This May Be The Laziest Boot Camp in History

Roger Haeske - Your Lazy Pig Instructor

Roger Haeske
The Eternal Teanajer

Let’s face it, there is an obesity EPIDEMIC in the United States and it’s growing all around the world.

It’s gotten so bad that we now live in a Blubber Culture where it’s normal to be overweight and strange to be fit, thin and energetic.

In fact, now Mexico has taken over the top spot from the United States for having the fattest people in the world.

And I believe I know a major reason for this epidemic.

Many people have negative feelings that they associate with exercise. But they do have an intimate love for their couch.

And I’ve met a number of people who claim they don’t like exercise.

I remember when I was forced to take a semester of weight lifting in my sophomore year gym class in High School. I absolutely hated it. There was something about lifting weights that I just didn’t like.

I wanted to play sports and not be stuck inside lifting weights.

Then in college I actually had a traumatic experience with weight lifting. I went to have a personal training session at the college gym. This was on orders of our assistant tennis team coach (real skinny and not in great shape guy by the way).

To make a long story short, by the time I was done with that first workout I was in MAJOR PAIN. All the exercises were done to failure and then we did 3 or 4 negative reps after that.

When I virtually crawled to my light blue Volkswagon Rabbit I was not surprised that I could not lift my legs to get in the car. I’m not exaggerating in the least bit. It took me a few tries to lift my legs high enough. Of course, I really took my time driving home.

Roger Haeske - Outside his home in sunny Arizona

Roger Haeske – Outside his home in sunny Arizona

Not only was the workout super hard and painful leaving me sore for a week but I immediately got a bad cold. I attributed that to the workout as well because it gave me a sore throat from all of the grunting I was doing.

Needless to say, I was not to thrilled with weight lifting at the time.

With an experience like that it makes you wonder how I ever got into a regular fitness program.

And I know for sure that I’m not the only one with experience like that. Turns out the basic premise of “No Pain, No Gain” that is taught by the fitness intelligentsia is what makes the majority of people not enjoy exercising.

It’s almost like these personal trainers want to lose business. Or maybe they know they won’t be needed if everyone knew how easy it was to build a Greek God or Goddess Body the LAZY WAY.

And it’s quite likely you’ve had similar experiences.

Maybe even embarrassing experiences exercising out in public. That by the way is one of the many advantages of working out with body weight exercises in the privacy of your own home.

Using the Lazy PIg System Roger went from doing 4 hanging legs raises as his max to 10 in just 15 minutes of total exercise time including resting.

Using the Lazy Pig System Roger went from doing 4 (3/4) hanging legs raises as his best to 10 full leg raises in just 15 minutes of total exercise time including rest periods between exercises. The result is defined 6-pack abs in a week.

“Train for PAIN Don’t Work

Now getting back to this working out till failure nonsense. Or the “train for pain” most of the exercise no-clue-roos try to implant in your mind.

After all, we’re taught that the best way to workout is until failure. That your muscles can’t grow until you completely break them down.

Well if that’s so then explain this one to me.

How is it I was able to go from doing 9 chin-ups in a row to 12 in a row with less than 10 minutes of exercise over the course of five days? Yes my workouts averaged a little less than a lazy 2-minutes per day.

And the whole time I hardly got sore except a little bit after the first day.

  • Never were the exercises even remotely difficult.
  • Never did I strain.
  • Never did I even come anywhere close to breaking a sweat.

Plus, I didn’t come close to exercising until muscle failure and yet I got a lot stronger in ten easy minutes of exercise.

And I did that 12 in a row on a day where I was sleep deprived. Imagine what I could have done if well rested.

Turns out some of the strongest people in the world have been using something quite similar to the Lazy Pig System for years.

In fact, there are Bulgarian power lifters who win medals at the Olympics and who have broken world records using this system.

Roger Lifts His Son Andrew Over his Head with 1 Hand

Roger Lifts and Balances His Son Andrew Over his Head with 1 Hand

Not only that…

The strongest man in the world in the 1950’s actually used the Lazy Pig System intuitively. He was so strong that he almost doubled the world record for the squat.

And he was able to do that because he did not follow the exercise advice of his day. He went his own way and naturally discovered a method that drives strength and fitness gains through the roof.

If it’s good enough for world record holders and Olympians, it’s certainly good enough for me.

Why be in PAIN — that’s just so LAME?


Introducing the Lazy Pig: 30-Day Boot Camp

The Lazy Pig to the Rescue

** Who Is This Program For? **

It’s for people who want to…

  • Lose weight
  • Increase their strength in a fun, easy and pain free way
  • Increase the number of push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, squats, bench press reps etc. they can do in a row
  • Become more athletic and coordinated
  • Increase their energy levels
  • Look sexually attractive

It’s also for people who…

  • Previously “believed” they didn’t like to exercise.
  • Think they don’t have time to exercise
  • Don’t want to pay for a gym membership or expensive exercise equipment.
  • Want to find a way to make exercise fun, reduce injuries and want to do it for life
  • Are beginners or haven’t done much exercise in years.
  • Are intermediate to advanced in their current fitness regimen. You can add what I’m teaching you to your current workout without burning yourself out. In fact, you may switch much of your current system over to the Lazy Pig System once you see how well this works and why.

** Who’s Is This Program Not For? **

It’s not for people who read but don’t try.

If you judge this program simply by reading it you may feel underwhelmed. It’s so easy, so simple that most people with conventional fitness training would think it couldn’t work.

[NOTE: There may be audio components as well as teleseminars or webinars. Also I’ll probably record any written instructions in downloadable mp3 audio format for your listening convenience.]

It’s not about the complexity or about how many pages there are in the book but the new body you’ll have in 30-days.

So if you feel you need a highly complex and difficult system that takes hours to learn then the Lazy Pig is definitely not for you. I don’t want you ordering if that’s your mindset.

How You’ll Benefit From the Lazy Pig System:

  • Even the laziest slob can do this EASY as pie workout…
  • Can be done anytime you have from 10 to 30 seconds of free time. This makes it easy to fit exercise  into a busy schedule. Even if you don’t have a schedule and just laze around eating Bon Bons while watching T.V. on the couch.
  • Will increase your strength and muscular endurance for just about any exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, pull-ups, body weight squats, handstand push ups, weight lifting, bench press, etc.
  • A full workout can take anywhere from a minute to about 8 minutes. (NOTE: Workouts can take longer if you’re already doing fairly high repetitions for your particular exercise.)
  • I did a workout recently that was just 70 seconds long and a second workout on the same day, using this method, that took me only 100 seconds to finish. Both workouts combined took me less than 3 minutes to complete including resting between sets.
  • And it’s really fun to do because the exercises are designed to be done with NO strain or struggle. In fact, if you feel strain or muscle soreness then you’re doing it wrong and actually slowing down your progress.
  • It’s an exercise technique proven effective on the Olympic level. Used by Bulgarian power lifting olympians and other with stunning success.
  • And there is zero warm up or cool down.
  • It’s also a great workout to do on days when you’re tired because it doesn’t require full strength.
  • Also a great way to add in an extra workout if you’re already doing other workouts. Reason being is this taxes you very little yet produces great results over time.

When Does the Lazy Pig: 30-Day Boot Camp Start?

The Lazy Pig Boot Camp will start on the laziest day of the week right after the start of Spring. On Sunday, April 6, 2014 is when we’ll get started in earnest.

This entire program will be done virtually over the Internet. You’ll be able to lazily, listlessly and lethargically follow along from the comfort of your home.

For those of you who already know you want be part of the Lazy Pig: 30-Day Boot Camp I’m letting you get in at ridiculous savings over the normal price of $299.99. Which by the way is still a bargain compared to getting a month of personal training sessions.

This is after all a coaching, motivation and most importantly an accountability program. I have to put in my personal time with each of you and put a warm fire under yer butt and get you a movin.

There will be group sessions and personal interaction with me. We’ll all roll around in the mud together and help each other reach our Greek God and Goddess dream bodies. Or whatever your dream body means to you. We don’t all have the same fitness goals and this program will be customized to your particular goals.

And I’m going to make it so that you WANT to exercise. I won’t force you but the Lazy Pig system is so much fun eventually it will become a habit you crave and you won’t need to me get you on a regular schedule.

I’ll be using special online fitness accountability software to help you stick to your fitness goals.

Also there will be short weekly webinars as well as audio and written files as well.

As for a Guarantee

If for some reason you realize that you can’t do the program at the appointed date you can get your money fully refunded if you make your request before Sunday, April 6, 2014.

But once we actually start the program on Sunday, March 23, 2014 there will be no more refunds. Since this requires an extensive amount of my time. So if you feel you must have the ability to refund at any time then don’t get the Lazy Pig.

If You Have Questions: You can send us an email at support ( at ) superbeing ( dot ) com if you have a question about the program that’s not answered here. Of course, you’ll have to put the above email address into regular email format.

Click on the yellow “Add to Cart” button below if feel you’re ready to get started.

Regular Price for the Lazy Pig: 30-Day Boot Camp will be $499.99




I think we’re going to have lots of fun over the course of 30-days of transforming our bodies the fun – Lazy Pig way.

It’s such a fun, easy and effective fitness system that I believe you’ll be completely astonished and pleasantly surprised.

I suspect that a number of Lazy Pig members will turn themselves into fitness junkies as a result learning the Lazy Pig way of exercising.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger “the Lazy Pig” Haeske