Roger’s mission in life is to help people unleash the Superbeing inside of them. That is the concept behind his website, and He also publishes the Magic Ideas Newsletter which helps people to achieve major self-help breakthroughs often in less than five minutes.

Roger has been studying personal development and spirituality since 1987. If there is a powerful self-improvement system or technique, Roger studies it and shares it with his coaching clients, readers and newsletter subscribers.

Roger is a Radiant Health and Peak Performance Coach as well as a former professional tennis instructor.

He is the creator of the popular Lightning Speed Fitness Program and is a private coaching website that helps people to break addictions to unhealthy foods and lifestyle choices and educates them in how to thrive on a raw food diet consisting primarily of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Roger has written articles for Living Nutrition Magazine and The Raw Dish out of New York City. He also founded the Raw Health and Happiness Society of New York and New Jersey that meets every Monday night and that supports people in building a healthy lifestyle based on the Optimal Raw Food Diet and at least six other health creation factors.

To find out more about Roger and what he teaches, please visit some of his websites:

Roger graduated from Rutgers University with a B.S. in Sports Management.

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