The Osmosis Secret to Raw Success

Going raw was easy once I did this.

Ok then, I’ll get to what this is below with examples from my life. Maybe you’ve noticed the same magical thing happen to you.

In my early teens I started getting curious about psychic stuff, meditation and spirituality. I bought a number of books and even a course in these areas but I barely noticed any improvement or advancement.

Then when I got to college I actually joined a spiritual group. At first I was always complaining that I wasn’t having any spiritual experiences. But within 11 months of constantly going to meetings I had the spiritual experience of a lifetime.

I was taken to a much better or higher world. I was taken to my true home in the spiritual dimensions. It’s a place full of love, peace, happiness and pure radiant power. I was completely transformed for a week.

We called it being out of the body. Literally overnight my priorities in life shifted. From that point on I was committed to helping others have the same experience as me.

Over the years my mission changed and or sort of evolved. My goal was to help people become Superbeings and myself as well to become a Superbeing. I later discovered the Raw Food Diet and many other things that helped me to improve my health and my spirituality.

In short, if there’s a way I can help people I always want to do it. That is how I changed overnight. I’d say I had a similar experience to what people who claim to be born again experience.

It’s was a massive change in what I thought I was. It was my first experience with divine love and knowing that I was an immortal and spiritual being.

Now I’m getting a bit off track. The whole point of this discussion was to share with you the most important reason I was able to advance. I was able to advance because I spent time with people who had achieved many of the things I was looking to achieve.

So if you want to grow spiritually, one of the easiest ways to do so is to find spiritually minded people or a group or your religion and do with them as much as you possibly can.

Eventually you just pick up on their vibes and change happens as if by osmosis. After constantly listening to these people and of course, also studying my books and discourses and doing the daily spiritual exercises I finally started having spiritual experiences.

I even had some other experiences previous to this big spiritual one. I had some out of body experiences. But it took 11 months for the huge spiritual awakening to happen.

But I never would have succeeded without having these new spiritual friends and teachers. They helped to motivate me and to help me with all of my little problems and obstacles.

One of my problems was having a terrible ability to visualize things. But one after one people gave me tips on improving this and also not to worry about it so much, that I could also feel things.

One tip was to visualize the front door of my house and different parts of my house. I found I was able to picture those things in my mind. Eventually I learned many techniques to improve my visualization and not to struggle with it.

I still wouldn’t call myself the ultimate visualization expert, but I can now see incredible things have fantastic inner journeys with a skill I once thought nearly impossible for me to do.

The same problems happened when I tried to go raw. At first I tried with mostly reading just books. I had one friend who went raw but I only spoke to him a few times. The fact, is just by reading the raw books it wasn’t nearly enough.

I struggled for five years trying to go 100% raw. I made so many mistakes and yet I had all of those books. But also the books were highly contradictory and I was confused.

I was even afraid to eat fruit from some of the raw food books I was reading. Yet other books extolled their virtues. I felt for sure that I couldn’t sustain a 100% raw diet because I needed the so-called long lasting energy from complex carbohydrates. This is something you don’t find too much of in a raw diet.

But I was wrong. And I needed to be around raw foodists who were successful and catch on to their mindset as if by osmosis. I started going to raw food meetings and became good friends with a successful raw foodist. And about a year and a half after spending more time with raw foodists I was able to become 100% raw and stay that way.

These days I’m doing it again. I’m getting coaching from someone who’s incredible at time management. I figure if I can learn to be half as productive as him, I’d easily double my own productivity and have even more fun doing so.

During my first half hour coaching session with him, I made some incredible progress in Time Management and in improving my writing. Really this was incredible and more than I expected to get.

Sure I had his Time Management Course, which is kick butt awesome by the way.

But being able to talk to him about my SPECIFIC issues is invaluable. And also having him keep me accountable was and is important.

My productivity is going way up and it’s happening by simply and easily by osmosis. It’s a natural process when you’re around someone who already has what you want.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this simple tip on helping you to succeed at anything in life by osmosis or by absorption.

To your infinite potential,

Roger Haeske

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Come on down to and be prepared to take your life and your health a quantum leap higher. And don’t forget if you’re trying to drop the excess flabage, the raw food diet is incredible for that as well.


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