Dangerous Parasite Giving You Cancer & Prematurely Aging You

Recently I visited Dr Jennifer Daniels. We shot the above video with a simple quiz that will determine whether or not you have candida (parasite) overgrowth.

In this video we cover 3 questions you can ask yourself to easily determine if you have a systemic candida overgrowth or yeast infection. Most people don’t even know it but they have candida. The problem is rampant due to taking antibiotics and the kinds of junk foods most people eat.

Even eating some so-called healthy foods can give you a candida problem. Many of the problems associated with aging have nothing to do with aging and in truth are caused by a candida overgrowth.

You’ll learn some interesting statistics in relation to how many times women have taken antibiotics and their chances of getting breast cancer.

And you’ll learn about the connection between candida (which is a parasite) and getting cancer later in life.

By the way, the parasite that I was talking about in the email is candida albicans. And it’s a parasite that naturally lives in the human body but most people have an overgrowth of candida that is causing them one problem or another. Considering how poorly most people eat or have eaten and if they’ve taken several courses of antibiotics they are very likely to have problems with candida. Even if they have not been diagnosed as such.

And having candida makes you a very strong candidate for getting cancer. The video above provides an easy 3 question quiz to help you determine if you have a systemic candida overgrowth.


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Hope you benefit from the information in this video,

Roger Haeske

The Youth Restorer


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