Why we moved yet AGAIN to a different state

Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu in Arizona. The mountains I believe are in California.

Now you know why I haven’t sent a live email out in 12 days.

In fact, I was planning to send this email out late last week. But all of the details of moving has really sucked up my time.

And even now we still don’t have a permanent location in our new state.

So why did we move and to what state did we move?

As you may know if you’ve been a subscriber of mine for a while I used to live on the Big Island of Hawaii. Otherwise known as VOG island.

And besides the high cost of living there was a really big problem living there. Very poor air quality.

The main reason that air was so bad was because of the constant spewing of gases from the Kilauea volcano that has been erupting consistently since about 1983. They call it VOG.

Unfortunately after spending nearly three years in that bad air it’s dramatically affected Karmyn and me.

It seems like we’ve become extremely sensitive to less than ideal air quality.

And surprising to us was that the air in Southern, Oregon where we were moved after Hawaii, was just not that great.

I think it’s mostly due to people burning wood in their fireplaces and because of the mountain topography and colder winter weather trapping the bad air in the valleys.

After Hawaii we were desperate to get clean air and really the only time we had it was when we visited the Oregon coast. Otherwise the air quality was not that great.

In the summer that was mostly due to the major forest fires they had this year. The first day we arrived in Oregon, the air was actually listed as HAZARDOUS in one of the towns we passed through that day.

Karmyn was starting to feel so sick that she was seriously contemplating going to the emergency room. We looked everywhere for surgical masks to filter out the smoke but they were sold out. After asking around we eventually found a store that sold them and that helped a bit.

Luckily we drove out of Grants Pass and headed for Cave Junction and the air was quite a bit better there. At least it was at that time and then it got bad again later on.

I’m hoping next summer the air will be a lot nicer and we’ll go back to Oregon for a couple of months at least. For other than the air we really love the Southern, Oregon area especially in the summer months. And in the summer if there are no forest fires the air is a lot better than it is in the wintertime in Southern, Oregon.

The beauty of nature, mountains, hiking and the amazing produce from the grower’s (farmer’s) markets is something not to miss.

But then we had yet another problem which we expected ahead of time. The dread prospect of cold and dark winter days.

It’s amazing how depressing it gets when you have these short, dark and often rainy days with barely any sunshine.

I managed to escape that in Hawaii for almost three years.

I’d forgotten how depressing that is.


So where did we move?

Well we packed up as much stuff as we could and put it into a rented minivan. And we drove for 4 days.

Though the first day was just a 20 minute drive and we were still in Oregon.

We were so tired from the lack of sleep due to all of our packing and moving preparations that we decided to spend the night in a familiar hotel in Ashland, Oregon and then get in a full day of driving the next day.

Then we headed into California going south on I5.

The snow capped Mount Shasta was just gorgeous.

But eventually we started getting closer to Sacramento, California.

Within 50 miles of Sacramento the air quality instantly became just horrible. I can’t imagine that people can live there.

We actually had to change our route because Karmyn is so sensitive to the bad air. And I couldn’t stand it either. It really stunk to high heaven and eventually I started getting a headache as a result.

NOTE: Until I moved to Hawaii I rarely ever in my entire life got headaches. But while in Hawaii I got them often due to the poor air quality from the VOG. And even now I get them if the air quality starts going into what is considered MODERATE. For people who are (or become) sensitive even the moderate is not something you want to put up with.

In fact, here is the air quality scale to give you an idea of the range of air quailities listed and how even at the second best or MODERATE we’re finding it difficult to breathe freely.


Even now as I write this the whole Southern area of Oregon is in the yellow. And there are a couple of areas in the orange or “unhealthy for sensitive groups”.


So we changed course and headed East to Nevada.

And we spent the night in Lake Tahoe.

I must say the air up there was just pristine. Really the best air we’ve breathed in a long time.

It is absolutely amazing what a difference clean air can make. And we’ve been through the gamut of air qualities.

Yet I’m sure that when I lived in New Jersey I never really much noticed the air quality.

But when you’ve been through bad air you can really start to appreciate really pristine air. There is just so much less pressure in the lungs and in your sinuses.

Somehow you just feel lighter and freer when you’re breathing clean air. But if you’re always breathing bad air you may not even notice it. I think this is what happens to the people in the Sacramento area.

We stopped in a health food co-op in Sacramento and asked a women about the bad air quality. And she gave me a funny look like “what’s wrong with the air here” and told me she thought it was fine.

Yet to us it was an absolute disaster. Even worse than in Hawaii.

Anyways, to make a long story short.

We decided to move to Arizona. At least temporarily.

It’s much warmer than in Southern, Oregon (will get close to 70 degrees today where we’re currently living) and the place we chose is noted for pretty darn good air quality.

While other areas in Arizona like the Phoenix the air is not that good at all.

And we also noted that the vacation rentals in our new town were significantly cheaper than what we were paying for in Oregon. I’m talking about 50% cheaper considering that you get much more home and for significantly less money.

So of to Lake Havasu City we went.

And so far we’ve been really enjoying it. But haven’t had much time to explore as we try to settle in.

In celebration of moving to our new state we’re running a big sale on our fitness products from now all the way through Thanksgiving Day. Think of it as an early Thanksgiving sale.

And by the way, we’re really looking forward to visiting the Grand Canyon. And Arizona happens to be called the Grand Canyon State.

So you can see why I’m calling this “The Grand Canyon State Fitness Sale.”

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Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday if you celebrate it. I realize that many people who read my blog come from around the world and either don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or it’s on a different day for you, or you may have a similar holiday that is named something completely different.

Wishing you happiness and gratitude with family and friends regardless of whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 46-Year Old Teanajer



Why we moved yet AGAIN to a different state — 5 Comments

  1. be safe … prepared… as the average max temp there in July/Aug is 111 degree’s Fahrenheit … if I lived there I would be building an Earthship house … with a big ozonated pool… and drink lots of ozonated green drinks 🙂

    • What is an ozonated pool? Does it use any harmful chemicals to maintain it? Are earthship homes ready to be built yet? We are in a suburb of Phoenix and suffer half a year from heat. The other suffering is from aboveground utilities, power lines, cell phone towers and other peoples wireless devices. Where to hide?

  2. That’s the unsaid and unwritten contribution of vegans/fruitarians to a cleaner planet – no filthy smoke from cooking, barbequing, and other heavy carbon footprints due to an INFERIOR DIET. We vegans spend less on other utilities also like heating because our diet keeps us more attuned to nature and healthier and fitter also.

    Unfortunately, there have to be a whole lot of more vegans/fruitarians out there before we can expect the air to clear up

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