This Little Anti-Aging Tip Works in 30 Seconds

A while back I was speaking to my grandfather on the telephone. As we were talking, I realized something shocking. He was unconsciously making himself age faster and getting close to death because he stopped doing this…

I’ll get back to what "this is" in a minute.
I must say before I continue that my grandfather is a pretty remarkable man.  I’ll tell you about some of his cool accomplishments in a minute.

Despite all this, I know he could be doing so much better than he currently is.

Over the telephone he’s always telling me that he’s getting older now and that he can’t quite do what he used to do. "After all I am 83 years old," he says. That’s his excuse.

I say bollocks to that. The only thing holding him back are his self-imposed limitations. He simply believes he can’t do certain things. But it just isn’t true.

My grandfather is actually pretty young for his age. He’s been working out for years in what he calls his private gym which is really just an unused section of the local park. We call him the Moroccan Jack LaLanne.

He can run circles around friends of his that are years younger and yet he’s still falling into the "I’m getting old trap." It’s probably just a result of negative brainwashing from television, media and the ignorant people around him.

The real problem is he doesn’t have enough examples of older people around him who have managed to maintain their youth.

Even last year he switched to a mostly raw food diet at 82 years of age. That is incredible but he did it out of necessity. That enabled him to stop taking all sorts of medications for his prostate and now he can urinate again freely with no dangerous drugs. Those drugs were killing him quickly. But that’s another story.

Unfortunately, he’s living in his mind according to his chronological age. I told him that if he wanted to, he could be in better shape than he was ten years ago. He didn’t believe me.

Then I told him, I’m getting in better shape and am more muscular than I’ve ever been and I’m 41 years old. But he discounted that.

So then I told him about studies with senior citizens that didn’t exercise who were then put on a weight training program. People in their 80’s doubled their strength and put on lots of muscle. Now that got his attention. Had he been reading more personal development and self-improvement related materials he would have known this already.

I think he had something vital to learn from Jack LaLanne the famous godfather of fitness in the United States. Jack is famous for setting higher and harder fitness goals each year on his birthday. The older he got the more incredible his birthday feats became.

Here are the last two feats that I can find on his website:

1980 Age 66: Towed 10 boats in North Miami, Florida filled with 77 people for over a mile in less than 1 hour.

1984 Age 70: Handcuffed, shackled and fighting strong winds and currents, towed 70 boats with 70 people from the Queen’s Way Bridge in the Long Beach Harbor to the Queen Mary, 1 ½ miles.

Do you see the anti-aging secret yet?

These days Jack doesn’t do these crazy feats anymore. But that isn’t really the main point I’m trying to make. The point is simply this…

Without goals life is boring and you’re on your way to death. Yes maybe my grandfather isn’t quite as capable physically as he was 60 years ago or even ten years ago. But much of that is due to the fact that he’s not training as intensely as he could be. He doesn’t have fitness goals in mind.

He’s not trying to improve but to maintain. 

I can guarantee you I could not keep up with Jack LaLanne’s workout even though he’s 93 years young. He’s more than twice my age, but he’s been doing intense workouts every single day for the last 70 years or so.

How much in life can you excuse to age and how much more of it has to do with your goals?

My grandfather is not trying to improve himself only to maintain the status quo. Sure he’s doing much better than most, but he could be enjoying a much higher quality of life. He has so many limitations and they are virtually all self-imposed and not real. Regardless of your physical or mental limitations, you should always have goals you’re striving to achieve.

It’s very simple. If you’re not setting goals for yourself, you might as well be dead. Life is colorless without goals. It’s a half life, full of dullness and no adventure whatsoever.

Have you heard stories of people dieing shortly after retiring? It’s because they no longer had any goals to shoot for. Their life became meaningless overnight.

But that doesn’t have to happen to you. Even if you retire from one field you can always have goals and things to strive for. Life is so boring without goals. Do you understand what I’m saying here?

I don’t think most people comprehend this simple idea. With goals, even if they are small daily goals, you get that excitement and passion back for life. Having goals in and of themselves makes you younger and more likely to live longer than someone without goals.

How to Multiply the Effectiveness of this Technique:

If you really want to take this to the next level then some of your goals should be anti-aging related goals so that you’re also getting younger physically, not just mentally.

So set a small fitness goal for yourself today. Then the next day, make it just a bit harder. Why not get a copy of the Lightning Speed Fitness Program and try some of the health and energy rejuvenating exercises there.

Or if you’re not much into fitness then maybe you need what Cocainercise can give you. Getting in shape can be incredible fun. I’m addicted to doing my workouts every day. Once you use the secrets in Cocainercise you’ll have to be careful you don’t MORPH into a fitness model. It’s that powerful.

Or make a goal of adding one more piece of raw fruit to your diet or even just a mouthful of extra spinach. It worked for Popeye and it can work for you.

Certainly the raw food diet and vigorous exercise are key anti-aging strategies. Why not set a goal to be able to do 25, 50 or 100 pushups in a row. It doesn’t matter your age. Just set a goal and do a little bit every day to reach that goal.

When you make these small improvements daily, you’ll be astonished at how much ground you’ve gained in just a month.  

So set a goal and write down. It should take you less than 30 seconds. Then when you achieve the goal, make sure to cross it off your goals or to do list. You do have a to do list, don’t you?

It feels great when you do it and you feel younger as well.

Ignite the Fire Within,

Roger Haeske

The 41-Year-Old Teenager




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