t want us to know how bad the economic situation really is. That’s why they “fix” the stock market. Did you know that the Bank of Japan recently admitted they own 52% of their stock market? Talk about market manipulation.

That’s why the price of gold and silver is highly manipulated in a downward fashion. For if the price of gold and silver were allowed to rise freely then the game would have been over 40 years ago.

No one would want dollars because all the money would move to gold, silver and other real assets not paper money. And so by it’s nature fiat or paper money backed by nothing but the faith in government cannot not allow the price of gold and silver to rise freely because it would almost instantly end the paper money system which they use to bankrupt and control us.

And all of this just makes us more ticked off and more feeling like we can’t do a single freakin thing about it.

But here I believe is the trick.

Here I believe we have an incredible and mostly untapped power that we don’t know we have.

Remember just humor me on this.

I believe Humanity has been trapped in a HUGE lie.

And the lie is that we are victims… that we are powerless. That we must listen to and be slaves to the rules that our totally corrupt governments created.

The lie I believe is this.

“The outer world is more powerful than your inner world.”

Why do I believe this?

Because of 28 years of visiting higher planes of consciousness. For many years now I’ve been getting this message when doing my spiritual exercises or meditations.

And that message has been getting much stronger over the last month and even over the last week.

The trap is that we have no or very little impact on our outer reality or the physical world.

And maybe that’s not so.

Maybe God designed us to have total freedom and no limits so long as what we do, we do in LOVE.

Maybe all of the typical physical plane limitations are really just limitations in our BELIEF of what is possible.

After all there are documented people who can live without eating or even drinking water for years on end.

There are many documented cases of saints in numerous religions who have been seen to be levitating.

There are even saints who have been witnessed to teleport themselves, walk on water, stay under water or even buried underground for years, stay permanently youthful and never sleep. What about dead physical bodies that do not decay after centuries. Yes even that is documented.

Therefore, I propose that maybe our only limitation is the belief in limitation.

Certainly our thoughts and attitudes of others will affect their behaviors towards us. Even if we don’t outwardly express those thoughts people tend to just know.

What if for just 15 minutes each morning we sent out vibrations of happiness, love, abundance and freedom for all people.

What if in our imaginations we only saw things as we wanted them to be… not how they currently are?

What if we decided we had enough of this outer world slavery nonsense and only created beauty and harmony on all levels of our lives including with family members, friends, coworkers, customers and strangers on the street?

How long would it take for outer reality to change if we stopped negatively re-creating CURRENT outer reality?

Because when we are mad at the news or the governments, we are on a certain level agreeing to their actions and that reality. We’re giving them permission to continue because we are imagining/creating things are bad and therefore things continue to be bad. Because we are creating badness by our agreement to have badness in our lives.

We get caught in an outer loop of see news and re-create the same news over and over and over again.

We see crimes against our brothers and even ourselves and get upset because we feel totally powerless to do anything.

And yet maybe, just maybe we have God like powers.

Maybe we are all gods and goddesses with INFINITE potential and INFINITE freedom to create physical reality just as we wish.

Yes I know some will vehemently disagree with me. But I don’t really care.

Some things you just KNOW.

My experiences in higher consciousness for close to 30 years are telling me that I and we have been badly tricked. And I’m not going to play that game anymore.

I know the outer changes won’t come instantly.

First we have to make the inner changes. We have to acknowledge ourselves as CREATORS.

We have visualize perfection in the face of outer imperfection.

What if no matter what imperfection we saw in people and governments we only allowed thoughts and feelings of perfection in our consciousness?

How long would it take to start changing outer reality?

I believe you’d see changes start to happen the very day you make this change.

People would respond to you differently. People you thought were this or that way become much better because now you’re creating them as beautiful and loving Divine creatures.


See everyone and everything as LOVE or as GOD even if outwardly they appear very far from it. Even if they are doing “bad” things to you. (Of course, take whatever outer action seems prudent.)

Don’t acknowledge the Devil acknowledge Divinity.

Of course, you still have to be practical and take the appropriate outer actions depending on the circumstances.

But inwardly, in your imagination, you continue to see, feel and project a powerful stream of perfection in your every action.

Me personally, I see it as a POWERFUL WAVE of WHITE LIGHT that flows into our world disrupting the limited victim consciousness thinking. And it isn’t some thing I only imagine. This light is very real.

Assume perfection and maybe just maybe the great trap that humanity is currently in can be broken.

Your thoughts and replies appreciated.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
“The 48-Year Old Teanajer”
Master of Health, Fitness and Self-Improvement

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Anticraver goes nuts… sends regards

No he hasn’t been put into a loony bin and locked up in white padded room with a straight jacket.

And no he hasn’t added nuts or any fatty foods to his famous no fat… cooked food cravings busting recipe.

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And it must be a savory food. Not a sweet food because raw foodists are inundated with sweet foods because they’re eating so much fruit. After a while it’s just too much sweet and they get heavily unbalanced and crave cooked food like the Dickens.

And it must be a low fat and high carb food.

This way you can eat as much of it as you want (within reason of course) and never having to worry about going over 15% of your daily caloric intake from fat.

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Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer
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The Savory Raw King


How to Make Yerself Hideous for Halloween

Did you know you could make yerself hideous looking for Halloween without wearing a costume?

Here’s how to do it…

1. Start your day by eating lots of fried bacon and eggs. You can even throw in pasteurized orange juice and toast.

What you may not know is that fried bacon got the highest AGE or Advanced Glycation Endproducts score. And those suckers will make you look hideous as Hell.

2. For lunch you can grab a quick meal at McDeathnolds. I’d suggest a Big Crack or two with 1 or 2 large fries and you can polish that off with a large drink that used to contain cocaine in it or a Coca Cola.

3. For dinner you can head to a diner (got plenty of those in New Jersey) and eat breakfast again with a fried omelette, bacon and home fries. Why not throw in a glass of milk and an apple turnover for dessert.

Just by doing this routine daily for a month you’ll totally change your appearance to something ghoulish. 

You’ll look much bigger giving you that monsterish appearance.

You’ll start to get a lot more wrinkles, cracks and bumps on your face and skin. Your skin will go from soft to dry like paper to give you a really old look.

And you may even start limping and get a big hump on your back.

Yes I know it’s too late to do it for Halloween this year LOL.

And it’s true. 

If you ate what I told you above you’d be intaking absolutely ridiculous amounts of toxins. The AGE content alone compared to a properly executed raw diet would be easily ten or twenty times the amount.

But then again there are the hetero cyclic amines and the beta carbolines.

Then there’s the Maillard Molecules.

Building a body on toxic Maillard Molecules is sure to disgust everyone around you.

And of course if you want to look like death then it’s best to eat foods that have had all of the life force sucked out of them by Dracula or cooking.

Yes siree Bob, if you want to look like a hideous version of your true self then just keep on chowing down on Satan’s food otherwise known as cooked food to most sheople.

But if you want to look like a beautiful fashion model and have the energy of a child then my friend the only option is to go on a Raw Food Diet.

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When you eat raw you’ll rescue yourself from a Hellish life of ghosts, goblins and ugly witches with big moles on their noses.

And the Anticraver Secrit Recipe will satisfy like bacon but without the grease, toxins, free radicals and the ridiculously high AGE levels that age each and every cell in your body.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer
Your Raw Food Diet Mentor
The Savory Raw King



Can Humans Rust?

Can Humans Rust? - ImageThat’s a strange thing to think since we are not made of metal.

But it turns out a very similar process to rusting happens in humans too.

It’s called oxidation.

When iron rusts it oxidizes. And the same oxidation process can happen to our cells if we’re not careful.

And this one of the reasons having gazillions of antioxidants (or anti-rusting agents) in your body is so good at keeping you young. The more antioxidants you have the more resistant you are to rusting out.

Aging is rusting.

Anyways, in doing my research on AGEs I found this wonderful website.

The way this is written and compared to rusting is so clear that I’m just quoting it directly.

1. AGEs are oxidants. They corrode our body the same way rust damages metal in a machine if it’s allowed to build up. Oxidation depletes our natural reserves of anti-oxidants, which are the “good guys”. Anti-oxidants are the substances that can neutralize the corrosive effects of AGEs, but only up to a point.

2. The body reacts to AGEs the same way it fights an infection, except that its capacity is limited. Our native defenses normally eliminate AGE toxins by mobilizing a low level of generalized inflammation, which is our body’s normal reaction to ”irritants”, such as bacteria. For example, a person with an infection – an “irritant” to the body – may experience a rise in body temperature – a “fever”, which indicates inflammation, but this will go away soon. Food AGEs, like bacteria, can also trigger inflammation but this time – since they come in often – it may not go away soon, and over time it can erode our self-defenses, as AGEs pile up in the body, like junk. And they continue to cause more oxidation (rusting) and inflammation (low “fever”), which may not become noticed for many years.

At worst, if inflammation is prolonged it will slowly damage every organ in the body – Most chronic diseases are associated with inflammation and high levels of AGEs. At best, AGEs speed up our body’s and mind’s aging [1]

AGEs generate small molecules (reactive oxygen species or ROS) that cause oxidation and tissue damage (just like rust on metal).  At the same time, ROS promote the formation of more AGEs and this sets up a vicious cycle, which, as AGEs build up, slows down organ function. The endpoint? Faster aging.

Also, AGEs build chemical bridges between proteins – a reason why older joints and tendons become thicker and less elastic and skin more wrinkled – they also affect all types of connective tissue throughout the body.  The result?  You name it! Hardened arteries (causing high blood pressure or heart disease), cataracts of the eyes (blocking vision), and damaged kidneys. [2]

As you can see AGEs can make you age rapidly.

And I believe they’re also responsible for making your skin look like dried out paper. This happens to many people as they age. I’m talking in your thirties this starts happening.

So if you want to look young and beautiful you’ve got to lower your AGE intake dramatically.

And of course the ultimate way to beat AGEs is to eat a high antioxidant, high carb and lower fat Raw Food Diet.


1. Because your consumption of AGE’s goes down to next to nothing when you eat like this.

2. Because your antioxidant levels sky rocket when you go raw and eat all sorts of raw fruits and vegetables that haven’t had their nutrients damaged by the cooking process.

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Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer
Your Raw Food Diet Mentor


[1] http://theage-lessway.com/about-ages/what-are-ages/

[2] http://theage-lessway.com/ages-and-aging/

If It Turns Brown, It’ll Take You Down

Announcing the Pre-Launch Sale of “Think and Go Raw” Ver 3

How to Go Raw and STAY Raw With Pleasure Instead of Cravings


“If It Turns Brown, It’ll Take You Down, Make You Frown and Turn You Into a Clown”

Aloha Roger

Did you know that the browning process when you cook foods actually produces something that ages you?

In fact, this substance can damage any cell in the body and leads to all sorts of diseases including diabetes, heart and kidney disease, but also dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, arthritis, osteoporosis, skin aging, poor wound healing, and periodontal disease.

The browning is what makes cooked foods taste good and is also highly damaging to your body.

Oddly enough (since it ages you) it’s called AGE or Advanced Glycation Endproducts.

And yes excessive AGE consumption has been proven in studies to speed up the aging process.

AGEs are OXIDANTS or the opposite of anti-oxidants of which are abundant in raw foods. In fact, the people with the highest antioxidants levels tested are always raw foodists not antioxidant pill poppers.

And while doing the research I was shocked to find that AGEs are even high in raw cashews. Actually these are not truly raw cashews that are hand picked but what are called raw cashews because they haven’t been roasted. In truth they are heated to get the cashews out of their toxic shells. That of course dramatically increases the AGE count.

Turns out that AGEs are in all foods but super high in foods that are cooked with dry heat methods like baking, broiling, roasting, frying, grilling etc.

And also AGEs are highest in foods that are high in protein and or high in fat.

The foods that are lowest are surprise, surprise…

…raw fruits and vegetables.

So even raw nuts are loaded with AGEs though the AGE numbers tend to double once they are roasted or cooked.

Just another reason pointing to the importance of a low fat diet.

And even more so of a low fat Raw Food Diet.

I also found out that AGEs are considered a cause of cataracts. And that makes total sense because my friend who got the cataracts would eat these meals of ridiculously high fat intake. And yes I warned him repeatedly about the dangers of a high fat diet. Even if it the fat in the meal itself was raw.

I think his meals were usually consisting of raw almonds, plus soy milk, raisins and other added stuff.

Plus he used to add gobs of oil to his vegetable meals and think nothing of it.

He did it largely to “feel full” for hours.

But was it worth the cataracts?

I’m sure at the time he never once thought he’d get cataracts. Stuff like that is hard to predict.

But he knew the benefits of the Raw Food Diet and the dangers of eating cooked food but just ignored it.

AGEs are even produced in the body but it’s the continual over consumption of AGEs which the body cannot handle.

It has been proven that by removing AGEs animals lived longer (same improvement as doing caloric restriction) and in short trials humans showed improved health markers like lower inflammation and oxidative stress.

There’s no question that lowering AGE intake will make you healthier.

Interestingly by cooking with dry heat methods you can increase the AGE levels of foods by an astonishing 10 to 100 times.

Below is more on the dangers of AGEs.

The May 2003 edition of Life Extension magazine discusses AGEs, referring to a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Eating food cooked at high temperatures was proven to cause the formation of AGEs, which accelerate aging. AGEs also stimulate the body to produce chronic inflammation, which leads to devastating, even lethal, effects directly involved with these diseases: diabetes, cancer, atherosclerosis, congestive heart failure, aortic valve stenosis, Alzheimer’s and kidney impairment.

The article declares, “Cooking and aging have similar biological properties. The process that turns a broiled chicken brown illustrates what happens to our body’s proteins as we age. As the proteins react with sugars, they turn brown and lose elasticity; they cross-link to form insoluble masses that generate free radicals (which contribute to aging). The resulting AGEs accumulate in our collagen, skin, cornea of the eye, brain, nervous system, vital organs and arteries as we age. Normal aging can also be regarded as a slow cooking process.”

Schenck, Susan; BidWell, Victoria (2009-02-28). The Live Food Factor (Kindle Locations 4621-4629). Awakenings Publications. Kindle Edition.

So if you want to look and feel years younger you’ve got to do two things.

1. Stop injesting foods that are high in AGEs

2. Eat foods that are loaded in antioxidants as antioxidants will neutralize AGEs which are oxidants.

This is yet another reason I stay so energetic and young looking (with soft smooth skin) even though I’m 48 years old.

Let’s stop playing around.

If you want to have the best life possible then eating raw has got to be in your immediate plans.

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Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
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Society is a Control Mechanism for the Weak Minded

Most people waste their lives trying to fit in with society when instead they should be MAKING THEIR OWN SOCIETY.

What almost nobody realizes is that society is “intentionally” set up to control the weak minded.

In fact, this intentional control system (by our schools, churches, media and government) was created to control the minds of the vast majority of the populace. The average person is just like a lemming who can be easily tricked to jump off a cliff because all of the other lemmings are doing so too.

And nowhere is this more telling than with people trying to go on a Raw Food Diet.

Now realize, early on in my attempts at going raw I was also a lemming.

I was so concerned that by eating raw I’d never get a girlfriend because obviously most girls / women are not raw foodists.

What I had no idea at the time was that there are many women who are raw foodists and looking only for men who are eating raw. This actually made it easier to find a partner than if I was still eating cooked food. Most raw women would never seriously date someone who eats cooked food.

But even if I were the only person in the world eating raw (male or female) I’d still continue doing it and gladly so.

In the answers I got back last week about the reasons for people not eating raw one of the biggest was what other people thought about what they ate or the overal social aspect of it. There are a TON of misconceptions and false beliefs about this.

I had some college students feeling that they’d be ridiculed by eating raw. One way or another the social part of staying raw plays a HUGE part in the decision of whether to be 100% raw or not.

For my part, I could care less if someone thinks what I eat is weird.

And I’ve felt this way for all of the time I’ve been 100% raw.

Actually, I don’t think what I eat is weird at all… I’m shocked by what everyone else is stuffing their face with and usually it isn’t something I’d call food.

That feeling I have is so powerful that no one EVER really looks at me strangely anymore. Because my concept of my diet and self is so strong that I CREATE MY OWN REALITY. It’s like their reactions to me are controlled by what I think about myself.

Not what they think… but what I THINK!

To me, I care as much about their opinions as the dust falling on my shoulders.

Their opinions mean absolutely nothing to me because I know they are opinions of ignorant addicts who are destroying themselves.

Why should I try to fit in with a bunch of people who are destroying their lives with cooked food?

They need to fit in with me not the other way around.

At least that’s how I feel about it.

There’s no reason to kowtow to cooked matter (it’s not really food) addicts because I am a CREATOR. And I create my own reality.

And so I want a life of happiness, health and extreme youthfulness.

That I could NEVER have if I was still eating cooked food.

Yes by eating cooked food and going to cooked restaurants you’re actually a victim of the control grid of society. They are dictating to you the shitty way you should live your life. They’re trying to ingrain their poisonous and health destroying values on you.

Don’t buy into it.

It’s a bunch of nonsense.

You can create your own life and live it happily.

Even if you have a family and none of them want to eat raw it’s no excuse why you cannot. I know several people who do it. They may have a spouse or some other member(s) of the family who eats cooked and they eat 100% raw.

It’s no big deal to them anymore.

They’re over it.

Cooked food that is.

Please stop letting what others think and do control the most incredible decision you make about your health, happiness and looks every day.

Cooked food destroys.

Cooked food uglifies.

Stop being complacent about eating raw. It’s doing much more damage to you than you think.

Over the coming days I’ll be giving you plenty of examples of how it’s destroying your life NOW… not just in some distant future.

And if you’re 100% raw or close to it like a number of my readers are then you already understand where I’m coming from. Obviously this email is not targeted at you.

I have so much more to say about this.

But realize this…

Even if you don’t decide to go 100% raw for whatever reason that is fine. This article is going way beyond getting you go to raw.

Like I’ve said in the past, going 100% raw is not going to work for everyone in all situations but it can work for most people who have access to an adequate year round raw food supply.

But remember that “You create your reality”. (Minus the fact that there are outer physical laws that definitely do affect your health, unless you are a fully God realized being).

Never let the dimwhit ideas of society control what you do, think and feel in life. For they are 100% designed to dumb you down. Just look at what it’s like to go to public school these days. George Orwell would have been proud because his book is coming to life before our eyes.


If you let your life be controlled by “what society thinks” then you are a SLAVE.

Break free and take your royal spot as a creator in this Universe.

And if you want to really enjoy what you eat I suggest you break out of the poisonous societal “norm” and reach beyond to Savory Veggie Stews.


and Yummy Greens


Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
Raw Food Diet Mentor
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness

P.S. For a mind opening book on this topic I highly recommend you get yourself a copy of “How I Gained Freedom in an Unfree World” by Harry Browne. It’s an absolute classic that is out of print but I believe you can order the PDF or Kindle version at a cheap price.

That book can totally free you from the false constraints of society. You’ll soon realize you’re a lot happier once you break free from the false shackles of our Orwellian Society.

What Makes Raw Food Special? Hint it Isn’t Enzymes

The main reason for eating a Raw Food Diet is because the food is still alive when we eat it.

And that life force somehow gets transferred to us.

Thereby reducing disease, increasing health and happiness.

For years it was believed that what made raw food “raw” was that the enzymes where still intact. But is that really makes raw food alive?

The simple test is to take a bunch of enzymes. Do that and you’ll soon realize that the enzymes don’t give you that tingly feeling like drinking a fresh squeezed glass of orange juice.

Well it turns out that tingly live feeling does not come from enzymes but from something else.

And that if you juice that tingly feeling will be gone in a half hour anyway and yet the juice will still have its enzymes. (Unless you use one of those slow mastication juicers. Then it may take several days for that breakdown process.)

Well it turns out a prominent scientist and inventor discovered what made raw foods and raw juices “alive” in 1983 and isolated it.

The discovery was made by Dr. Patrick Flanagan the creator of Microhydrin, MegaH or Hydrogen Boost which contains the most powerful “by far” antioxidant on the planet.

That antioxidant is actually a negatively charged hydrogen molecule with an extra electron added to it. It’s also called a hydride ion. This is the actual thing that makes raw food feel alive.

Below I’m including some notes I took from an interview with Dr. Flanagan that I watched on Gaiam TV with Regina Meredith as the host.

Healing Matrix: Vibrant Longevity with Patrick Flanagan

It’s a hydrogen atom with 2 electrons instead of one or H-.

Negatively ionized hydrogen.

Patrick drank fresh raw juices starting at 17. Was vegan and or vegetarian for 30 years.

Could fast on juices for months.

After a half hour the healing effects of the juice is gone.

Taking loads enzymes didn’t do anything for his health or energy.

In 1983 he discovered a special molecule in fresh organic fruit and vegetable juices the hydride ion or negative ionized hydrogen. It’s a hydrogen atom with an extra electron. It’s at the exact same potential as electrons in the human body.

The human body has a potential of about 1 volt and the hydride ion also has about a 1 volt potential.

There is a hydrogen cycle.

90% of the Universe is made up of hydrogen and 9% of helium and 1% is the rest of the elements.

Sunlight is produced on a star when hydrogen on the surface of a star takes on electrons and makes negative ionized hydrogen called the hydride ion and that chemical process emits light.

And plants convert that sunlight through photosynthesis. Then the plant breaks down water into negatively charged hydrogen and oxygen. Some of it is just plain hydrogen but a lot is the negatively charged hydrogen or the hydride ion.

He said if you eat raw plant foods you’re getting a huge amount of negatively charged hydrogen ions in your body and bloodstream. And this hydride ion also happens to be the world’s most powerful antioxidant.

If you juice the negative hydrogen ion is gone within thirty minutes of juicing. Even if you store it in the fridge. Though I suspect the slower juicing methods preserve that hydride ion for much longer than a half hour.

So this brings a few questions to my mind that I’ll address in a future email.

And just so you know, I long ago (many years before going 100% raw started taking that antioxidant created by Dr. Patrick Flanagan. At the time it was the only supplement I was able to feel an almost immediate change in my body from. It’s is definitely a very powerful antioxidant. So powerful it can reverse sunburn and I have used it for that purpose at least 8 times.

But I can tell you this, if there was a choice to take this supplement and eat a cooked food diet versus not taking that supplement and going raw the answer is 1000% to eat raw.

(And I would not take it on a regular basis while eating raw either but won’t go into why today.)

Because my results are literally ten times better from going all raw as compared to taking that supplement while still eating a cooked food diet.

Part of the reason for that is it’s not just the nutrients in raw food that are so beneficial but the fact that you are eliminating all sorts of extremely toxic foods from your diet as well.

And there may well be other factors besides the negatively charged hydrogen molecule that makes raw food so special.

That being said…

I do know this… upping your intake of raw greens and cruciferous veggies is one of the best ways you can heal your body, reduce your chances of getting cancer and even increase your intelligence as I’ve discussed in a study I mentioned in a previous email.

And Yummy Greens makes it delicious and exciting to add more greens and cruciferous vegetables into your diet.

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The raw pizza and Rawbecue wings are just amazing by the way.

This is what a Yummy Greens customer had to say about the Rawbecue wings…

I just made the wings today and they are sooooo good!   I don’t care for broccoli but today I ate a pound of it!  Thank you for the excellent recipe.

Lynda Sorenson


Btw, I want to tell you that your Yummy Greens recipes are delightful: my favourite is (guess?) the pizza!! Really the very best raw version I ever tried!! And even the rawbecues wings are the best way to eat (ton of) broccoli and cauliflower! and they’re really incredibly low in fat!

Great deal!!!

A big smile
Barbara Aldeghi

Can you believe…

Roger, I absolutely LOVE the Yummy Greens Raw-B-q recipe you have come up with..its Genius!!!

My husband and I also think the Savory Veggie Stew is genius also..

Joann Orloff

Anyways… I hope you found the information on what really makes something raw helpful. Just preserving the enzymes isn’t going to help you much at all.

But eating Yummy Greens should put a BIG smile on your face.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
Raw Food Diet Mentor
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness


P.S. Patrick Flanagan Interview: NOTE GaiamTV is a paid service but I think you can join the first month for 99 cents.