The Real Secret To Making Success Fun

When I was in high school and college I used to hate writing. I saw no benefit in it whatsoever. I even dropped my political science major in college because I dreaded the thought of writing papers. In elementary school … Continue reading

Stop Worrying… Think This Instead for Instant Relief

Does worry eat you up inside? Are you tying knots in your stomach with fear over the impending Economic chaos we have these days? Maybe you’re worrying about money because you’ve been unemployed and don’t have many prospects. Or maybe … Continue reading

Why NYC Mom Is Needlessly Struggling To Go 100% Raw

Recently I was talking to a very nice woman after a raw food talk. She’s also a member of She has already made a lot of progress with the Raw Food Diet. But she’s been struggling to go 100% … Continue reading

I Thought I’d be Dead by Morning…

On September 13th, 2008 at around 1am I was having a very uncomfortable dream. The dream had something to do with the Wraith and me having a severe pressure on my chest. In case, you never heard of the Wraith, … Continue reading

This Belief Ruined My Life for 6 Years

In October of 1996 I first started doing the Raw Food Diet seriously. The discovery of the Raw Food Diet and Natural Hygiene were absolute breakthroughs or Magic Ideas for me. It completely transformed my life overnight. The day before … Continue reading

Earth Shattering — Atom Smashing Discovery UNLOCKS Superhero Powers

Last night while watching a multi-millionaire, slow-talking, bald guy telling stories on a DVD about improving writing I had one of the most important breakthroughs of my life. I discovered – or realized – something – a MIRACLE really – that I’m quite … Continue reading

And the Winner of Membership Is

And the Winner of the Yearly Membership Is. I’ll reveal the winner further down below and I answer her question as well. Back on June 13th in a blog post called Question Time: Ask Me Anything About the Raw … Continue reading

I’m So Sick of Eating Fruit…

GOTCHA! I thought that would get your attention. But it’s not me who gets sick of eating fruit anymore, it’s more likely YOU. If you’ve tried going on a 100% raw food diet for any length of time you may … Continue reading

Hidden Birthday Dangers

Today is my 41st birthday. Picture of Roger Haeske 6.24.08 Let me tell you a story about what happened to me today. You see a friend of mine wanted to celebrate with me. He called me yesterday to schedule something … Continue reading

See Jack’s 30-Second Anti-Aging Secret…

A few days ago I was speaking to my grandfather on the telephone. As we were talking, I realized something shocking. He was unconsciously making himself age faster and getting close to death because he stopped doing this… I’ll get … Continue reading