Are you struggling staying RAW due to MASSIVE cooked food cravings?

What if Raw Food Tasted as Good as Cooked?

What if Raw Food Kept You Full for Hours?

“Wouldn't it Then Be Child's Play to Stay 100% Raw?”


  • You Don’t Have to Keep Stuffing Your Face with Fruit All Day Long
  • You Don’t Have to Struggle with Constant Cooked Food Cravings
  • You Don’t Even Have to Make Fat and Salt Laden Recipes!

Introducing the
“Savory Raw CARBS Recipe System”
a Major Raw Food Diet Breakthrough

Savory Raw Carbs Recipe System

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Premium Bonus # 1
Savory Raw Carbs - Pizza Party! - PDF File - $30.00 Value

Savory Raw Carbs - Pizza Party

Yes you too can devour quick and easy to make raw pizzas daily if you wish. Cooked food cravings are a thing of the past once you try these knockout recipes. Our whole family loves them.

Enjoy 14 mouthwateringly delicious raw pizza recipes that can be made in less than 10-minutes and don't even require a dehydrator. (Using a dehydrator or putting out in the sun for an hour or two is optional.)

The delicious crust is made out of one of the Savory Raw Carbs foods listed in the next bonus below. And the best thing is you can prepare the crust in just a couple of minutes.

You can make your own raw cheese or do a cheese-less version if you want to keep your pizzas lower in fat.

Premium Bonus # 2
List of 22 Savory Raw Carb Foods That Put the Smackdown on Cooked Food Cravings - PDF File - $25.00 Value

22 Savory Raw Carb Foods That Put the Smackdown on Cooked Food Cravings

Never again be limited to eating a barrage of sweet fruit to make yourself full. Eating fruit is great but being forced to eat fruit at every meal just to make yourself full can get old really quickly.

You need to have a source of SAVORY carbohydrates to balance out the sweetness of fruits. This is why so many raw foodists have the hardest time staying 100% raw. They MISS foods like bread, rice, potatoes and pasta that used to fill them up in their cooked food days.

Well that problem is now solved with the advents of Savory Raw Carbs.

And in this downloadable PDF file you're getting a list of 22 surprising foods that are rich in calories (via carbs), nutrient dense and can be made into all sorts of delicious recipes.

Now it will be easy for you to find a whole bunch of hearty, savory and delicious alternatives to fruit when you're craving something savory and not something sweet.

Premium Bonus # 3:
The Anticraver Secret Recipe - PDF File
$30.00 Value

The Anticraver Secret Recipe

Note: You can make "The Anticraver Secret Recipe" with no spice or heat or as hot as you'd like it. Normally when I make it for Rainbow I don't put any hot peppers in it at all and it still tastes delicious. Andrew though likes it spicy.

If the 27 Savory Raw Carbs recipes and the 14 Pizza Party recipes are not enough then "The Anticraver Secret Recipe" will surely stop your cooked food cravings once and for all.

The day I discovered The Anticraver over 4 years ago is the day my whole approach to eating 100% raw revolutionized.

What do I mean?

Well for one thing I soon stopped making nut and seed pates. In fact, it's probably been six months or longer since the last time I ever made a nut or seed pate. I just don't find them as appealing as the filling, savory, satisfying and low fat Anticraver recipe.

Therefore, I find it super simple to keep my dietary fat levels down. In fact, I have gone longer than 6 weeks without eating any overtly fatty foods and I didn't even notice it. I wasn't specifically trying to avoid fatty foods, I just didn't eat them and didn't care that I didn't.

Now here's another cool thing about The Anticraver...

The base food that the Anticraver Secret Recipe is made out of is so delicious that you don't need to even make the recipe.

How do I know this?

Because if your two children willingly eat this all the time without any coaxing from us parents... then you know it's naturally delicious.

In fact, oftentimes my children prefer eating this Savory Raw Carb food plain without any recipe whatsoever.

Now it gets even better. This food is really inexpensive and it can last for years in storage making it a great survival food in times of chaos or lack of infrastructure.

It's also nutrient dense and has a spectrum of nutrients that you simply will not get from limiting your diet to eating sweet fruit as your main source of carbohydrates.

And best of all it will give you that stick to your ribs feeling you can't get from eating fruit and leave you full for hours on end.

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What will I see inside "Savory Raw Carbs"?

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Savory Raw Carbs

27 Savory, Satisfying and Delicious Low Fat Raw Recipes

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The Savory Raw Carbs Recipe System - PDF File

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Savory Raw Carbs Recipe System

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Savory Raw Carbs

27 Savory, Satisfying and Delicious Low Fat Raw Recipes

You Get...

The Savory Raw Carbs Recipe System - PDF File

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  • SRC Pizza Party! - 14 Mouthwateringly Delicious Recipes - PDF File - $30.00 Value
  • ​22 Savory Raw Carb Foods That Put the Smackdown on Cooked Food Cravings - PDF File - $25.00 Value
  • The Anticraver Secret Recipe Updated - PDF File - $30.00 Value
  • Savory and Sweet Raw Flat Bread Recipes - PDF File - $30.00 Value
Price = $49.99
Savory Raw Carbs Recipe System

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