Society is a Control Mechanism for the Weak Minded

Most people waste their lives trying to fit in with society when instead they should be MAKING THEIR OWN SOCIETY.

What almost nobody realizes is that society is “intentionally” set up to control the weak minded.

In fact, this intentional control system (by our schools, churches, media and government) was created to control the minds of the vast majority of the populace. The average person is just like a lemming who can be easily tricked to jump off a cliff because all of the other lemmings are doing so too.

And nowhere is this more telling than with people trying to go on a Raw Food Diet.

Now realize, early on in my attempts at going raw I was also a lemming.

I was so concerned that by eating raw I’d never get a girlfriend because obviously most girls / women are not raw foodists.

What I had no idea at the time was that there are many women who are raw foodists and looking only for men who are eating raw. This actually made it easier to find a partner than if I was still eating cooked food. Most raw women would never seriously date someone who eats cooked food.

But even if I were the only person in the world eating raw (male or female) I’d still continue doing it and gladly so.

In the answers I got back last week about the reasons for people not eating raw one of the biggest was what other people thought about what they ate or the overal social aspect of it. There are a TON of misconceptions and false beliefs about this.

I had some college students feeling that they’d be ridiculed by eating raw. One way or another the social part of staying raw plays a HUGE part in the decision of whether to be 100 raw or not.

For my part, I could care less if someone thinks what I eat is weird.

And I’ve felt this way for all of the time I’ve been 100% raw.

Actually, I don’t think what I eat is weird at all… I’m shocked by what everyone else is stuffing their face with and usually it isn’t something I’d call food.

That feeling I have is so powerful that no one EVER really looks at me strange anymore. Because my concept of my diet and self is so strong that I CREATE MY OWN REALITY. It’s like their reactions to me are controlled by what I think about myself.

Not what they think but what I THINK!

To me, I care as much about the dust falling on my shoulders as the opinions of others concerning what I eat.

Their opinions mean absolutely nothing to me because I know they are opinions of addicts who are destroying themselves.

Why should I try to fit in with a bunch of addicts?

They need to fit in with me not the other way around.

There’s no reason to kowtow to cooked matter (it’s not really food) addicts because I am a CREATOR. And I create my own reality.

And so I want a life of happiness, health and extreme youthfulness.

That I could NEVER have if I was still eating cooked food.

Yes by eating cooked food and going to cooked restaurants you’re actually a victim of the control grid of society. They are dictating to you the shitty way you should live your life.

Don’t buy into it.

It’s a bunch of nonsense.

You can create your own life and live it happily.

Even if you have a family and none of them want to eat raw it’s no excuse why you cannot. I know several people who do it. They may have a spouse or some other member of the family who eats cooked and they eat 100% raw.

It’s no big deal to them anymore.

Please stop letting what others think and do control the most incredible decision you make about your health, happiness and looks every day.

Cooked food destroys.

Cooked food uglifies.

Stop being complacent about eating raw. It’s doing much more damage to you than you think.

Over the coming days I’ll be giving you plenty of examples of how it’s destroying your life NOW not just in some distant future.

And if you’re 100% raw or close to it like a number of my readers are then you already understand where I’m coming from. Obviously this email is not targetted at you.

I have so much more to say about this.

But realize this…

Even if you don’t decide to go 100% raw for whatever reason that is fine.

Like I’ve said in the past, it’s not going to work for everyone in all situations but it can work for most people.

But remember that “You create your reality”. (Minus the fact that there are outer physical laws that definitely do affect your health unless you are a fully God realized being).

Never let the dimwhit ideas of society control what you do, think and feel in life.

If you let your life be controlled by “what society thinks” then you are a SLAVE.

Break free and take your royal spot as a creator in this Universe.

And if you want to really enjoy what you eat I suggest you break out of the poisonous societal “norm” and reach beyond to Savory Veggie Stews.

and Yummy Greens

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
Raw Food Diet Mentor
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness

P.S. For a mind opening book on this topic I highly recommend you get yourself a copy of “How I Gained Freedom in an Unfree World” by Harry Browne. It’s an absolute classic that is out of print but I believe you can order the PDF or Kindle version at a cheap price.

That book can totally free you from the false constraints of society. You’ll soon realize you’re a lot happier once you break free from the false shackles of our Orwellian Society.

What Makes Raw Food Special? Hint it Isn’t Enzymes

The main reason for eating a Raw Food Diet is because the food is still alive when we eat it.

And that life force somehow gets transferred to us.

Thereby reducing disease, increasing health and happiness.

For years it was believed that what made raw food “raw” was that the enzymes where still intact. But is that really makes raw food alive?

The simple test is to take a bunch of enzymes. Do that and you’ll soon realize that the enzymes don’t give you that tingly feeling like drinking a fresh squeezed glass of orange juice.

Well it turns out that tingly live feeling does not come from enzymes but from something else.

And that if you juice that tingly feeling will be gone in a half hour anyway and yet the juice will still have its enzymes. (Unless you use one of those slow mastication juicers. Then it may take several days for that breakdown process.)

Well it turns out a prominent scientist and inventor discovered what made raw foods and raw juices “alive” in 1983 and isolated it.

The discovery was made by Dr. Patrick Flanagan the creator of Microhydrin, MegaH or Hydrogen Boost which contains the most powerful “by far” antioxidant on the planet.

That antioxidant is actually a negatively charged hydrogen molecule with an extra electron added to it. It’s also called a hydride ion. This is the actual thing that makes raw food feel alive.

Below I’m including some notes I took from an interview with Dr. Flanagan that I watched on Gaiam TV with Regina Meredith as the host.

Healing Matrix: Vibrant Longevity with Patrick Flanagan

It’s a hydrogen atom with 2 electrons instead of one or H-.

Negatively ionized hydrogen.

Patrick drank fresh raw juices starting at 17. Was vegan and or vegetarian for 30 years.

Could fast on juices for months.

After a half hour the healing effects of the juice is gone.

Taking loads enzymes didn’t do anything for his health or energy.

In 1983 he discovered a special molecule in fresh organic fruit and vegetable juices the hydride ion or negative ionized hydrogen. It’s a hydrogen atom with an extra electron. It’s at the exact same potential as electrons in the human body.

The human body has a potential of about 1 volt and the hydride ion also has about a 1 volt potential.

There is a hydrogen cycle.

90% of the Universe is made up of hydrogen and 9% of helium and 1% is the rest of the elements.

Sunlight is produced on a star when hydrogen on the surface of a star takes on electrons and makes negative ionized hydrogen called the hydride ion and that chemical process emits light.

And plants convert that sunlight through photosynthesis. Then the plant breaks down water into negatively charged hydrogen and oxygen. Some of it is just plain hydrogen but a lot is the negatively charged hydrogen or the hydride ion.

He said if you eat raw plant foods you’re getting a huge amount of negatively charged hydrogen ions in your body and bloodstream. And this hydride ion also happens to be the world’s most powerful antioxidant.

If you juice the negative hydrogen ion is gone within thirty minutes of juicing. Even if you store it in the fridge. Though I suspect the slower juicing methods preserve that hydride ion for much longer than a half hour.

So this brings a few questions to my mind that I’ll address in a future email.

And just so you know, I long ago (many years before going 100% raw started taking that antioxidant created by Dr. Patrick Flanagan. At the time it was the only supplement I was able to feel an almost immediate change in my body from. It’s is definitely a very powerful antioxidant. So powerful it can reverse sunburn and I have used it for that purpose at least 8 times.

But I can tell you this, if there was a choice to take this supplement and eat a cooked food diet versus not taking that supplement and going raw the answer is 1000% to eat raw.

(And I would not take it on a regular basis while eating raw either but won’t go into why today.)

Because my results are literally ten times better from going all raw as compared to taking that supplement while still eating a cooked food diet.

Part of the reason for that is it’s not just the nutrients in raw food that are so beneficial but the fact that you are eliminating all sorts of extremely toxic foods from your diet as well.

And there may well be other factors besides the negatively charged hydrogen molecule that makes raw food so special.

That being said…

I do know this… upping your intake of raw greens and cruciferous veggies is one of the best ways you can heal your body, reduce your chances of getting cancer and even increase your intelligence as I’ve discussed in a study I mentioned in a previous email.

And Yummy Greens makes it delicious and exciting to add more greens and cruciferous vegetables into your diet.

Speaking of cancer check out this amazing bonus you get with Yummy Greens.

Powerful Natural Chemotherapy Nutrient Found in Certain Greens without the Debilitating Side Effects – Special Resource

* The process is such a potent cancer cell killer it has actually been patented.
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* Beat the common cold and flu because of it’s also a powerful antibiotic proven to kill bacteria and viruses.

If you’ve been trying to find fun ways to up you and your family’s intake of greens and cruciferous veggies then check out Yummy Greens because we have 20 recipe categories including…

1. Stealth Greens
2. Pâtés
3. Sorbets
4. Cookies
5. Juices
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7. Wraps
8. Chips & Dips
9. Noodle Dishes
10. Soups
11. Stews
12. Green Smoothies
13. Slaws
14. Salads
15. Hot Dogs
16. Fondues
17. Thai Food
18. Spaghetti
19. Pizza
20. Raw Barbecue wings or Rawbecue Wings

The raw pizza and Rawbecue wings are just amazing by the way.

This is what a Yummy Greens customer had to say about the Rawbecue wings…

I just made the wings today and they are sooooo good!   I don’t care for broccoli but today I ate a pound of it!  Thank you for the excellent recipe.

Lynda Sorenson


Btw, I want to tell you that your Yummy Greens recipes are delightful: my favourite is (guess?) the pizza!! Really the very best raw version I ever tried!! And even the rawbecues wings are the best way to eat (ton of) broccoli and cauliflower! and they’re really incredibly low in fat!

Great deal!!!

A big smile
Barbara Aldeghi

Can you believe…

Roger, I absolutely LOVE the Yummy Greens Raw-B-q recipe you have come up with..its Genius!!!

My husband and I also think the Savory Veggie Stew is genius also..

Joann Orloff

Anyways… I hope you found the information on what really makes something raw helpful. Just preserving the enzymes isn’t going to help you much at all.

But eating Yummy Greens should put a BIG smile on your face.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
Raw Food Diet Mentor
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness

P.S. Patrick Flanagan Interview: NOTE GaiamTV is a paid service but I think you can join the first month for 99 cents.

Heals Your Body Without Changing Your Diet

This is amazing…

As you may know, I teach people how to improve their health, happiness, energy, youthfulness and much more by going on a nature based Raw Food Diet.

And the results are absolutely stunning.

But what if you could make a MAJOR improvement to your health and energy without making a single dietary change? And I’m not talking about taking some miracle drug or supplement.

I started experimenting with this concept last year and even more so over the last month or so.

I’ve noticed several cool things.

1. I feel very calm, peaceful and relaxed when and after I do it.

2. I’ve noticed I seem to be able to sleep longer and better. A I’m getting much better quality of sleep and even seem to need less sleep than normal to feel refreshed.

3. It appears that my strength is lasting longer after long breaks from exercise.

For instance, recently I set my personal best time for my new and improved Push-up Blaster workout but I had taken 8 days off in between doing this workout.

That is absolutely unheard of for me. Normally after 4 days I start getting weaker and by 8 days I would have been significantly weaker.

And even when I started my workout I was prepared for it to take me a minute or longer than my previous best time of 7 minutes and 7 seconds. So even psychologically I was prepared for the worst but was stunned at the early part of the workout and how fresh I felt. Instead of slowing down by a minute my new time was 7 minutes and 2 seconds or 5 seconds faster than my previous personal best.

Could this have been caused by other factors besides what I’m talking about today?

Yes sure, I’m not 100% certain the actual cause.

But I do know what I’m about to share with you is really powerful. It’s almost like going raw but without having to change your diet one bit. (Of course, improving your diet will only make things better.)

And what I’m about to reveal to you is nothing new and I certainly didn’t invent this idea. It’s been around for many years and people have been doing it since the beginning of time. But these days most people don’t do it anymore.

I think its connected to the Raw Food Diet. Or an extension of its benefits.

In fact, I’ve come to realize that eating raw actually gives you the same effect.

So what is this wonderful concept I’ve been hinting at?


By connecting with the earth with your bare feet, body and hands you are attuning to major healing energy. Simply by walking barefoot on surfaces such as grass, rocks, sand and dirt or swimming in natural bodies of water you are connecting to mother Earth and absorbing super powerful antioxidants.

Yes you’re getting antioxidants without ingesting any supplements.

** Here Are Some Benefits I Noted Down From the Documentary I’ll
Tell You About Below **

Better sleep
Less pain – Even for people with cancer
Reduced carpal tunnel syndrome
Less back pain
Pain in hip and shoulder gone
Husband’s hip and daughter’s shoulder pain gone.
No more swelling & sleep all night
headaches melt away
less scoliosis pain

It’s also anti-inflammatory. If you have pain it’s likely it’s going to reduce that pain.

And I know that eating a Raw Food Diet gives Earthing kind of results for the very reason that once people go raw they immediately have a much greater connection to nature. When I went raw I “all of a sudden” appreciated nature and wanted to be in nature all of the time.

Why am I suddenly so excited?

Because last night for the first time I watched a documentary called “Heal for Free” by Steve Kroschel which goes into the benefits of Grounding in depth.

There was one guy in the documentary who was on his death bed. He looked like a skeleton and he was given a 1% chance to make it through the night. Well he eventually discovered Grounding and it totally restored him back to ideal health.

There were many other such stories and lots of evidence proving the power of Grounding or Earthing without a shadow of a doubt in that documentary.

Grounding is perfectly synergistic with eating a Raw Food Diet. By grounding you’ll only be increasing the healing and anti-aging results of the Raw Food Diet. And many raw foodists are naturally inclined to go barefoot.

I highly recommend you try doing it daily for at least a half hour per day if not more.

But beware it is possible to have a detox experience even from grounding. Or if you’re on a blood thinner then you need to work with your doctor because you’re going to gradually need to lower your medication because of the blood thinning effects of grounding.

But of course, Grounding is not enough for radiant health.

I saw in that documentary all of the ravages of eating cooked food even in people who were grounding. Trust me, most of them did not look anywhere as good as healthy raw foodists who are in their age range. So it does not solve all health problems but it’s a powerful health booster on a number of levels.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
Raw Food Diet Mentor
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness

P.S. To see an intro to the “Heal for Free” documentary just go here…

Which Fruit Can Make You Fat in No Time Flat?

I hope you enjoyed and benefited from this video.

It’s unfortunate but I’ve seen many a low fat raw foodist who was a bit on the heavy side. And it’s likely because they believed that you can eat all the calories you want from fruit and not get fat.

Turns out that is not correct. Most people will put on the pounds and there’s a certain fruit that is VERY EASY to OVEREAT. I reveal that fruit in this short video presentation.


Just a quick reminder that you can still get Savory Veggie Stews at the lowest price of this year during my “14 Years Raw Celebration”.

But you need to download it before midnight tonight 8/30/15.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
Raw Food Diet Mentor
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness


Handy Dandy “Greens Caloric Density & Nutrient Completeness Score Chart”

Greens Caloric Density & Nutrient Completeness ChartNOTE: I’ve updated and improved this chart on 8/19/15. I’ve added two more greens and I’ve also added their nutrient completeness scores from

NOTE2: I was not able to get a nutrient completeness score for raw Chinese or Napa cabbage. They only had a score for cooked which seemed rather low and is probably not indicative of it’s score when raw.

NOTE3: You can see a bigger version of the chart by clicking on the image of the chart.

In yesterday’s email “‘Exactly’ How Much Daily Greens Do I Recommend?” I gave you my recommendations for how much greens to eat for ideal health.

Well today’s blog post gives you a handy dandy chart of 15 greens (including many cruciferous veggies) from highest caloric density to lowest.

And yes I consider okra and cucumber as greens due to their high nutrient density.

If you want to get a lot of greens into your diet without blowing up your stomach too much then you’ll want to stick to the most calorically dense greens like kale, broccoli, okra, collards, arugula, cauliflower and cabbage.

And the easiest way I know to eat a lot of greens and do so quickly is with Savory Veggie Stews.

A large Savory Veggie Stew is the equivalent of five average sized restaurant salads in terms of greens yet you can easily finish eating it in 7 to 10 minutes. Yet if you ate 5 house salads it would easily take you an hour or longer to finish them. That is if you actually planned on chewing them (liquefy in your mouth) for proper digestion.

So you get more greens in less time and with rockin flavor.

And if you want 20 novel ways to up you and your family’s greens consumption then I also recommend Yummy Greens.

The Rawbecue Wings recipe made out of cauliflower and or broccoli is to die for.

It’s our kids favorite.

Enjoy your greens.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
Raw Food Diet Mentor
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness

P.S. Thanks to for generating that chart. Fitday is a free website that makes it easy for you to chart your daily caloric and nutrient intake. It’s great for dieters and for people new to the Raw Food Diet in helping them figure out if they’re on the right track calories and nutrient wise.

Though keep in mind that many of the USDA nutrient recommendations are way off base.

P.P.S. The last column of the chart on the right that says “Nutrient Score” is the Nutrient Completeness Score as compiled from

The higher the nutrient completeness the more nutrient dense the food. The high score was the swiss chard, then broccoli, followed by spinach. Though if you are sensitive to oxalates then the swiss chard and the spinach won’t do you much good as they are very high in oxalates.

‘Exactly’ How Much Daily Greens Do I Recommend?

I recently got this question in from one of our Savory Raw Carbs Coaching Class students in that she wanted answered.

Only problem was I got it after our last (and second bonus class) started, so I didn’t even see the question until the class was over.

So I figured I’d answer it for everyone.

Here’s her email to me…

Hi Roger,

Sorry this question is coming in late, but what *exactly* do you recommend in terms of how many greens to eat per day?

I’ve saved quotes from you over the years about your thoughts on greens consumption:

“Try eating them at every meal if possible. That’s what I do. Also make sure to get in at least one large serving of raw cruciferous vegetables a day too. They are even more beneficial in many ways than tender greens for optimal health.”

“Personally, I eat about 3/4 of a head of celery per day and the equivalent of 2 or 3 huge salads. Or the equivalent of about 2 large heads of romaine lettuce a day in terms of greens.”

BUT I still can’t figure out how many ounces of greens this means that you eat.  Can you tell us how many ounces of greens you eat or you think we should eat every day?  It is 1 lb?  Or closer to 2 lbs?  And how many savory carbs and/or other vegetables do you recommend eating per day?

I want to have your objective advice so that I can really succeed on raw this time.  Thanks so much!



Thanks for your great question Courtney.

I do believe I answered this a number of years back but I could not find the email. So I’ll state it again.

Firstly, giving an exact number is next to impossible. Reason being there are so many different factors.

A pound of celery is FAR less nutrients than a pound of kale. Not only does kale have a higher nutrient completeness score of 85 to 81 (they’re close) but it’s also way higher in calories by weight.

Kale = 227 calories per pound of weight Celery = 73 calories per pound of weight

You’d have to eat 3.11 pounds of celery to equal the calories in 1 pound of kale.

Not to mention that kale has all sorts of anti-cancer phytonutrients that celery does not have. So it’s very hard to group all greens in together and say eat this much “exactly.”

But we can try to get a general ball park figure.

I personally shoot for an average of 5 to 6% of my calories to come from greens.

And the general range I recommend is from 4 to 10% of your average daily calories coming in from greens.

If your greens intake comes from iceberg lettuce it’s going to take a LOT more eating to reach 5% than if you ate kale.

Because iceberg lettuce is only 64 calories per pound or even less than celery.

So if you eat an average of 2,000 calories per day then you’d have to eat at least 100 calories from greens on average to get 5% of your calories.

And remember not all greens calories are created equal.

Now spinach has an even higher nutrient completeness score than kale at 91 but it only has 104 calories per pound compared to kale’s 227.

Do you see how this starts getting very complicated?

And maybe you’re thinking well 100 calories from greens is nothing. Well then you’d be mistaken because this is only greens not including an oily salad dressing.

To give you an idea the average sized tossed salad in a restaurant is probably less than 20 calories coming from greens. So if that is all you ate you’d have to eat 5 of those tossed salads to get your 5% of daily greens in.

Or if you were shooting for 10% you’d need to eat 10 of those salads per day.

Seems like a lot doesn’t it?

And that presumes you’re eating a 2,000 calorie per day diet.

What if you eat 3,000 calories per day? Then you’d need to get in 150 calories from greens per day.

And yes I have had days where I’ve eaten 10% of my calories from greens. But I have not done it often.

The easiest way I’ve found to get a lot of greens in easily and on autopilot is in doing two things.

1. Make green smoothies for breakfast and lunch.

2. For dinner make Savory Veggie Stews. One large Savory Veggie Stew can easily be the same amount of greens as five of those average sized restaurant salads. And I often chow down on two or three Savory Veggie Stews per evening.

That’s my secret to getting in a ton of greens on autopilot.

And by the way… if you’re trying to make your blood and body more alkaline… then eating a ton of greens is very effective at doing just that. I’ve tested it on myself years ago and it works like a charm.

Try Savory Veggie Stews your taste buds and body will really thank you.

Now if you want to make the advice even more simple, I simply recommend to stuff your face with greens as often as possible.

But if you want an objective number shoot for about 5% of your daily caloric intake coming from greens. More-so if you can swing it.

But don’t eat so much greens that you don’t have enough room for your daily quota of carbs.

You’ve got to have enough carbs in your system and just eating greens won’t give you nearly enough carbohydrates.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
Raw Food Diet Mentor
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness



This is MIND BLOWING!I was doing my spiritual exercise this morning when I came upon one of my all time favorite quotes from “Autobiography of a Yogi”.

Turns out it’s 100% relevant to the blog post I made yesterday about Greece and what they can do to get out of their extreme financial difficulties — one person at at time.

Not only is it relevant but it’s totally mind blowing for us “poor” “mortals” struggling to survive.

Just to give some background on this quote.

This was when Paramhansa Yogananda (his name then was Mukunda) was still a spiritual student (at a hermitage led by swami Dyananda -not his destined guru) and he had just undergone a 24 hour water fast (which was very hard for him and a new experience) and then his meal was delayed (against his wishes) another 9 hours and he thought he was going to starve to death.

It turns out his teacher swami Dyananda had just come back from a four day trip on a train where he did not eat or drink water for four days and Mukunda was then ashamed at all of the hunger he was experiencing when he heard that.

Not only that but after four days of not eating Dyananda barely paid attention to the feast prepared in his honor upon his return that evening.

“Swamiji, I am puzzled. Following your instruction, suppose I never asked for food, and nobody gives me any. I should starve to death.”

“Die, then!” This alarming counsel split the air. “Die if you must, Mukunda! Never admit that you live by the power of food and not by the power of God! He who has created every form of nourishment, He who has bestowed appetite, will certainly see that His devotee is sustained!

Do not imagine that rice maintains you, or that money or men support you! Could they aid if the Lord withdraws your life-breath?

They are His indirect instruments merely. Is it by any skill of yours that food digests in your stomach? Use the sword of your discrimination, Mukunda! Cut through the chains of agency and perceive the Single Cause!”

Paramhansa Yogananda (2003-01-25). Autobiography of a Yogi (Reprint of the Philosophical library 1946 First Edition) (pp. 55-56). Crystal Clarity Publishers – A. Kindle Edition.

This is truly mind blowing in what it implies.

For all my life I have been trained to survive in this world. And all of my early trainings have led me to believe that I need food, clothing, shelter and money to survive.

And that it is THESE outer things that I need to survive.

In a sense, money was my God and maybe yours as well.

When maybe all of our difficulties come from exactly that. Thinking that the source of our good is something physical. Something outside of us.

When in truth the source of our good is our Heavenly father and mother.

Once one truly realizes this principle it would completely change his or her life. You’d automatically stop worrying about getting enough money or really worrying about any problems at all.

Because, indeed, you’d have realized HEAVEN and that you live in HEAVEN.

For you know that the unlimited source inside of you WILLINGLY and ABUNDANTLY provides for all of your needs.

Maybe the only thing we need to do is to ask and it will be given.

Something to think about and contemplate deeply. For I do believe this is a statement of truth… even if I have not yet fully realized it.

Once you realize this principle spoken by Dyananda you are ever free of the fear of anything.

God will become your banker and angel investor not the Federal Reserve, ECB or the IMF.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer

P.S. In case you’re interested you can read that full chapter from the Yogananda book here to get the full context:

“I Meet My Master, Sri Yukteswar”

P.P.S. If you’d like to see yesterdays blog post:

“An Open Letter to the People of Greece & the World”

An Open Letter to the People of Greece & the World

This is an open letter to my fellow Superbeings in Greece and the rest of the world.

I’ve been following the Greek economic news for quite some time now. Long before your banks recently closed and before you had your referendum vote.

Let me first say I’m so sorry for what is happening to your country.

I realize that you must be struggling mightily and I’ve read recent accounts of what life is currently like in Greece.

Here’s one example:

My Big Fat Greek Funeral: SYRIZA, 3. bailout and capital controls

I also know that life is very difficult for the average person in many other countries around the world and for many different reasons, not just economic but due to war, hunger, slavery, poisoning, crime, brutally oppressive governments and so on.

I can imagine many people in Greece are or have been feeling absolutely helpless. Not to mention struggling to find a way to feed and take care of your families.

As if you have no control of your situation.

But maybe you have more control than you think.

For it is my experience that our personal world and reality reflects our thoughts and beliefs about “reality.”

There’s an old saying “As above, so below” that applies.

I believe each Soul has incredible creative power.

It’s your choice from moment to moment whether you live in Heaven or in Hell.

Let me share with you two quotes from famous prosperity author Dr. Joseph Murphy that backup or concur with my point.

“Riches are all around you, for the simple reason that you live, move and have your being in God; and God lives, moves and has his being in you. God is omnipresent; therefore, all of his riches are present everywhere, within you, and all around you.”

Pg 42 – “Your Infinite Power To Be Rich” by Joseph Murphy


“The greatest secret is that the Kingdom of God is within man, which means that infinite intelligence, boundless wisdom, infinite power, infinite love and the answer to every problem under the sun are locked in his own subconscious mind.”

Murphy, Dr. Joseph (2011-11-04). MIRACLE POWER for INFINITE RICHES (Kindle Locations 127-129). JMW Group, Inc.. Kindle Edition


So what does this mean to you?

How can this help you in your own life and with the economic struggles imposed on you by the current draconian economic measures in Greece?

Here’s the KEY:


You don’t live on some prison planet called Earth.

You live in God.

For everything is part of God and God’s Infinite Intelligence is in every atom of creation. And God loves his children more so than your parents love you. (Yes I know not all parents love their children.)

The point being is God wants only the best for his children.

He has given them free will to create and co-create the world through their imaginations.


But what our schools, media and governments want us to believe and are constantly teaching us is that we are tiny and powerless. They want you to believe that you are not the creator. They want to have power over you.

They want and must control your imagination. If not you could easily overtake the corrupt and greedy government.

So many times in my life I’ve had financial difficulties. And it always came down to this.

I “believed” that there were logical outer world reasons that were holding me back. Like the economy or something else.

There was always a belief in a power greater than me holding me back.

Then I’d do some reading from classic manifestation books like from Dr. Murphy or Neville Goddard and I’d change my thinking.

I started seeing myself as prosperous and of being of great service. Then all of a sudden those impossible to overcome situations would just disappear. Money would come to me almost magically when I followed the mental and spiritual laws of prosperity.

My point is that it’s time for the people of Greece and the world to take the power away from their highly corrupt governments and give it back to themselves.

The only way out is to break through the fear.

To start CREATING.

For you are CREATORS.

It’s time to pray to God for help for outwardly the situation seems bleak.

But remember…

You can live in Heaven at any moment you so choose.

It’s your choice.

Please take back your Superbeing power to live your life in Heaven. Your outer world is an expression of your constant thoughts and thinking.

Dwell on thoughts of love, joy and prosperity. Ignore the negative outer world and create the world you want to live in.

Live in your imagination (which is how we create our worlds) FROM a point of already having the things you want for you, your family and for your neighbors.

The world of God is infinitely abundant.

And that is your real residence.

You don’t live in Greece, Ghana or Germany you live in God. Remember that, live it in every moment of the day and watch as your outer world quickly transforms.

Now for a few more Joseph Murphy quotes that I hope you find inspiring and relevant.

There is no virtue in poverty because poverty is a mental disease, and it should be abolished from the face of the earth. Wealth is a state of mind; likewise, poverty is a state of mind. We will never eradicate all the slums in the world until we first wipe out the slums and belief in poverty and lack in the mind of man.

Murphy, Dr. Joseph (2011-11-04). MIRACLE POWER for INFINITE RICHES (Kindle Locations 134-137). JMW Group, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

I explained to him that his thoughts are definitely creative and that conditions, circumstances, events and experiences accurately reflect his habitual thinking and imagery.

Murphy, Dr. Joseph (2011-11-04). MIRACLE POWER for INFINITE RICHES (Kindle Locations 187-188). JMW Group, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

For the law is that man is what he thinks all day long.

Murphy, Dr. Joseph (2011-11-04). MIRACLE POWER for INFINITE RICHES (Kindle Locations 190-191). JMW Group, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

And so it goes like this.

If you want to fix the world you’ve first got to fix yourself. And that’s really all you have to do.

You can create your own Heaven while your neighbors choose (unconsciously) to create their own Hell.

Remember “As above, so below.”

Just improve yourself on an ongoing basis and your increase in consciousness and positive vibrations will automatically affect and help uplift others.

More than five hundred different scientific studies have proven that human consciousness can affect biological as well as electronic systems— and we will learn more about the electronic experiments later on.

Wilcock, David (2011-08-23). The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies (Kindle Locations 697-699). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

The most rapid way I have found to live in Heaven instead of Hell is to do what I call the “Divine Power Attunement” of which I teach totally for free here in my Sunvatars website.

Details of how to get involved “at no cost to you” below.

I recently did a 2 hour and 15 minute class on how to unleash your mighty inner powers to improve yourself while simultaneously improving the world called…

“How to Turn Yourself Into a Blazing Sun of Light and Love”

All you’ve got to do is fill out your name and email address and then you’ll automatically be emailed your login instructions.

I’ve also added a whole bunch of useful resources like 5 pdf ebooks and several related articles in the membership area so that you can… * Unleash Your Infinite Potential *

Plus you can post your questions and comments in the members area.

What if you’re already a member?

Just log in here:

And if you live in Greece or anywhere else please feel free to comment below. Maybe we can help each other figure out ways to make things better in your particular situation.

I do believe we all have much more power than we’ve ever imagined and it’s time to start unleashing it.

Just like Krishna, Christ, Buddha and other saints and avatars have done throughout history.

Stop giving your power away to the Government and outer world and start cultivating and developing it.

You are a CREATOR.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
“The 48-Year Old Teanajer”
Master of Health, Fitness and Self-Improvement


[NEW CONSPIRACY] How You’re Getting Ripped Off at the Pump…

This is not my normal topic for emails but a public service message to my dear readers.

I send this kind of info to my family and friends and therefore I feel you should know about this too.

Maybe if enough people wake up and protest we can do something about it.

This is something I’ve figured out on my own through observation over the last six months or so. And over the last few days I’ve backed it up with data.

There is a conspiracy in the United States right now (maybe in your country too) to fix the price of gasoline at the gas pump at artificially high prices compared to the actual wholesale price of a barrel of oil.

You may have noticed (if you follow finances and financial markets) that the price of a barrel of oil has been collapsing again over the last month. In fact the price hasn’t collapsed so much in one month since 2010.

And overall the price of a barrel of oil has dropped considerably over the past year.

About a year ago the price of oil was over $100 a barrel.

Originally as the price of a barrel of oil dropped so did the prices at the gas pump. But I’ve found this is absolutely not happening anymore. In fact gas prices have actually been going up in my area even though the price of a barrel of oil has been going down.

Below I’ll include extensive proof.

Part of what I wrote below I had previously emailed to family and friends and the rest of the data I collected today on July 27, 2015.

Though I have edited those emails for clarity.

Further below you’ll also see my theory as to why the price of gasoline at the pump is being fixed.

=== Data from Today July 27, 2015 ===

We bought gas on July 11, 2015 at 2.759 per gallon at a certain gas station in our town in Arizona. Price of a barrel of WTI oil then was $52.74.

Today (16 days later) the price of gas at the same gas station is $2.869 or 11 cents higher and it has been at that same price for over a week now. And the price of a barrel of oil as of the last closing date on Friday 7/24/15 is $48.14 with the current price today having dropped sharply to $47.06 per barrel the last time I checked.

So even though over the course of over 2 weeks the price of a barrel of oil has fallen $4.60 per barrel the price at the gas pump has actually gone up 11 cents per gallon.

But previously the prices here for gasoline changed regularly and in accordance with the general price of a barrel of oil.

Not like how the prices of gas where in Hawaii. They’d only change their about once a month at certain gas stations.

=== First Email Sent on July 24, 2015 ===

Subject: I think the price of gas is fixed.

Not the price of barrels of gas – although that is fixed as well. Though it seems the oil plunge protection team has given up on trying to control the price of a barrel of oil.

But the price we’re paying retail. I’m almost certain there’s a broad based conspiracy in our area and maybe nationwide to keep the price of gas artificially high.

I’ll explain more later.

We just got back from our trip to Sedona and I need to unpack the truck.

=== 2nd Email Reply on July 24, 2015 ===

When we first moved to (blank) in November of 2013 the price of gas was around $3.15 a gallon. Yet the price of a barrel of oil was almost certainly over $100 a barrel. Probably around the $105 to $110 per barrel.

Now the price of a gallon of gas here is $2.86 and yet a barrel of oil is around $48. The price of a barrel of oil has reduced more than 50%. But the price of gas at the pump has only gone down 10%.

A couple of weeks ago we bought gas at around $2.75 a gallon.

Then the price of a barrel of oil plummeted by $13 a barrel and yet the price of gasoline here went up about 11 cents to $2.86.

All the evidence points to industry wide fixing of the price of gasoline. Not just the fixing of the price of a barrel of oil.

This is the only way for the US to keep their shale oil industry from going under. Just inflate the price at the gas pump and therefore the price of a barrel of oil may not hurt shale oil.

The reasoning behind this is that shale oil (via fracking) is very expensive to get out of the ground. From what I’ve read most shale oil operations need at least $50 to $60 price per barrel of oil just to break even. I’m just going by memory on those numbers. And indeed there have been large layoffs recently in the US oil business as a result of the lowering price of a barrel of oil.

The oil in Saudi Arabia and other OPEC countries is much cheaper to get out than it is in the United States. These low oil prices should be bankrupting the US shale oil industry.

I first noticed this price fixing phenomena when we came back from Mexico around March 20, 2015. Considering the price of a barrel of oil at the time and the fact that last year a gallon of gas in our area dropped to close to $2.00 a gallon I was expecting prices to be around $2.25 a gallon or so. But that was not the case. The prices were similar to what the price is today.

So despite the low price of a barrel of oil it’s NOT being passed on to the consumer anymore. =====

=== 3rd Email Sent on July 25, 2015 ===

More proof that the price of gas no longer correlates to the price of a barrel of oil.

Back in January of 2015 the nationwide average price of gasoline was $2.02 at the low end. And in Arizona the low price for the month was $1.87 per gallon. And I checked the price of a barrel of oil back then. It never went below $50 a barrel. Though I think close to $50 but not below it. (You can play with the charts above to see the price in your own area.)

NOTE: With the chart above I was unable to get an exact date for the lowest price but it happened sometime end of January area.

That was probably when over here in our town it was around $2.02 to $2.05 a gallon or so. But in other parts of Arizona it was even cheaper as evidenced by the $1.87 price I gave you above.

Well the price of barrel of oil is now $48.14. Lower than the price in January 2015 by at least $2.00 and yet the price of gasoline here is now $2.86 a gallon where we normally get gas at Smith’s. Or about 80 cents more per gallon than at the low point in January 2015 when the price of a barrel of oil was higher than it is now.

Therefore, the price of gasoline at the pump should now be below $2.00 a gallon right now if all other factors (beside price fixing) where the same.

It’s quite obvious that the oil cartel here in the United States has decided to set the price of gas as they wish regardless of the actual price of a barrel of oil.

The shale oil industry in the United States has been hurting big time because it is very expensive to get out their oil with fracking techniques. They need a high price of oil to remain profitable.

So if they can’t control how much a barrel of oil costs at the wholesale level (even though they have plunge protection teams trying to artificially raise up the price of a barrel of oil) then they can simply raise the price the consumer pays and be totally fine.

So I believe our government and or the oil industry is very blatantly fixing the price of gasoline all throughout the USA.

Not a free market at all. And of course it’s a symptom of the collapsing economy world wide. The more they try to “fix” the more things fall apart.

So please tell me what you think.

Have you noticed this too?

Please send me a quick email with your own insights.

The one thing everyone could be saving money on and yet they’re even stealing our gasoline savings.

This is criminal activity and the people behind this price fixing need to be put in jail. It’s truly monopolistic behavior and must be stopped.

UPDATE 7/30/15: It’s July 30, 2015 and the gasoline price at the same gas station is still $2.86. It’s not moving up or down. This is obvious price fixing for at a higher barrel of oil price in January than the current $48.79 the price of gas at the pump was at least 80 cents lower per gallon.

Keep in mind the price of a barrel of oil was near $60 per barrel at the beginning of July. And back then the price of gas here was about $2.75 per gallon. And yet the price of gas went up as price of oil went down dramatically.

Update 7/31/15: Price of barrel of oil is dropping yet again to currently $47.12. But here in our town that same gas station is still pricing gas at $2.86 per gallon. No drop in price in like two weeks. Makes no sense. And even when it was $2.75 a gallon it was way overpriced compared to prices in January of 2015.

Update 8/1/15: Price of gas here still $2.86 per gallon.

Update 8/2/15: Price of gas here still $2.86 per gallon.

Update 8/3/15: Price of gas finally dropped a few cents to $2.83 per gallon at our local gas station here in Arizona. Yet over the past two business days the price of a barrel of oil has dropped over $3.00 per barrel.

Yes I realize this current price drop has likely nothing to do with the price of oil over the last two days. But at $45.17 for a barrel of oil the equivalent price of gas here as late as January 2015 would have been below $2.00 a gallon.

And it’s funny how the price of a barrel of oil was recently around $60 per barrel and the price of gas was here was even lower than it is now at $2.75 per gallon. This is definite price fixing at the retail level.

8/6/15 Update: Price of gas is still $2.83 at our local station even though barrel of oil dropped all the way down to $44.66 today. But another local station did drop their price a measly 2 cents per gallon.

8/7/15 Update: Price of gas dropped 2 cents to $2.81 per gallon. Yet that is still a higher price than I was paying on July 11, 2015 at 2.75 per gallon (and even at that time it ws much higher than I would have expected) at a certain gas station in our town in Arizona. Price of a barrel of WTI oil then was $52.74. And that was when the price of gas had fallen suddenly which likely means they’d not have had a chance to adjust the price downward. And yet as I look at the price for a barrel of crude oil it’s now $43.76 per barrel or about $9 cheaper per barrel than on July 11, 2015 and yet the price of gas at the pump is still 6 cents more expensive than July 11, 2015.

Just saw this post as a confirmation to what I’m talking about. It’s got several cool graphs illustrating the point.

“Where’s Our Gas Savings?”

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
Raw Food Diet Mentor
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness

The Problem with Group Meditations [This is 1000 Times More Powerful]

The Problem With Group MeditationNow don’t get me wrong.

I do believe you can have great influence through doing group meditations.

In fact, I’ve read about a number of studies of the power of group meditations.

I even remember hearing a story from the Coast 2 Coast AM radio show where they did some group meditations or visualizations. (Their audience is in the millions of listeners.)

And one time they tried to bring rain to an area that was in a very long and bad drought. I think it was some part of Texas.

The next day after this group visualization… sure as heck it started raining there. And it rained so much that it caused the reverse problem or flooding.

Anyways this is not my main point. I just wanted to illustrate what can happen with a group meditation.

Now herein lies the problem.

If you want to change the world a group meditation only has limited power.

How so?

Because it’s usually a one time event.

Or at best a monthly or weekly event lasting 15 to 30 minutes.

How much has the individual doing this group meditation improved in his or her life after doing that meditation?

Probably they feel a little uplifted.

Feeling like they did something to improve the world.

But mostly they remain unchanged themselves. They have improved very little.

And as I stated in the previous email (now a blog post)…

“The best way to “fix” the world is to fix yourself first.”

And by the way I’ve added to and deepened that email on the actual blog post below. So you may want to check it out again if you’ve already read it.

The Best Way to “Fix” the World

When you make DRAMATIC and BOLD improvements and an EXPANSION of CONSCIOUSNESS to your own life then and only then can you truly say you are making a dent in the problems of the world.

YOU are the KEY.

In you lies the power of the Universe.

But honestly… very few people know how to tap into that power that we ALL have access to.

Now getting back to the inherent limitation of the group meditation.

It’s limited not because of the group but because of the length.

If you got that same group of people together and they all did the technique I’m going to teach you in the very near future for one full year our planet would never be the same.

Hence the problem of the group meditation as it’s currently practiced is the problem of duration.

It’s just too short to make any appreciable changes in the actual meditator.

Imagine how much personal transformation you could make if you found a way to meditate virtually all day long?

While you’re at work.

While you’re exercising.

While you’re eating dinner.

While you’re reading a book.

While you’re writing an article. (As I am now.)

To really make a planetary breakthrough you need to drop all of your own fears and limitations. You need to burn off your psychological complexes and old wounds.

And there is a way to do that.

And I have had enough people say they want to learn more that I’m going to be teaching you guys this technique real soon via a teleseminar.

(And don’t worry, I’ll also have plenty of written materials for you to learn from if you are deaf or have other problems with listening to audio.)

Remember I’m going to teach this at absolutely no charge.

The reason why is I also want to see a major improvement in the world. And maybe what I’m sharing can influence you to do the same.

When enough of us do this as a daily practice then the puppet master cabal governments will soon start to crumble.

We are Warriors of the Light just waiting to awaken and defeat this scourge that has been infecting planet Earth for millennia.

So I’m thinking sometime next week I’ll schedule this very exciting teleseminar.

I’m very much looking forward to talking with you and sharing what I have learned and experienced with this over the past 27 years or so. But much more so over the last 9 months of using it much more intensely.

Also keep in mind that what I’m sharing is NOTHING NEW.

But if I asked 100 people at the supermarket, shopping mall or football game if they did this daily I’d bet they’d all say no.

You might have to ask 1,000, 10,000 or more people before you found one seriously doing this.

And yet this is something so easy that even a ten year old could do it.

But it takes a strong force of will to do it. Especially at first.

Yet eventually it can become a habit.

And the more you do it, the more you’ll want to do it.

The power is given to you only a little bit at a time. At first you are tested if you are sincere.

If you’re only trying to gain for yourself and never share anything with the world then this will not work for you.

OK… I’ve rambled enough to my fellow Superbeings.

Yes you literally have the power inside of you to be a planetary savior.

The key is finding and then unleashing that power.

And the best part about it is you only need to improve yourself and it will happen automatically.

Because you’re not just improving yourself when you do this.

You are raising your own vibrations and simultaneously that of the collective consciousness. The higher the vibrations of the collective consciousness the less people will be able to tolerate the constant atrocities happening on this planet.

If most people knew what was happening on planet Earth right now they’d be traumatized. I think many people would even commit suicide if they learned the real truth and suddenly found out that there whole life was a lie.

But everyone needs to know. They have to be aware of what is going on in order to stop it.

Because once they know… they’ll have to start taking action to clean things up.

Too many people are in almost complete ignorance of what their governments are really up to. They blindly watch the highly controlled news or TV shows and are oblivious to what is happening.

Even in this day of incredible revelations starting to happen in mainstream media.

One Edward Snowden comes to mind and many other such recent stories

He’s an example of the collective consciousness starting to rise.

But yet when I talk about chemtrails to people I meet here in Arizona they don’t even know what I’m talking about. It’s just really sad the ignorance.

So let’s take our own consciousness up by ten levels.

And there will be no way it cannot affect everyone around you.

More to come soon.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
“The 47-Year Old Teanajer”
Master of Health, Fitness and Self-Improvement