There is a hidden war going on within the Raw Food Community. Most people who are into learning about raw foods are not aware of it and that is to their own detriment.

Strangely enough, even some of the leaders in this raw / living foods community are not aware of the war. But to others of us it’s plainly obvious because we’ve been casualties in this war. In this post, I’ll expose the players in this war and what has been going on behind the scenes.

Let’s start off with a listing of the warring groups.
There are two major Raw Food Diet factions:

You have the hip raw versus health focused raw. You have all of the gourmet raw restaurants versus the raw non-restaurants. You have the pseudo-scientific versus the scientific. You have the anything goes raw, versus a raw food diet as close to what you could get in nature as possible.

Then there is the high fat raw versus the low fat raw. The low fruit raw food diet versus the high fruit raw food diet. The Hollywood Raw Food Diet versus the Simple Raw Food Diet. Atkins raw versus The 80-10-10 Diet. The partial raw versus the 100% raw. Alternative medicine raw versus non-mechanical intervention raw. Colonics and flushes raw versus fasting and raw.

In short, there are at least two major schools of raw food diet philosophy and they are both actively battling each other. I am in this war, though I don’t quite look like it as a war.

But first let me share one of my first battles in this war. Little did I expect such venom to come at me from a former friend. It was hard to believe this was behavior coming from a raw foodist. But then again, she was from the partial raw food diet crowd. That could explain a lot.

About 6 years ago I started up raw food support group meetings in New Jersey. The thing is my raw food group was not just anything goes raw. I was teaching and supporting the high fruit, high greens and low fat raw food diet.

The proper way to look at it though is the optimal amount of fat for humans, not low fat.

Why did I choose to teach this version of the raw foods diet? Because I severely damaged my health by going on the high fat raw food diet? There was a time where I naively believed the saying that "as long as it’s raw it’s healthy?"

Unfortunately, I proved Dr. Graham right and myself wrong. I created a serious case of Candida Albicans overgrowth by eating high fat raw. I don’t have time to get into the details here but suffice it to say that eating low fat and high greens raw were the main components of my healing.

A couple of years later there was an opportunity for me to start a raw foods support group in NYC. The focus of this new group was for the leaders to be 100% raw and that we would support the Optimal Raw Food Diet which if you haven’t figured it out is also low in fat.

To make long story short I had incredible opposition to forming this group. You’d think it would be doctors or meat eaters who were opposing the formation of this group. But the only problem I got was from a whole bunch of raw foodists.

Can you believe that? It was raw foodists trying to shut us down and no one else.

I knew that once I started this group there was going to be a war. I just sensed it was coming due to knowing the person I was dealing with. But I knew it was the right thing to do and I prepared for holy battle.

In one of our early meetings we had people from my former support group come in and try to take over our meeting. They were uninvited. We also had someone try to take away our meeting space and had a certain degree of success. Many people in the raw foods diet community in NYC who were friendly to me in the past now hated me. They thought I was a really bad guy because they believed the false propaganda from their leader.

All I wanted to do and successfully did, was to start a new raw food support group. But that was too much of a threat to the person in charge of the other raw food group. Why couldn’t there be hundreds of raw food groups? Why make such a big deal? She supposedly wasn’t making any money off of her group. But she sure as hell didn’t act that way.

It’s because we were cutting into her power base. And we taught things very differently than she did. Frankly I didn’t feel her group was meeting my needs and therefore I created a new group. For instance, I realized that you can’t learn how to be a 100% raw foodist from a person who isn’t one.

There’s a huge mindset difference between 100% raw and 80% raw. Her beliefs about fruits and raw eating were very different than mine. She was in the Hollywood Raw and alternative medicine raw food group and I was in the low fat raw and nature is the best medicine group.

This put us at odds, we were diametrically opposed. I thought what she was teaching was unhealthy and dangerous. In the past she used to invite raw food speakers of all kinds to her meetings. But now she excludes any teachers of the low fat raw foods diet.

In truth, I don’t blame her for this change at all.

In fact, this is exactly what I do. You don’t see me doing interviews with all of the popular raw food gurus. I think much of what they teach is not founded in good science and I even question the motives of some of the people in this movement.

I don’t want an overweight, flabby and drug taking so-called raw food guru to be my health teacher. Its’ amazing how people get taken in by such bad science and by people who aren’t even interested in true health.

Yet I was taken in by them in my early days as well. And so I don’t want to confuse my students and my readers.

I’ve turned down several opportunities to do joint ventures with gurus from this opposing faction. This has likely cost me thousands of dollars in extra sales and profits. But it goes against my principles. I just don’t want to confuse my students and readers.

On the one hand I could have reached new people on the other hand, I didn’t want to give support to the dangerous Hollywood raw lifestyle. My philosophy is for my students to first master the raw food diet under one basic system or philosophy. Study what I and other teachers of low fat raw and Natural Hygiene teach.

Master that and succeed at low fat raw and then after at least a year of such study and practice, then you can start branching out and reading the other stuff if you so choose. Of course, you have to at first decide after weighing your options that you want to go down this route in the first place.

It’s very hard to succeed at the raw food diet or any field of study for that matter, when you try to follow two or three systems at once. For years, I failed at the staying 100% raw because I did just that. I read all sorts of varying philosophies or raw eating and had lots of knowledge from previous non-raw diet books lodged in my head.

The only way I succeeded at going 100% raw was to retrain my thinking. I had to get out all of the false ideas that were holding me back. I had negative brain washing and I had to replace it with the positive or correct ideas.

So much of what I learned in these popular raw food diet books which I thought to be truth was in fact completely wrong.

Now getting back to: RAW WARS

Did you know that Dr. Douglas Graham has been banned from speaking at a prominent raw food festival last year? He’s been banned this year as well. It’s their form of censorship. I’m sure I wouldn’t be allowed to speak there either.

And you know what, it doesn’t really bother me that much. They have a particular philosophy (albeit misguided in my opinion) and they don’t want to teach people the alternative viewpoint. That is their right completely.

I’m sure if Dr. Atkins where alive he wouldn’t have me as a guest speaker for his seminar.

Just realize that when you go to some popular raw food diet festival or seminar they are likely in either one philosophical camp or another. Just because it’s a raw food festival does not mean they’re going to be letting in all opinions regarding raw eating.

In any case, this is getting much longer than I had planned. I might get into more detail on the Raw Wars in an upcoming post if there appears to be interest.

One other thing I might point out when it comes to Raw Food gurus. They’re not always what they say they are. Here’s a prime example of blatant plagiarism for profit and to build credibility.


To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske

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