My Father Hated Working Out Until He Made This Simple Shift

Wouldn’t you like to actually enjoy and look forward to exercising? There is an incredible natural method that will make your body crave exercise. This works for my father, myself and I’ve personally encountered at least 20 other people who’ve had the exact same results.

When you start doing this, your body will beg you to exercise it and just move.

So here goes…

Today I’m going to show you a simple idea my father used to improve his health and to lose weight. It also had the incredible side benefit of making exercise enjoyable instead of hard work.

For some mysterious reason my father no longer had to force himself to exercise, he was really enjoying it now and it gave him a natural high.

My Father’s Story:

The last year I spoke to my father over the telephone. We were discussing the health problem of my grandfather.

By the way, my father was almost 67 years old at the time; this should give you encouragement to try this out even if you’re well past middle age. It’s never too late to improve your life.

Now back to the discussion with my father. My father was quite sure that if my grandfather would switch to a 100% raw food diet, he would quickly heal his enlarged prostrate and avoid surgery and the negative side effects of drugs. (Turns out this was true. My grandfather has now gone raw and healed his prostrate and no longer takes any drugs.)

As for side effects. Within a week of taking this drug for his enlarged prostate, my grandfather had very little appetite, has slept much less than normal and has been depressed. I wouldn’t call these symptoms side effects, I prefer to call them a "full frontal assault" as my friend, author of A Way Out, Matthew Grace calls them.

Unleash the Power of Raw Food

My father now knows the power of eating raw. A little while back he did a dietary experiment. For a solid week he replaced his normal dinner meal (which most people would consider super-health-food) with a large and totally raw, blended salad.

He filled up a large Vitamix container full of 4 tomatoes and a 9 oz bag of baby spinach then liquefied it into a soup. That’s a blended salad or you can call it a vegetable soup. Or you can make it really thick into a pâté consistency if you use less tomatoes.

You can find loads of quick, delicious and hearty raw food recipes and much more at my Raw Food Coaching and Training website. Many of these recipes can be made in under ten minutes and all you need is a knife, cutting board and a blender.

He told me he noticed something unusual happened to him after eating in this way. When he did his daily exercise routine, for some reason he actually started enjoying it. It was like his body now wanted him to exercise it, to push him to his limits. His body was coming to life again because the foods he was now eating were alive.

Exercise Used To Be Excruciating

In the past, he did his daily exercise program because he knew it was important for his health. But he always had to force himself through it. He didn’t like doing it, but he did it anyway.

But by simply replacing his dinner meal with a raw meal he started feeling energetic and he naturally wanted to exercise. Another benefit is that he was losing belly fat at a steady pace while eating this way.

You can learn even more powerful techniques to turn exercise into a passion by checking out my new program Cocainercise. And most of them are not diet related. Imagine yourself in the future when you actually can wait to exercise every day. In fact, you might enjoy exercising so much that you have to be careful you don’t devote all of your spare time to it.

See what can do for you.

Many Others Have Experienced The Same Thing

My father is not the only one who’s experienced this sudden urge to exercise. I often get the incredible desire to exercise, my body begs me to move it and to keep it active. It’s this incredible urge and all I can think about is moving my body and just loving life.

The same thing happened to me today, even though I was up late last night and didn’t get nearly enough sleep. But my body still wanted to exercise. The desire for movement and life is natural when you eat foods in their radiant and live state.

Raw foods transmit pure happiness and energy to you. We weren’t designed to be sitting around all day and be vegetables. But we were designed to EAT vegetables. By switching to a high raw or 100% raw foods diet, I think you’ll find you’ll want to start exercising all of the time.

We Were Designed to do Daily and Vigorous Exercise

All humans before the advent of agriculture exercised considerably. They’d walk or run about 3 to 8 miles a day. Humans were nomadic and constantly moving from one area to another.

If they wanted to eat and survive, they had to move. If you’ve been living like a vegetable then I suggest you eat some vegetables and fruit and you’ll start to feel an electric energy flowing through you.

With all the people I coach and have worked with, many of them have revealed the same phenomena. They’d often, out of nowhere, have a burning desire to exercise when they were eating a raw food diet.

Aren’t You Curious What My Father’s Normal Meal Was?

His normal dinner meal consisted of a package of frozen vegetables that he lets thaw out. Then he puts on those vegetables a liberal quantity of flax seed oil and he’ll add quite a bit of cayenne pepper and I believe some other spices.

So he didn’t even cook his vegetables, but what most people don’t know is that virtually all frozen vegetables have to be cooked or pasteurized before they are frozen. Certainly, there is some damage in the freezing process but much worse is what happens to a food after it has been cooked.

At least he didn’t cook them twice.

And of course, everyone knows how supposedly healthy it is to drink or consume flaxseed oil. I’d bet his dinner meal is better than what 98% of Americans eat and yet it was lacking compared to eating a large and COMPLETELY RAW salad.

So if you want your body to ask you to move it, then why don’t you try by replacing one of your cooked food meals with a raw meal of either fruits, vegetables or both.

Remember, there is no other diet on the planet that can even compare to the life changing effectiveness of a raw foods diet. Don’t kid yourself; if it isn’t raw or living, then it’s not meant for human consumption.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom,

Roger Haeske
The 41-Year-Old Teenager

P.S. Once you have all this extra desire to exercise, why not consider using the bodyweight exercises program that you can do anywhere, the Lightning Speed Fitness Program. In just 15 minutes a day, you can get fit, run faster and turn your body into a traveling gym. No equipment, weights or trudging to a gym is necessary for outrageous energy, fat burning, speed and fitness.

P.P.S. If you want many more ideas of how to make exercise fun and enjoyable then take a gander at my new program Cocainercise. This is designed for people who don’t like to exercise but know it’s important. After putting these ideas to work I guarantee you’ll love to exercise as much as watching T.V. and eating your favorite foods.

P.P.P.S. What will you do with all of the extra energy you’ll have next week? As you now know, if you add more raw foods to your diet you’ll have more energy and naturally desire to move and exercise all of the time. Clearly, eating a raw foods diet will automatically make you biologically younger.

When most of us were 7-year-old kids we moved around a lot more than our adult selves. With this new found energy, you’ll undoubtedly want to get into the best shape of your life. The raw food diet is a miracle on numerous levels. Why not start adding more raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds to your diet today. Then start doing the most fun and enjoyable exercise program on the planet.




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  1. What things do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? I know when I just eat fruit for breakfast I feel constantly hungry and shaky. Also is this diet good for women who are pregnant? Do they get the protein and calcium that is needed to create another healthy human being? Thanks for all the updates and info. It is inspiring!

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