[Interview] Ebola & The Viral Load LIE

Rick Shalvoy

Rick Shalvoy formerly worked for SmithKline Diagnostics but was forced to resign for standing up for the truth about the PCR Test and more.


Right click the link below to download the interview with Rick Shalvoy.

Rick Shalvoy Interview – Formerly Worked for SmithKline Diagnostics

Can the test currently used for diagnosing ebola determine if someone is actually sick with ebola virus?

The answer is in the audio interview above that I did with a long time customer Rick Shalvoy who used to work with SmithKline Diagnostics.

But he was basically forced out because he realized his company was completely misusing the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test. He was constantly harassed and told not to speak out by his superiors. So instead of getting fired he resigned.

The interview tells his story and why at present there’s no way to actually determine a true viral load number when using the PCR test.

And if I remember correctly there currently is no test that can give you a viral load number.

So if you’ve been given a test that tells you’re viral load numbers realize those results are not possible. It’s just another scam used to scare people into taking toxic drugs by the Medical Mafia.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
“The 47-Year Old Teanajer”
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Ebola Bullshite


Afraid that maybe you might catch it. Well it’s just another big trick from the powers that be or the secretive cabal that’s trying to gain control of the entire planet.

Please check out some of the links below for more detailed information on this topic.

A whole bunch of articles by Jon Rappoport on this very subject at this link on his blog:

Here you can see in Liberia some very bad actors paid to play as if they have ebola and they’re sick. Especially watch the boy who did a terrible job of acting.

CNN: Inside Liberia’s Ebola crisis

Folks this is an old trick they’ve been using for years. Trying to scare us with non-existent diseases so that they could scare us into taking vaccinations that are highly toxic.

And there may be a different financial reason besides selling millions of vaccinations for this War on Ebola. Yes the US government has actually sent in 3,000 troops to Africa to fight this fake ebola outbreak.

And Now, Ladies an’ Gentlemen: Obama’s ‘War on Ebola’…

Also I have many reasons to believe that Mike Adams the Health Ranger (along with Alex Jones) are paid disinformation agents as well.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
“The 47-Year Old Teanajer”
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How to Compress 10 Years Into a Month

The last 30-days of my life are entirely different than the previous thirty.

I literally feel like I’ve compressed 10 years of personal growth into the span of 30-days.

Actually, I’ve been doing it a bit longer than that but I currently have 30 days of journal entries that I’ve posted in the Superbeing Club. With Day 31 going up tonight which will have several additional techniques in it as well.

This my friend is the FASTEST and MOST POWERFUL self-improvement and personal transformation technique in the history of humanity.

Yet most people will NEVER even try to do this.

But there’s key.

It doesn’t work like a typical self-improvement technique.

In fact, you’re not trying to break any habits or make any changes to your behavior. At least not from a self-improvement perspective.

That’s why it’s so strange.

And it also taps into mystical forces that go way beyond your mind to blow away bad habits, hang-ups and limitations.

If you do this for 30-days I 100% GUARANTEE you’ll be a totally changed person.

No one can possibly do this (if they sincerely try) and not see MASSIVE personal improvements on multiple levels. It’s simply impossible for this not to work like gangbusters.

For years I’ve done this for 1 day at a time.

At most I was able to do it two or three days. And even doing that you can experience some tremendous growth both personally, happiness wise and spiritually.

But doing it EVERY SINGLE DAY is a whole other matter.

Doing so will lift you up on a cloud.

NOTHING, I mean NOTHING works as fast to help you make BOLD and DRAMATIC improvements in your life.

For instance… I have virtually no anger left in me.

It’s like it’s been completely drained out of me.

Stuff that used to annoy me I don’t even understand why it used to make me upset. In terms of anger I have made huge breakthroughs this past month or so.

I’ve gotten rid of anger that I not only had for the last 10 years but probably my whole adult life.

Even stupid stuff from when I was a kid.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Another great thing is how incredibly happy I feel.

I have such a lightness of being.

And it’s all because of doing one thing. The thing that I’ve so far written thirty days of journal notes about.

It’s nothing new at all.

But virtually no one does this. They have no idea the power of rapid transformation this practice can bring into your life.

If you want to see my experience, transformation, failures and successes with this very special practice then you can do so once you’re a member of the Superbeing Infinite Potential Club.

Come on in, the water is warm and the natives are friendly.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
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Our Chemtrails are Gone – What About Yours?

Here in the in Arizona I used to notice a lot of chemtrails being sprayed in the skies over us.

They used to spray almost every day.

Sometimes there’d be a break of 2 or 3 days maximum. But then the chemtrails would begin again. We had lots of planes flying overhead daily.

Then early in July we set out for a summer in Oregon.

Yes they had chemtrails too though I didn’t notice them as much as in Arizona.

Then one month ago we moved back to Arizona.

And I realized a few days ago that I had not seen a single chemtrail in the sky since we’ve been back.

That’s about 30 days now with no chemtrails at all.

Maybe the cabal is finally running out of money and they have to economize. With all that Russia, China and the BRICS nations are doing to fight and drain the cash from the New World Order, it seems like it’s starting to crumble like a house of cards.

What many people don’t realize is those white trails of smoke in the sky are not necessarily from commercial airliners. They’re specific planes fitted with HUGE toxic chemical tanks (where people would be sitting) to spray into the atmosphere.

And so what has happened is not only are there no more chemtrails there are hardly any planes flying over us at all anymore.

I did hear one invisible jet though.

This is another strange phenomena I’ve noticed here in Arizona.

The sound of a high powered “probably airforce or military” plane but I can NEVER see these planes. They make much louder noise than the chemtrail planes (that seem like commercial airliners) that used to fly overhead but I haven’t been able to see them. And we’ve had many of those invisible airplanes in the past but I only heard it once since being back for the last month.

So that’s it for our end of central and Western Arizona.

What have you noticed on your end?

Do you get chemtrails where you live?

And if so are they slowing down, stopped or getting worse?

Please leave a message in the comment area.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
“The 47-Year Old Teanajer”
Master of Health, Fitness and Self-Improvement

P.S. In this month’s Superbeing Club content I’m demonstrating (via a daily journal of my experiences) an UBER POWERFUL technique that anyone can use to defeat the dirty rotten bankster and Illuminati cabal that is currently trying to force us into World War 3. More EXCITING info to come on that soon.

P.P.S. Unfortunately central headquarters of that cabal is right here in the United States. Well maybe in London and Rome too. But the USA Corporation is the most obvious villain or arm of the cabal.

P.P.P.S. For those of you who still need more evidence on chemtrails and or GeoEngineering I present this highly detailed video:



9/11 Survey Results in 2014

Results from our 2014 survery about my readers beliefs of what happened on 9/11/2001 in New York City and at the Pentagon in Washington.

Results from our 2014 survey about my readers beliefs of what happened on 9/11/2001 in New York City and at the Pentagon in Washington.

I think you can click on the above image to see a full size version.

This is the second time I’ve run almost exactly the same survey. I did the same on 9/11 in 2001.

Back then the results were a bit different. You can look this post to see the previous survey results and commentary.

“Our 9/11 Survey Results”

At the top of this post is a screen shot of the results from the current survey. Unfortunately I was capped at 200 survey results and didn’t know I’d be facing that cap. Otherwise I’d have probably gotten double the survey results.

However I think 200 is pretty indicative of the beliefs of my typical email subscriber. You are of course welcome to leave your own opinion in the comments section of this post below.

Thanks for participating and sharing your views.

Of interest is that in the original survey 44.4% of the respondents believed that 9/11 was an inside job carried out by people in our own government. Three years later that number is now up to 52.76 or 53% if you round off.

And back in 2011 about 20% of my readers believed the official US government story but now only about 15% still believe that.

And now 35% of my readers have doubts about the veracity of the official government story. But it’s likely they’ve not done enough research on their own to be sure. And that number is actually the same as in the first survey I did in 2011.

Keep in mind this is not a scientific survey. But I know a lot of my readers have realized that the official government story makes no sense in light of the facts.

By the way there is a billboard now up right now in Time Square in New York City showing this short video about the sudden collapse of World Trade Building # 7 which was NOT hit by any airplanes that day and only had minor fires going on.

And this video below you can actually see a video of the billboard as it appears in Times Square. My have things changed in 13 years.

And yesterday I was given a link to what seems to be a highly comprehensive website about what happened on 9/11.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been to that site many times before but thanks for the link:

Anyways that’s it for now.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
“The 47-Year Old Teanajer”
Master of Health, Fitness and Self-Improvement


PROOF: More Lies from the Doug Graham Camp

Now you can start to see the tactics used to discredit Leah and her near death fasting experience with Dr. Douglas Graham.

This time he used his close friend David Klein to spread the lies. I’m hoping that Dave simply did not realize that Doug was lying to him. Though how Dave claims that he never recommends fasting for ulcerative colitis when he clearly does in his book is disturbing to me.

In this video Leah shows written proof (her actual pre fast questionnaire or application) and blood test proof when she first entered the hospital in Costa Rica to counter the false statements made about her fasting experience by David Klein. Of course, David claims that is what Doug told him.

Most of the points David brings up are completely disproven.

So let’s hope when Dave watches this video that he realizes he’s been duped by Doug and will come clean with the truth.

When an honest man discovers he is mistaken, he will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest.


Also in a previous post (with the original video from Leah) I got new comments today from another person (Irene) who fasted with her in Costa Rica. She was basically confirming what Leah had said. She made some very interesting points as well.

In addition there are comments from several other people who have fasted with Douglas Graham and have not had a great experience.

While I’m sure there are people who have had results via fasting with Doug that’s not the point here. The point is it appears that he was grossly negligent in at least one fast. And if Leah had continued to listen to Doug’s advice she’d be almost certainly be dead now.

Please read and contribute to the comments. I think you’ll find it well worth your while and please share with others so that they don’t get duped and risk ruining their health.

“The Truth Finally Comes Out About the Dangers of Water Fasting at the Wrong Place”

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske

The Cooked Food Addiction Buster
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness


Breaking News: Dr. Douglas Graham Removed as Moderator at Vegsource Forum

Just in case you haven’t already seen this.

Dr. Douglas Graham Removed as Host and Moderator at the Vegsource forum that he was in charge of for 14 years.

Dr. Douglas Graham (chiropractor) has come under a lot of fire lately and rightfully so.

For instance in the video of Leah who almost died following his fasting advice. Had her mother not intervened I’m quite certain Leah would have died. I mean if anyone was on death’s door she certainly was.

Folks — NEVER — EVER fast with Dr. Douglas Graham if you value your life and health.

I’ve heard too many negative stories from people who’ve fasted with him.

In fact you can see some of those stories in the comments section of my post about Leah which I link to below.

Sure he’s had many fasting successes as well.

But somehow the bad experiences just never seemed to make it to the light of day for the broader raw food public.

Sure us insiders knew a lot of the dirt.

But we had a hard time proving it until Leah’s video came out.

I was even in conversation today with a prominent raw food teacher who fasted with Doug.

And that fast did not go well at all.

He may be writing about that negative fasting experience in the near future.

It’s quite obvious from Leah’s video that he either doesn’t have any common sense or he actually likes it when some of his fasters die. Or possibly that he has managed to completely delude himself about his “fasting religion.”

And yes I firmly believe from the evidence I’ve seen that people have died as a direct result of fasting with Dr. Graham including Jane Mutti.

She’s actually someone I met in person in Hawaii shortly before she went on the fast that seemingly precipitated her death.

No way in heck I would have thought that two months later she would be dead.

Here’s the link to that video with Leah in case you missed it.

“The Truth Finally Comes Out About the Dangers of Water Fasting at the Wrong Place”

And if you have your own fasting stories with Doug then please feel phree to share them in the comments area of the post linked to above.

And now for once with Dr. Graham not controlling the vegsource forum the truth can freely emerge without him wiping “clean” any of the voluminous dirt against him. And the dirt is quite ugly from what I’ve been seeing.

Including the reason he had his chiropractor license suspended around the year 2000. Turns out he had a fasting death way back then when he was fasting people in Florida at his “Club Hygiene”.

You can read all the details here for yourself:

Just make sure to click on the case # when you get to that page to open up the PDF file.

Actually the death was blamed on AIDS.

But anyone who’s properly informed knows that there’s no such thing. He died because he was so incredibly weakened by the fasting.

The man was almost 5 feet 10 inches tall and yet while fasting he went well under 100 pounds. That’s just freakin crazy.

And Doug had him start the fast when he was only 115 pounds.

What was he thinking???

And even way back then he didn’t check on his fasters personally but let the interns handle all if not most of it.

He also kept very poor records. One of the reasons his license was suspended.

Of note, for years we thought that the owners of the Vegsource forum Jeff and I believe Sabrina or possibly Vegsource employees were deleting controversial posts on Doug’s forum.

And Doug led everyone to believe that. That it wasn’t him or his employees or associates that were doing it for him.

For many years I believed the moderating was being done by the Vegsource team. However, all along (from what I gather Jeff was saying) it was Doug and his cronies.

You can see Jeff’s post here where he corrects the mistake that talks about this:

“Thanks and a correction”

Also it appears Doug made another lie (or maybe his memory is just bad).

He said he had been posting on Vegsource for 20 years. When in fact, Vegsource itself did not exist until 1998. And Doug himself did not start being in charge of that raw forum until 2000. In fact, raw chef Juliano was originally the moderator of that forum. So only 14 years. Where did those extra 6 years come from?

Well maybe he was just mistaken.

Here’s his last post after having been relieved of his role as host of the forum.

“Welcome to the new board”

If you want to learn the truth about Dr. Douglas Graham I suggest you now spend some time on his forum.

Especially look for posts from MM (Michele Martinez) as she has shared a lot of valuable insights and insider facts.

And of course you’ll find a number of people on that forum with their heads in the sand.

They don’t want to examine any of the facts that make Dr. Graham out in a bad light.


Because they are deluded followers of his raw and fasting cult.

But the truth is coming out.


For years anytime someone tried to post the truth on Doug’s forum he simply had the posts taken off the forum (though you can find them if you have the direct link for it) and or deleted posts entirely.

At least now there is no more censoring of truth.

Sure there’s a lot of misinformation.

But if you want to find the truth, you’ll be able to find a good chunk of it there now.

Including info about other raw gurus and fasting practitioners that you may not be aware of.

By the way the forum name has been changed to “Raw & Raw Til 4.”

So why am I sharing this information with you today?

Because I don’t want to see anyone else get hurt while fasting with Dr. Douglas Graham.

Clearly the same pattern of behavior has been happening for 20 years.

How many people might have died as a result of fasting with him? There are certainly many rumors of other fasting deaths.

Yes I used to be friends with Doug a long time ago. And I used to recommend his books and programs.

And I still believe that “The 80-10-10 Diet” is a good raw food book. Though I would not recommend anyone follow it to a T.

Otherwise you’d be at serious risk of nutrient deficiency and of lots of dental problems.

So please be extremely careful.

There are some raw food leaders out there who appear to be genuine and really care for people. When in fact, they don’t give rats arse about the welfare of anyone but themselves.

You’ve really got to do your due diligence.

I hope this email helps you get the facts that have been suppressed for many years.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske

The Cooked Food Addiction Buster
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness


The Truth Finally Comes Out About the Dangers of Water Fasting at the Wrong Place

Finally someone with the guts to very publicly admit what is going on behind the scenes at a water fast with Douglas Graham.

(Below I’ll be including a Youtube video made by Leah Branster who did a 25 day water fast with Dr. Douglas Graham and also just the mp3 file of the video. This way you can open it up in a program like the free VLC media player and boost the volume. I’m a bit hard of hearing and was unable to hear her video clearly on my laptop. So I figured you might like to have it in just the audio format.)

Please right click on the link below to download the MP3 audio version of the video to your computer. 


I’m so sorry to hear the living hell that you went through (and likely are still dealing with) Leah.

But I’m also incredibly glad at your bravery in posting your experience. And also that you refused to be silenced for cash with a non-disclosure agreement in order for you to get your $8,000 refund. This is likely how things have been kept quite in the past. But you did not buckle under pressure. Bravo.

I believe your video will save a lot of people who could have died or severely damaged their health by doing a water fast without doing blood tests.


If someone is determined to fast then they should do it at a place like True North that has a very good reputation for fasting safely. They have a medical staff and they do regular blood tests. And the fasts cost a lot less than what Leah paid.

Unfortunately over the years I’ve heard too many horror stories associated with fasting.

Often it does not do what is promised. And many people I know have long term health problems caused by water fasting.

So please if you really think you must fast for your particular health condition then do it at a TrueNorth where you’ll be well taken care of by health professionals.

Also please take the time to read the comments below. We have several other people who have fasted with Doug Graham leave comments. Including at least one person who actually was fasting with Leah.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
“The 47-Year Old Teanajer”
Master of Health, Fitness and Self-Improvement


How I Healed 3-Years of Lung Damage in 2-Weeks

I lived in on the Big Island of Hawaii for almost three years.

Little did I know when we first moved there that I was doing some serious damage to my lungs.

In the story below I’m going to tell you how our lungs were getting damaged and I’m also going to tell you how I healed that damage just recently.

Most people don’t know this but the Big Island has a major source of pollution called VOG.

Yes it makes the skies hazy, especially on the western side of the island.

But the damage to the lungs will hit you in just about any place on the island if you live there long enough. I found out there is an epidemic of asthma and COPD on the island.

We have a friend of ours who was living there for 14 years end up being diagnosed with COPD and yet she didn’t smoke.

But if you’re in Hawaii, you’d be smokin da volcano daily.

Kilauea has been erupting daily since like 1983 or so. And the toxic fumes are really bad for the lungs.

Many a sensitive person has had to move off the island because of the poor air.

We even met such a person and heard many such stories.

After a while I started getting headaches when the SO2 and other pollutants started registering as high.

Karmyn ended up being diagnosed as having asthma “for the first time in her life.”

No doubt asthma caused by constantly breathing in air with very high particulate matter.

Andrew was coughing all of the time.

We thought he was sick.

We thought he had whooping cough.

But he didn’t. It was the really bad air. Once we got him an air filter for his room he stopped coughing the very next day.

At one point we had four different air filters for our house.

So when we moved from Hawaii last August we thought we’re going to be in the land of fresh air and no more headaches in Oregon.

But the very day we landed the air quality was as bad as it can possibly get. It was rated as hazardous to breathe.

That was because of forest fires.

When we got out of the plane the sky was completely whited out by what looked like clouds.

But it wasn’t clouds.

It was a thick layer of smoke from the big forest fires nearby.

On our first day back Karmyn was so sick she wanted to go to the emergency room.

Luckily we kept on driving and found a place with relatively cleaner air.

I remember screaming out in joy when I could finally see the sky for the first time since arriving in Oregon.


Turns out Hawaii cursed us.

Because now we were always getting headaches and no one else around us would even notice a problem with the air. So we moved to Arizona to get some better air.

We went to a town that specifically had good air quality ratings.

(Much of Arizona actually has horrible air.)

And it was much better than the air in Southern Oregon (when there are fires or in the wintertime).

But still there were days when we’d get headaches. Often I would get them on different days than Karmyn.

And I NEVER used to get headaches prior to moving to Hawaii. I’m just not “normally” susceptible to headaches.

Of course, for Karmyn it was much worse.

She would get quite nauseous and tired as well as getting headaches. In fact, I think she had other symptoms as well.

So then this summer we decided to take a trip back to Oregon and enjoy the summer months here.

At first the air was quite good.

Even better than what we were breathing in Arizona.

But then as usual forest fires started happening all around us. And Karmyn being very sensitive felt it first.

We consider ourselves high quality air monitors because we often seem to detect air problems better than the government sponsored air monitoring stations. And we know it because we get headaches and other symptoms.

A few days ago the air started getting really bad in the area of Southern Oregon that we were staying in.

Had I breathed that same air last year I’d have definitely been suffering with headaches.

And I know because we monitored the Oregon air quality map daily. Even mid to high levels of the green or “safe” level was enough to give me and Karmyn headaches. For Karmyn all it took was medium levels (actually even just moderately above zero was enough for Karmyn) of green and she was feeling sick.

But this summer I barely felt it even though the air was now in the yellow or so called “moderate” air quality.

For us anything in the yellow was already out of the question.

And driving through California is out of the question too. I have no idea how people can live in the horrible air in large parts of California.

Yet most people don’t even notice any problem whatsoever.

My father was able to breathe the bad Oregon forest fire air and never have any problems. And he’s be living here for like 20 years.

Again, we were damaged from our almost 3 years smoken da volcano in Hawaii.

So you may be asking… why did I stop suffering from bad air quality?

It’s because a little over two weeks ago I started doing the Youth Restorer Exercise daily.

Even though I’ve done the Youth Restorer Exercise on and off for years. I had barely done it since moving back here from Hawaii.

Then when I read that a doctor with a similar exercise program was having patients who reversed years of damage from cigarette smoking… well you could say it CAUGHT MY ATTENTION.

Then I found out he had patients who healed their asthma and even COPD by doing his exercise program.

It got me thinking that maybe this could help me with my headaches.

So I was really motivated to do the Youth Restorer Exercise daily so that it would increase the size of my lungs and also my heart at the same time.

And now to my utter surprise I can hang out it in what used to be horrible air for me and not have any headaches at all for hours.

Yes I did feel a little tiny headache briefly.

But it was nothing compared to what I would have felt if I were breathing the same bad air just a few weeks ago.

So if you’re one of those rare people (or someone who lived on the Big Island of Hawaii for too long) that gets headaches from bad air well here’s your solution.

Do the “Youth Restorer Exercise” at least 3 or 4 days a week and watch as your lung capacity increases so does anything and everything related to your body’s breathing apparatus. In fact, you’ll be able to detoxify a lot better as a result.

How about no more headaches.

No more tiredness and listlessness.

And no more nausea.

And if you have asthma or COPD well I’m pretty sure you’ll be feeling a whole lot better real soon.

The great news is that you can get a phree copy of the Youth Restorer Exercise as a special bonus during our Lightning Speed Fitness Program [Dime Sale].

But once the DIME SALE ends (and I’m close to ending it) I’ll be pulling that bonus from the LSFP members area.

In fact, the Youth Restorer Exercise is so incredible that I’m almost certainly going to turn it into it’s own product.

You can see a full list of the incredible health, fitness and energy benefits of the Youth Restorer Exercise here…

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
“The 47-Year Old Teanajer”
Master of Health, Fitness and Self-Improvement

3 Reasons Eating Meat Ages You Prematurely

There’s are at least 4 darned good diet related reasons I hardly

It’s because I eat a diet SUPER HIGH in antioxidants,
phytonutrients, fiber and structured water from raw fruits and

And if you eat a high protein diet (I.E. Animal Foods in most
cases) you’re not getting any (or tiny amounts) of the nutrients

1. No antioxidants
2. No fiber
3. No phytonutrients or phytochemicals

Oxidative damage or aging happens when you don’t have enough
antioxidants in your diet to combat the cellular damage from free

Eating a diet high in rotting animal carcasses will dramatically
lower your ability to obtain antioxidants, fiber, phytonutrients
and structured water from high water content fruits and vegetables.

Deficiencies in each and every one of these vital nutrient areas
leads to premature aging and disease.

A diet high in a wide variety of vegetable matter has been
correlated with people living the longest lives.

In John Robbins book “Healthy at 100″ he looked at four cultures
where people regularly live to over 100 years in great health.

And he found they all ate a lot of vegetable matter and very little

Let’s look at the foods I ate yesterday to give you the idea of the
incredible levels of antioxidants, phytonutrients, fiber, water,
vitamins and minerals I get in my diet.

Fruits I Ate Yesterday:

1. Oranges
2. Grapes
3. Bananas
4. Blueberries
5. Strawberries
6. Cherries

Veggies I Ate Yesterday:

1. Cucumber (I consider this a veggie and is quite high in nutrient
content per calorie)
2. Celery
3. Zucchini
4. Kale
5. Rocket (arugula)
6. Kale

You can image the incredible level of life extending nutrients I
get on a daily basis.

I’m sure I eat more fruits and vegetables in one day then average
American person eats in a month.

It turns out that only about 5% of the American diet consists of
fruits and vegetables when you take away their staple in that
department which is nutrient poor potatoes.

If you want to immunize yourself from old age and disease then the
best way to do that is to eat a diet full of fruits and greens.

And an easy way to double your intake of the most nutrient rich
foods on the planet (green vegetables) is with my world famous
Savory Veggie Stews.

And they’re currently on sale with many of my other top programs to
make you healthier, happier, younger and more beautiful.

“The 47-Year Old Teanajer’s HUMONGO Birthday and Summer Solstice

If you’re still eating a lot of meat you’ve got to realize you’re
shooting yourself in the foot.

There’s a much better way to be healthy and to slim down naturally.

Eat a ton of greens and your appetite will be stunted.

That’s exactly what Karmyn did yesterday and has been doing. She
just ate two huge green salads and that satiated her appetite at
only 1,069 calories for the day.

NOTE: She made a strawberry dressing and I believe she puts some
nuts in her salads as well.

That’s why they’re so big in calories for salads. Of course,
overall for the day she ate way less calories than normal.

In fact, I’ve seen her at times eat 4,000 calories per day on a raw

That’s because certain raw foods can stimulate appetite and tis the
reason for many of the engorged fruitarians you see these days who
are foolish enough to believe that you can eat unlimited calories
from fruit and not get phat.

Some people can get away with doing that but many cannot.

Even I cannot eat unlimited calories from fruit and stay thin like
I used to.

Might you slim down too if you only ate around 1,100 or so calories
for the day?

Savory Veggie Stews makes it easy to gorge yourself with greens and
make you feel stuffed because your body will be LOADED with
youthing nutrients.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske

P.S. Here’s what some of my customers have written in about Savory
Veggie Stews.


I made the SVS again last night… this time I actually had
cucumbers in stock, so I made it “right.” It was wonderful. My wife
just loved it. Definitely filling, and healthy. Digestion seemed
like a snap. I LOVE it, and I’m a convert…

Sonny Rains


“Roger you did it!  Until I found your raw no fat savory veggie
stew recipe, I kept craving salt and fat.  I served my first stew
to my sister and brother in law (both completely devoted to a SAD
diet) and they loved it.  It was a Thai recipe.  You have a real
winner with this recipe.  I can’t wait to make my next stew – maybe
I’ll try a curry.  Thank you so much.”

Lynn Coulston


Excellent.  Thank you for your help.  The stews are awesome.  My
Meat and Potato eating husband actually leaned over onto my bowl of
stew and took a spoonful, ate it and said “wow, this is really
good, I’d even eat this!”.  I was in literal shock.  This is coming
from a man who usually looks at what is on my raw dinner plate and
cringes.   Everything in your materials has really helped
tremendously.  The stews are so simple, fast and easy.  It’s
amazing to me no one but yourself as far as I can tell has figured
out how to make 100% raw taste fantastic even to the meat/potato

Thanks again for your help.



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