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What I teach is highly controversial at times. I tackle many of the biggest cultural and religious myths. Even though the only thing I’m trying to do is to expose the truth. But when truth meets illusion people become upset and angry. This is the very sign of people with closed minds and a lack of a higher awareness.

But I’m only stating the truth. At least what I believe to be truth at this point in time. It cracks me up how much offense people take and have historically taken to truth. Remember when you could get killed for saying the world was round?

This blog is certainly not democratic. If you want to know what I think about the concept of democracy then visit these two posts on the subject. This could teach you something you weren’t aware of. And for some people, they might get really mad.

This website is a benign dictatorship if such a thing is possible. If you disagree with me, that is fine, just post it on your own blog. That is where your freedom of speech lies. Not on my blog.

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Many people send me questions via email and or via blog comments and expect me to respond to them. They’re basically asking for free advice and sometimes get mad or offended if I don’t respond.

Do you expect to be able to go to a doctor and have him write you a free prescription just because you asked? You rationalize, it would only take 5 to 10 minutes at maximum.  Or would you email an accountant you don’t know and expect him to give you all sorts of free tax advice?

I’m sorry but these days I’m just too busy to give free advice. If I answered all of the questions that came to me, I wouldn’t have time to earn a living. So please respect that as you would with any other professional.

If you wish you can set up a consultation with me via email or telephone to get your questions answered. Just send us an email to customer support and inquire about doing a consultation.

Email: support { at } superbeing [ dot ] com

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You can submit your questions to the email address above. I might choose to answer your question via a blog post. Keep in mind that there’s no guarantee that I will answer your question. But if you don’t have the funds to consult with me then you can try posting a free question.

I’ve often answered those kinds of questions in previous blog posts. I hope this clarifies how to contact me in the best way and gives you a better understanding of how this blog works.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Infinite Power,

Roger Haeske
The Youth Restorer


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  1. Hi Roger

    I have a question for you.

    As a type 2 diabetic I cannot use you fruit diet because of the sugar load. How do I go raw with this problem ?


    Josh Poznanski

  2. Hi Josh,

    I know Type 2 Diabetics that eat plenty of fruit. Dr. Douglas Graham has been getting diabetics off of insulin for over 20 years with a high fruit and low fat raw food diet.

    Fruit is not the problem causing excessively high blood sugar levels, it’s the excess fat in the bloodstream.

    Please read this post below and get the book and then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

    Hope that helps, Roger

  3. Hi,

    I just happened to of read the posting on Alternative Healing – Stop Cancer with Baking soda.
    I have heard of the use of BS for health purposes before.
    I was wondering…anyone used BS before as part of daily intake?
    if so, what did you do…etc.
    Thanks, Richard

  4. Personally, I wouldn’t consume a lot in the way of baking soda since it’s high in sodium.

    But I think it could be useful in other ways when health conditions have gotten out of hand.


  5. Hi Roger,
    I really need your help as I am transitioning to the Optimal Raw Food Diet.
    I would need some coaching so I can stay motivated and make sure I’m on the right track.
    Do I have to subscribe ?
    Thank you for your great advices,

  6. Robert O. Young (pH Miracle) says you shouldn’t eat much fruit (sweet fruit) because the sugar causes acidity in the body and this is the cause of all dis-ease. What is your answer to this. I’ve read of so many raw foodists who seem to have achieved wonderful health by eating lots of fruit, so this is confusing to me. What about the pH problem?

  7. That’s interesting. I measure my pH and it’s in the alkaline range.

    The key is to also eat a lot of greens. Fruit is much better as a source of fuel than just about anything else. You think fruit is in general more acid forming than bread, pasta and rice and beans.

    I don’t think so. But if you eat fruit and make sure to eat a lot of greens as well, you’ll have no problem.

    As far as I’m concerned, any book that recommends cooked food as part of the program is not a place I go to get my diet information. It may have some relevant points, but they’ll obviously have a different philosophy.

    Fatty foods tend to be more acid forming than fruits, so the only real choice is a diet high in raw fruits, leafy green vegetables and low quantities of nuts, seeds, etc.

  8. I’d like to order your lightning speed fitness program with bonuses but currently do not own a computer to download it to. is there any other way eg web based, email access…etc?

  9. Hi Roger

    What is your view on water consumption as an intergral part of great health? You don’t appear to have covered this important area in your articles. I can only assume that if one is on an all raw diet you get sufficient water from fruit and vegetables, but what if you are not on a all raw diet? Also, what about the different types of water i.e. tap vs filtered, reverse osmosis vs ionized etc.



  10. Hello Roger,

    I’ve been wanting to thank you for the wonderful work you do in helping people get and stay Raw. I really believe in this lifestyle, so much so, that I find I am unconsciously capitalizing the word! (Tee-hee!).

    I am writing you today with a special request to help save raw almonds. I am sure you have seen and probably signed several petitions like this one, but since the pasteurization process has already begun, I want to renew the quest to keep raw almonds available, and at the very least keep labeling clear and honest so that consumers know what they are buying and eating. Please click on the petition to sign, and if you could post the link on your website for a few days you would be helping this cause in a huge way. Because of your visibility, and because people know you and respect you for your work, by signing this petition and posting it you would be lending credibility to the issue and help to really get the petition off the ground. If you could encourage your contact list to sign as well that would incredibly helpful.

    Thank you so much for all you do and keep up the great work.

    Julie Wilson

  11. I would like some help. I am having tremendous intestinal problems from eating all raw and yet I believe this is the best diet in the world. I have extreme pain when eating greens and raw vegetables. I went raw two months ago and I need support. I am in Kansas with no one understanding the path I have chosen. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago and have been treating it nutritionally since. No chemo, radiation or surgery. I added some cooked food back into my diet last night upon N.D. recommendation but I feel terrible today and my intestines are not much better. Please respond or if you will do phone calls, please call me at 785-266-0808. I feel like a lone ranger here and I want to stay raw, but I’ve got to be able to eat it. I do NOT want to lose anymore weight. I am 99 lbs and 5’5 tall. Thanks for responding. Jane Tetuan

  12. Question for you Roger. If salt is so bad for us, why then do wild animals go crazy over a place they find salt at. Why do cows and horses go nuts over a salt block if they have not had salt for a few days/weeks?