[NEW CONSPIRACY] How You’re Getting Ripped Off…

This is not my normal topic for emails but a public service message to my dear readers.

I send this kind of info to my family and friends and therefore I feel you should know about this too.

Maybe if enough people wake up and protest we can do something about it.

This is something I’ve figured out on my own through observation over the last six months or so. And over the last few days I’ve backed it up with data.

There is a conspiracy in the United States right now (maybe in your country too) to fix the price of gasoline at the gas pump at artificially high prices compared to the actual wholesale price of a barrel of oil.

You may have noticed (if you follow finances and financial markets) that the price of a barrel of oil has been collapsing again over the last month. In fact the price hasn’t collapsed so much in one month since 2010.

And overall the price of a barrel of oil has dropped considerably over the past year.

About a year ago the price of oil was over $100 a barrel.

Originally as the price of a barrel of oil dropped so did the prices at the gas pump. But I’ve found this is absolutely not happening anymore. In fact gas prices have actually been going up in my area even though the price of a barrel of oil has been going down.

Below I’ll include extensive proof.

Part of what I wrote below I had previously emailed to family and friends and the rest of the data I collected today on July 27, 2015.

Though I have edited those emails for clarity.

Further below you’ll also see my theory as to why the price of gasoline at the pump is being fixed.

=== Data from Today July 27, 2015 ===

We bought gas on July 11, 2015 at 2.759 per gallon at a certain gas station in our town in Arizona. Price of a barrel of WTI oil then was $52.74.

Today (16 days later) the price of gas at the same gas station is $2.869 or 11 cents higher and it has been at that same price for over a week now. And the price of a barrel of oil as of the last closing date on Friday 7/24/15 is $48.14 with the current price today having dropped sharply to $47.06 per barrel the last time I checked.

So even though over the course of over 2 weeks the price of a barrel of oil has fallen $4.60 per barrel the price at the gas pump has actually gone up 11 cents per gallon.

But previously the prices here for gasoline changed regularly and in accordance with the general price of a barrel of oil.

Not like how the prices of gas where in Hawaii. They’d only change their about once a month at certain gas stations.

=== First Email Sent on July 24, 2015 ===

Subject: I think the price of gas is fixed.

Not the price of barrels of gas – although that is fixed as well. Though it seems the oil plunge protection team has given up on trying to control the price of a barrel of oil.

But the price we’re paying retail. I’m almost certain there’s a broad based conspiracy in our area and maybe nationwide to keep the price of gas artificially high.

I’ll explain more later.

We just got back from our trip to Sedona and I need to unpack the truck.

=== 2nd Email Reply on July 24, 2015 ===

When we first moved to (blank) in November of 2013 the price of gas was around $3.15 a gallon. Yet the price of a barrel of oil was almost certainly over $100 a barrel. Probably around the $105 to $110 per barrel.

Now the price of a gallon of gas here is $2.86 and yet a barrel of oil is around $48. The price of a barrel of oil has reduced more than 50%. But the price of gas at the pump has only gone down 10%.

A couple of weeks ago we bought gas at around $2.75 a gallon.

Then the price of a barrel of oil plummeted by $13 a barrel and yet the price of gasoline here went up about 11 cents to $2.86.

All the evidence points to industry wide fixing of the price of gasoline. Not just the fixing of the price of a barrel of oil.

This is the only way for the US to keep their shale oil industry from going under. Just inflate the price at the gas pump and therefore the price of a barrel of oil may not hurt shale oil.

The reasoning behind this is that shale oil (via fracking) is very expensive to get out of the ground. From what I’ve read most shale oil operations need at least $50 to $60 price per barrel of oil just to break even. I’m just going by memory on those numbers. And indeed there have been large layoffs recently in the US oil business as a result of the lowering price of a barrel of oil.

The oil in Saudi Arabia and other OPEC countries is much cheaper to get out than it is in the United States. These low oil prices should be bankrupting the US shale oil industry.

I first noticed this price fixing phenomena when we came back from Mexico around March 20, 2015. Considering the price of a barrel of oil at the time and the fact that last year a gallon of gas in our area dropped to close to $2.00 a gallon I was expecting prices to be around $2.25 a gallon or so. But that was not the case. The prices were similar to what the price is today.

So despite the low price of a barrel of oil it’s NOT being passed on to the consumer anymore. =====

=== 3rd Email Sent on July 25, 2015 ===

More proof that the price of gas no longer correlates to the price of a barrel of oil.

Back in January of 2015 the nationwide average price of gasoline was $2.02 at the low end. And in Arizona the low price for the month was $1.87 per gallon. And I checked the price of a barrel of oil back then. It never went below $50 a barrel. Though I think close to $50 but not below it.

http://www.gasbuddy.com/Charts (You can play with the charts above to see the price in your own area.)

NOTE: With the chart above I was unable to get an exact date for the lowest price but it happened sometime end of January area.

That was probably when over here in our town it was around $2.02 to $2.05 a gallon or so. But in other parts of Arizona it was even cheaper as evidenced by the $1.87 price I gave you above.

Well the price of barrel of oil is now $48.14. Lower than the price in January 2015 by at least $2.00 and yet the price of gasoline here is now $2.86 a gallon where we normally get gas at Smith’s. Or about 80 cents more per gallon than at the low point in January 2015 when the price of a barrel of oil was higher than it is now.

Therefore, the price of gasoline at the pump should now be below $2.00 a gallon right now if all other factors (beside price fixing) where the same.

It’s quite obvious that the oil cartel here in the United States has decided to set the price of gas as they wish regardless of the actual price of a barrel of oil.

The shale oil industry in the United States has been hurting big time because it is very expensive to get out their oil with fracking techniques. They need a high price of oil to remain profitable.

So if they can’t control how much a barrel of oil costs at the wholesale level (even though they have plunge protection teams trying to artificially raise up the price of a barrel of oil) then they can simply raise the price the consumer pays and be totally fine.

So I believe our government and or the oil industry is very blatantly fixing the price of gasoline all throughout the USA.

Not a free market at all. And of course it’s a symptom of the collapsing economy world wide. The more they try to “fix” the more things fall apart.

So please tell me what you think.

Have you noticed this too?

Please send me a quick email with your own insights.

The one thing everyone could be saving money on and yet they’re even stealing our gasoline savings.

This is criminal activity and the people behind this price fixing need to be put in jail. It’s truly monopolistic behavior and must be stopped.

UPDATE 7/30/15: It’s July 30, 2015 and the gasoline price at the same gas station is still $2.86. It’s not moving up or down. This is obvious price fixing for at a higher barrel of oil price in January than the current $48.79 the price of gas at the pump was at least 80 cents lower per gallon.

Keep in mind the price of a barrel of oil was near $60 per barrel at the beginning of July. And back then the price of gas here was about $2.75 per gallon. And yet the price of gas went up as price of oil went down dramatically.

Update 7/31/15: Price of barrel of oil is dropping yet again to currently $47.12. But here in our town that same gas station is still pricing gas at $2.86 per gallon. No drop in price in like two weeks. Makes no sense. And even when it was $2.75 a gallon it was way overpriced compared to prices in January of 2015.

Update 8/1/15: Price of gas here still $2.86 per gallon.

Update 8/2/15: Price of gas here still $2.86 per gallon.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
Raw Food Diet Mentor
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness


The Problem with Group Meditations [This is 1000 Times More Powerful]

The Problem With Group MeditationNow don’t get me wrong.

I do believe you can have great influence through doing group meditations.

In fact, I’ve read about a number of studies of the power of group meditations.

I even remember hearing a story from the Coast 2 Coast AM radio show where they did some group meditations or visualizations. (Their audience is in the millions of listeners.)

And one time they tried to bring rain to an area that was in a very long and bad drought. I think it was some part of Texas.

The next day after this group visualization… sure as heck it started raining there. And it rained so much that it caused the reverse problem or flooding.

Anyways this is not my main point. I just wanted to illustrate what can happen with a group meditation.

Now herein lies the problem.

If you want to change the world a group meditation only has limited power.

How so?

Because it’s usually a one time event.

Or at best a monthly or weekly event lasting 15 to 30 minutes.

How much has the individual doing this group meditation improved in his or her life after doing that meditation?

Probably they feel a little uplifted.

Feeling like they did something to improve the world.

But mostly they remain unchanged themselves. They have improved very little.

And as I stated in the previous email (now a blog post)…

“The best way to “fix” the world is to fix yourself first.”

And by the way I’ve added to and deepened that email on the actual blog post below. So you may want to check it out again if you’ve already read it.

The Best Way to “Fix” the World

When you make DRAMATIC and BOLD improvements and an EXPANSION of CONSCIOUSNESS to your own life then and only then can you truly say you are making a dent in the problems of the world.

YOU are the KEY.

In you lies the power of the Universe.

But honestly… very few people know how to tap into that power that we ALL have access to.

Now getting back to the inherent limitation of the group meditation.

It’s limited not because of the group but because of the length.

If you got that same group of people together and they all did the technique I’m going to teach you in the very near future for one full year our planet would never be the same.

Hence the problem of the group meditation as it’s currently practiced is the problem of duration.

It’s just too short to make any appreciable changes in the actual meditator.

Imagine how much personal transformation you could make if you found a way to meditate virtually all day long?

While you’re at work.

While you’re exercising.

While you’re eating dinner.

While you’re reading a book.

While you’re writing an article. (As I am now.)

To really make a planetary breakthrough you need to drop all of your own fears and limitations. You need to burn off your psychological complexes and old wounds.

And there is a way to do that.

And I have had enough people say they want to learn more that I’m going to be teaching you guys this technique real soon via a teleseminar.

(And don’t worry, I’ll also have plenty of written materials for you to learn from if you are deaf or have other problems with listening to audio.)

Remember I’m going to teach this at absolutely no charge.

The reason why is I also want to see a major improvement in the world. And maybe what I’m sharing can influence you to do the same.

When enough of us do this as a daily practice then the puppet master cabal governments will soon start to crumble.

We are Warriors of the Light just waiting to awaken and defeat this scourge that has been infecting planet Earth for millennia.

So I’m thinking sometime next week I’ll schedule this very exciting teleseminar.

I’m very much looking forward to talking with you and sharing what I have learned and experienced with this over the past 27 years or so. But much more so over the last 9 months of using it much more intensely.

Also keep in mind that what I’m sharing is NOTHING NEW.

But if I asked 100 people at the supermarket, shopping mall or football game if they did this daily I’d bet they’d all say no.

You might have to ask 1,000, 10,000 or more people before you found one seriously doing this.

And yet this is something so easy that even a ten year old could do it.

But it takes a strong force of will to do it. Especially at first.

Yet eventually it can become a habit.

And the more you do it, the more you’ll want to do it.

The power is given to you only a little bit at a time. At first you are tested if you are sincere.

If you’re only trying to gain for yourself and never share anything with the world then this will not work for you.

OK… I’ve rambled enough to my fellow Superbeings.

Yes you literally have the power inside of you to be a planetary savior.

The key is finding and then unleashing that power.

And the best part about it is you only need to improve yourself and it will happen automatically.

Because you’re not just improving yourself when you do this.

You are raising your own vibrations and simultaneously that of the collective consciousness. The higher the vibrations of the collective consciousness the less people will be able to tolerate the constant atrocities happening on this planet.

If most people knew what was happening on planet Earth right now they’d be traumatized. I think many people would even commit suicide if they learned the real truth and suddenly found out that there whole life was a lie.

But everyone needs to know. They have to be aware of what is going on in order to stop it.

Because once they know… they’ll have to start taking action to clean things up.

Too many people are in almost complete ignorance of what their governments are really up to. They blindly watch the highly controlled news or TV shows and are oblivious to what is happening.

Even in this day of incredible revelations starting to happen in mainstream media.

One Edward Snowden comes to mind and many other such recent stories

He’s an example of the collective consciousness starting to rise.

But yet when I talk about chemtrails to people I meet here in Arizona they don’t even know what I’m talking about. It’s just really sad the ignorance.

So let’s take our own consciousness up by ten levels.

And there will be no way it cannot affect everyone around you.

More to come soon.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
“The 47-Year Old Teanajer”
Master of Health, Fitness and Self-Improvement

The Best Way to “Fix” the World

Best Way to Fix the WorldUPDATE: I have updated this post and added instructions at the bottom of the post of how to access the class, several articles and currently 7 ebooks related to this article.

A message of LOVE – LOVE – LOVE to you my dear subscriber.


I think most people recognize that our world needs some major “fixing”.

I mean in 2015 there are still many hundreds of thousands of people in slavery. That seems hard to believe in this so called “enlightened” day and age but it’s reality.

Of course we all know there is rampant poverty as well.

Then of course there are so many wars. So many needless people being slaughtered for the almighty dollar.

The fact is that most of these global problems are caused by an elite group of puppet masters that run the governments of the world.

And I know for a fact that they intentionally create wars, famines and disasters of all kinds. The bankers will fund BOTH sides of a war. Millions of people are intentionally allowed to starve to death in famines. This has been done on purpose and with the intention to kill in Africa.

Read “The Creature From Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin for full details on this that are highly documented with factual references. Yes our governments intentionally take money out of the system via excess taxation.

And worse than that they intentionally waste money so that the people will have less of it. Think of all of the waste in government programs. All of the crazy studies funded and then realize they are wasting our money intentionally with a purpose behind that wasting.

How could there be such evil people?

It’s amazing how many times I’ve been fooled by people I thought were telling the truth but were outright lying through their teeth. Yes this is also quite true in the world of nutrition and unfortunately so in world of raw food nutrition as well.

So maybe now you’re starting to think of the problem as something outside of you and your control.

But is it really something outside of us?

Maybe the reason this planet is suffering so badly is because of the “overall” consciousness of the people living here?

Maybe the atrocities happen because good people don’t want to know the truth.

Maybe they don’t have enough courage so they bury their heads in the sand.

So many people just shut their eyes to the vast crimes being committed against their brothers and sisters on this planet. And even keep their eyes closed to the crimes being committed against them personally.

Did you know that every single one of us is being robbed daily?

How so?

By the invisible tax of inflation.

It’s because our money is based on nothing but trust in governments. And when things go wrong these governments and their central bankster controllers start printing money like crazy.

And the more money you print the less your paper money is worth or inflation.

Hence you are being robbed.

And you’re (the population in general) letting it happen.

The value of the dollar has gone down at least 96% since the introduction of the Federal Reserve in the United States since 1913.

What people don’t realize is that there were more honest financial systems that had no appreciable inflation for many decades at a time. Even in the United States when we didn’t have a central bank controlling the money supply.

Our current economic system is an absolute scam and it will soon implode by the way.

But that’s a story for another day.

OK then… I think I laid the ground work enough.

Now to the main point…

You would think that the best way to change the world is to change the governments.

But the problem with that is if the average person running the new government is not changed, we’ll soon be back into the exact same problems.

Even going into politics may not help much under the current consciousness or vibration of humanity.

No… the ABSOLUTE BEST way to fix the world is to fix yourself first.

Think of the difference in knowledge between a kindergarten student and that of a college professor.

The professor knows hundreds of thousands of more useful pieces information than the 5 year old. (Though many would argue what lots of professors teach isn’t all that valuable. But hopefully you get my point.)

Now imagine yourself in consciousness as only a five year old. (Even if you’re quite advanced already.)

The truth is that you can lift your vibration and therefore consciousness to the college professor level or higher as there is no end to how much one can grow in consciousness.

And when you make that remarkable change it’s NOT being done in a vacuum.

Your consciousness is dramatically impacting the shared group consciousness on the planet.

And just as in the Hundred Monkey Principle you are effecting massive change to everyone around you.

In case, you don’t know it.

The hundred monkey effect is how the consciousness of ALL monkeys on the planet (millions of them) is changed by only 100 monkeys or so in an isolated area.

The story goes of a study on monkeys on a certain island in Japan. The monkeys there completely avoided eating certain fruit that were covered in sand. But one female monkey simply took the fruit to the well and washed it off.

Soon other “younger” monkeys that saw her do that did the same thing.

The practice was gradually catching on.

And one day suddenly all of the monkeys on the island started washing their sand covered fruit before eating it. The knowledge had been transferred.

But that is not the great thing about this.

The surprising thing is that now all of the monkeys on a neighboring island that had NO CONTACT with these monkeys were now suddenly washing the sand off of their fruit as well.

That is the power of the group or collective consciousness.

And this principle has been proven with other animals as well. It’s not an isolated experience of just monkeys.

And we humans definitely are influenced by that group consciousness.

One person powerfully developed in consciousness can uplift thousands of people all over the planet without ever trying to improve anyone else or trying to “fix” the planet.

By healing yourself you AUTOMATICALLY heal the world.

No need to go on a crusade.

Just fix yourself and you’re actually fixing everyone else.

You can have far more influence on the planet by lifting yourself up constantly to a state of LOVE and GIVING.

You can have a dramatic impact on everyone around you by simply being the best you can be.

Your changes will affect others.

And their changes will affect even more people.

And eventually enough people will awaken to the negativity and simply not allow it to happen anymore.

They’ll just start getting sick of it.

Just like I got sick and tired of the negative vibrations of TV shows last year and gave up my life long addiction to television.

My vibrations were getting too high for television and there was a mismatch. Eventually the higher vibrations won and now I don’t watch TV shows anymore.

We could all be living in paradise.

There is incredible healing and energy technology available right now that is being “very intentionally” suppressed by this elite cabal currently running the show here on Earth.

Turn yourself into a SUPERBEING and you’ll have a profound impact on everyone around you.

And by the way… I have discovered or learned about a simple thing that ANYONE can do that will make you grow in consciousness faster than anything else.

It’s something anyone can do but few people will do it.

It takes a lot of focus.

But the changes to your life will be REVOLUTIONARY.

Because you’ll be tapping into the most powerful force in the Universe when you do this.

The more you focus the more you start having this INFINITE POWER flow through you. You can literally generate INCREDIBLE POWER that affects everyone around you.

I’m not speaking out of conjecture but personal experience.

I’ve known about this technique for over 25 years and have used it since then. But about 9 months ago I went from using it just for 24 hours to doing it daily.

And this has a PROFOUND influence on your personal life. I blew away some major personal complexes by doing this process.

NEVER to be bothered by those issues ever again.

You’re tuning into the power equivalent greater than the Sun when you do this. And the Sun itself is a part of this massive power system.

If you’d like to get the full details on this technique free of charge then just leave a comment below.

If enough of you leave a comment saying you’d like to learn more I may either write an email or even do a live teleseminar where I teach you what you need to know do this.

So just go below and leave a comment saying you want more info…

And I will teach this totally free of charge.

But only if I see enough interest from my dear readers in the comments section.

You have the power to change the world.

And it’s as simple as changing yourself.


UPDATE: June 30, 2015

“How to Turn Yourself Into a Blazing Sun of Love and Light”We did the free and power packed teleseminar last night and it went very well.

There was nothing for sale… except me trying to sell you on the concept of seriously doing the practice that I was teaching.

If you’d like to listen to the teleseminar and join a like minded group where you can read additional articles, get resources, post comments and ask questions then please join my free site below.


NOTE: It looks like it’s going to charge you for membership but you’ll quickly notice that the price is ZERO dollars or FREE. Also you will not be taken to Paypal since it is a free account.

After you put in your name and email address you’ll be emailed your login details and then you’ll be able to login and download the teleseminar on “How to ‘Fix’ the World by ‘Fixing’ Yourself First.


Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
“The 47-Year Old Teanajer”
Master of Health, Fitness and Self-Improvement

P.S. Another very important way to improve yourself and therefore to uplift the global consciousness is to eat a nutritionally balanced Raw Food Diet.

If you want to learn how to do it the “tasteasy and right” way… may I suggest you take a look at this.


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“Why I Haven’t Eaten a Single Fatty Food in Over 5-Weeks”

Why I Haven't Eaten A Single Fatty Food In Over 5-WeeksOnly 1 Spot Left…

“How To Go Raw the TastEasy Way with Savory Raw Carbs Class”


This is part 3 of 3 in this series.

If you missed the first two emails I’ve posted them here:

“What Do I Do With All These Stinkin Bananas?” Part 1

“The Land of the Large” Part 2


“Why I Haven’t Eaten a Single Fatty Foods in 5-Weeks”

Yah so it’s been about a week of eating like this with about a 25% reduction in my daily calorie intake.

The first day I only applied this idea to dinner. What I did was make myself two large Savory Veggie Stews with farm fresh delicious veggies from Triple Farms Produce in Arizona.

Those stews were da bomb…


But normally eating just two stews for dinner is not enough to fill me up for the rest of the evening.

Previously I’d make my special raw pâté made with that high protein Savory Raw Carb food I mentioned before.


In fact, I love that derned pâté so much that I ate it almost nightly.

It totally replaced my previous love of high fat nut pâtés.

Strangely, I’ve not eaten a single fatty food in at least 5 weeks now.

Not even a luscious avocado.

… How come you have such amazing will power mister Superbeing? What do you think you’re special or something?

Man… why are you always interrupting?

Well my ever so skeptical “friend” as I was about to say… that this Savory Raw Carbs pâté is so delicious and satisfying I just forget about eating fatty foods.

How can you crave what you’re not even thinking about?

I’m putting in ZERO effort to stop myself from eating fatty foods.

Why should I bother?

I mean this Savory Raw Carbs pâté actually tastes way better than the old nut pâtés I used to make with sunflower seeds (yes I know they’re seeds dude so shut the F up.) or sometimes almonds (when they used to be raw) or other nuts.

The key for me is that I could only eat one serving of this scrumptious Savory Raw Carb pâté per night.

If I made two servings well then the ole fat started to add itself to my previously thin waist. Not much mind you (The Gorged would laugh their asses off at me for noticing such a little gain of the old phatola) but enough so that I couldn’t get that ultra shredded look I’m going for.

So there you have it…

Now you know why I’ve been chucking bananas left and right.

I still love bananas.

But I’ve cut way down on my smoothies and therefore bananas. As a result of starting to eat that appetite suppressing Savory Raw Carb that keeps me stuffed for hours.

The problem is bananas are not the greatest diet food. It’s very easy to eat more calories from bananas than you need to.

Whereas that special Savory Raw Carbs food I’ve been talking about has a special nutrient in it that actually makes you feel full.

It’s so powerful that even if you don’t eat that food at your next meal it’s still making you less hungry the following meal.

It’s truly amazing.

I actually eat it for breakfast now.

Well I usually start the morning off with 3 to 5 navel oranges and then I eat a couple of that fruit I was talking about before. But I eat it in a way that no self-respecting raw foodist would ever do.

… You mean you don’t eat it raw?

No silly… I eat it raw but well let’s just say if you saw me do it you’d probably think I’d be a crazy person. Or at least you’d think I had no clue what I was doing.

Not only do I have a clue but doing this will really help you melt the belly butter on autopilot.

But I can tell you, eating it this way followed by that special Savory Raw Carb food makes you so dang full.

Heck it’s 4:30pm as I’m writing this (while I’m standing in the living room by the way) and I have not had a single smoothie today.

After I’m done with this story I’m about to join my lovely Rainbow and family at the cool pool and hot tub we have here.

Do you know that I’ve been living at this place for two months (pool weather most of the time) now and I never yet had the time to go to that pool or hot tub.

But I think after writing this nice story for you of the many wonderful changes due to adding more Savory Raw Carbs to my diet that I’ve earned the time to have some fun in the Arizona sun.

I hope you’ve found this interesting, beneficial and not totally boring.

To learn more about the new BREAKTHROUGH in the Raw Food Diet — Savory Raw Carbs please visit…

==> How To Go Raw the TastEasy Way Class:


With the over $500 in bonuses (including a new bonus of how to make hundreds of Savory Veggie Stews recipes) I must have “gone freakin loco” when I put that package together.

In this comprehensive class you’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to know to succeed at going 100% raw and actually loving your dinner instead of dreading it.

There’s finally an easy and nutritionally sustainable way to go raw.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
Raw Food Diet Mentor
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness




The Land of the Large

We went from being the land of the free to the land of the large.This post is a continuation of the previous one that I’ve put up here:

“What Do I Do With All These Stinkin Bananas?”

And I must say this one’s an absolute doozy.

I think you might have a chuckle or 2 before you get through.


“The Land of the Large”

You see this particular Savory Raw Carbs food is lot less calorically dense than bananas and yet at the same time it’s a lot more nutritious. It has a much higher nutrient completeness score than bananas.

I think it’s 55 compared to 42 for bananas. The higher the number the better in terms of nutrient completeness. And for a staple carb source that’s a perty darn high nutrient completeness score.

Oops… I forgot to mention WHY for gosh sakes I was forcing myself to eat that dinner meal (even though I wasn’t hungry) after I had already devoured two Savory Veggie Stews.

Prior to last week (how I used to normally eat) I almost always ate a significant amount of calories after eating my Savory Veggie Stews for dinner.


Actually my after stews course would be anywhere from 500 to 800 calories or so.

I’m not sure why but I was abnormally sore from doing my normal daily workout routine at the park the day before.

And I figured that maybe the lack of calories in my recent diet and the resultant lack of protein was causing me some unusual muscle soreness.

Granted I did a crapload of exercise the day before. But normally that wouldn’t make me as sore as I was.

So I forced myself to eat a more PROTEIN LOADED and low fat raw vegan pâté recipe dinner meal. (BTW, the soreness was gone the next day. Maybe eating that protein rich pâté helped after all.)

And this pâté was made with a different Savory Raw Carb food out of the 14 that I’ve cataloged here:


But this particular Savory Raw Vegan Carb source is super high in protein (19% of total calories)… dense in calories (plus tasty as all get out) and tends to plump me up if I overdo it. So I’ve been avoiding eating it lately.

The thing is pardner… I’m trying to get super slim so that my ab muscles show like lighthouse at night.

Of course you can already see the six pack quite easily but I want to look absomalutely shredded.

And to look super shredded like that you need to have like 3% body fat like pro body builders while they’re actually competing.

… >> “So Dude are you losing some freakin weight or not? Get to the point mealy mouth.”

Huh… Who let you in here smart ass?

And what is a mealy mouth anyway?

Well I am melting the manatee blubber right off of my hips, lips and chips. (OK, well the chips part doesn’t make sense but at least it rhymes… is that a crime?)

I don’t have a scale at the moment so I’m just eyeballing it or rather fingering it.

What I’ve been doing is pinching the skin on the right side of my innie belly button.

And you know what pardner?

There’s a whole lot less of my lard to pinch than a week ago.

… “What’s your problem Dude, you’re already just about the skinniest 47 year old guy I know? What are you anorexic?”

Hey what can I say?

I do a lot of exercise and I’d like it to pay off by me looking amazingly shredded. Yeah so maybe a little bit of vanity on my part. Or maybe this focus on health and strength is a good thing because your body “is your temple.”

At least it gets me to take care of my health and fitness like nobody’s freakin business. And in the Raw Food world… the better your body looks and the more healthy and energetic you are in general… the more people believe what yer saying is a true.

And quite frankly, I believe most people in our former “Land of the Free” are WAY too BEHEMOTHLY freakin phat. They’re so freakin phat but many of these delusionists think that’s normal or even “healthy”.

Did you know that according to CNN 70% of Americans are overweight. And according to Gallup 27.7% of Americans are so overweight they classify as being obese.

And according to this ole teanejero that’s pretty freakin obvious.

Just go out shopping or to any mall in America and you can see the GIGANTICKNESS almost everywhere you look.

“Houston we’ve got a problem.”

We went from being the “Land of the Free” to the “Land of the LARGE.”

We’ve never been fatter.

What has happened to people’s personal weight standards? That has been totally lost since the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. Just look at some old videos of the public. Back in the 1920’s and 30’s virtually everyone was razor thin.

Something changed BIG time.

Not only has our food changed and been chemically degraded but also our personal health standards have changed as well.

In most circles it’s hip to be phat.

As long as American’s and anyone continues to eat corporate created, chemicalized and overly processed foods they’re going to be phat, sick and or heading that way soon.

End of story.

And it’s people that think being overweight is healthy and normal that I call “The Gorged.”

… Well actually dude, being phat is normal in the United States. Your statistics just proved it.

OK thanks for correcting me.

Being overweight and even obese is normal but it certainly ain’t friggin healthy in any way shape or form. And normal doesn’t necessarily mean something is right.

Now getting back to “The Gorged.”

I call them that not because they’re monstrosities. But mainly because they think it’s normal and maybe even healthy to be 30 to 50 freakin pounds overweight.

And that goes for a whole bunch of other countries also “eating” the Standard American Death Diet (SADD) that we’ve exported all over the world. Even da Chinese are now turning themselves into human BLIMPS as a result.

So it’s not just in the United Socialist States of America (USSA).

If you’re overweight and you know it, and are trying to do something about it you’re definitely NOT one of “The Gorged Collective.” Anyone who’s conscious and recognizes they’ve got a problem is not, I repeat NOT a member of The Gorged Collective.

The Gorged actively try to recruit people into their ranks.

But I’m sorry, I’m never going to be a follower of their eat whatever and how much of whatever you want, no matter how many of thousands of carcinogenic chemicals it contains religion.

I actually care about my health and happiness. And you can’t buy real happiness in the form of processed, adulterated and chemicalized foods that fattens you up while at the same time lowering your vibrations.

Yes you probably didn’t know that.

But our corporate foods are also specifically designed to dumb you down, lower you spiritual power and connection to Divinity.


Oke doke this post is getting really long.

The next and last post in the series is titled…

“Why I Haven’t Eaten a Single Fatty Foods in 5-Weeks”

In it you’ll discover these coolio thingies…

• What is the second meal effect and why it’s incredible for suppressing hunger?

• What typical low fat Raw Food Diet fruit tends to pack on the pounds?

• Why I eat a certain fruit in a way that no self-respecting Raw Foodist would ever do. None but me mind you.

• And why this ole teanajer had until recently never used the pool or hot tub in our new place here in Arizona.

To learn more about a new BREAKTHROUGH in the Raw Food Diet please visit…


With the over $500 in bonuses (including a new bonus of how to make hundreds of Savory Veggie Stews recipes) I must have “gone freakin loco” when I put that package together.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
Raw Food Diet Mentor
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness


“What Do I Do With All These Stinkin Bananas?”

What do I do with these stinkin bananas?We got a MAJOR problem in der Haeske household.

Too many freakin bananas.

Lately I’ve been having to throw out bunches of bananas and I HATE wasting food.

… “But teanajer Dude, couldn’t you at least compost them?”

Yah I supposem yer right but… we have no place to compost or contribute to the measly Arizona dirt collection in our current location. Whenever we can we normally compost and at least the wasted food turns back into nutrient rich soil.

Anyways, fer years and years bananas have been my Raw Food Diet staple.

Until recently I used to eat 12 to 16 or so large bananas per day. This past week I’m averaging about 10 bananas or less per day.

As a result I started getting a whole lot of soft, mushy, almost black and overly ripe bananas because I’m not eating them fast enough.

And when they start fermenting like that… well they’re kinda gross. Wouldn’t you agree?

So what gives?

Well as of about a week ago I’ve added a new staple food into my raw diet. (BTW… I have not made such a radical change in my eating since I went 100% raw over 13 years ago.)

Actually its two new foods.

One new food and one old food but eaten a very different way than I ever have in my life.

One of these two foods is a Savory Raw Carb food and this week is the first week I’ve been eating it regularly as a staple. I’ve eaten it raw previously but not every day.

And it’s really crazy.

It seems like my overall calories for an entire week have EASILY shrunk by 25% compared to the previous week.

One day it was at least 40% lower than a normal day.

There’s something about this Savory Raw Carb food that is unbelievably filling compared to eating fruit. In fact, it seems to make me less hungry into the next meal too. It’s that second meal effect I’ve written about recently.


The other night I literally had to force myself to eat something after my two STEWS for supper meal (only about 250 calories for dinner) because of that second meal effect. I was full for hours and ready to go to bed.

I mean I was so stuffed I did not feel the need to eat at all. But late at night I went to the kitchen to force feed myself some extra protein.

… “No freakin way Roger, you are totally full of crap about how much fewer calories you’ve supposedly been eating.”

Ouch… does this really sound that unbelievable?

But I cross my heart and hope to die. I’m just eating a lot less stinkin calories than ever in my adult life.

Except when I did water fasts.

But then again, that’s not really eatin now is it?

OK, I’m getting a bit long in my story here so I’ll cut it here and send you part 2 mañana.

I have lot more fun stuff to share with you in the upcoming emails in this series like…

• What do I have in common with a manatee?
• How this Savory Raw Carb food blunts appetite and is a lot more
nutritious than bananas.
• Can this quick trick help you overcome muscle soreness?
• How I get way more protein in my raw diet than people who follow
the “religious right” raw diets.
• Why I’m trying to reduce my lard level and “am I anorexic?”
• What’s a mealy mouth?
• A skeptic thinks I’m vain.
• Why it seems like “The Gorged” have taken over the former “Land
of the Free”.
• What does SADD stand for?
• What does USSA stand for?
• And some rhyme’s that you may find a crime.

To learn more about a new BREAKTHROUGH in the Raw Food Diet please visit…


With the over $500 in bonuses (including how to make hundreds of Savory Veggie Stews recipes) I must have been “out of my friggin body” when I put that package together.

OK then Roger … looking forward to seeing you back here at the same bat time and same bat channel.

(That’s for all u old time “Adam West” and “Burt Ward” Batman fans out there.)

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
Raw Food Diet Mentor
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness


[SUPER SIMPLE] How to De-LARDinate on Autopilot

Slimmerizing often seems so difficult.

Like you have to do so many things and it can seem overwhelming.

But what if there were a super simple way to do it on autopilot?

Just make a simple change that you can easily stick to and in 30 days… magically a new you appears.

And you were barely even trying.

What if you could make a simple change to your eating habits that you enjoy and watch the excess phatola just melt off effortlessly in giant puddles day by day?

The key is making a simple change that you LIKE doing.

Then doing it daily.

So what should you do?

Here’s what I’d do.

1. Eat a GINORMOUS salad to start your dinner.

KEY: The salad CANNOT have an oil based salad dressing or fatty nuts, seeds or avocados added to it.

A simple way to get around that is to make Savory Veggie Stews instead of that MONSTROUS salad. You’ll be able to eat it much faster I’m talking in like 5 to 8 minutes tops. Make it quick and it’ll please your taste buds immensely.

I’d recommend making at least 2 large Savory Veggie Stews per evening. At around 120 calories per stew we’re now talking 240 calories for your dinner meal so far.

Now I must say for people with a smaller appetite that alone might be enough to totally stuff them for the evening.

But if you’re more active and or a taller person then you may need to go to step # 2.

2. Fill yourself up with a Savory Raw Carb food.

Actually it has to be a specific one because unfortunately one of the SRC’s is quite densely loaded with calories.

But this particular Savory Raw Carb is not loaded with calories but yet it has enough calories, bulk and high nutrient levels to totally satisfy you.

So if you were really hungry after step # 1 you’d just chomp down on about a quarter to a half pound of this SRC.

A half pound would be about 224 calories.

Total calories for a man sized portion dinner is just 464 calories.

I can assure you that if you’re an active male like me that is anywhere from a 300 to 500 or more calorie reduction for dinner.

And yet you don’t feel hungry in any way, shape or form.

And if you’re not an active male or very active female then you simply would not need to eat as much. You’d be so stuffed you just couldn’t eat that much.

You’re dinner meal could easily be just 250 to 350 calories and you’d be full for hours.

And this is of the highest nutrient density raw foods you could eat.

Not hunger and cooked food craving inducing fruit.

Combining Savory Veggie Stews with Savory Raw Carbs is the ticket to a leaner and more confident you on autopilot.

Makes sense right?

Well the great news is that I’ve recently added two new bonuses to the Savory Raw Carbs Class that show you how to make the base Savory Veggie Stews recipe and how to easily make hundreds of SVS variations.

And in our week # 6 class “Achieving Your Ideal Weight” I’ll be revealing exactly which Savory Raw Carb to use (from step # 2 above) and how to easily prepare it in a few minutes. In fact, you can use this SRC as a crunchy snack anytime of day to curb your appetite.

Check it out here:


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If you’d rather just make a single payment (instead of installments) this is for you.

But I assure you that ridiculously low price will not be there much longer.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
Raw Food Diet Mentor
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness



Oh you poor thang…

The other day I was writing an email when a thought flashed into my mind.

I realized something profound.

What I realized is that compared to me (as being a raw foodist) people out there are extremely deprived.

Yet in my early days of going 100% raw — I was the one who felt totally deprived.

While my health, energy and youthfulness where much better I felt totally deprived in the food department.

But I’ve had a complete and total reversal since then.

How did I get to this thinking?

Well I was realizing how incredibly delicious my smoothies were when it hit me.

Here I am eating a super healthy food that tastes out of this freakin world. And it makes me feel absolutely amazing.

The advantages to going raw are many as I’ve been talking about the last few days.

So not only do I have mounds of energy…

Not only did my 6.5 years of living HELL go away…

Not only did the skin on my body get tighter. Like an entire body facelift.

But on top of that I just love my food.

So from my perspective anyone who’s still eating cooked food “just because it tastes good” is someone who’s totally deprived.

Deprived of feeling giddy for no reason.

Deprived of having their body almost force them to exercise because they have so much energy.

Deprived because they have to go to the doctor often for things that simply aren’t a problem for people eating a balanced Raw Food Diet.

So if you’re not yet 100% raw then maybe you need to learn what I know.

I can teach you…

And I wanna teach you…

Check out my “How to Go Raw the TastEasy Way with Savory Raw Carbs Class”.


I’m quite certain that your life will never be the same.

In fact just listen to this email I got from one of my customers. This is in reference to just one of the bonuses the Nature Food interview I did with Rama.

Hi Roger,

Thank you for including this in the bonuses.

I listened to the interview yesterday, and I got the desire to go raw and exercise (definitely not doing raw right now, and just minor exercise). I also felt spiritually ‘in the zone’, like after having done a powerful meditation. The effects didn’t last very long after I finished listening, however ;)

So I’ll be listening to it again often.


Thanks G. for your feedback.

There is something really special about that audio. And re-listening to it was another factor that spurred the idea for this email.

If you want to be inspired to go raw that audio will do it for you BIG TIME!!!

My friends out there are suffering tremendously at the hands of cooked food.

But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Now there’s an easier way to go raw —– the TastEasy Way with the Savory Raw Carbs System.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
Raw Food Diet Mentor
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness


Am I an Anti-Fruittite Bastard?

Looks like I’ve been really pissing off some people on my email list.

Even long time customers.

For instance take a look at this comment upon unsubscribing from a long time customer of mine.

Comments: Fruited out? No way!
How did humanity thrive for a million years just eating fruit but not plannting anything?


What kind of crack has she been smoking?

Looks like she completely misunderstood what I was talking about with the concept of being fruited out.

The truth is I still eat a ton of fruit daily.

If eating 5 to 8 navel oranges, 12 to 15 large bananas, plus blueberries and cherries on an average day makes me an anti fruittite then so be it.

It often cracks me up the ASSumptions people make.

And boy are there a ton of possibly faulty assumptions in just her short comments above.

Including this idea of humanity thriving for a million years on fruit.

From what I’ve seen real humans that are FAR different from Neanderthals etc. showed up on our planet only around 120,000 years ago or so.

Don’t hold me to that, I’m not an anthropologist or whoever would be studying that kind of stuff.

But in any case my main point is that I still heartily endorse fruit eating.

I love fruit.

I love all of the extra energy fruit gives me because I’m not doing any heavy digesting.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my daily green smooothies.

So I really couldn’t classify myself as an anti-fruittite. (Thanks Jerry Seinfeld for the hilarious anti-dentite episode.)

Even so, if I only ate fruit all day long I sure as hell would quickly start feeling fruited out.

While there are some rare people who can eat fruit and nothing but fruit all day long without feeling weird or getting sick of fruit.

In truth over the course of coaching raw foodists for 13 years I’ve found that most people simply can’t do it.

An almost universal problem with raw foodists is getting so sick and tired of eating something sweet that by dinnertime they’re raving mad lunatics desperately wanting to eat cooked food.

And it’s not because they’re addicted to cooked food. But because there’s a major imbalance in their raw diet.

The over reliance on fruit tends to cause nutrient deficiencies as well.

So I’m simply proposing the adding of a whole new food group to the raw food world.

I’m talking about “Savory Raw Carbs” of course.

Carbs that aren’t fruit and that aren’t overly sweet.

Hearty, savory and satisfying dinnertime carbs, not dessert carbs.

Who wants to eat nothing but dessert all day long?

And you can learn all about this more balanced and less cooked food craving way of going raw here…

“How To Go Raw the TastEasy Way with Savory Raw Carbs”


Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
Raw Food Diet Mentor
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness

P.S. Here’s what one of my raw students has to say about my raw coaching.

I melted off 25 pownds going on the Optimal Raw Foods Diet in under 6 months. This was extra wegiht that I couldn’t lose after my pregnancy. My daughter is 9 years old! The weight seemed to effortlessly come off and I haven’t felt so good in years.

I was eating a vegan vegetarian diet and I could not lose the weghit. It was hard for me to lose weghit because I didn’t know how. I did not eat junk food or fast foods. I was eating a “healthy, whole foods” vegan diet.

I was practicing yoga daily, sometimes three times a day. I came across Roger Haeske’s HowToGoRaw.com and found the most encouraging, inspiring, and practical advice on how to do it.

Daily emails keep me inspired and I have the Forum where other rawfoodists and experts meet for interactive support and information.

The value goes way beyond the price of the membership. There is advice on much more than the diet also, and expands to all aspects of life including general well-being, exercises, organization skills, spirituality and personal development.

Eating an Optimal Raw Food Diet took me out of a depression I wasn’t aware of, I was so used to feeling low. After eating raw I started to feel giddy for no reason.

My daughter says I look and act like a teenager! I am much more playful and I don’t get in grouchy moods.

I am the same size I was when I was fifteen and I feel compelled to move and exercise! I practiced yoga for 13 years and my flexibility and strength improved faster than ever once I started eating raw. Leaps and bounds beyond areas I had been struggling in.

I have had my ups and downs in the transition but having the support and information of Haeske’s Success Society at HowToGoRaw really kept me on track. Thank you Roger, I really appreciate all the time and effort you put out there for us.

Cathy Breshears

Wow, if that is not inspiring then I don’t know what is.

Yet another person proving my points when she said “I feel compelled to move and exercise!”

And “After eating raw I started to feel giddy for no reason.”

By the way my HowToGoRaw.com site is not taking members as the technology for the members area is out of date and doesn’t work. So don’t try to join it.

All of my latest breakthrough information can only be found here:


But step on it because the price goes up in about 8-hours.

P.P.S. Sorry Cathy I had to butcher the spelling on some of your words to get this email delivered.

The Day I ate 16 Peanut Butter Cups in 45-Minutes

Way back in the fall of 1996 I made a stupendous discovery.

I realized that all I had to do was eat half of my diet raw and my depression and panic attacks of the last 6.5 years disappeared almost immediately.

Then I thought to myself if 50% raw is good then 100% raw would be better.

So I got some books on Natural Hygiene to learn more about going 100% raw. And I soon after tried going 100% raw.

In one of my early attempts I was living in New Brunswick, New Jersey on Handy Street near Douglas College.

I’m not sure how long I’d been 100% raw maybe a week at that time.

While overall eating 100% raw made me feel great there where some major problems I was experiencing.

1. I was hungry every hour or two.
2. I felt weird. My body just didn’t feel grounded.
3. I was not enjoying my food.

At the time I was eating mostly fruits with limited amounts of greens and some nuts, seeds and avocados.

Then one day I decided to do a little cheating and then get right back to eating 100% raw after.

So I took a 2 and a half block stroll to the Douglass College student center.

When I got there I decided to buy myself a large 4 pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

And normally that would be a bigger serving than I’d typically eat. In the past they only used to sell 2 pack of Reese’s. But sometime back in those days they came out with the 4 pack.

So I got the 4-pack and enjoyed it as I watched the video games. (Several years back I actually won second prize in a video game competition for the driving game Outrun, right in that very student center.)

Surprisingly to me I got even more hungry after eating that 4 pack of Reese’s.

So I figured it couldn’t hurt me too much to get another 4-pack.

I went to the cashier and he recognized me from buying the previous 4-pack and gave me sort of a funny look.

I soon gobbled down that 4-pack and was back in the student center convenience store buying yet another 4-pack.

By now the cashier was really wondering about me.

But still after eating 12 chocolate covered peanut butter cups I was not full.

So I went in and bought another pack.

Finally after 4-packs I was somewhat satisfied. And you know I must have been ravenously hungry because that cashier was laughing at me even more the fourth time I bought from him in less than an hour.

I went home and the next day I woke up with a hole in one of my finger nails.

Yes a hole in which I could actually touch the soft skin underneath my nail.

This was from the massive eating of peanut butter cups and my body’s need to alkalize my blood and robbing calcium from my nails in order to do that.

So why did I go crazy eating Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups?

1. I was not getting enough calories on my raw diet at that time.

2. I didn’t really enjoy what I was eating. It was much too much sweet and not enough savory or stick to your ribs kinds of foods I was used to eating.

The fact is that these days I NEVER crave Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups anymore.

For instance, just an hour back I made myself a smoothie and it satisfied every cell in my body.

It satisfied my taste buds and totally and completely satiated my appetite.

Back in those days I didn’t have any recipes like that.

I was thinking that if I wanted to stay 100% raw I had to give up the flavor of my favorite cooked foods. And the problem is that I’m a foodie kind of person.

If cooked food didn’t make me depressed and give me arthritis and make me look prematurely old then I’d still be eating it to this day.

So I needed a solution.

First I realized I needed more calories.

But still I had the problem of not enjoying my food and feeling totally deprived when eating 100% raw.

My first solution (one I still use almost every single day) is the world wide classic Savory Veggie Stews (SVS).


And of course, now we’ve added to the SVS breakthrough with an even bigger raw food breakthrough.

Now of course there’s Savory Raw Carbs.

And last night I came up with a super simple and killer new Savory Raw Carbs recipe that I think I’ll be using a lot more often.

I figured out how to make stunningly delicious sweet potato fries.

My daughter Rainbow and I were up late eating them into the wee hours of the morning.

Had I had stuff like my favorite smoothie and savory, filling and hearty recipes like the sweet potato fries back in 1996 I wouldn’t have even thought to go eat some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Honestly, my smoothies taste amazing to me. That’s why I eat them every single day I’m not traveling.

But better yet… they make me FEEL amazing too.

The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups taste good… BUT it’s all downhill from there after they go down my throat. Once in my body they do nothing but destroy and reek chaos on my body.

So why eat something that only tastes good but is actual poison to your body?

When you could be eating foods that taste stunningly delicious and yet are giving you a natural high and building a healthy, energetic and strong body at the same time.

There’s no contest.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups loose that fight and get knocked out in the first round.

One of the major keys to Raw Food Diet victory is making sure you ADORE what you eat.

If you don’t like what you eat, you won’t be able to stay 100% raw without using constant willpower.

And if you have to use willpower you will eventually fail.

The great news…

I’ll be sharing my ultimate green smoothie recipe and it’s many variations and the sweet potato fries recipe with all of my “How To Go Raw the TastEasy Way” students.

More info here:


Plus I’ll be sharing lots of Savory Raw Carbs recipes with class members. Then when we finish the Savory Raw Carbs recipe book class members will be getting it free of charge.

Just keep in mind the price for this class goes up this Sunday at midnight.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
Raw Food Diet Mentor
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness